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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have here we got Michael S Bar in the news Operation Choke point 2.0 former cftc commissioner Talking about the binance suit Bank of Japan Central Bank digital currencies is There a ripple connection we're going to Take a look at it Christine Lagarde from The ECB EU banking Federation in a Digital Euro Kathy Wood from ARC Investing says SEC is on the way to a Loss and how about this xrp technical Analyst says 10.27 and guess what else Who wants to talk about what's going on Right now it's a 57 Cent xrp somebody Rolled that beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.23 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto we're up five percent on the Cryptocurrency market good morning Everybody Bitcoin 28 500 plus 5.7 Percent on the 24-hour ethereum 1815 and 56 cents and it's at four point or four Percent up on the 24 hour tether market Cap 79.8 plus billion keeping an eye on it Ladies and gentlemen xrp 50 55 cents on Coin gecko it's up 10.7 percent on the 24 hours 17.9 on a seven day but Fiat

Link has it and I think it's a Difference of the spread or not 57 cents and it's been as high as 59 Cents right here in just the last hour Or so pretty remarkable what we're Watching and so is this in just another Hour it is going to be available poly Sign on link two if you're accredited Don't mess around it's been two weeks Before they could get another block of This on how much longer and how many More times that will be available none Of us will ever really know but I tell You what you better do what I'm going to Do because I think I'm going to swing it This one when it gets on there today I Cannot wait make sure you check out Click the link to my sponsor underneath The video All right here we see we start with this Uh Federal Reserve Vice chairman Michael Barr at the Senate hearing U.S bank Failures 100 billion was scheduled to go Out the door the day at Silicon Valley Bank is what we're talking about here And the bank did not have enough Collateral to meet and therefore they Were not able to actually meet the Obligations to pay their depositors over The course of that day and they were Shut down listen to what he says very Quickly here let me get this queued up I Thought I had it here we go Senator I'll Start where you did which is this is a

Textbook case of Bank mismanagement the The risk the bank faced interest rate Risk and liquidity risk those are better And better banking issues The The Firm was quite aware of those Issues they had been told by Regulators Uh investors were talking about problems With interest rate and liquidity risk uh Publicly and they didn't take the action Necessary they were quite vulnerable to Risk uh to shocks and they didn't take The actions necessary to meet that now What I find interesting about this is he Admits that Regulators knew What the situation was there I'm interested as to what it actually Takes for a regulator to take action and What it actually takes to get the SEC to Actually only take action when it Applies to their jurisdiction Oh what a world we're living in but There's where we have that today now Operation choke point 2 2.0 deprives Businesses of their constitutional Rights due to process uh to due process In violation of the Fifth Amendment The Firm said and it says here now this is Actually just I'm going to get bear with Me we'll get here so uh in violation of The Fifth Amendment The Firm said it Says operation showpoint 2.0 violates The non-delegation doctrine and the Anti-common daring Doctrine depriving Americans of key structural

Constitutional protections against the Arbitrary exercise of governmental power Well said U.S Bank Regulators waging Secret war on crypto says law firm and It's absolutely accurate Now I'm not going to read the whole Article to you here but you know look Silicon Valley Bank they had some things They weren't doing right Michael S Barr Told us that but don't forget about Signature Bank Signature Bank and Barney Frank from Signature Bank told all of us they were Not insolvent how interesting There is absolutely a war being waged Against a secret War being waged against Crypto no doubt about it here is Senator Cinema in Senate Banking Committee Hearing March 28 just yesterday To Michael S Bar as well and when the People on Reddit and Twitter can spot Bank mismanagement before the regulator Something is terribly wrong this is Exactly what I was talking about as well Take a listen here why didn't the Regulators act because Michael S Bar Admitted that they knew The failure of Silicon Valley Bank on The federal reserve's watch very clearly Calls into question whether or not some Of that trust was misplaced make no Mistake The Lion's Share of the blame is On incompetent Bank Executives and it's Outrageous that these people took

Bonuses and sold stock in the days Leading up to the bank's failure we Should hold these Executives accountable For the fullest extent of the law and Claw back those bonuses and stock sales I'm co-sponsoring a bill to do just that But as I laid out in the letter to you Vice chair bar that by the way was Signed by 11 other Senators spanning the Ideological Spectrum it's Gravely Concerning that retail participants Literally just regular everyday people Were able to figure out that something Was wrong with Silicon Valley bank Before your Regulators took appropriate Action now these folks don't have access To non-public information like the bank Examiners do but when people on Reddit And Twitter can spot Bank mismanagement Before The Regulators something is Terribly wrong Something is terribly wrong and you Can't keep I don't think you can say it Any better than that and speaking of Terribly wrong let's take a look at What's going on here really quickly You mentioned level of detail what from The fcftc complaint really stuck out to You Well look this is not simply a complaint That says this is an offshore platform Which is trading contracts Futures Contracts which in the U.S can only be Traded on a registered exchange and

Therefore you know you should have had Procedures to block access by U.S Persons or you you know fail to have Those procedures or fail to adequately Enforce them This complaint basically says that Finance and Zao himself Deliberately and systematically Cultivated U.S business helped U.S Persons get around those restrictions And even did things internally to try to Hide how much U.S business they were Doing if you read the complaint there is So much detail to it it suggests that They did have some uh information from People inside And so that's what I mean by the level Of detail it's really it is concerning And we're going to keep you up to date As we get more of that I personally Think they're going after the poster Child of unregulated exchanges to make a Point and I don't think they're going to Stop until they make it because I see Congress doing nothing to intervene now Let's take a look at this Bank of Japan Says central banks needs to be need to Be ready to issue Cbdc to offer the public A Safe digital Payment system crypto Cowboy reminds us Here of all the things we've seen along The way here back in 22 of November Bank Of Japan to run cbdc experiments with Country analysis Bank of Japan decision

Will Ripple will Ripple run or will Ripple around the world excuse me December 22 then take a look at this and We know that Ripple has incredible Relationships with SBI and a huge Percentage of banks in Japan Bank in Japan will integrate a ripple Application in ATMs and then there's This right here SBI CEO every Bank in Japan will use Ripple's xrp by 2025. That was back in 2019 so the connections Are something that we want to watch very Closely to see if there's any Development or more maturity to reveal a Deep intertwined relationship and Connection with ripple or xrp in the Future Christine Lagarde central banks must Keep up with digital Innovation to Ensure payments are uh dependable and The financial system remains stable are We all picking up on the on what's Happening Here while the crypto world is Getting crushed and the retail investors Being made to feel that nothing will be Here tomorrow it's all going away right The central banks are rolling out and Making their declaration that we need to Be a part of this digital innovation And I have a sneaky suspicion that once They are a part of it boy it will be Okay to buy as much as you want of it as Long as it's from them That'll be the central banks that you'll

Be buying it from them but once they Release their Central Bank digital Currencies that will be your on and off Ramp don't forget when uh Christine Lagarde was the IMF director before Becoming the European Central Bank President there's old Brad garlinghouse Standing there in the picture just to Remind us all thanks to Aurora for that And then we take a look at this European Banking Federation shares his vision of A digital Euro a wcbdc here wholesale But they're also talking about a retail One as well but in this they say the ebf The European banking Federation Ecosystem Vision emphasized the role of The private sector in all aspects Beginning with infrastructure where Europe needs to lessen dependence on Outside actors the ecosystem would Contain three elements the digital Euro A wholesale Central Bank digital Currency and a bank issued money tokens It says here in the ebf vision the Digital Euro should have three levels With the European Central Bank role in Two industry levels the first of two Interact with a single Euro payments Area and the industry level be that Would be subsequently developed and Operated by the private sector in Compliance with the principal set out to The previous layers those principles Have yet to be developed fully the paper

Continued the European market needs the Authorities to clarify the interaction Of different and converging policy Objectives especially when it comes to The development of pan-european Payment Solutions at the point of sale point of Interaction it goes on here to say that The paper was carefully careful to refer To blockchain technology only in Reference to certain parts of the Envisioned ecosystem a wholesale cbdc Where interoperability is key to Enabling cross-border transactions with Central bank money was assumed to Operate on distributed Ledger technology So that's about all they're going to Give us out of that article something Else to watch closely knowing that Ripple is a part of the digital Euro Association Kathy r from Kathy From Arc invest Uh CEO tells us that she thinks the SEC Looks set to lose in the Ripple case and That was basically based on the recent Positives we've seen in other cases like Grayscale and Voyager where the SEC is Not getting its way and she believes That basically saying that that the SEC Will not get its way in the Ripple case As well she doesn't provide any further Information even though it's a good Article it doesn't provide any other Further information but what we want to

Talk about now is this we covered the Xrp diamond bottom uh pattern from egg Rag crypto and shout out to him for this Here 10 update now what we know is is That inside of this we need to stay Above the 50 55 cent range for the ten Dollar potential to be a possible Conversation right so it does not a Guarantee right it's not Financial Advice you guys know this but I got to Say it but the reality is because it's Sitting above that 50 55 cent range we Need to start watching this extremely Closely and if that's going to pan out Then we could talk about further Expansion down the road where we could See the troposphere touched or crossed And that would put us at the 27 Mark now If you notice here this appears to look To be like towards the end of 2023 2024 So if that were to be something to Continue to play out on the charts it Tells me that we might see a scenario Like we did in 2017-2018 right at the End of the year if it continues to play Out and the charts stay aligned That maybe we do see that big jump and That big shock that we see occasionally Out of xrp like we did in 2017 2018. we Don't know for sure but I tell you it's Exciting to watch the price move in the Right direction and to look at all the Possibilities that could be because it Could also go down right we got to keep

That in mind too I hate to be the one to Say it but we got to watch all of it the Up and the down that's going to do it For me not Financial advice from me or Anyone else it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one


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