Ripple/XRP-Every Bank Will Have Their Own Stablecoin,Ripple/Dodd Frank/Wells Fargo/The Fed & RLNs

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines every bank will have Their own stable coin you're going to Hear it right here well spgo Dodd Frank Crossb payments Ripple the fed and so Much more somebody roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now $1.46 trillion market Cap for crypto the market is off by 2.1% Good morning good afternoon good evening Wherever you are 36,700 Plus for Bitcoin just over 2,000 Bucks for ethereum tether market cap is 88.6 billion plus number five spots xrp Now down to 59 cents falling like a Manho cover from the sky off by 4.1 in The 24hour off by 3.4 on the 7day the Range of price right now as you can see Is on the bottom where we currently are At 5985 and we see here 6262 for the upper Range of the price we'll keep an eye on It but here I want to tell you about Black Friday it's still going ladies and Gentlemen yes that's right pure VPN 83% Off golden ticket three plus months Extra plus you get all of the Protections listed here for $344 a month secure password manager VPN And so much more it's all so much worth

It you can't afford to say no at this Point to where that we are in this Crypto game get the many different Layers of protection for yourself do not Wait the link is underneath the video Subjective views we start right here With Jenny Johnson president of CEO of Franklin Templeton touching on the huge Opportunity of blockchains from an Infrastructure standpoint absolutely Lov This and you could see her passion and Enthusiasm about this space that they've Moved into it's only going to get bigger Let's start right here all over the World uh and uh you've been real leaders Because you've been willing to to come Out with very clear guidance on that so That's great so Franklin Templeton got Involved in blockchain early on the First thing we did was decide we wanted To do a tokenized money market fund uh And so we built a sharehold servicing System on on chain uh and then we Actually worked with the SEC so it's an Approved regulated money market fund uh And in that process we saw a couple Things so and as well as a hot cold Storage wallet uh so it gave us some Good insights into how the cost because We ran four of our own uh transfer Agency systems historically uh and we Were astonished even ourselves to figure Out how much less expensive it was uh to Run it on chain uh and then two we ended

Up you you had to hold coins because you Need to be able to pay for the Transaction so this is a a public chain Money market system so transactions are On a public chain that obviously the the Shareholders information is on our Private chain uh and so as we then Started to hold we did on the Stellar Network lumens uh we start to recognize Wow if you hold these it's interesting As a node validator you're you're Learning a lot of information about What's going on so today we actually Validate five different chains um and For those who completely think about Dismissing this I just want to say that The ethereum network if it were a public Company hit uh 10 billion in Revenue at About the same Pace as Google and Facebook hit 10 billion in Revenue Faster than Microsoft workday and Salesforce uh so whether you can get Comfortable with the ethereum coin as Revenue there's something very real here And so as we looked at that we then Built kind active management strategies Around that so we actually have a team If you read the writeups that our team Will do I think there's 30 coins that we Feel very very comfortable with uh it Would be as detailed as a matter of fact They came out of our um our our fixed Income group uh it would be as detailed As any uh write up that we have anywhere

In our Equity or fixed income world now Let me tell you I I'd love to know what Those 30 coins are that Franklin Templeton's comfortable with I don't Know what they are but I'd love to and Then what gets us really excited is that What Jane was talking about is just the Efficiency of this so if you think about Blockchain it does three things right so Number one it uh it has a smart contract So the ability to just execute a Contract without anybody getting Involved no title company to prove that Ownership or anything number two it has A payment mechanism and number three Because it's a general ledger you don't Have to validate that the rights of Whoever owns it has all the rights to The contract right so takes a long of The friction out of of transactions and If you can do that you can actually Fractionalize transactions Mark so my Favorite example uh to to bring this Home uh is Rihanna the singer who came Up and and issued 300 uh nfts each one With the right to 0.33% royalty of one of her biggest Songs well why can they why can she do That because when the streaming service Plays her song it can the smart contract Can kick off and those fractions of Pennies that you or fractions of you Know of whatever the the the payment is Come comes in and then comes right into

Whoever owns that in the wallet so you Can imagine that there are going to be The ability blockchain's going to unlock Uncorrelated untraditional types of Investment capabilities that people and You're already seeing it I won't spend Any more time but you're already Starting to see those that will be Uncorrelated to the rest of your Portfolio which as an asset manager is Really interesting to us absolutely and So well said by her and let's take a Look at this because this is Joanne Stroble Global treasury management at Wells Fargo at the most recent Swift Conference in Toronto sibos longer term Uh we participate as does a number of Other Banks here in this first clip I'm Not going to play the whole clip I have This set aside here uh clip one is we Are going for this right here in the Beginning take a Listen and by the way as you're Listening you're going to hear her talk About the New York Federal Reserve in US Regulated liability networks and as you Listen to this understand that that is The framework that allows them to look At the technical legal and rules and Infrastructure and governance of Settling on DT take a listen I think From our perspective and I always look At things in near medium long term I so Some of the things I would say that

Maybe are near term that that all of us Can do and that we are doing and I'm Sure many of you are doing as well is Something as simple well it's not really Simple but like prevalidation right how Do you take friction out of the equ to Speed things up so that's one thing that We can all do a little bit more near Term um leveraging a a crossb instant Rail where it's available another option To speed things up and and these are Things that we are working On additionally there's a lot of maybe a Little bit more medium-term things or I'll call the medium-term things Happening Swift go another initiative Where the idea is to make a payment end To end in four hours or less it also Helps with the cost to the beneficiary Bank and that Transparency I'll call that a little bit More medium term it's up and live now It's got three currencies it probably Needs to expand currency wise as well as Reach wise so I consider that a little Bit more medium term but we are very Much participating in that um at Wells Fargo and a little bit longer term are Some of the things we're looking at like We participate in and and as does my Apologies here we go as well as our Federal Reserve in the US our New York Federal Reserve regulated liability Network we go um this is a framework to

Look at the technical the legal and the INF uh rules in infrastructure uh Governance of settling on a blockchain a Distributed Ledger programmable money We're exploring all of those things in And it is a good thing they're exploring All of those things stay with me this Look this is the global treasury manager For Wells Fargo at sibos Swift now she Talked about Swift GPI go and all of This business stay with me here let's Bring you to the second clip here where I want you to hear from this point right About here this will work and take a Listen to this and what she says about DOD Frank and what is required of the Banks when it comes to payments and Crossb payments take a quick listen US Banks that offer crossbo remittances for Their clients whether that's a retail or Small business we have to comply with a Regulation called dodf Frank 1073 and for that regulation we need to Provide our clients with a disclosure Upfront before we send the payment of What that payment cost experience is Going to be end to end uhuh now listen If there is a conversion that happens And we know about it what that Experience is what the rate is how much Will be delivered to the beneficiary in What currency and also when the Beneficiary will receive that funding so Predictability is super important you

You better believe it is and you know What's interesting about this I'll tell You what's interesting about this the Former Ripple advisor Michael sbar will Supervise the Federal Reserve which we Know but did you also know that Michael Sbar was in fact a key architect of Dodd Frank on Wall Street reform and consumer Protection act did you know that played A central role in developing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Uhhuh oh stay with me that's right this Document right here which we covered a Couple years ago from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which the Former Ripple advisor helped architect This agency and the dodf Frank act which Bir EPO as well okay now page 38 talks About Swift global payment Innovation Tracking product and then goes on to Talk about virtual currency companies Such as Ripple which offer both payment Messaging platforms support for Crossborder payment money transfers and As well as proprietary virtual currency Xrp which can be used to affect Settlement of those transfers basically Exactly what was being talked about by The global head of Wells Fargo how about That ladies and gentlemen I think we're Getting close closer we're getting much Closer is what I see taking place here Now with all of these developments we Have to remember obviously Michael esar

Is in fact the VP of Border Governors For the fed and don't forget that and Shout out to 24 hours crypto and and Riz For this but I want to remind people as Well that it is isda where Ripple joined Recently as well which is important Because isda settles uh over a Quadrillion dollars worth of of products Uh when it comes to Securities bonds and All of this derivatives you know what The deal is so this is massive but we Can't do it without stable coins and I Said this in my video this morning I'm Not playing this video here I'm showing Jeremy air to show that usdc has just Made a big announcement that they've Joined with SBI and Japan to release Usdc this comes right after the week of Binance getting its wings clipped which Is a huge liquidity Hub or pool a Liquidity pool for USD tether now their Uh daily transaction volume was around 17 billion plus and currently around Four to five billion daily on binance Now that is interesting because you have To wonder if tether is going to get a Rug pool or if it's just going to get a Wrist slap I happen to think something Big is coming when it comes to tether But then we have to understand that There's two key points to this new Industry this new frame work this new uh Regulated markets that we're moving to And it's custody and it's stable coins

Take a listen here as Sergey nazro uh Says the co-founder of chain link every Bank will have a stable coin and Remember Ashish Bera asked us to Consider that option too when he was Talking about Ripple liquidity Hub in The early days every bank will end up Having its own chain and even multiple Chains and their own stable coin there You have it right there there you have It something has to help settle the Friction because no one is going to want To hold someone else's bank stable coin You can bet your bottom dollar on that Now let's take a quick listen to hear About custody here let me go to the Whole thing is very but let me start Right right Here and let it play for a second here This is about addressing custody and the Solutions that Ripple are providing for Their customers as they need them we so That has been the biggest use case so Far for ripple clients you would say Remittances crossb payments so that's Been the biggest um use case but the Other use case that's coming up is Custody so let's just think of an Example of an Enterprise a company it Starts anywhere in the world it needs Two things so first it needs an account It needs safekeeping of its assets and Then it needs to move the assets from Point A to point B and now we are able

To comp do both the things together we Have Meto which is custody solution for Digital assets which is able to safekeep Your assets and then second in terms of Payments we are able to move it from Point A to point B as well so exactly The same thing that's happened in the Traditional industry for companies Needing that service is available to Digital assets companies or even Traditional companies who are looking to Uh dip dip their to in digital assets we Are here to do it for them absolutely Even traditional companies right because They won't have to hold the asset we Could do it all for them right here in House amazing And don't forget while all of this is Taking place don't forget that Larry Thinkink from Black Rock 1110 trillion Asset and under management here Depending on the day watch out calling Crypto calling Bitcoin a flight to Quality that's what they're calling it Because they want to get these spot Bitcoin ETFs and other ETFs approved and You know what'll happen they will drain The exchanges of the asset to back it in Custody for the funds that they've Created and in doing so they will take The assets off the market and for Themselves and their customers and then They hold the keys to the market that's How this works this is how they work and

It's not going to stop now we're getting Ready to go into the freedom Zone ladies And gentlemen we're going to dive down Into it alien technology I'm telling you You're going to want to know about this What's going on on behind our government Doors and I'll tell you something else We're getting into today it is a very Dark side of crypto and Central Bank Digital currency specifically we're Going to hear from a world evil Forum uh Whistleblower and if you want to hear From them too all you got to do is click The button and join the freedom zone for Next to nothing not Financial advice or Me or anyone else I'll catch all of you On the next One


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