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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channnel and I have three stories to Share with you in this very latest Moon Lambo Hot jam and I'll start with this One which I think a lot of you guys are Going to like especially if you've been Particularly fearful as xrp has been not Performing to your desire here's the Headline from the Crypt basic Intelligence platform says xrp now has Best chance of bouncing back here are The indicators and they're talking about Perspective from onchain analytics firm Santiment which I think just does a fan Fantastic job and I've been noting in Recent videos this is my humble opinion Which is the right word to say the word Opinion I don't know why you all say it Weird it's my humble opon that uh when Sentiment is this bad it's a metric to Consider because when it's this bad it Frequently marks the bottom and I Haven't seen sentiment this bad in a Long time and and and one of the times That stands out to me is just 2017 oh my God and I was brand new to crypto at That point those first several weeks my God people bitching up a storm about xrp And I just jumped in and I'm all jazzed Up up I like wait a minute so you can Have business models that couldn't exist That are actually valuable I couldn't Exist unless there's a decentralized Cryptocurrency which removes all sorts

Of trust issues blew my simple little Moon Lambo brain um so all people are All sorts of people flipping out I'm Like but this makes sense anyway I'm Just saying it kind of seems like that Again there's also this headline from The from the crypto basic Kraken wins Court battle in an xrp lawsuit now this Story technically broke out uh the other Day but crypto media's barely touched it And it I haven't really seen it Circulate much throughout uh social Media so I certainly wanted to go ahead And touch on this uh and then there's This from the daily hotle SEC could Approve spot ethereum ETFs in May According to Standard Charter report Really an eth ETF getting approved in May look I'm not saying it's impossible But I'm a bit skeptical so we'll talk About it before going further though I Do want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I'm not Offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as Avy and just For fun into this first piece again Titled intelligence platform says xrp Now has best chance of bouncing back Here are the Indicators renowned Market intelligence

Platform sentiment has contended that Key indicators suggest xrp holds the Most promising potential for a rebound And I will just pause to note that it's Fantastic to hear that not just because Xrp is my largest individual holding That's a good reason though uh xrp in Recent months has not been doing Particularly well compared to other top 10 cryptocurrencies now in the scheme of Things as I I noted in a recent video I Don't think that matters I I frankly Don't think it's going to matter at all Because this is still even over a span Of months short-term price action if you Zoom out on a chart you know a 3-month Time period it's going to be hard to see When you're looking at a 5 or 10 year Period so I don't think it matters but Still happy to hear this and I still Believe xrp is going to move in tandem With the rest of the market but uh you Know I think this is going to help People to if you're if you're feeling Some negative feel feels I think this Might help you piece continues in a Recent update on X santiment provided Detailed insights into the current Dynamics of the xrp market leveraging Onchain data analysis sanit first Pointed out the potential for xrp to Drop below the psychological uh 50 Cent Price point marking its first instance Of Dipping below that threshold since

October 2023 however this forecast has since Materialized data from Market tracking Resources suggests that xrp now has a Prevailing market value of 49 while point out that at the time I'm Recording this it's back over 50 cents But the thing about this analysis is it Doesn't matter the fact that it did go Below 50% or 5050 cents rather Completely IM material to the points That are being made they're tracking Various metrics and so I'm not going to Read the rest of the article I want to Cut to the Chase and this is what they Were covering it was this short thread From santiment on social media platform X which reads as follows after an Altcoin slide Wednesday xrp Ledger is at Risk of falling below 50 cents market Value for the first time since October 19th interestingly however yesterday had The most xrp $1 million plus whale Transactions on the network which is 217 uh since price is skyrocketed after Judge ruling that no Securities laws Were violated by Ripple back on July 13th and 14th additionally we don't see Any Panic coming from Wales yester PA to Think actually can I just let not gloss Over that I just notice that the people That have real money whether they're Whales uh whales could be institutions It could be firms companies they could

Be really rich individuals maybe they're Actual whales getting all spissy stack AF in the actual ocean maybe that's What's happening regardless I just want To note that whatever the whales are They behave markedly different than the Idiot liming retail speculators who see Price go down and there's nothing that Has fundamentally changed about xrp Itself and they're running around like Chickens with their heads topped off Markedly different Behavior you ever Noticed that might there be a reason That the people with the real money are Cool as a cucumber and then you have the Liming retail screaming on the internet You ever noticed that I don't know maybe It's just me maybe it's just me anyway They continue yesterday wallets holding At least 10 million xrp combined to hold 67.2% of the available Supply the most Since December 31st 2022 there are some key signals Indicating that the number six market Cap asset is one of the better Candidates for a bounce assuming Bitcoin Can stabilize the rest of of the Week and at least at this point I know Things can change fast in crypto but at This point bitcoin's been playing ball So if we are going to see move to the Upside I know nothing's guaranteed but Here you have santiment onchain Analytics firm just you know

Emotionlessly looking at data on chain And saying here is frequently what Occurs as what we should expect as a Result take the emotion out of it Whatever you think is right for you fine I I don't care I'm not telling you to by Or sell it's not Financial advice all I'm saying is if you're going to make Crucial financial Decisions affecting your actual net Worth remove the emotion used logic Reason and data being in a panic is not A good State of Mind to be in when Making crucial financial decisions I'm Just Saying then we have this Kraken wins Court battle and an xrp lawsuit and this Is pretty cool um it just shows like I Know it's it's about one exchange here But the push back you'll see as I go Through this article I actually Genuinely appreciate and I think you Will too leading crypto exchange Kraken Wins Court battle to safeguard its Customers identities in the class action Between Zach andov and ripple and I'll Just pause to note I think most of you Are probably familiar with this at this Point in case you're not I'll just be Brief here uh the zakinov case it's Another BS nonsense lawsuit against Ripple which was actually initiated Before the secv Ripple lawsuit claiming That Ripple sold X RP has Securities um

The zacho guy I think that's one of the Guys that held xrp for all of like I Don't know two weeks and sold it I think At like I think he bought at the alltime High basically and then sold it two Weeks later at a loss and then he's Claiming that he was relying on Ripple For it to be worth more but he held it For two weeks like wouldn't he ever Ling It's the most disingenuous BS but anyway That's the case peace continues Kraken Has secured a major victory in its quest To safeguard its customers data in the Legal dispute involving Ripple and vlat Zakinov Top crypto sleuth Mr Huber shared the Development in a recent post on X Laing Kraken stance to safegard its customers Identities for context Kraken filed a Motion to intervene in the zakinov v Ripple lawsuit a last month after a Federal court compelled all us-based Exchanges to submit private trading data And identities of their customers who Traded xrp from July 3rd 2017 to June 30th 2023 In the December motion Kraken expressed Concerns about the risks associated with Sharing its customers data with the Plaintiff's lawyers despite taking a Neutral stance in the matter Kraken Feared that its customers especially xrp Holders might misinterpret its Compliance as supporting a lawsuit

Against the crypto payments company Ripple additionally Kraken highlighted The importance of user privacy in the Crypto sector as it emphasized the need To maintain its reputation as well as Its users trust now folks anytime a firm Is going to push back like that I think That they should be applauded you'll Love to see this I don't like it when Firms they get a request like this and Then they're just yeah here's all of our Customers information you just take this Now no quit being a little baby back bch And maybe you don't do that and fight Back on behalf of your customers which Is thankfully what happened here Bravo Kraken peace continues consequently the Court ruled in favor of the exchange Stopping it from transferring its Customers data to the plaintiff's lawyer Mr Huber shared an excerpt from the Court order which mandates Kraken to Notify its customers about the lawsuit Personally interestingly the court Pointed out that Kraken must notify its Customers by email while outlining a Sample of the notification an excerpt of The sample reads as follows quote no None of your information has been shared Or will be shared by Kraken rather than providing your Contact information to the court we Chose to contact you directly because we Hold our clients privacy and Security in

The highest regard end quote Bravo love To you love to to see it right just take Just take all the wins you can get Right third piece from the daily huddle SEC could approve spot ethereum ETFs in May according to Standard Charter folks I am highly skeptical of this I would Like to see it you know I I eth is the First crypto I ever purchased on November 10th 2017 I still hold it today Uh would love to see an ETF for eth I'd Love to see an you know frankly I'd love To see an ETF for pretty much every coin That I hold and than some right even for The coins I don't know because I think That that would be good for the entire Ecosystem broadly speaking as long as It's not scam coins of course um but do I think this is going to Happen not so much Kim Jean Ginzler I think he was backed into a Corner from a legal perspective you know The SEC lost that lawsuit with grayscale And that's what pushed the the approval Of the spot Bitcoin ETF over the finish Line and even then it was a three to Five vote so that only happened by one Vote if Kim Jong get Voted no we wouldn't have it today and Then there would be oh my God the number Of lawsuits that would exist today brand New lawsuits against the from all of Those firms it would just be incredible The SEC would be getting sued like

Crazy um so that didn't happen Thankfully but uh you know what happened In the gray skill case it was specific To bitcoin not eth not crypto broadly Speaking so I'm skeptical but here you Have Standard Charter big ass company Saying no we think it's going to happen Well I hope they're right I I hope I am Wrong I don't think I'm wrong I mean and I do think there will be an eth ETF and An xrp ETF at some Uno in the future but In the short term in the next half a Year no my God I would love to see it Happy to be wrong I doubt it anyway Piece reads as follows International Crossb Bank Standard Chartered Reportedly anticipates US Federal Regulators to Greenlight the offering of A spot eth exchange traded fund ETF Months after approving a similar Financial product for bit Bitcoin in a New report Bloomberg says that Standard Chartered expects the US Securities and Exchange Commission to rule on the spot Ethereum ETF applications of asset Managers vanc and Arc 21 shares on May 23rd the report says Standard Chartered Believes the SEC will decide on the said Date just as the regulator did with the Approval of 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs on January 10th So you guys just you'll have to tell me What you think I've said my piece on This I don't think it's probable I admit

It's possible I don't think that it is The most probable outcome by a Lot um I won't be surprised also uh you Know to see an application for an exrp ETF perhaps uh soon maybe even this year Who knows uh if that happens though I'll Celebrate that you know somebody wants To move forward with that but I will not Be optimistic that Kim Jean ginzler is Going to vote to approve that I Just I don't think it's going to happen Wait until we have somebody else in in Charge of the SEC and if we have an Administration change Um I mean we'll see I mean it doesn't Mean that that that Administration is Going to be the most crypto-friendly but Um I doubt it's going to be worse than What we saw under the current Administration i' I'd be skeptical of That because we if it's going to be Another Trump Biden matchup we saw what It was like under Trump and again not That he's the most Pro crypto guy Obviously and you know we know we know What happened with Jay Clayton I wasn't Happy with his that Administration Either uh but it's worth now I think we We'd all agree that it's absolutely Worse now so if we could go back in the Other direction to some degree at least We'd have a chance right I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say

Or right that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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