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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and this weekend Wore me Out and the next weekend's probably Going to wear wear me out more because The next weekend there's going to be uh It's going to be more of a baseball Weekend Now I want to start you out with this Clip this is this is gold no pun Intended Peter how do you expect gold to Do during a Rising Dead environment well I think the single bullish factor for Gold is to Continuing major Accumulation by key central banks Particularly China Uh they don't do these things for trades They don't do it because of speculation They're doing it because they want to Get away from one thing which is the Dollar that's why they've been Aggressive sellers of things priced in Dollars particularly bonds and they Recognize the changes in the world that Are happening because of what's Happening to the bricks I think it's Very important before we go to spend a Couple minutes on what this brick Situation could mean and I'd love to Hear Michael's view because that is

Going to require to be successful Something different than the dollar and That's what they're working on and many Of us are speculating it will be either A direct new currency or something that Has partial backing of Commodities in Particular gold and that's one of the Major reasons why those countries have Been accumulating it so aggressively Okay uh Michael do you agree that a gold Back currency could be in the works no I Think there's some simple numbers leave You with David 67% of the reserve assets Globally are US Dollars Today 7% in Gold The facts are are undeniable over the Last two to five years the Chinese the Russians the Indians have been selling Their treasuries relentlessly and now That the the money showing up and They're buying gold why are they doing That David well US dollar is the reserve Currency in the world I'm not here to Say it's going to change Reserve Currency take decades to to rotate out Of but what you're going to see over Time is if you're selling US dollar are You going to buy the Japanese y highly Unlikely are you going to buy the Euro High likely going to buy the oneand Probably not at this point in time so What do you do if you're selling your US Dollars you've got to buy money real Currency the currency existed for 2,000 Years is gold and you're seeing that in

In Relentless central bank purchasing so US dollar 67% gold 7% of FX reserves I see a reti That 7% going to 10 12 15% US dollar Going from 67 to 60 that would have Massively robust implications for the Gold price going forward and your Viewers have to ask yourself what else Are they going to buy and I think that's The key where you're seeing the purchase Of central banks is a rotating out of The US dollar into gold I'm not so Concerned about when the bricks start Their own currency what's going to Replace it what's replacing it now is Gold Gold's been money for thousands of Years Contin be money for thousands of Years and that's the trend we're seeing Real money flows in the physical Commodity Market you're seeing that it Hasn't translated yet to the equity Market but that that's the next step That's the most exciting part for Investors to be able to capture that the Equity Market there we go folks you know The drill that's why miles Franklin's my Sponsor you can go use code Dai gold Info@ mfranklin Docomomo the Deal we should know about uh that was Reality I just showed you but this is The Bitcoin Distraction um I do own one Bitcoin Because I do think there will be a lot

Of money made on the distraction that I Believe is intentionally being created Created we should know by Friday if a Spot uh ETF is going to be approved in 2023 or if it's kicked off in 20 uh to 20 kicked to 2024 Yen mabar makes a good point when The CEO of graay scale says this Something might be Brewing it's been 10e a 10year dress Rehearsal we're ready for the main event Well to me the main event is xrp the Dress rehearsal was Bitcoin and ethereum Which still do not work to this day um In terms of what they were designed to Do gas fees for ethereum Bitcoin does Not work as a payment system which is What they the white P the Satoshi white Paper the for Satoshi we should say the For Satoshi white paper because Homeland Security met with sat the for Satoshi But anyway moving along egag crypto had I didn't cover this one I forgot to Cover he he did a one of his charting Things with and called it the laapoa Effect predicts 13,598 rally to $90 I don't see why not I was there in 2018 when none of the positive things That xrp has going for it now were in Existence yet none of them if it can do That in 2018 you better believe this is Possible Now all right uh just going to leave

This here massive pressure I like this Look what he look what this guy put Together big Banks and financial Institutions are much more that's Brooks In twistle from Ripple don't know if I'm Saying his last name right today and They certainly were five or six years Ago we rolled out the product the first Time as more companies like V start to Use xrp and use digital currencies and Their funding flows they're going to be Putting a massive amount of pressure on Banks and larger and larger financial Institutions to start using this as well Or they're going to be they're going to Be toast uh it's much better even now Versus even just the past few years and With that comes sort of bigname Institutional adoption that I think will Be encouraging for for others that might Have been on the fence but xrp it's Really about this very fundamental Driver of demand yeah I mean if xrp is Going to insert deeply be inserted Deeply into the financial system the Market cap has to be orders of magnitude Bigger it has to be able to support Institutional flows in the orders of in The toward a magnitude of trillions of Dollars you know today it's it's a lot Smaller as more companies like VH start To use xrp and use digital currencies And their funding flows they're going to Be putting a massive amount of pressure

On Banks Oopsies check this out another day Another hit piece on crypto this is Sam Lyman from he's a Forbes contributor I Believe contributor at Forbes um Reminder that these numbers are more Likely to reflect the total volume of Crypto that flowed between into entities With links to Hamas so that basically This is Elizabeth Warren you know the Gary genters the White House and they're All trying to continue more of their Lives to to uh hang everything bad Around the neck of why does it feel Cold Hold on a second is my door Open You may have heard my bedroom shoes my Bedroom shoes are uh my wife hates them My dad gave them the official father Gave me these bedroom shoes for Christmas and they make loud sounds as I Walk across the floors in the morning And my wife hates them and yes my door Was open I was getting a cold breeze Here turns out my 17-year-old go figure 17-year-old leaves the the front door Doesn't close the front door when he Goes to school so the door is wide open And I'm sitting here getting cold not Knowing what's going on we solved that Problem so now you've learned two things My 17-year-old is scatter a scatterbrain Like a lot of them are and my wife hates

My bedroom shoes but they're C Comfortable okay um so moving along I Want to show you this This is the CNBC lying version of what's Going on between the our quote president And China President Biden is going to be Meeting with President XI in San Francisco that's going to happen on Wednesday Unis unun in Beijing right now And want to get a sense from her of what We can expect at that meeting Unice thanks Andrew well this will be Their first meeting in a year and There's obviously no shortage of issues That are going to be on the table uh the Biden Administration has expressed that Communication is key uh the White House National Security adviser Jake Sullivan Had said that President Biden would seek To reestablish communication especially When it comes to military to military uh Exchanges the um um other big issue of Course is going to be help with uh Russia as well as Iran in the conflicts In Ukraine as well as the mid East that Was also articulated by the treasury Secretary Janet Yellen who had met with Um one of her Chinese counterparts uh Talking about how she had hoped that Chinese companies would not be okay so What you just got there is the standard Um CNBC propaganda government propaganda Media telling you their version of how What things are like and and what this

Is like the president's going off to Have these uh negotiations or whatever Well in the private group today we will Talk about what's actually true this is All of course BS in today we'll we're going to go and We'll we'll tell you what is the real Truth about what's going on the thing we Can't talk about in social media because You're not allowed to free speech is a Thing of the past in in the United States of America so we'll be in the Group we're going to be talking about That and I'm going to tell you what what I think and I'm going to show you some What somebody else all so thinks that What the actual plan is to bring in this New Financial system and we're going to Talk about that too I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button and tell your friends and Family that out here on YouTube if you'd Like to see the CNBC propaganda version Of things like this then that's great But if you would like to see the real Truth go to daix RP where we will Be talking about the real truth and what I think the plan is Today thanks for [Music] [Music] Listening



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