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Welcome back to the show everybody oh if We got one for you today there's a new Cbdc Anti-surveillance state act bill Proposed in the United States Something's coming somebody wrote that Beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.15 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto we're off by .17 percent right Now Bitcoin 24 100 plus 1600 Plus for Ethereum uh tether market cap is still 70.5 billion xrp 39 cents let's take a Look at this you know uh this is Something right here I haven't talked About in a minute and I want to bring it Up because it's I trust capital As a retail investor we can't find Institutional custody right now but you Can at I trust capital and let me tell You what else you find there too Tax-free crypto because it's crypto IRAs Click the link underneath the video Check it out see if it's right for Yourself I absolutely love it Google clouds corporate customers will Be able to deploy tezos nodes as a type Of computer that runs a blockchain Software to validate and store history Of transactions you know regardless of

The the lack of clarity in this market The price action the suppression of the Market from Regulators like the SEC you Know things are still moving towards Mass adoption ladies and gentlemen Coinbase however says it is well Positioned to succeed amidst every Higher regulatory scrutiny of digital Assets in the U.S and remember now the Uh SEC uh went after Kraken they had a Settlement there over the earn program Coinbase has pushed back and said we'll Go the distance if you push too hard Here and uh we'll see what happens on That front now this here from Eleanor Tara it says uh new from coinbase's Q4 Shareholder letter we do not believe we Have violated any Securities laws Coinbase staking products are not Securities USD coin uscc is not a Security the list goes on we expect 2023 To be a year of regulatory focus and we Believe our strong foundation will make Us a net beneficiary of this new Environment The SEC seems determined to increase its Jurisdiction over digital assets despite Most of its existing U.S market not Satisfying Howie or any other test that Would result in digital assets being Securities and there you have that They're ready to fight And with that being said here this again From Eleanor Terrace stable coins

Attracts scrutiny in the sec's drive to Control crypto remember I played you From back last summer senator Pat Toomey Grilling Gary Gensler over stable coins Being Securities and how he could come To that kind of uh understanding He says because of the Reeves test I've Played dead here multiple times on the Channel and we shall see how this plays Out but I tell you it's not for nothing There is a lot taking place here looking At the bank of international settlements Augustine Carstens argues That central Banks need to think big to reap the Greatest benefit from Innovation for the Future monetary system in a keynote Speech he gave well I tell you what it Goes on but you get it and I remind you Guys you know as he talks about these Things and says even more the events of 2022 have cast serious doubts on the Ability of stable coins to function as Money watch out tether Said Augustine Carstens and then I Remind you you know Ripple has been celebrating the bis and Their agenda since 2015 on their own Website So this gets very interesting here's More information that leans into what I've been saying MasterCard to allow Crypto payments and web 3 via usdc Settlements Um

Doesn't say USD tether does it You know this is a long conversation We've been having here I do believe there is a good opportunity And it doesn't mean it'll happen but There's a good opportunity that usdc Becomes the retail-facing digital dollar For the United States And I tell you what we got more to look At right here Tom emmer just released this moments ago Today I introduced the cbdc Anti-surveillance state act to Halt the Efforts of unelected bureaucrats in Washington D.C from stripping Americans Of their right to financial privacy well Kudos to Utah member on that one let's Take a look here And I want to say you know first of all Let's remember what Chris Giancarlo Working on the digital dollar project Has has told all of us There's got to be a way to introduce a Digital dollar I'm paraphrasing and Retain the constitutional rights for Citizens to have their right to privacy While using it and if you do attain that In the Construction And design of a digital dollar then it Would remain as popular and strong if Not stronger than the current paper Dollar does today for the world not just U.S citizens now let's take a quick look Here at what Tom emmers share here he

Says the bill does three things Prohibits the fed from issuing a cbdc Directly to anyone that's number one Right there that's got to be the case Bars the fed from using a cbdc to Implement monetary policy and control The economy there's number two right There requires the FED cbdc projects to Be transparent to Congress and the American people now I think that was Going to be a toughie I don't know if any of you remember this But do you remember uh there was a Congressional hearing when Bernard Bernanke was the head of the fed and he Was grilled and I can't remember who it Was it may have been Trey Gowdy I don't Remember who the person was at the time But they grilled him and said we want to See the books of the Federal Reserve And then he got a thinly soft veiled What I felt like was a threat a passive Threat That if we show you the books we fear That there could be like some kind of Fallout to the economy it was something Of that nature that felt that way and it Was like geez like so in other words if We get to look in the books you're going To wreck the economy I mean what's going On there that's the kind of vibe it had To it remember the Federal Reserve and I Know most of you noticed but for those Who don't is not a branch of government

It is a private Central Bank that Controls the United States money Um He goes on to say here any digital Version of the dollar must uphold our American values of privacy individual Sovereignty And free market competitiveness anything Less opens a door to development of a Dangerous surveillance tool After All America remains a technological leader Not because we force Innovation to adopt Our values under regulatory duress But because we allow technology that Holds these values at the core to Flourish Really well said there No I wish there was more action taken to Cut the budget shut the money off to the SEC to force Gary Gensler to come in for A hearing and some subpoenas to be Issued on the matter of FTX And find out what's going on there but In this regard I have to celebrate this As far as the effort as a U.S citizen I I believe not only as a U.S citizen but As the world goes into demand for a Digital dollar continues if you can Accomplish these things I believe the U.S dollar will remain dominant for many Decades to come now let's take a look at This This here from xrp Labs we'd say when And some wallet ladies and gentlemen

This is strides happening now that can Be scaled to the world to a global level I believe we just need regulation and Clarity right This here is the Netherlands first shop To use a zom xrp Ledger payment solution And this is great because you're talking About payment processing right and using That for a merchant I like the part uh Says here Michael Branch give him a follow I like The part that there's no banking Involved to use this Innovative and Secure payment method uh I think it's Sarah ladies says uh now we are set for The future of payments and we hope we Have enabled other shops to do the same That is remarkable big strides happening There over at xrp Ledger labs and we'll Keep an eye on it and this is a real Quick update right here on the SEC Versus Ripple case Dr Rosalind Leighton Writer for Forbes has filed an amended Motion to intervene in the petition the Court for access to the Henman speech Documents Dr Layton's original request Suggested that the SEC had offered the Him and speech documents in support of Its own summary judgment motion when That was not the case so that has been Corrected right there but that is the Latest of what we have and that's going To do it for me make sure you hit the Like And subscribe leave a comment below

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