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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out the headlines is Silicon Valley Bank Is going down the bank runs continue Will they be bailed out that is the Question and Caitlyn long talks about a Faction of the government wanting to Create a new government Bank Similar to postal banking did you know That Ripple is prepared to handle postal Banking we're going to show you the Evidence and Elon Musk said he might buy SBB we got that and exactly what Happened somebody rolled that beautiful Intro Thank you Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 978 billion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency it's up by 1.8 percent in The last 24 hours right now Bitcoin 20 400 plus ethereum 1465 and change tether Market cap is 72.1 billion plus xrp is 35 cents it's off by point eight percent In a 24 hour and 4.2 in the seven day Ladies and gentlemen this is fine a time As any to tell you about glint yes They're a sponsor I was a customer first You know they're getting ready to do a Webinar three days from now on to new Features in the new app of glint look It's your way to get gold and to be able To buy sell save spend in your app and

It's physically allocated gold it's not Paper gold it's your gold glint can't Touch your gold only you can touch your Gold it is an amazing amazing products And service make sure you check out the Link underneath the video because I tell You As Tony Edwards here for thinking crypto Says shout out to him gold demand surged To an 11-year high in 2022 on colossal Uh central banks and businesses I'll Tell you something This is what I know right here uh I'm Stacking my pennies next to their Dollars that's what I'm doing It's not Financial advice I'm just Sharing my digital perspectives They seem to never lose so I'm trying to Do in some small scale what they're Doing Now svb Silicon Valley Bank in the bank run that We're experiencing here going into this Weekend what will happen we don't yet Know but some Wells Fargo customers now Posted online that their direct deposits And schedule paychecks were missing from Their online banking accounts how about That one We hope that it doesn't become systemic But there is the question now this is What was going on inside the FDIC Meeting in November of last year just a Handful of months ago listen to Gary

Cohn here I completely agree with that I almost Think you'd scare the public If you put this out like why are they Telling me this should I be concerned About my bank Like my insurance company doesn't tell Me what they're doing with my assets if They just assume they're gonna pay my Claim right it's it's I think you've got To think of the unintended consequences Of taking a public that has more Full Faith and confidence in the banking System than maybe people in this room do So there's a select crowd of people that Are in the institutional side and if They want to understand this they're Going to find a way to understand this There's a bunch of law firms Representing this room there's a bunch Of people who charge them by the hour a Lot of money to explain this all to them And and it's fine I don't have it I Don't have a problem with that and they All have huge staffs but I would be Careful about the unintended Consequences of starting to blast too Much of this out in the general public Well you know and here we are now in the General public with everything that We're understanding about Silicon Valley Banks still unfolding Here's how one gentleman says exactly How it happened take a listen to this

Fast forward to last week and this is When it gets really crazy Moody has a Phone call with the senior Executives at Svb over the last year everything has Collapsed as many people know in the Tech industry valuations have collapsed Deposits went down and interest rates Rise was went up so fast that that 1.56 Yield was was a lot lower than what you Could get from Bonds in the market Bonds In the market uh you know and so Therefore the value of the Mortgage-backed Securities plummeted Right why would you hold a security that Could lose money when there's a Risk-free interest rate you can get from Bonds to what Grant and and others were Saying and so ultimately when Moody sat Down with them they said we're going to Give you a major downgrade because Everything is looking like so Because svb at that time was burning Through cash the stock price was Tumbling they were they were and they Had to find a way to meet their losses So Uh uh by the way along the way on February 27th The CEO and the CFO of Silicon Valley Bank sold a large proportion of their Shares in the middle of last week though For forwarding back to recent movies When they told them that they were going To downgrade their credit uh svb started

Scrambling They began consultation with Goldman Sachs uh the CEO Greg Becker actually Flew out to New York met with uh Moody's To discuss the situation try to calm the Whole situation down they then in a Scramble had to sell uh 12 20 billion uh 20 billion worth of the MBS which they Sold at uh a giant loss leading to a 2.25 billion dollar deficit which They've now had to cover so they went And they got and this is where it gets Crazy they actually found an investor to At least cover 500 million of this General Atlantic But they were the other investors were On they had other investors but you know The timeline was so short But when they went to General Atlantic To get this money they were going to Have the deal done by the morning before Everything opened But the but the disclosures were not Complete the information comes out the Downgrade comes out the information Comes out about the loss A bankrupt and Then Founders fund somehow I'm not going To say how but Founders fund YC Tech Stars reach out to all of their Founders And they Um they say hey get your money out when They say get your money out Uh there's a bank run the bank run leads To collapse the collapse

Leads to Ripples throughout the entire Ecosystem That's what happened That's what happened And you know what we've been reeling From it ever since and here from Dai Again says if you see Berkshire Hathaway Show up the same today you should know Who the top shareholder of Moody is and It's Berkshire Hathaway did we just Watch The shareholders of Moody collapse Silicon Valley Bank knowing what the Downgrade would do to them More questions than answers ladies and Gentlemen And how did Peter Theo of the PayPal Mafia Get his money out know to take it out Before all of this happened And tell everybody else that he knew to Do it too How come we don't get to know those Things Approximately 125 VCS and investors Signed a statement supporting Silicon Valley Bank as a way to limit The Fallout of the bank's collapse in Subsequent Extinction of tech companies Now you think about the incredible Amount of tech companies alone that are Tied in to Silicon Valley Bank it is Enormous billionaire Bill Aikman has Urged the United States government to

Guarantee all deposits held by Silicon Valley Bank within the next 48 hours or Risked destruction of many financial Institutions and I would add tech Companies and Tech Giants to that Meanwhile this guy Elon Musk said he's Open to the idea of buying Silicon Valley Bank as he lays Twitter payments Groundwork Things that make you go hmm John Deaton says here in response to Jesse Powell who says the whole premise Of fractional Reserve banking is flawed And I agree completely it's a confidence Game and rumors spread fast these days Ordinary people should not have to Constantly DD their Banks fortunately There's a type of bank that just vaults Cash unfortunately the feds are blocking It he's referring to Caitlyn Long's Custodia Bank And I tell you you know he makes a great Argument here Then there's this Listen to this clip here from Carol Roth And Glenn Beck talk about what could be Coming because of this collapse what Does this mean for the average person The person You need to go check your accounts and Check that FDIC insurance or if you're With a credit union they have a similar Entity that does credit for credit Unions and make sure that you have that

Insurance and you and I have talked About this before Glenn this is not a Commercial but hedge your portfolio make Sure you've got five or ten percent of Your portfolio in alternative hard Assets like gold like Precious Metals Things that you can control because what The FED has done with policy and we've Been talking about this for a while is Creating a serious issue and the thing That I'm most concerned about long term Is that they're going to use this as a Cover story for a central bank digital Currency you know exactly where I was Going this because I agree with it and You have to wonder if that does lead to That the clip goes on but look at what Caitlyn long says here About the Silicon Valley Bank Bank Run There was an article that came out by Bloomberg that says the U.S discusses a Fund which would be a new special Purpose kind of vehicle to backstop Deposits if more Banks fail from this And they are certain to do so according To everyone here who knows and has uh Information on the matter She says watch this because there's a U.S Bank regulatory faction she says That wants to create A government Bank Like postal banking in some countries They want commercial Banks gone I don't Know but this could be the first step

Towards constructing such a thing Wouldn't surprise me Now all I know is that when she said Postal banking in some countries this Reminded me of a few years ago here we Covered this This originally came from uh Kelly Costa Rica shout out to her I want you to Listen to this clip here about 2016 Report that came out about blockchain Technology the possibilities for the U.S Postal Service and banking using Blockchain technology take a listen Okay uh so thank you for that and what I Wanted to touch on here is in that bill There was a discussion about uh let's See here the United States Postal Service because there was a discussion About how they were going to get that Bill to everyone so or get that money And funds of stimulus excuse me to Everyone And they referenced ATM machines if you Don't have the ability to have a cell Phone to have the app to get the money You could do ATM machines or you could Go to your United States Postal Service Well This is a throwback because Costa Rica Kelly sent this to us and it's May 23rd 2016. however I want to take you to the Blockchain technology possibilities for The United States Postal Service let's And let's take a look at this now right

Here because you're going to like it a Lot yeah I know you're sitting there Thinking Brad what's this all about Well this is what it's all about in a Consortium a private blockchain The right to alter The Ledger by Participating in a consensus mechanism Is restricted to pre-selected Individuals or institutions Transactions May either be publicly Available or restricted to a select Number of participants Ripple is a Prominent example I don't know where this goes I don't say This to be an alarmist Will this become a stage setting moment To introduce a U.S Central Bank digital Currency to track these deposits And the leveraging that's taking place Through fractional Reserve lending I Don't know will there be a play by a Banking regulatory faction to move Towards a new U.S government bank that Works more like postal banking As Caitlyn long suggests I don't know But what I do know is is that Ripple net And on-demand liquidity could be a Lifesaver right now for so many banks Facing a bank run imagine what releasing Dormant Capital could do to save Banks And businesses and customers at a time Like this but it may just take Deeming something systemically important Like Ripple net or on-demand liquidity

Where are we at right now with xrp we Don't know right now we know that uh egg Rag crypto tells us Xrp on the 3D TF still ranging as Presented below the chart here 30 moving Averages acting as resistance but it's Squeezing down to the 36 Cent mark it Says which will make a move soon if we Close above it goes 62 cents super Bullish we close below we go 28 cents Super bearish in between is just ranging Ladies and gentlemen and that's where we Have that today I appreciate him and all Of you on this Sunday I tell you I just Say this Very real people are having their lives Crushed right now I'm not cheering for anything other than A solution I don't want anybody to be harmed in This but something needs to happen this Is an obvious obvious moment that the Banking system as it is is completely Broken What will come of it I don't know but I Do believe that a company like Ripple Has been working to build the kind of Market infrastructure To offer some kind of a solution Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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