TRILLIONS $$$ To Flow Into XRP/Crypto As Money Printing Machine GOES BRRRRRRRR

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I'm going to share with you Several things in this latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam including the idea that as Governments continue to debase their Fiat currencies that money getting Printed into Oblivion flows into things Of value specifically xrp and the rest Of the crypto asset class and there's an Article from Forbes covering this titled China and the FED to flood the world With trillions Traders suddenly braced for extreme Predicted Bitcoin ethereum xrp and Crypto price swings but uh before going Further I do to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy Is making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun as I record this video xrp Is 60 cents and bitcoin's at 37,8 7 Bucks crypto Fe in green decks 71 out of 100 so people still feeling pretty Greedy um although there are concerns That we could be seing the price of Bitcoin at least temporarily uh go a bit Lower into the lower 30 something Thousand region anyway depending on Which analyst you ask here's perspective From analyst txmc formerly with glass

Node which is a fantastic onane atal Linux firm I'm a big fan of uh he shared This Bitcoin USD chart and wrote Bitcoin Weekly still looks good though recent Iodes are compressing at resistance Can't yet rule out a 31 to $32,000 back test that preserves the Uptrend upon a clean break higher the Big 40s Supply Zone becomes the next Boss and so I'd say one of the keywords There perhaps the most important keyword Would be preserves as in preserves the Uptrends even if you do see that dip to The downside and I've seen others like I Reported a video yesterday you know Chart analyst credible crypto uh you Know even he said that there's a pretty Reasonable chance that with you know With Bitcoin bumping up into the lower 38,000 there resistance don't be Surprised if you see it it drop a bit Lower maybe even a few thousand dollars Lower uh but he thinks that that's just Going to result in ultimately a rush to The upside Ultimately um which does make me happy That I'm not a chart analyst I wanted to Share this somebody on social media Platform X shared one of those how it Started versus how it's going things and It's got pers it's got screen grab um of Of a video from very popular chart Analyst Nicholas meron um I mean this Guy I think he's got over over 500,000

Subscribers on his YouTube channel he's Very well known in the world of crypto And here you can see over a month ago he Had this video titled my final warning For Bitcoin the coming collapse could be Massive so again that's a month ago and Then here's one of his more recent Videos um titled Bitcoin could hit $200,000 if this one event repeats it's So that's why it's a how it's started Versus how it's going thing and I say This not to mock n Nicholas Mur because Um although I've never spoken with him He comes across as a genuine guy good Guy operating in good faith definitely Not an idiot um you know he's the only Analyst that I saw anything from in 2017 That'll still follow to any degree so There's there's something there but I do Want to highlight just to say I could Not be more thankful that I am not a CH Analyst just to illustrate the point Further I mentioned it from time to time You know you know if you were known to Any degree on YouTube yes you're going To get Flack and that's fine but my God I'm telling you the chart guys in crypto They get it worse than anyone the scorn Man why weren't you write More uh here's a chart from this is a Bitcoin USD chart from a very popular Analyst Bob Lucas 243,000 followers on X And he wrote people selling their Bitcoin position because me could drop

To $33,000 when the chart looks like this And with a possible ETF around the Corner I mean face palm face palm and so He does seem to subscribe to the idea That perhaps it could go lower but it's Just like so what we're splitting hairs Here because if we are right and it's Going to go much much much higher like Who cares it's it's just like it's the Same concept it's true of every crypto There are people I remember an EXT was 25 cents they're like oh should I buy it Now ah we no I think it's going to go Down to 20 or 21 cents I'm going to see If that happens you know and it's just Like okay playing with fire here though Because if it doesn't and and when You're talking about xrp if it really Does go to 10 bucks 15 bucks 20 bucks Whatever the big number you know on the Moon would be if you bought it xrp at 21 Or 25 cents it's practically immaterial If we if we are correct on the whole you Know that's what's more important that's What I'm saying Here um and then there was also the oh I Wanted to highlight this from crypto Caesar um and this is a Bitcoin balance On exchanges uh Chart and it's just this is a point that I like to bring up from time to time Because it is I don't think most people Get the degree to wites is true but it's

It's of crucial importance there there's Not that much Bitcoin available for sale And I believe that the same concept is True for xrp I'm going to see if I can Find a way to get this data for xrp the Chart here was generated from glass node So maybe if I have access to Glass node I can do that and I know they have paid Subscriptions there's a free one if There's one that's free I'd be willing To check it out but I'd never use the Advanced featur so it's not something I'd be willing to pay for but uh cuz I Just don't care enough I really wouldn't Use it but I would like to see if There's a chart that can show how much Xrp is on Exchange is because that's What they're doing here in this showing Here in this chart for Bitcoin and it Illustrates the point that there's Almost None there is a Max Supply ever for Bitcoin once it's all mined of 21 Million and over 19 million has been Mined and take a look at what crypto Caesar had to say here this is what These are the scraps that everyone's Left fighting for and keep in mind Bitcoin already ran up to almost $70,000 and then just think about what This means for xrp because I I have Strong suspicions that the same concept Absolutely applies xrp there's almost no Xrp available and it already ran up to

Four bucks near its all-time high so Here's what crypto Caesar said there are Currently 2.3 million Bitcoin on Exchanges which equates to 88.2 billion USD this is what I would call the Operating Float However it's probably about 25 30% less Because a lot of them are being huddled By plebs who don't self- Custody my guess is a lot of the Operating float will be eaten up by Firms granted a spot Bitcoin ETF and Retail fomo this will have a dramatic Effect on price to the upside right and So I've said this many times Too just because there's whatever the Quantity is of Bitcoin onch it doesn't Mean it's all for sale it doesn't it Just means it's on an exchange we we Don't know at any given moment I mean Maybe there's someone that knows how to Track that I I'm kind I've never seen it If there is actually that would be neat Somebody share that with me I've never Seen it but you can see how much is on Exchanges here uh and and so almost none Of it's available almost none of It um and so as far as the ETF comment Look over time maybe it'll be Substantial as far as when the news Breaks I talked about it yesterday so Don't want to get into it again but Uh yeah when the news breaks maybe you

See Spike probably comes back down Whatever buy the rumor sell the news Type of thing wouldn't be surprised but The real implications over a long period Of time yeah absolutely and so this is This is the scrap these are the scraps That everybody's going to be fighting Over same thing's true for xrp and That's why it's exciting to be in crypto Right now like when else has there been An instance in history where retail gets To front run traditional Finance in Wall Street and investing in something like That it's I I've never heard of a Situation like that there hasn't hasn't Been Right and then there's this from Forbes China and the FED to flood the world With trillions Traders suddenly BRAC for Extreme predicted Bitcoin ethereum xrp And crypto price swings so folks not Only did we have the opportunity here And we have front run Wall Street and The rest of traditional Finance as more And more money gets printed there will Be a flight to value a phrase that Larry Frink Larry Frink Larry Frink the uh the CEO of Black Rock used in describing the Entire cryptocurrency asset class he Said there's going to be a flight to Quality yes xrp is absolutely absolutely Part of that so as more dollars get Printed and it keeps getting debased What do you think that flight's going to

Look like I think a big chunk will Ultimately flow to xrp because it has a Network effect it a staining power it's It's not going away I think that's Obvious it's been here over a decade now It would be a lot more scary to hold xrp In the first few years that existed you Never know while is it one of the ones That's going to go to zero is it is There a flaw in the co code could it Actually be a rug pull uh but now we're Over a decade in in and it's it has real World utility Real World Adoption so It's easier now and so that's great in a Sense but uh still almost no humans know That xrp exists so it's not so late that We can't have life-changing wealth as a Result of holding xrp which I'd still Say like even today it's it's relatively Early on I think it's pretty early on Here still with with substantially less Than 1% of humans holding xrp at any Point in their life yeah I'd say we're Sufficiently early anyway piece reads as Follows Bitcoin crypto prices including Major coins ethereum and xrp have surged This year the Bitcoin price has more Than doubled over the last 12 months and The market gears up for a Wall Street Earthquake that some expect to Turbocharge the Bitcoin ethereum xrp and Crypto market now rumors fly around Bitcoin's worst kept secret legendary Bitcoin and crypto Trader Arthur haaste

Has predicted China is about to flood The world with Yuan credit something he Thinks will flow into the hard into hard Monetary assets like Bitcoin and here's a quote from hay if China is printing you on it will make Its way into the global markets and Support the prices of all types of risk Assets and Hayes who co-founded crypto Derivatives Pioneer bitmex I wrote that In the blog post adding China is about To quote throw gasoline on the Raging Fire that is the incipient crypto bull Market and flood the world with youan Credit end quote so should that be the Case and a bunch of that does flow into Crypto it's it's debasing the Yan Further um but that action in and of Itself doesn't debase other Fiat Currencies now of course the United States is doing a good job debasing its Own currency but you can see what's Being discussed here and that's why I Brought up before covering this a flight To Quality and and highlighting that Agree to which you are early in all of This which is Incredible I mean it's it's it's the Opportunity of a life time investing in Crypto this year I mean this early on Really not just this year but it's it's Incredible this is NE there's never been An opportunity like this in the history Of our species yet here we

Are peace continues Hayes now Chief Investment officer at investment fund Maelstrom pointed to Rising expectations The Federal Reserve will soon begin Unwinding its tight monetary policy Leading to the US dollar weakening and Allowing China to quote engage in a Massive round of stimulus end quote that Will revive its property market and Increase infrastructure spending recent Data has shown a brief Rebound in China's struggling economy has stalled Piling pressure on China's president Xianping to Spur growth with stimulus Measures and here's another quote from Hay given that the dollar is the world's Largest funding currency if the price of Credit Falls all fixed Supply assets Like Bitcoin and gold will rise in Dollar Fiat price returns end Quote and obviously you know there's Always inflation to consider but the Point is where's where's more value Going to be increasingly in crypto Obviously right and and uh over time Much less actual value will be in fiat Currency per percentage wise and I'm not Talking just in terms of purchasing Power right it's a whole another asset Class to put it into I mean really Honestly rich people they don't have That much cash anyway they have a Certain amount just for emergencies this Or that but uh the smart people they're

Not just putting cash onto the Mattress they they're investing in Things that are finite like there's There's land there's stocks there's Cryptocurrency there's Art that's what's happening and then Here's one more quote from him the great Part about this macro pillar of Bullishness is that it doesn't require Chinese firms and Wealthy individuals to Buy any Bitcoin the fungible nature of Global Fiat credit Will dictate that the Marginal Fiat dollar will flow into hard Monetary assets like Bitcoin end quote So folks congratulations this could be Equivalent or better to hitting the Lottery ticket now I don't think that Most people are going to find success Because most people are Their Own Worst Enemy when it comes to investing getting In and out of positions being emotional So on and so forth uh not sufficiently Long-term oriented but the opportunity Is there and there's just that's what's So empowering to me it always has been That regular people like you and me we Have the opportunity for life-changing Wealth that's what's so empowering and It is real it is not a pipe dream it's Not that it happens overnight you know I've been at this over six years now but But the opportunity is absolutely real I'm way better off in so many ways Including in terms of net worth because

I got into crypto 6 years ago but I Think it's going to be after this next Bull Cycle yeah lots to look forward to I Know I know preaching to the chir here But it's true man I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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