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[Music] Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero lift off we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I just got Off the phone with uh Nick buedo from Over at link to who is one of my Sponsors links in the top of the Descriptions link to got more Ripple Share Equity shares yesterday and he Said the Ripple demand is the highest That he's ever seen so it's on like Donkey Kong over at link to now my ex Account is still suspended and I am Still being Bombarded by cats they are torturing me With videos and pictures of cats c not That there's anything wrong with cats But I don't want to see Cats every time I log in and it it I feel like it's uh The Chinese are behind the digital asset Investor infiltration and Exile you'll see that's a Chinese cat Tweet I feel like this woman back when When X was under um the prior management To go before you Mr Roth so I'll ask Again did you Shadow ban my account yes Or no again not to the best of my Recollection so the answer is Mr oth yes You did I found out last night from Twitter staff that you suppressed my Account for this I'm not going to play Any more of that because I don't want to

Get in trouble on other social media Platforms but I am going to play this Steuart aler Al aldera was apparently on A CNBC show us unfortunately we not Squawk Box wouldn't put him on that Would be that would give them too much Attention this would be more on one of Their side shows so that they can it'll Provide them cover and they can say oh Yeah we did Cover Ripple us Unfortunately we have lost our way and We've lost our way because we have Politics and power being elevated over Sound policy meaning we have certain Agencies who are fighting over who is Going to get to control from a Regulatory perspective the technology Rather than S Y what is the right policy Outcome which I think the licensing Framework that we see in it and the Monetary authority of Singapore pursuing A proper policy outcome through a Licensing framework so right now Unfortunately in the US the issue of how To um uh how to label a digital payment Token properly whether you label it as a Utility token a payment token a security Token that's not left to a regulator and A rational regulatory framework it's That issue is now being fought in the Courts and ripple has been on the Forefront of that fight with the Securities and Exchange Commission here In the US we have been defending uh the

Issue of whether xrp again the digital Token that we use in our Tech stack to Enable our customers to benefit from our Products whether that should be Classified as a Security or it should be classifi as a Commodity or virtual currency we won That issue we won that issue on July 13th um uh so hence the uh the sticker Xrp is security which I think is gives Xrp Clarity in the US and xrp as a Digital token is now uniquely classified As a non-security in the us but we don't Think even though we won in the courts We don't think that these issues should Be fought token by token Case by case Judge by judge we think we need a Rational regulatory framework but to Your question although we have some Policy makers in the US trying to take The lead to come up with a rational with Rational regulatory policy proposals the Chances of anything moving forward in This Congress or the next Congress um Doesn't seem I'm not very optimistic About it so this look John Deon Yesterday I think it was ear or was it It may have been in my video today I Covered it John Deon was talking about How look legal Clarity is not coming Till 2025 and he just reiterated it and Mentioned that they're working on you Know their lobbying and all of that I

Have a feeling here that Ripple doesn't Want to get any pressure like hey you Guys are the only ones with regulatory Clarity and they want to at least look Like they're helping out but the fact Jack is that xrp is the only digital Asset with live legal Clarity until 2025 Minimum it's just the way it is check This out breaking Chinese real estate Giant Country Garden has defaulted on Its debt New York Times boy we're having We it it looks like snowball City in This economy look at this one hearing Reports from multiple sources that Several Japanese banks are Frozen that sounds like ice none what And now their clearing system is going Down what's going on Japan Japan's Payments clearing system failure Continues transactions Nationwide Impacted JP Morgan's Gone live with First collateral settlement for clients Using blockchain where's JP Morgan's crypto lawsuit that ties them Up for three years I'm still waiting for It and then we've got this check this Out the digital Euro Association Um who says Our member Ripple has Clenched two prestigious awards at Juniper research's future digital awards For fintech and payments 2023 the company's been honored with the Sustainability and ftech innovation of The year and the cbdc Innovation award

That's the digital Euro Association but Then you also have the digital pound and They are also in partnership with ripple And R3 if you remember used to be in Partnership with ripple in fact R3 and Ripple got into a whole Lawsuit over r3's xrp Holdings in Fact it was an option contract which Means that it was pre-allocated xrp to R3 okay option contracts are securities By the way I always we always talked on This channel about R3 we know R3 had an Option contract we know Greg kid had an Option contract that's two pre-allocated Xrp and I always wondered well if those If R3 and Greg kid had Them they couldn't possibly be the only Individuals and only entities who would Want to pre try to get some Pre-allocated xrp knowing of the promise Of this thing which is why we always Talked about xrp Pre-allocation well let's get back to This this is from R3 the conso and by The way the R3 lawsuit was eventually Settled undisclosed settlement right Secret settlement let's write that down Secret settlement and then everybody's Probably going to think I'm referring to The Ripple SEC lawsuit but it's still a Thumbnail and that uh Xrp Pre-allocation everybody the crypto

Police always love those kind of Thumbnails um but they have been the Crypto police have been banished from my Private group now or they have to do it In secret they they have to be crypto Police crypto spy Police um in there and that's fine You're they're welcome the consultation On the digital pound closed this summer The Bank of England is now working on The design phase before a final decision R3 Chief Economist spoke um to so Bank Of England who was a ripple partner I Don't know if they still are I Think um is now working on the design Phase before the final decision does Anybody remember this clip from xrp Darren back in the day this is Ryan Celus interviewing um the CTO of R3 you Still working with ripple at all as a as A company I know that there was you know some Extracurricular you know activity that Was working its way through the courts But um and and and it's since been Resolved but but uh I'm curious if There's ongoing discussion since one of Their primary focus is on the the uh Interbank settlement component that You're also Touching so frankly Ripple is probably The only topic um just I can't talk About um so I I just it's just Soundous just I can't talk about

It just I can't talk about it and uh the Genesis for this call really uh you're You're you're at least um okay now um as We go into the danger zone and don't Reme and remember folks uh the there's It's this is like members only jackets In the80s this is a special group in Fact I haven't even mentioned it but you Would not even Believe the response and and the amount Of people that have signed up in this Group I am so appreciative and it is it Has been wild and and but but guess what Uh what is it that I learned this from Uh Mr B he told me he said no matter What you ever do always under promise And overd deliver that's his thing and I That's what I'm doing here I look Look what what what people are getting In here things that I've been that that I either can't talk about or I'm worried That I'll be censored about on YouTube It's serving a dual purpose in that way So I it's it's I'm having so much fun Because I'm I'm finally I'm even able to Play things in there that that are I can Say hey I'm watching this movie right Now you should watch I'm able to tell People things that that are going on That I have never been able to tell and Show things I've never been able to show It's um it's a freeing experience but You can go to

Um and we don't worry about the cancel Culture in there we talk corruption you We'll be called conspiracy theorists and All that Stuff um now um I am now leaving um We're saying goodbye I need a theme song We're saying goodbye to everybody on YouTube and now we're going into the Private group now those of you in the in In the group here I've always had this Theory and it's a Theory that Um oh shoot I forgot to mention wait let Me go back to I'm still talking to the YouTube crowd there's one other thing That I wanted to say to you we're also Going to talk about the Disappeared um the sleuth that Disappeared from I won't say the word I'll spell it e t h g a t e the sleuth The the sleuth from that country over There that starts with a C right with Henman TI we're going to Talk about him we're going to talk about A we're going to we're going to talk About the um a guy that was connected to Him and then then the sleuth that Disappeared that was talking about it is What I'm getting at okay and this one This guy disappeared but he was like Dangerously directly over the Tet tget Okay now we're going to go and talk About my Uber story folks this is for You in the group I'm the digital asset

Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and Tell your friends and family that John McAfee said some crazy things but he Also said some things that were very Interesting thanks for Listening [Music] [Music]


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