Deaton: XRP Lawsuit End Could Be “CRYPTOS BIGGEST WEEK EVER”

Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel I've got three stories to Share with you in this latest Moon Family sedan room temperature jam and Who wouldn't like the title of this Story from the crypto basic that is on Your screen right now Pro xrp attorney Explains how this week can become Crypto's biggest week ever and I'll tell You what even if it weren't crypto's Biggest week ever I'll share with you What he's talking about it would Certainly I think be fair to say that it Could be uh xrp holders biggest week Ever in crypto at least for most of us Um then there's also this headline from The crypto basic Ripple vsec Deaton Makes strong prediction about Judge Taurus's ruling on xrp uh yeah and so in Terms of uh expectations for the outcome Of the lawsuit I think most of you are Wearing a general stance of of what Attorney Dean expects is going to happen But there are some interesting Particulars that attorney Deaton shared Just the other day that I think you'll Find interesting as we approach the Conclusion of this this gigantic case The biggest SEC non-fraud case going Back to at least 1946. and then there's This headline and the content of this is Laughable not not because of the crypto Media outlet but just the fact that this Is even real life but here's the

Headline Cftc bids against SEC in a new crypto Fraud case defines digital assets as Commodities and so what they're talking About is the SEC and the cftc slugging It out absolutely battling against each Other it's a Turf War and it's Completely redonkulous but before going Further Ado and be clear I do not have a Legal or financial background of any Kind I'm not offering legal or financial Advice and you definitely should not buy Or sell anything because of anything I Say right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun all right so into This first piece Following bitcoin's rally to thirty Thousand dollars in upcoming ethereum's Shanghai upgrade Attorney John deatonis Highlighted the next important event That could make this week the biggest Week ever for crypto and I'm just gonna Go straight to the source here I don't Feel the need to read the entirety of The article this makes the point right Here this is what they were talking About this is a tweet from Attorney John Deaton just the other day and he wrote Bitcoin over thirty thousand dollars Today East Shanghai update tomorrow a Great and fantastic ruling from Judge Torres in the Ripple case next could

Prove to be crypto's biggest week ever Now there are a few different ways you Could take that Um just in terms of important Occurrences yeah you could argue easily That this is the biggest week in crypto Because we're talking about the future Of crypto at least in the United States You could talk in terms of price action I mean fine technically if you talk About you know investing in Bitcoin from Day one like back in 2009 and then okay In terms of price action there would Have been bigger weeks because in terms Of you know multiplier effect there's no Way that that can be replicated now There's way more money in crypto in General so it depends on your frame of Reference and exactly what you're trying To get at here but either way the point Is not lost on me and it's probably not Lost on you that should we get a Positive ruling from Judge Torres which I think is is coming I think that's What's most probable and it is imminent It is not too much to say that at this Point we're we're at uh you know home Stretch here now should that occur which Again which I think is most likely it is Going to be for potentially for many xrp Holders their biggest week in crypto And it depends for how long have you Been in crypto and this you know I can't Say the true of everyone and then also

Are you talking about price action are You just talking about impact from a Historic perspective if you're talking About from historic perspective it's Pretty easy to argue this is a gigantic Week if you're talking in terms of price Action that's going to vary everybody's In a different position but Uh yeah because I don't know what if This does put push xrp up to a new All-time high because we're don't forget This isn't 2020 too if we had the case Conclude in 2022 I think you still would Have seen a pop for xrp if it were a Positive news but now you're talking About in us being at the beginning Phases of a bull market in conjunction With with potentially positive news for Xrp the conclusion of this case And um in terms of reasons to anticipate That we should be expecting such Positive news there's additional Information from attorney Deaton uh Here's a new article from the crypto Basic Ripple vsec Deaton makes strong Prediction about judge torres's ruling On xrp Attorney John Deaton the founder Of crypto law has made new predictions About the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple And the United States Security and Exchange Commission in a video posted Yesterday by crypto law attorney Deaton Said judge annaliza Torres would rule That xrp secondary market sales are not

Securities and attorney Deaton said Quote I'm confident that the judge will say Xrp secondary market sales are not in Play that secondary market sales are not Securities that the token itself is not A security end quote Yeah so I I hope He's right I think he's very likely to Be correct on that because you know in Terms of any sort of requirement for the Judge to say that those things Non-existent I mean case in point if you Look back to the library case Uh I remember during the remedy portion After Library had already lost one of The things that attorney Deaton Requested from the judge is hey just State that the library credit token Itself LBC is not a security and the Judge responded no and the rationale for That was that he wanted to take more of Uh I can't remember exactly how I Ordered but you want to take a you know A more of a light touch approach Approach and just you know or maybe he Might use the word minimum I think he Said he's a minimalist that's my best Recollection is that the judge said that He's a minimalist and it's not necessary To get the ruling that would be Favorable you know in in terms of you Know making LBC holders happy one of the Lightest touch possible so I believe he Just said he's a minimalist when it

Comes to this stuff and so he just said Well secondary Market transactions Uh you know that's not what I'm ruling On here that's that's not a part of this And so we made that clear so that should Be you know a green light two thumbs up For LBC moving forward in the United States that's what it's supposed to do But it would have been stronger of Course had he come and said yeah of Course LBC not a security but he him Being a minimalist he's like well I Don't have to do that so here though This is the difference this is where you Have attorney Deaton saying that uh Judge Torres he thinks that he said Again here's the quote I'm confident That judge the judge will say xrp Secondary market sales are not in are Not in play that secondary market sales Are not Securities that the token itself Is not a security so that would be a Step further than what the judge did in The in the library case and now Especially if we get that before any Sort of Remedies portion if Ripple loses That would be even bigger that the token Itself is not a security oh please yes Let that happen I want go the extra step I understand the judge didn't want to do It in the library case but here in the Ripple case please please dear baby Jesus just please let this happen Because that will add that extra oomph

And that'll make it just that much more Likely that exchanges in the United States will read less xrp that would Make it that much more clear You know peace continues attorney Deaton Expressed confidence about a favorable Ruling for xrp due to the more than a Dozen Amici briefs filed supporting Ripple Quote this is this is from Dean I say that just because of amicus briefs From xrp holders coinbase Amicus Blockchain Association chamber of Digital Commerce spin the bits tap Jets Attack Of jets which jets with flying Sky Tap Jets I remit and a slew of others end Quote and that's true and this is Another thing that you know some in some Cases fine there are a lot of Amicus This is not a common occurrence I've Gathered that from attorneys within our Xrp community this is not common and the Thing that is unprecedented is you know Roughly 76 000 for xrp holders being Represented in this case there's nothing Like that has happened in history that's A first we're living through it right Now and we're part of the community and We're holding that torp so very cool Stuff peace continues per Deaton the Ongoing lawsuit has attracted lots of Attention from cryptocurrency Enthusiasts to the extent that the judge

Would feel quote morally obligated to Have to address those issues even though She technically doesn't end quote and That look that's what I that's in line With what I've been articulating very Recently I understand she doesn't have To do that but look at all the actions Leading up to this look at all the Pre-trial stuff look at Um the understanding from the earliest Days even of uh increasing the capacity Of the phone lines for um remember Calling in for for the pre-trial Hearings well that got jacked up from it Might have been I can't remember what The low number was initially but I'd Even been just like a few dozen or maybe It was a hundred and then they increased Capacity for future hearings up to 4 000 And those got maxed out every single Time And then you have 76 000 expert holders Represented by attorney Deaton and then You have the judge being like yeah I Want to see everything I want to see all The arguments uh Amicus Reese absolutely Just bring it at me no That's a strong indication she Understands just how important this is And so initiates it's not technically Responsible in terms of what's right From a moral perspective I get what Attorney's deeton is saying if she Doesn't get this right and she doesn't

Make it clear that xrp is not a security That will Damage or destroy businesses This is not too much that's literally True it absolutely will Peace continues Deaton asserts that judge Torres will Not want to avoid or giving a decision On xrp secondary Market transactions Because she is a great judge that's a Quote great judge and then Deaton said Quote if she wanted to try to avoid them I don't think she will because I think We have a great judge and we'll see end Quote and I think attorney Deaton's spot On but in the meantime we do stuff to Put up with nonsense almost jackass ask Jackery Jackass jackassery that's jackassery That's the one that's the one uh we have To put it with jackassery from the SEC Well asshats at the a lot of ass stuff Going on over at the SEC Um those asshat Pricks at the SEC Um they are absolutely battling the SEC It's it's like it's like two Alley Cats In a Turf War I just had this flashback To a a Family Guy episode it's like Peter Griffin and a cat and Ally some of You might know what I'm talking about Just like Circle each other It's kind of like that we got the cftc And the SEC one side is full of a bunch Of ass hat bricks that would be the SEC

Side and it's just so fascinating to see This unfold so check this out Because it really truly is absurd and The fact that you have Duking it out the way that they are how The hell can you with a straight face Make a claim that there is Clarity Regarding crypto in the United States How the hell can you do that So again the headline here cftc bids Against SEC in a new crypto fraud case Defines digital assets as Commodities The cftc calls Bitcoin eth and usdc that Stablecoin a Commodities in the latest Crypto fraud and misappropriation case So let's pause a note recently genzer Said everything that's not Bitcoin is a Security he also separately has stated That stable coins specifically uh would Be included in the category of Securities which is kind of funny Because especially if you get to the Point where we're going through the Howie test uh investment of money with The expectation of profit who the hell Is investing in a stable coin thinking That it's going to be worth more in the Future hoping that it is who is that Dumb who is that dumb Ah really grinds my gears folks anyway Peace continues tug of war continues Between the cftc and SEC concerning Which has jurisdiction over Cryptocurrencies the SEC under chair

Gary ginsler continues its action Against the crypto industry claiming That all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin Are securities meanwhile cftc under Roston Venom reasserts that some Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin eth And stable coins such as usdc are Commodities Now check this out and this is where It's going to start to get more Interesting the commodity Futures Trading commission filed a civil Enforcement action against former Deutsche Bank investment banker Rashawn Russell in the U.S District Court for The eastern district of New York and I'm Not going to read the whole quote Because it's on your screen but also has To do with You know code under Section blah blah Blah crap but it states in part certain Digital assets such as Bitcoin ether and Usdc are encompassed in the definition Of a commodity under Section blah blah Blah Zone and so forth Now that flies in the face of what the SEC has articulated right now not that They Even declared Bitcoin to be a command They haven't they haven't declared it to Be a non-security there is no technical We just know that that's the stance of The current dictator Kim jong-ginsler Over at the SEC so we don't even have

That even though he just says that so Yeah I guess he's probably not going to Go after Bitcoin but do we even know That's true no not technically And so here you have on this topic and These are such good points I had to Highlight them you have Paul gruel who Was the chief legal officer over at Coinbase and speaking on this story he Shared the following Once again a co-equal federal agency Says exactly the opposite of another at The same time a second U.S attorney's Office has elected to charge wire fraud Not Securities fraud in a parallel Criminal case based on its independent Assessment of the underlying asset The rest of the world has stopped Smiling at us they are now outright Laughing Spot on now again I wish it would have Been saying crap like this a bit more Vocally over the last couple years it May be defending you know a ripple and Xrp all those butts is what it is I Won't go off in a tangent in this video You know my stance on that well then on Top of that Eric Voorhees who was the Founder of cryptocurrency exchange Shape-shift Eric Voorhees retweeted that And he wrote The Following If F if SEC and cftc can't even agree on Eth and usdc then how the F censoring There is how the f is anyone supposed to

Analyze the other 1000 plus weirder and More obscure assets the law is as clear As Gary ginsler's ethical compass I do love that one So you can see like again anybody who's Being intellectually honest can see There is not Clarity in the crypto space There's a bunch of people who want to be Good actors and they just want to have Legitimate businesses can conduct Legitimate business and they're getting Attacked for it's disgusting and we can All agree yes of course there's Bad Actors in every industry go after them Throw the book at them super duper You're gonna get tons of support for That crap that's easy what about the Rest what about the good actor just Going after all them really steam them a Vegetables Mitch I'm not a financial Advisor you should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon family Sedan


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