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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I got a late Start today because I was watching the Georgia Alabama game last night and man It's been a rough morning those things Can get the the Georgia Alabama or the SEC Championship party watch party in this Part of the Country sometimes there's shots passed Around and all that I did I didn't have To deal with shots or anything but still It's a rough Morning Zero Hedge is This World War III We're watching watching Pentagon Confirms us warships commercial ships Under attack in the Red Sea boy we live in some pretty wild Times yet another great clip from the The uh Black Swan capitalist guys watch This liquidity is drying up cash is Draining up there's not enough cash to Go around the system demands that more Cash be pulled into the system in in in In enormous amounts exponentially it Can't stay static and this is why you're Seeing things like expanding Wars and Whatever else they got to do to to Foster that illusion of liquidity uh and Then you know they're pulling liquidity Out of the system as well uh By Design They're they're killing it they're

Deliberately collapsing the current System in my view to roll out a new one And and I was talking to a friend of Mine this morning and we were talking About this very very thing uh how They're going to force people are they Going to at least attempt to force People to accept the new System oh yeah I think you're I think You're on to something there now this Caitlyn long was on a u she was Caitlyn Long did a Um um she was with that I'm trying to Remember the name of it she was on that Show called something Bitcoin it's Called anyway I'll think of it in a Minute but anyway she has two Great Clips here one of them where she Actually talks about John deon's book And the xrp community so if you look at Private non-financial sector dead it's Been a while since I've looked at the Feds Z1 but it's something around 95 Trillion okay so I don't even know what The fed's balance sheet is I haven't Paid that much attention to it but um But long story short it's no longer it's Not even close to 95 trillion so Literally if the entire private sector Debt were to default and the public Sector debt was going to replace it I.E The the Fed was going to expand its Balance sheet to replace it just to keep The total amount of credit in the

Economy flat the FED could have a $95 Trillion balance sheet and we're not There yet okay but see this is why why I Phrased it as one of the most Interesting questions is why hasn't the Dollar collapsed yet because the Austrians will scream and and they did At the time the moment that the US went Off the gold standard dollar collapsed Dollar collapsed dollar collapsed and And it hasn't happened why because we Actually had we were bequeathed a Tremendous balance sheet by our Ancestors and we had an an equity Financed economy up until 1968 in the United States and frankly most of the Rest of the world because most of the Rest of the world follows follows the Dollar and follows the US Standard Whether explicitly or implicitly and so You know used to be that your Grandfather gifted you a series dou Savings bond um in the 1950s now your Grandparents are co-signing on your Credit card okay so we went from you Know when you come of age we went from Having from from being gifted assets to Being gifted debt um and that's what's Happening and and and it's it's just now Part of everybody's capital structure But the erosion of real wealth that is Coming from that is staggering and it But it's been subtle and it's been Happening over 50 years literally I was

Born in 1969 and the US flipped from an Equity based economy to a a debt Financed economy in 1968 so my entire Life has been during um where we've been Eating the seed corn so to speak we've Been drawing down the equity of the United States but that's why those who Called for a collapse okay interesting Clip now this one's even more Interesting this is about John Deon and What he did with the xrp community um And I I just got done reading John Deon's book it's it was a phenomenal Book it's called um food stamp Warrior You know he's the lawyer who gathered 75,000 xrp holders to agree to be sued By the US government they they they in Intervened in the xrp case against the SEC to be 75,000 people from around the World agreed to become defendants Against the the US government in that Case it's a it's it's an incredible Story and I don't agree with with with John that he he moved on from Bitcoin Pretty fast because of the scaling Issues I don't agree with him there but He's a actually that's she's got that That part uh wrong I think John is an is A Bitcoin ethereum and xrp holder Phenomenally smart guy and that book was A stunning book and he grew up in the Hood he was one of three um white people In his high school and just what it what His experience of of going from he was a

Food stamp Warrior grew up in a in a in A very poor family knew real hunger and And um lifted himself up by bootstraps On boots he never even had and it's just An incredible ragster riches story but He is a fighter and he is a perfect Example of somebody who used his Platform for good and pulled together 75,000 people people to intervene in in What he calls one of the strangest rits Of mandamus ever filed in the US court System and he succeeded and it's a it's A phenomenal story um I highly recommend The book it was such a page Turner it's A it's a crypto adjacent book um because He's obviously a well-known person in in This space uh and I don't want to get Into the Bitcoin versus xrp thing but But I will say that that that he did an Incredible service to all of us and his Point is well taken he he he said and I Didn't know back back then because I Wasn't following it he said this is Going to impact the entire crypto Industry this this xrp lawsuit and he Turned out to be right um and so by Fighting and by by by being a brass Knuckle and and literally brass knuckle He's you know if you read his book You'll hear about his brass knuckle Stories um he's a a true fighter and you Know became a US Marine and and um and Then a prosecutor and and ended up he he Said like he was so successful in his

Law practice that he started to get Bored by it and then crypto became the Thing that caused him to get out of bed In the morning and he not been making Money off off his crypto lawsuits he did All of that because he was an xrp owner And he said look what the SEC did was Steal from people by that's his Perspective by by by by calling xrp of Security and having all the exchanges Delisted um that was what he that was What he he concluded and he wanted to Stand up and fight and thank God he did Thank God we have people like that in Our industry Amazing man we it would have been that's Very nice of her to say but it sure Would have been nice to have the rest of The industry on our side by the way the Rest of the industry is still not on our Side in that none of them including her Will even speak the words eth gate but I Saw this from the crypto me mem guy. Freed I appreciate that I I couldn't Have worded it better better myself E Eth Gate was and still is a Collaborative effort by certain VC's Incumbents SEC and mmm to give the Ethereum ecosystem time to flourish While pumping the brakes on Ripple until The people involved are brought to Justice the whole Space is built on a Lie he is a th% right this is what CNBC Had on after the Henman speech there's

So many things that are very important About what the SEC That CS the way let's say ether what Does that mean for like an xrp an xrp The way I understand it it's a Technology solution that you don't Necessarily need to use the coin to Transact on the platform so what happens To an xrp how does a ripple so xrp I Think is still in in limbo here whether Or not xrp is a security I think for That particular coin we're going to have To wait on it because there's a Relationship between Ripple the coin and Ripple the company is there any trade in Your view in terms of some of the coins That are there that were struggling in Regulatory limbo and may now be Considered Commodities and so then may Be listed on coinbase and may get that Pop I mean the easiest is ethereum right That's what's been overhanging this Entire thing is was ethereum a security Very clearly said it's not a security so That to me is according to uh Gary Gensler Gary Gensler won't tell you now Um this is a pretty cool clip right here So this is Chris Gan Carlo so so so the Digital dollar project is Technologically neutral and and and Fiercely so sure what we are doing However is providing the opportunity for All the diff different ledgers to show Their stuff uh to experiment to to show

Their stuff and see what works they're Already doing that around the world I Mentioned there's over a hundred Different ones going on many of them are Using the different blockchains and so You know firms like AR three and others Are out there talking all the time about Their capabilities we want to provide an Opportunity for them to show their Capabilities when it comes to a digital Dollar here in the United States and so The digital dollar project is committed To creating opportunities for the Different blockchains to show what they Can do but officially we have no Preference for one or the other we we Don't you know that those decisions will Eventually come if the if this if the The FED goes down this road and Hopefully they'll look on the body of Work that we created to be able to Determine the different pros and cons of The different Blockchains okay now I'm about to go Into the member group it's today we're things are about to Really get hot here in the United States Folks we're you're about to find out if We have a country left or if we don't And you you're about to find out if the Word treason means anything anymore Because that's what we're looking at That's what we're about to talk talk About in the group and then we're also

Going to talk about what I would call Quote the evil plan and this is the evil Plan that I believe that that that is in The works and it's it's an evil plan Against you me and all of the what the Evil people would consider the peasants Of the world the um to control us and I'm going to talk about the evil plan I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family da the evil Plan


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