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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel here's a headline from the Crypt Basic expert explains how Ripple takes Steps to support xrp price now this Article is highlighting uh a debate that Was taking place within the xrp Community and it was interesting because One of the perspectives as you'll see Was that despite all this legal Clarity What it do for xrp ripple Ripple can't Even sell all the xrp that they get out Of Escrow because nobody wants it that's That's the type of argument that one guy Is makinging here and then there's the The idea of uh what what does it mean if Ripple's you know supporting the price Of xrp what does it mean if they're They've been making very uh specific Choices in terms of their xrp selling Strategy with the intent of having a Specific impact on the price of xrp even If that's even if that intent is to you Know have a low impact on the price of X Even if it's that does that mean Anything and so these are the types of Things being discussed and I think They're fun topics of conversations and I always love having uh these back and Force uh where people just can you know Speak like adults and respectfully Disagree which is mostly what this is Although I do I do think that one of the Guys is likely just an just absolutely Hates xrp that's why he doesn't have to

Lie it I like it but I think that There's a chance that it may have kind Of Tainted some what you saying but We'll get into it before going further I Do want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy making YouTube videos about crypto related Topics but just as a hobby and just for Fun now um I didn't check the price of Xrp right before recording this video But I I did earlier this morning and xrp Was around 48 cents so price is going Down at this particular juncture in time Uh to the point where it xrp is about Back where it was before it had legal Clarity it's be thinking well what gives And I've said my perspective on that Particular aspect of what's going on Here I I firmly believe xrp price right Now would be way lower than it is Without legal Clarity because xrp is Maybe it's technically even a hair Higher than where it was right before That legal Clarity came but bitcoin's Down Bitcoin is down and xrp is slightly Up and we know that xrp follows Bitcoin So that should tell you something and It's also abundantly clear that in times Like this when fewer people are paying Attention to crypto despite good news

It's just the people who are already Paying attention that have a opportunity To to you know react to it you you know This this it's not like in late 2017 um you know when uh everybody Sitting around you know the the you know The Thanksgiving dinner table and Talking about how the price of Bitcoin Was doing so and so and all the other Cryptos same thing happened at Christmas In 2017 same type of conversations Taking place really the world over in Much of 2021 a completely different Market cycle that's not the type of Environment that we were in that that we Were in when we when xrp got its legal Clarity and so it's very clear that you You can't fix over 2 and 1/2 years of Damage to Global xrp price that quickly Now it can be fixed and adoption can get Back to where it otherwise would have And should have been but you can't fix It especially when there's less attent If you're talking price action because Yeah developer activity is up but if You're talking in terms of price action You can't instantly fix that when almost Nobody's paying attention to crypto so Like you're paying attention to crypto I'm paying attention to crypto this is The most important time to pay attention Of crypto uh for people who are Positioning themselves for you know Inevitable moves to the upside for the

Asset class just in General but um but still I understand You know people get a little stressed Out when things go down here but let me Explain where this all stems from xrp Price dips to 49 cents sparking debates On Ripple escrow management strategy Xrp's price has fallen again Fallen Below the 50 c mark this effectively Means xrp has lost the gains that Accumulated following another pivotal Ruling from the court case between Ripple and the US regulator Aid xrp's Current market uh permanence the crypto Community debates xrp's appeal from the Perspective of Ripple's management of Its monthly escrow xrp Release in a recent tweet ex user alter Diego raised concerns about Ripple's Supposed inability to sell a significant Portion of its monthly xrp esro Even after gain regulatory Clarity yeah So that's a part where I push back Pretty hard that's just nonsense here But here this is where it all stemmed From uh there's a post from attorney Bill Morgan xrp Community member uh Showing at the time that he posted this Xrp is actually still uh over 50 cents But he wrote the following xrp has now Almost entirely excuse me xrp has now Almost entirely lost the gains from the Recent tour's decision on the sec's Motion for an interlocutory appeal as it

Previously almost entirely lost the Gains from the summary judgment decision In July and so he's obviously very Pro Xrp he's just pointing out what is Obviously a fact it is what it is I Don't think it's a big deal I don't Think it's particularly negative either The asset classes worth way more in the Future or it's not my answer is yes and The flare Community um X account uh Responded and shared some perspective I Actually think it's spot on here so if You're feeling down that xrp price is Down or your CP in general is down Compared to what it was even recently Well just consider This uh Flair Community wrote it is true But I ask people to consider this is xrp A more desirable asset to hold now than It was before judge torres's decision It's a rhetorical question of course it Is the price will go where the market Takes it but the value for xrp is Growing as developers continue continue To build incredible things every day if The price goes down it does not make it A bad asset in my opinion it only raises Opportunity right and so I firmly agree With that Sentiment with xrp price being about What it was before xrp had legal Clarity Was it more risky back then or less Risky back then is it more risky now or Less risky though I argue that it's well

Holding xrp or any crypto I think it's There's a lot of risk there are a lot of Unknowns something could go wrong that We couldn't for I get that and investing Is risky anyway but I personally believe That it's a lot less risky holding xrp Today than before that conclusion so at The same price it just it increasingly Becomes more of a no-brainer and you can See all the other you know behavior from The institutional whales I I talked About that in an earlier video today so I'm going to go off in that path but It's true it's obviously True um and so you have uh attorney Morgan resp respond to flare community And wrote for sure has legal Clarity but Now virtually at the same price it had With legal uncertainty and then flare Community responded to attorney Morgan And said Exactly xrp today is a much better asset In terms of its value proposition since Before the decision the short-term price Fluctuations are irrelevant the crypto Market will mature and break out of Synchronicity of Bitcoin assets value Will soon be based on their own merits Now Absolutely hitting it out of the park I've been preaching that you know since I jumped into crypto I just don't know How long it's going to take and and it May be the case that we're at a point

Where maybe maybe finally it's true and Some some altcoins even though they're Going to move in they do broadly move in Tandem with you know what the broader Market does maybe we're at a point where There are some coins out there that even If they they continue to correlate They're not going to hit new all-time Highs ever again that might be true We'll see what happens but they're not Quite going to zero yet which just kind Of tells me That we're still closer to Ncy as it pertains to this AET class Than we are to maturity because in a Mature Market you wouldn't have over 20,000 different cryptos when almost None of them actually do anything you Wouldn't have that so so that's scream And especially with them not being Judged on their own merits yes Absolutely and So eventually like if You're talking about in terms of xrp Fundamentals they're stronger than ever Xrp fundamentals in developer activity It's better than a year ago and has Legal Clarity so the fact it's going Down which has nothing to do with Anything that's xrp specific that's Astonishing you it just it is what it is But I mean in mature Market I don't Think it's going to be like That um I mean other than to you know You could state in terms of times of

Like Global macro chaos just like Because I mean you do see that in the Stock market too like stocks across the Board kind of take a hit but that but That doesn't matter you can point to Instances like that I'm not denying that But what I am saying is that broadly Speaking individual stocks they're Judged on the performance of the company At hand you're not sufficiently seeing That with individual Cryptocurrencies uh here you have uh xrp Community member named Julian who wrote To Flair community and said I so hope You're right in that prediction I loathe Bitcoin and eth as business propositions And long for the price of xrp and other Assets to be less synchronized with These products I have always expected for this problem To go away with time but so far it has Not happened yeah so I think a lot of us Sus I think Julian's right there too I Just don't pretend to know how long it's Going to take I really don't but I think It's an inevitability that's my stance On this so even if it takes a decade or Two whatever's a Been that's we're going to get There uh but this is where you have Alter Diego jump in who clearly is not Exactly a fan of Xrp and this is the reason this article Even exist here's here's what alter

Diego had to say the fact that Ripple Doesn't manage to sell even half of its Monthly xrp escrow release even after Having gained Clarity should tell you Everything you need to know about this Coin okay so there you go there it is From alter Diego uh Ripple can't even Sell all the so keeps going out of es They put it back in X they can't they Can't even sell the xrp nobody wants it And after having legal Clarity my God Now the problem is that's a bogus Nonsense assertion because Ripple has Been very transparent about the way in Which they sell xrp they want it to be a Particularly small percentage of the Overall Global volume which is why when You look at their quarterly market Reports for xrp which they don't have to Share with us but they create them for Us for the public you know it it varies A little bit but in terms of global Volume from quarter to quarter it's Typically about 4% of total volume so They could sell more and if they they Just sold xrp hand over fist which they Could do they could just dump 100% of it On the market month after month after Month and they also have some xrp that's Not Esco right now they just dump it all Um you know that would probably have an Impact on price but they're Intentionally doing things in such a way That that's not the case it's not that

They couldn't sell it it's just that if They were to do that it's a it's just Supply and demand it's how it works with Any asset if if there's a ton of it that Suddenly hits the Market then you're you're not going to Have enough people willing to purchase It at what today is the current market Rate for xrp that's it it's not that There wouldn't be people to buy it it Would just push the price down if enough Hit the market do I have to really Explain supply and demand to alter Diego Apparently the answer is yes it does Seem like the answer is yes Here but that was reposted by attorney Bill Morgan here's what attorney Bill Morgan had to say about this and I Thought that this is a proper response He said the fact Ripple decides not to Sell most of the xrp released each month From escro tells me what I already know From the sec's evidence in the Ripple Case Ripple takes steps to support xrp's Price okay hitting the nail in the head Again and there's a certain amount that Has been revealed even from Ripple's Internal Communications on this topic And it just you know what it just you Know what it proves is that they're They're being the best to be a good Cheerleader for the entirety of the xrp Ecosystem which you would logically Expect since they have the most to lose

If things go back Duh uh here you have extrap Community Member AP szn who wrote sounds like a Security with a little laughy Emoji so Obviously he's kidding he doesn't think It's a security so sounds like a Security although attorney Bill Morgan Did take that the wrong way it seems Attorney bille Morgan wrote you are Wrong a court has already found xrp Itself is not a security and the SEC Does not seek a pellet review of that Finding oil producers influence the Price of oil per barrel by increasing or Slowing production that does not make Oil a security and so folks even though Um he didn't recognize immediately was a Joke that doesn't matter that's I'm Highlighted it because that last point Is spoton I mean what's the state of Things you you hold an asset but then You're not allowed to have any impact on The global price because I me but think About it if that were the law and it's Not thankfully you could I guess you Could hold xrp but you couldn't sell it And you couldn't buy it because that Would the price too like if you have it You have it like obviously that's not The case it's it's part of a global Ecosystem whether you're talking about Xrp or Bitcoin or oil whatever it is There's a global ecosystems for all of These things and so attorney Morgan

Points out quite properly that oil Producers influence the price of oil per Barrel by increasing or slowing down Production well there you go that that That's a Perfect Analogy it doesn't seem That tremendously different than what Ripple is doing because they're the Largest whale holder of xrp in existence Which I don't have a problem with I Don't even see it as some sort of Horrific negative I mean I was aware of This in 2017 before I started buying a Ton of xrp and I just like well is what It is it doesn't make logical sense to Me that they're going to sabotage the Entire ecos system because that's not to Their benefit and if I'm wrong fine then I guess I take a big L on that xrp thing I was thinking that back in 2017 but of Course they're not of course that's not What they're doing here it's Conceptually quite similar Um but alter Diego responded to to to Bill Morgan and he said there is not Enough demand for xrp okay so here's the Thing Folks he writes that and it seems to me That he's writing it because he's anti- Xrp he wants it to he wants to make that Point he wants it to appear as though There's something uniquely specifically Wrong with xrp people just don't want it Because that uh that would support his Perspective his ideology his thesis

Whatever you want to call it if that's True and it's about xrp then alter Diego Wins right that presumably something Like that may be going through his mind But either way he's very antix anti xrp And that's what he Stated but I I've been saying for a long Time if people are wondering why xrp Price is down let's not over complicate This I've been saying this you probably Have heard me say this xrp price is not Higher because there's not more demand That's literally true so guy is right Here I'm just noting that that doesn't Paint the whole picture because the Truth is that this is true also for Bitcoin because the entire asset class Moves in Tandem and what causes the Price of xrp to move the most Bitcoin Bitcoin impacts the price of xrp the Most so if xrp is going down there's a Good chance that bitcoin's going down And if bitcoin's going up there's a good Chance that eventually shortly after xrp Will go up even if not down at the same Second minute day so on and so forth if You zoom out over a long period of time Look on a chart you will see that Tremendous correlation so he says There's not enough demand for xrp but That doesn't sufficiently paint the Picture there's not enough demand for Crypto right now it's not uniquely an Xrp problem and I think it's

Disingenuous to uh put out an argument Where you're specifically focusing on One out of over 20,000 cryptocurrencies When the entire asset class moves in Tandem now attorney Morgan wasn't Letting him get away with that that Silly argument and so he wrote then There must not be enough demand for Crypto generally including Bitcoin Because the market is largely moving With Bitcoin spot on that's exactly what It is here and so look I just to be Clear I have no problem with ripple Doing what they're doing um as it Pertains specifically uh you know to the Buying and selling how that could Potentially impact the price of xrp I Have no quals with what they're doing And if Ripple ends up I mean they Already have more money than God but if They end up with more money than God Times 2 or three or four or 10 I don't Care I I don't care if they have1 Billion it doesn't make a difference to As long as I can get mine I don't care How rich they are or anybody else is I'm Just looking to be in a better position In the future than I am today that's Pretty much it I'm not going to sit Around comparing myself to a bunch of Other people I'm going to be thrilled When I get to where I think I'm going to Get and I think xrp could play a huge Role in that for me personally in my

Life and I'm sure that pretty much all Of you are feeling the same thing in Your own lives with xrp and probably Broadly crypto in general but I don't Care That Ripple continues to profit over a Long period of time that's their asset There's been transparency from the the Beginning and I don't care and it's not Ripple's fault that there's a price a Global market price for xrp it's not Their fault it's been well documented From the very beginning over over a Decade now how much xrp Ripple has and When they got that xrp it was worth 0 And0 Ripple couldn't make it be worth Something that yes they got 80% of the Supply right off the gate which is a lot And whether you like that or don't like It in the end it doesn't matter because It was worth 0 there was nothing greedy Going on about that not even a little Bit it was worth literally nothing it's Computer code the rest of the world Decided what it was worth and that Tremendously benefited Ripple but that's Not Ripple's fault that the world did That it's not Ripple's fault the Speculators did that and isn't it good For all of us too isn't it the fact that This is all here and if Ripple ends up With10 billion in the end if that Actually happens uh cuz that's a real Number obviously if that ends up

Happening what the hell do I care if I Get mine Anyway I'm just saying you guys let me Know what you think but those are some Of my general thoughts on this I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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