Is The Dollar Going to Collapse???

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Is the dollar truly truly going to Collapse now this is not about fear this Is about financial education as an American you should be educating Yourself on what is actually happening With the economy who gives a what's Going on with these stars who cares What's going on with these famous people We need to start to understand not Understand at a deep level what is Actually happening with our economy and As you look this way they're playing out A whole another narrative going on this Way so in today's video I'm going to Break down how bricks is working to Completely detach from the dollar now do I think the dollar is going to come Collapsing down absolutely not but I do Think you need to educate yourself and In action is action this is the most Critical time in our living history for You to take action to protect your Family's wealth to protect your family's Health and most of all it's time to Rebuild your relationship with God so my Name is coach J what I work to do is I Work to make complex macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple now We get thousands of questions a week so We created two free resources number one Is the Warriors Financial guide to Freedom it's the exact blueprint that I Use to go from completely broke to Financial Freedom understanding how

Money flows through the system and all About diversification so this is a free Guide in the description of this video Or my social media platform click the Link you can download the free guide Number two is I show people how I secure Compound and grow my wealth with index Universal life the infinity banking Concept securing my wealth with tier one Capital which is Insurance there's many Different options as well not just iul There's annuities so if you're in Cryptocurrency and you get a big amount Of money how do you secure this wealth And how do you make sure that you're Taken care of for a lifetime so there's Another link for a free consultation With my licensed insurance agents in all 50 states and we're expanding to Canada In the next 60 days so I have my own Insurance company and I'm helping you uh To to have a conversation so you can Feel safe so those are two free Resources I have for you guys uh just to Let you know uh you want to get your Appointment in very soon uh in about 14 Days I'll be shutting the appointments Down for two weeks as we handle the Volume that's coming in we're going to Take a deep breath we're going to shut It down so if you really want to get Appointment in the next two weeks will Be the best thing because I'm shutting It down for two weeks uh we have so much

Volume coming in I want my team to take A deep breath we want to make sure we Spend uh quality time with each client That's coming in so if you really want To get your appointment in and get the Process started the next two weeks will Be very critical for you to book that Appointment so we're going to dive into This so what I'm about to share with you Guys is I want you to take a deep Breath I have zero fear of any of this The reason why is I'm the richest man in The world the wealthiest man in the World it's my relationship with God and Following the life of Jesus and I know That we win in the end so I want to make That very very clear there is nothing to Fear guys this is a narrative that's Played itself out over and over and over Again every superpower at some point Loses its power but the thing you need To learn is that the power is from Within that's what Jesus was teaching That you're powerful that you're strong Nobody has sovereignty over you so as we Go through this take this as Financial Education and not fear but inaction is Action don't sit back and wait for a Savior to come save you don't wait for a President to come save you take action Now create a budget create structure Build a relationship with your higher Source family community God budgeting Investing taking control of your wealth

And watch what happens with your life in The next 12 months so what I'm going to Show you is a video that I showed a While ago almost six months ago so this Is from Kenya and then they're you're Going to see another thing from Kenya Where they are really pushing hard Against the West guys then I'm going to Show you how Iraq now is expressing Interest in joining brics now that was a Big move guys brics expand exped Expanded Big Time It's Brazil India Russia China and South Africa they Expanded big time just recently now Iraq Is working to join but I want to show You the narrative of what is actually Happening people they are detaching from The West they don't want anything to do With us anymore they consider us a bully So this is a video I showed six months Ago I'm going to show you another video That surfaced pretty recently and it's Getting pretty intense out there so pay Attention uh for the people who work Numbers I am giving you free advice that Those of you who are holding dollars you Certainly might go into Losses you better you better H do what You must do because this Market is going To be different in a couple of Weeks okay so this Market's going to be Different in a couple of weeks Everything is changing as you're looking This way do not think for one minute

That this thing going on and again my Heart goes out to all the families this War going on and this battle in between How do you tap into the souls of people You mess with their religion you mess With their beliefs there is so much Distraction in this guys as you look This way Black Rock JP Morgan is running Tokenized assets they are building the New Financial system guys problem Reaction solution okay so this video When did this one come out I want to Make sure that I give you guys the Proper date here so this one came out Two months ago okay so this is uh from Eff leader Julius Molina has reiterated His stance that the party stands with Russia President Vladimir Putin this Comes as more than 50 countries many of Which come from the West continue with Their efforts to help Ukraine Russia Troops invaded Ukraine and they talk About the fact that Millen says bricks Countries must not be bullied by the West countries so they are done with the West bullying them so listen to what he Says we want to make a call in Kenya Especially to comrade R oinga stop doing What you are doing do not disrupt Kenya We need peace in Kenya the President William Ruto was democratically elected In Kenya I will not allow you to use the People of Kenya to destabilize the Peace Of Kenya we say to president manga stop

Disrupting the Peace of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is going to election allow the Zimbabwe to make their choice in a Democratic manner without any form of Intimidation comrades we want peace in Ethiopia we want peace in the DRC comrades we want to make sure that Bricks is strengthened and Bricks is an Alternative to Europe and America we are With President Putin and we want to said To President Putin it is not Us South Africans who refused you from coming Into the country it is Ram paa the Coward Ram paa who could not guarante That we will not arrest Putin we are Putin and Putin is us and we will never Support Imperialism against President Putin I See the Intense stuff guys this is heating up This was two months ago and now we have We had uh we have the Israel conflict Going on right now guys I told you guys We're going into World War III this is Coming if you follow Ray Delio's Changing world order it's to the tea Okay so this was August 24th 2023 bricks Welcome new members in push to reshuffle The New World Order and then this came Out yesterday I believe uh yes October Two days ago Iraq express interest this Is from Iraqi news Iraq express interest In joining bricks and then this right Here this came out October 10th Global

Central central banks are hoarding gold Like never before before as they seek to Reduce overc concentration of dollar Reserves okay so what do we do with this Information right what we can't do is we Can't do the same thing and expect a Different result right we have to start To financially educate ourselves the Whole model of going into a bank and Trusting a financial adviser to and I'm Not saying financial advisers are bad They're doing the best they can with the Resources they have what I'm saying is It's about understanding how the Financial system actually works how does The banking system work you know what Are these speculative asset Cryptocurrency why do they push so hard Against it every time they tell you to Look this way they're switching Everything over this way and I do what's Called the opposite of the 99% so as Everybody's panicking and pushing Against spective assets like crypto I do My research I have a whole research team I dive into it I make good solid Investments I don't invest more than I Can't afford to lose once I get gain I Pull my initial investment right away as You're coming in next year I'm selling Profits I secured Insurance business Precious metals and now we're going into Real estate and we put a bunch of money Into self-development I'm going to

Continue to tell you the same plan That's why I wrote the guide for you Guys it's my exact blueprint on what I Do but the key to this family is we have To get back and I'm you know I'm boldly Going to say this and you know I'm going To stand that's why I created my own Ecosystem because what do they tell you In Corporate America two things you Don't talk about I was at the bank Politics and religion well welcome to The world that you live in okay I don't Pick I don't have a side God is my President and CEO Jesus told me I've Already been saved no savior is coming Back to save you he gives you all the Tools and resources to think differently To act differently and to respond Differently but if you're continuing to Wait for somebody to come back to save You you're going to be be in the same Position it's the devil's trick on Humanity when they asked Jesus who is The prince of the earth he said the Devil so why would you play the devil's Game if you look back in Ray Doo's Changing world over the last 500 years This has happened over and over again Think about Jesus's times what were they Doing he flipped over the money changers Guys he wasn't a religion he went from Village to Village to Village he was Coming to us us broken people right the 1% would be the Pharisees it would be

Herod it' be Pontius Pilate right they Were all sitting in their High Towers Controlling the people people are Sitting in big tax collector lines and All that stuff and Jesus is like mm I'm Going from Village to V us right the YouTubers the decentralized people it's The same timeline guys it's happening Over and over again and we're heading Into what's called The Age of Aquarius Which is quantum we're going from Industrial to technical okay Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 to connectivity I believe in the Next 10 years we're going to have peace And prosperity I believe truly in my Heart that we win in the end so I'm Acting as if I'm not sharing this stuff With you guys to create fear I'm sharing This with you to create Financial Education so you can end up in a Different situation but the fact is if You don't rewire the foundation your Family's going to be in the exact same Situation it doesn't matter how much Money you make in crypto it doesn't Matter how rich you get in crypto if you Have the same Foundation you're going to End up in the exact same situation my CFO always says if you have a $100,000 And you have poor spending habits and Bad habits if you have a million they're Only going to be worse you're just GNA Have a million dollars in bills so Understand how the system works

Understand Robert kiyosaki's cash flow Quadrant understand how to stop trading Time for money and use money to free up Time and the key is to be paid to be you That's the ecosystem we're heading into So I hope this information reaches you Well again this is not fear guys if you Made it this far this is about action You have the power to change your Family's life the question is are you Going to do it Warriors rise get your together love you [Music] Guys


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