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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset Investor and uh Mr B I am checking my Volume just uh I for I forgot if I had Uh done that or not folks I don't Normally do this but I'm going to start Out with something funny I showed my Wife this V many of you have heard me Complain about how I don't like taking The trash out and I don't like unloading The Dishwasher and so I showed my wife this Uh this morning and she rolled her eyes And um walked out of the room got the Dishwasher and cook dinner and put the Washing on and you know what I can't Continue to live like this hey relax It's going to be all Right How here I'll just show you okay I've Been doing this since you moved In see this basket thing I don't know How it happens if it's the house or what But any dirty clothes you put in this Basket somehow the next day they're just Clean folded and in a perfect pile on Your bed you're not serious I couldn't Believe it at first either but it just Keeps happening that's why I didn't tell You I didn't want to jinx it you are Insane Try It You'll see unless it's Only chosen me see I don't know I can't

Do this no Wait there's other things too plates Cutlery pizza boxes dirty tissues Anything you leave on this coffee table Just vanishes overnight I mean sometimes I'll see how far I can and push this Thing and I'll just leave Everywhere and then sure enough the next Day it's all gone Just I showed that to my wife this Morning she did not think it was near as Funny as I thought it was I do try to uh Help or at least get my sons to Help as much as Possible now um so folks the we have a Problem in this world we have a problem In the United States and we have a Problem in crypto too it's the same it's The same problem and it's a very basic Problem there's a literal war on the Truth and the problem that has happened In our traditional media is the same Thing that they've done in crypto media It's these are corporate-owned entities Uh many of them are either corporate Owned or corporate backed and they're Sent to carry a narrative ative they're Sent to carry lies they're carrying lies All around us the Bitcoin ethereum thing Has been a lie a narrative created Lie By by money that's backing people that They're not just individuals that showed Up to crypto I look I literally showed Up here and ripple and xrp made sense to

Me and for years now that's all I've Been talking about I've never been paid To talk about it I have no shill for Ripple or anything else I talk about it Because it's always made sense and the Bitcoin ethereum thing has never made Sense if you think about it everywhere And I was telling somebody this the Other Day everywhere where there's secrecy There's lies there's disguised whales There's hidden uh there there's um Satoshi that people have met with but They act like they didn't and they all Lie about it not one of the Bitcoin People will talk to you about that Homeland security video where they say They met with the four Satoshi there It's dishonesty and untruths Everywhere everywhere you look with Bitcoin and ethereum and they're they're Not showing you what they own all of it Everywhere you look with ripple and Xrp's been transparent they've shown it To You and yet we're supposed to and and Everything with xrp works Stellar works Not with Bitcoin and ethereum it's all Kinds of problems now so why are we Being fed lies and and and that's the Theme of today's video and it's going to Be the theme in the group I'll show you Even more in the group there's a war on Truth and and it's

Intentional let me show you truth the Truth is that before the The Narrative Wars and the lawsuits and all the stuff Started this was reality because the Mark Market when the market is left to Be an actual Market a free market what Happens is everybody knew Ripple went up 36,0 18% in 2017 when all things were when there was A Level Playing Field there were no Winners and losers being picked by Regulators and there were no planted um Pundits out there that were trying to oh I'm shorting xrp and there were no lies And and lawsuits and all the stuff when The market was deciding it clearly chose Xrp it says here xrp was the best Performing asset during the last Bull Run I think it's allowed to take a Little longer than the rest to get ready For the next round no you'd still be up Three times USD D anyway so let's get to The so here's egag crypto this is from Yesterday and he's talking About Bitcoin dominance I ideal decline Sparks altcoin boom if the anticipated Bitcoin dominance decline follows Through get ready an electrifying alt Season so it shows that the Bitcoin Dominance is going down well they can't Have that because they've got their ETF Coming they've got the having coming so You can't have Bitcoin and and so see How it's been going up it's up over

41,000 they can't have that being the Narrative that it's losing dominance They can't Have xrp going xrp began to go up it was Up I think over the last 24 hours it had Gotten up to around 64 cents it was Starting to move and then you had this Out of nowhere I the second I saw this I Was like well there's somebody trying to It's like they're they got a hammer and They're trying to beat xrp down then Egag Crypto uh puts this in he says xrp pure Manipulation candle and he showing you Um right here what Happens so somebody in the comes in the Market because you can't have the market Reveal the truth back when Ryan Z zagon Was at Ripple many of you may never have Seen this this was a brief moment here's Your Bitcoin Maxi right here and he by The way he was one of the guys in a lot Of the meetings this is one of those Guys from is it coin Center he was one Of these guys over the years in a lot of Meetings where it's Bitcoin Maxis and Ethereum guys that have tried to control Where this Market went with The Regulators but he's he's being giv a Just basic truth there's no no Dishonesty in this Ryan zigone from Ripple go ahead proof of work doesn't Work proof of work doesn't Work let me work let finish please and

In the early days of Bitcoin there was a Whole group of developers that broke off To create other assets xrp being one of Them that doesn't use mining that's Cheaper from an energy perspective than Visa and already scales to, 1500 Transactions a second a lot of these Problems have already been solved the Challenge for adoption comes back to Policy the the policy uncertainty around Some of the assets has limited adoption Particularly here in the US and I'm Speaking from Ripple and xrp because we Use that that asset because it's a half A cent per payment it's basically free It's uh it scales and it's efficient the 1500 transactions the second at no Nearly no energy burn so we're at a Point today where there are real Solutions to all of these challenges That already exist policies become the Challenge and we heard on the first Panel that around centralization on China and this is going to be a hard Pill for Peter to swallow but 80% of the Mining power for Bitcoin is controlled By six mining pools five of which are in China today the policy certainty in the US exists for Bitcoin and ethereum Despite the fact those are China Controlled platforms so activity goes to Those platforms what we need to do from A from a policy perspective in the US is Look at the places where there are

Uncertainty and when we one place I'm Speaking directly for me here is xrp Where it looks like Bitcoin it's Decentralized it's open source we have a Small with 7% of the validation power on That rather small in there Grouping or giving Clarity to those ones That are are very similar to bitcoin and Ethereum that have the same Characteristics and should be classified The same way and then we're creating a Level Playing Field across all the Cryptos I'm not anti- Bitcoin or anti- Ethereum by any means I think there's a Lot of great potential and breakthrough There but we need to have a Level Playing Field so the market can pick Which ones they want to use and not be As today they are hindered by regulatory Uncertainty right so here's a little More truth this is truth but see the you A a large percentage of the crypto media Will not show you the Truth that China has done is they have Captured more than 51% of the mining Capacity on the Bitcoin blockchain which Means that the very first internet of Money which was the Bitcoin blockchain About 10 years ago is now essentially Owned by China so as a country we now Face a geostrategic competitiveness Issue which is do we in the United States want to own internet 2.0 in the Same way that we own internet

1.0 so then you then we'll take you to This now the guy right here just to give You a little background the and this is The bankless you know how I've told you Many times on on on this channel in in Crypto media it's it's no different than In traditional media when the internet Came along you had the matte drudges of The world pop up and I believe that was Viewed as a major threat because there Were individuals who were not in the Pockets of any kind of Corporation or Anything like that I'm not saying these Bankless guys are but I am Saying I don't the these two guys are Not dumb guys they're smart guys and That's part of the problem here this This stuff right here you there's There's a reason that certain channels Like Aura Shin they it's it's almost Like they're fed all these these big Time guests well I could get big guests Too but the problem I don't really want Them I don't I'm not into the to the Interview thing but I've seen this movie I've seen the the the you can smell Narratives when when that's what it is My narrative is Ripple and xrp but it's Not Ripple and xrp for the sake of being The narrative it's it's Ripple and xrp Because I discovered it in 2003 13 and It's the only thing that has ever really Made sense to me as a world changing Technology out of all this stuff much of

The rest of it either seems like a Narrative like they're trying to to pump This idea of this this thing or much of The rest of it seems like a bunch of Scam stuff to me and always has and There's a lot of of lack of transparency Around a lot of the other stuff that's There's a lot of reasons But I know when I when I see narratives Being carried I see I know it I can Smell it well this guy right here is David Marcus and you have to know who he Is he was the prior president of of he Was president at PayPal when PayPal Brought up in 2013 PayPal Galactic to Create a dig a currency like a currency That could be used on Mars it was never Mentioned again then he shows up at Facebook and they create Libra which Later became DM and then Congress Basically shuts that down and then he Goes to bitcoin and now he's with light He's wanting to do some stuff with the Lightning Network these two guys have Always been Bitcoin ethereum that's Their thing they're all in the same Club Folks well these are not dumb people Nobody on this panel are dumb people but They but they won even go even mention Ripple and XR they may me mention it but That's a voodoo topic more or less so These three smart People are you telling me because I'm Going to play a clip right here are you

Telling me that they really believe this The guy speaking is this one right here This is a clip I had recorded earlier I'm not going to play it from YouTube Cuz I had to go through and find the Whole thing are you telling me that they Really believe this about Bitcoin talking about um we've been Proponents of you know ether as an asset Similar to bitcoin like money um you Bitcoin has some other attributes like Immaculate Conception I think you could Get into sort of a Immaculate Conception Are you telling me that these guys who Are not dumb Guys are really trying to sell that lie That the Immaculate Conception what does That mean Immaculate Conception Immaculate that that that's Almost comparing it to that's like That's like saying that God created it Or something or it's I mean it's Ridiculous because they know there's a Reason that these guys will not play This video on their Channel they know This they know exactly I'm telling you I'm not saying they know this Specifically but I'm telling you there There's a handful maybe a thousand or so Of all these people that have been Pushing this Bitcoin ethereum narrative Who all know what's being said in this Video and who probably have known from The get-go of this

Industry we looked at Bitcoin was the Most prevalent at that point we had Seized quite a bit of it for those of You that haven't heard this this is a This is a Homeland Security agent saying This milons of doar and she's saying it In front of two or three SEC officials In the conference worth under the Silk Road investigation so one of our agents Who started looking at another Online Marketplace um through the Deep Web what Was called Black Market reload they were Sending weapons um through packages and Through ordering them on the dark web And he was really really smart forward Leaning agent and he goes I want to go Interview Satoshi Nakamoto and we're Like What He said yeah I want to go Interview this guy and at the time we're Like hey it's a figment of somebody's Imagination maybe it's true maybe it's Not true so you know we had all this Push back from our headquarters and we Thought wonder why hey if an agent wants To go talk to him and we have some money Why don't we send him let's find out how This works so As it came to be the agents flew out to California and they realized that he Wasn't alone in creating this there were Three other people and he they sat down And met with them and talked to them to Find out how this actually works and What their reason for it was so

Basically what these guys are the the The truth that they do not want to talk About I guess the only thing I can Figure is that what he's saying is if You create a digital currency and then You keep the wallet in other words keep Control over the wallet you just haven't Done anything with it yet yet which is What Satoshi did right the four Satoshi That is but if you if you have the Wallet you still have control of it but Then you walk away and make yourself Anonymous and you don't ever talk about It again then you like in other words if If David Schwarz and Jed maleb and those Guys had retained whatever it is one or Two% of the of the xrp in existence And then they had just walked away then That would have been an xrp Immaculate Conception this is a bunch of BS folks That's the reason my channel ever got Ever got to where it is is because I Don't I do not tow the line when it is BS and those guys know it they're all Smart enough to know it so that's why I Say there we we are living and it's not Just in Crypto we are living this is a world We're living in now where it is a war on Truth right is wrong wrong is Right Black's right Black's white White's Black the sky if you see it and it's Blue you're they're suppos they're Telling you no no no no it's orange you

Just think it's blue it's like they're Trying to make you crazy drive you crazy Or make you doubt your own intuition but That's not what we do here we go from Our gut because your gut is Right 99.9% of the time now f folks I'm going To skip those two videos that I just Showed we're going into da into and listen it's a war on truth And it's an INT it's that's the Important part of it is that it's Intentional it's a it is an intentional World and truth and I'm going to go Further into it and show you some things Some really what I consider to be Like what's the word I'm looking for Profound profound Video of of that that really hit home With me and then we're going to show you Their truth it's not it's not only that They're they're that they're trying to Make you believe lies it's that they're PL they know they're doing it they're They're excitedly doing it and they're And they're then they're saying the These are the this is the next live We're going to show you this is the next Livee that we're going to make people Believe we're done with this livee we're Going to go go on to the next one now This is how sick it is I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the

Like button tell your friends and family That the intentional lies will be Covered in and we're going to go in there Right Now


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