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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got David Schwarz Xrp equals a secret sauce we're going to Tell it to you and we got this also in The freedom Zone today jab provider Upset over the emission of injuries oh We got that and so much more somebody Roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on in [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.7 Trillion market cap for crypto to Market Is off by 1.2% 42,00 Plus for Bitcoin Right now 2,200 Plus for ethereum tether Market cap is 96.1 billion plus and 49 Cents for xrp right now off by 1.8 on The 24 and off by 2.6 on the 7 day range Of price very quickly here 49 cent flat On the bottom 5137 on the top we'll keep An eye on it uh as we move forward Throughout the day this is I trust Capital ladies and gentlemen and in a Day in time when the market is moving Erratically and vola with a lot of Volatility I tell you This you have the ability to have your Own back office for your own crypto gold Silver Ira you want to buy and buy into Uh Bitcoin you think the price is going

Down sell out of it in your back office Wait till the price goes to where you Want it then buy back in guess what Can't do that with an ETF how about that one but you can do it Inside of itust Capital with your own IRA and you will be more empowered than You've ever been before because the Reality is is we're not just talking About buying crypto or gold and silver IAS we're talking about buying tax-free Crypto that that's what we're talking About that is the play ladies and Gentlemen click the link underneath the Video to my sponsor Empower yourself and Your future and get started with your Crypto IAS they are the best in the World no Question right here we see an update I Just want to fill you in here from Chris Lson yesterday we reported uh had a Breach of his personal wallets they were Not connected Ripple was not hacked from Brad Garing house no Ripple Vantage Wallets were compromised full Stop so let's hear this Quick Clip here Xrp's price blockchain flew Zack xbt Pointed out in a post on X that around $112 million in xrp had seemingly been Stolen on Tuesday speculation that the Ripple platform had been hacked sent the Price of xrp tumbling but in a post on X This morning Ripple co-founder Chris Larsson clarified that it was his own

Personal accounts that had been accessed Not a hack of Ripple itself Larson said The problem was quickly caught and Exchanges were told to freeze the Affected addresses he also said law Enforcement was involved there you have That so that's just to catch you up There Thomas silk gy uh here said is's The head of analytics and compliance at Xrp Ledger Foundation that they received A tip at the time around the time uh From White bit a suspicious deposits Which led to unraveling of huge network Of accounts involved in the case he said They alerted Chris as soon as they Realized what was going on and have Worked tirelessly and this is more than 18 hours as of yesterday right so it's Even longer but they got it under Control it appears and then here Additional Clarity from Ripple Co-founder Chris Larsson on the hack his Xrp accounts it says uh it was not tied To ripple at all these were his personal Accounts so just want to clarify that There was a lot of misinformation Yesterday now we understand that this Here uh from Jason gotle who is really Uh representing defendants sued by the SEC and the n box case remember the SEC Has just Retreated and this is a massive massive Moment here ladies and gentlemen don't Don't overlook what just happened here

The SEC was caught lying in the Deb box Case threatened to be sanctioned they Walked a little further into the fire And then realized you know what we're Just going to dismiss the case that we'd Like to drop the case right that's What's going on Here this is admission that the SEC has Gone a step too far and they don't want To get their s sanctioned or any of Their lawyers sanctioned crypto and That's what they're facing now metal law Man says here this is a sad reality of Settling with the SEC and this is based off of a comment In a paper statement that was put out by Hester Pur uh here and it's basically About the unusual practice of telling Defendants who settle with this SEC that They can't ever say anything bad about The settlement which You know inherently is broken down here By Jason gotle who represented the debt Boox uh company and project in the case Uh and basically saying you know when You have a noit no Deni no admit no deny Basis which is common you're literally Ruining people's lives even still Because people in personal relationships Working relationships this affects Whether you can get a mortgage whether You have a girlfriend whether your wife May leave you people don't believe you Right this is this is the outcome of

This kind of approach here and it's Unacceptable but you know what I think We're getting to a place very soon here Again we're getting to a place very soon Where the SEC and their tactics this Regulation enforcement uh regulation by Enforcement is not going to weather the Storm because now they're losing Everywhere they go up against different Cases and now it's going to call for Congress or EPO to step in one or the Other has to be Done meanwhile what we see here is more Engagement sologenic team which by the Way will be representing at xrp Las Vegas did you get you tickets yet oh my God it's going to be so incredible and There's more to come you haven't even Found out about you better get your Ticket sologenic team has two goals Increased engagement to The xrp Ledger And corium by creating decentralized Apps tokenized real world assets Specifically stocks and ETFs for retail They are advancing in both we've been Very transparent about both also not Over promising that being said the whole Team is now working on a full Non-custodial realworld asset Tokenization solution this is very very Exciting shout out to Reza Bob Favio and Everybody over there on a Team and now we see this and this is What I expect to see more going through

2024 into 2025 is more Legacy adoption And integration of the new digital asset Space into the business model just like You're seeing here with money gram where Cash means crypto Money Gram access Allowing users to convert their physical Currency into digital cash and back has Never been easier welcome to the new way Of managing your crypto Let's Talk you know this is where we're Going I want you to listen to this we're Not going to listen to this whole seven Minutes and it's fantastic but I want You to listen to the first 45 seconds of Whitney Webb here and what she says and The moment that we're in here take a Listen there's all sorts of things right That are happening in in Bitcoin right Now that could be under that umbrella uh But when you start to have people like Black Rock being like you know what we Actually like Bitcoin now that's a sign To pay attention so I think people need To uh in the Bitcoin space need to be Very aware that there is a is a fight Being had right now about the future of Bitcoin and you have to decide which Side you're on are you going to fight For Bitcoin to be a tool of Financial Freedom or are you going to allow it to Be co-opted uh by the powers that be That it was supposedly designed to Resist them and you know uh be something

They can't control are you going to give Them control of it I mean the answer Should be no to any Bitcoin are worth Respecting but the reality is is the Answer is yes because Black Rock and Invesco and Fidelity and all of the rest Of them have more Money and they are going to absolutely Commander Bitcoin this is what I've said Be careful what you went for wish for Bitcoin Maxis because your idea of Anti-government anti-establishment money Is being Diluted it's has been taken Over that's what's happened here when They turned it into an investment Product you know I've said this multiple Times I Believe Bitcoin was introduced as a Product to sit outside of the Traditional Market they've introduced Products like ETFs on top of It Because as let's well let's listen to This this rally is Way Beyond the rumor I think the the rally today is about a Flight to Quality with all the you know All the issues around the Israeli War Now um Global terrorism and I think There's more people running into a fight The quality whether that is in Treasuries gold or crypto depending on How you think about it and and there you

Have it that's Larry f from Black Rock for the first time back in October Calling Bitcoin Co crypto a flight to Quality this young nent Market that we Watch regulator squash from three plus Trillion down to less than a trillion at One point now just Over and Larry Fink was to call it a Flight Quality I believe that this is Absolutely because it was by design that These Legacy firms know that they want To use Bitcoin as a hedge to a Collapsing and corre Ed Market which is Going to affect the stock market bonds Alike that's what I believe and Bitcoin Is to be a Sponge and a temporary flight to Quality I don't know that it makes it For the long haul we'll see and I hope That it does but I don't Know then there's this with less than Four months to go until the US moves to T+ one settlement Cycles with Dtcc issues new affirmation progress Report and details on post trade best Practices to achieve T+1 and we've already played the video I've played it a dozen times or probably A hundred times of the SEC voting Unanimously with Gary Gendler and the entire chair Board of The SEC unanimously voting to move Forward Ward with distributed Ledger

Technology to achieve t+1 t plus 0 Settlement indeed such measures are Already underway working with Distributed Ledger Technology something is coming in a very Big way and in about four months we Should start to learn more about that Remember secury was bought by the dtcc As their digital asset uh section to Help integrate and interoperate with Different protocols like xrp and xlm Which were mentioned Directly very exciting where we're going Here now let's take a look at this Because is David Schwarz telling you About the secret sauce of automated Market makers which have crossed the 80% Threshold now if it holds it for two Weeks by February 14th will become a Actual part of The xrp Ledger and its New integral design and how exciting That could be take a listen liquidity is Sort of the secret uh the secret sauce To making net work and Liquidity is sort of the secret uh the Secret sauce to making that work the Other thing that I wanted to talk about Is automated Market making um as I Mentioned before The xrp Ledger is the OG Dex you know we had a DEX in 2012 we Have cross-currency payments we have Issued assets um we we built The xrp Ledger we designed it and other people Have extended it with the payments use

Case in mind and that payment use cas Case is a cross-currency payment world It's a world where some people like Dollars some people like Euros some People like Bitcoin some people like xrp It's a multi-token world it's a Tokenized world where maybe other types Of assets are token are tokenized and Liquidity is sort of the secret uh the Secret sauce to making that work I think Personally my earliest Vision that I Think has held uh for for 10 years now Was this idea of sort of public pools of Liquidity in existing Payment Systems Your with that payment system's Liquidity if you use Western Union you Get their cash in you get their cash out You get their liquidity whe whether you Like it or not and you can't unbundle Those things that early Vision was these Pools of liquidity that everybody can Contribute to and everybody can draw off That are kind of unbundled from the Payment system or the asset that you're Using to pay with automated market Makers I think will help improve that Liquidity because they can capture a Longtail of assets better than Technologies like order books can uh we We've been working uh with the community On an automated Market maker Implementation for The xrp Ledger and uh Today for the first time I think I'm Going to let the world know that it has

A mechanism that I don't believe exists In any other automated Market maker Design in the world that allows the Stakers the people who put the liquidity Into the automated Market maker to Command a larger share of the profits That would normally go to arbitragers uh Increasing the return um I do want to Talk about why I think that that that Xrp ledger is unique suited to exploit That type of Technology uh automated Market makers have a loose profit to Arbitragers essentially as the price of Assets change the market maker doesn't Know that the price is different and so It sort of makes trades at a loss Arbitragers make those trades at a loss To sort of rebalance the amm causing What is sometimes called impermanent Loss although whether or not it's Impermanent is uh Up Up For Debate now The there are certain mechanisms that Maximize the the penalty that that Causes and there are certain mechanisms That minimize them and The xrp Ledger Has three factors that weren't intended For automated market makers they were Intended for payments but they Significantly improve the efficiency of Automated market makers and increased The return and one of those is speed if You're arbitraging against an automated Market maker you don't know the state of The Ledger at the time your transaction

Executes you only know the state of The Ledger at the time you create your Transaction so you have this latency Period during which the price could Change or The Ledger State could change With ethereum that could be several Minutes with the xrp Ledger that's Typically just a couple of seconds so That's a significant sort of inherent Feature of The xrp Ledger that makes Arbitragers Arbitrage more efficiently And the more uh the earlier and the Quicker an arbitrager arbitrages the Less loss the pool suffers if an Arbitrager Waits until the profits are Large that means the losses are big Right you want an Arbitrage to Arbitrage As soon as there's an Arbitrage Opportunity which is the second feature If if it cost you $50 to Arbitrage on Ethereum and a less than a penny to Arbitrage on The xrp Ledger you're going To make your Arbitrage transaction more Quickly that's such a fantastic point And it ABS uh Look all of this comes down to Regulatory legislative Clarity ethereum has billions of dollars Of an assembly line launched off of its Network and it got that way not because It was a Superior Tech as you've just Heard referenced here it got that way Because it got a fake free pass and then

That perceived Clarity gave it the full Steam ahead in the green light for People to develop on it thinking that it Was decentralized when in fact we know That they use disguised identities in Wales taught by Joseph Luben on Tape and no one's doing anything about It to hold these people accountable and That's okay but we know what the truth Is the truth is is that you give us Actual legal regulatory Clarity and Watch What Happens because our network Doesn't need an Apology that's not Maxi talk that's just Honest talk about the work that's been Done because instead of looking for a Free pass they've been looking to make The best system that can complement the World's Needs now in order to have any of this Work you're going to have to have the Foundational brick in place to build on And it's Custody I'm Julian so I'm the CEO of Zodiac custody uh we were created by Standard chart adventures four years ago As a standalone custodian we also have Northern Trust and SBI and our Shareholder um I think what is Interesting is uh why were we created Outside the bank even though we are a Subsidiary of standard charted um and That I think is oil tankers and speed Boats and we know that story uh pretty

Well but I think the underpinning belief Uh is really twofold one is that Blockchain is here to stay and secondly Kind of as Adrien said in his opening uh Speech is that everything starts with Custody and if you get custody right Safe secure place for your assets then We can create interesting Sol Solutions On top of that you sure can and listen To this as this gentleman tells you when It comes it's a question of timing but When it comes it's going to come very Very fast take a listen yeah I think It's just a question of timing honestly Uh there has to be an element of Patience because there are so many Moving Parts um you know whether if you Look in uh trade Finance world there's Been more progress made if you look in The core custody world we can clearly See it coming now is it going to be in 3 Years is it going to be in five years or Or one I mean we're launching our own Custody capability next year Um I Think the challenge will be that when it Does come it's going to be very very Fast and I think from that perspective Those who are best Prepared um are going to be you know There's always there are always winners In a game but I do think at the same Time that we have a a broader Responsibility and we see it in today's

World um collaboration is always much More successful no doubt about it that Leans into the idea of collaboration Within the financial system and the Private sector now doesn't it and when It comes it's going to be very very fast This is super exciting to me this is the Moment we're in ladies and gentlemen and While a lot of people out here in the Crypto Twitter world are trying to Convince the rest of us that somehow They believe not me but they believe That Ripple has fell short of their goal I think it's it's Absurd I really do or somehow that we Need a developer in a basement to save The Ledger it's like this kind of Hysteria is ridiculous to Me because the reality for me is is We're still in the parking lot Tailgating the game hasn't started yet There's been no Kickoff the kickoff is complete clarity In the Ripple case the final component Resolved Ripple cleared on every Level then legislative Clarity for this Space no more of the SEC telling Somebody what they can and can't do the Rules of the road are clear you either Did it or you didn't do It cftc overseeing the majority of this Space I think is how this goes right and Then the OCC taking their boot off of the back of

The financial world and letting them Move forward with the use and Integration of stable coins cbdcs and Digital assets like xrp xdc xlm and Others that can complement them as they Move forward in their system until those Things have taken Place we're talking about things that Have not had an opportunity to even Happened Yet so be very weary of anyone telling You that there's been a mission that Hasn't been achieved or a goal that's Not been reached or what have you Because truthfully that is a false Narrative that someone else is Propagating in their own mind and really Pushing as a narrative for themselves Because the truth of the matter is until We have the things that I just said the Game has not Begun all right we're going into the Freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen you Have to go to dig perspectives. comom to Join us or we're going to get into it Today and a very famous person is going To tell the truth about how they got a Bad bad message about how they Complained that they complied and they Took that Jabab but they're not happy with the Results and neither was I you're going To want to know about it this is what we Do listen we talk about this stuff in

The freedom Zone because it's safe to do So I have spent years under censorship And Shadow Banning it is a very very Real danger if you want to help support The channel you could do so by going to Dig prospectives decom clicking the Freedom Zone and come on in not Financial advice for me or anyone else I'll catch all of you in the freedom Zone


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