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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got Jeremy Hogan Talking about a possible Split Decision In the Ripple case and what that could Look like you're going to want it and 10 Things the xrp community needs to get Right we're going to take that apart and Another quote from Rosie Rios the only Way to change consumer behavior is a Shock to the system we got that and so Much more somebody rolled that beautiful Intro [Music] [Applause] [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in [Applause] Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it's 1.22 Trillion dollar market cap for crypto The market is off by point one percent Good afternoon 27 800 plus for Bitcoin 1854 and change for ethereum tether Market cap is 80.3 billion dollars plus right now There it is keep an eye on it ladies and Gentlemen 50 sets for xrp we're off by 5.4 percent on the seven day and up two Percent today range of price right now Between 50 and 54 cents we'll keep an Eye on it let's get started glimpay Baby D dollarization is a Hot Topic right now

Support for toppling the world from its Position as the international Reserve Currency is coming from some unlikely Quarters But what might replace it well I tell You that brings the conversation back to Gold and I think you guys understand That I was a customer with glint before I was actually they were actually a Sponsor and I tell you something I Absolutely in this moment right now am So glad that I am because it allows me To buy save send and spend using my gold On my card should I need to and I love Having that accessibility to it knowing That it has nothing to do with the Banking system there and everything That's going on uh check it out see if It's right for yourself I think once you Do you're going to be really glad you Did and you won't stop using it once you Have it let's take a look at this and Here's more evidence of what's going on Around the world that should concern all Of us ECB president admitted there will Be control in regards to digital Euro Much to this pleasure of the crypto Community and I think citizens broadly Not just crypto Community let's take a Listen to her say it herself you are Increasing the electronic hero as I know It will not be decided until October 23. We have to move ahead I don't want Europe we're dependent on an unfriendly

Country's currency you know the Chinese Currency the Russian currency the Whatever for instance uh in the Netherlands they're quite happy to see The e-euro coming ask a young German He'll say yeah fine I don't want meta Google or Amazon to suddenly come up With a currency that will take over the Sovereignty of Europe the problem is They don't want to be controlled you Know what now we have in Europe This Threshold above 1 000 Euros you cannot Pay cash if you do you take your risk You get caught you are fined or you go In jail digital euro is going to have a Limited amount of control there will be Control you're right Well there you have it right from the Horse's mouth ladies and gentlemen And that's the concern here when you Talk about right here in the United States from Robert Kennedy Jr who's Talking about running for pre or not Talking about it he started his hat and Ring he is going to run for president And the concern of the lack of anonymity Associated with Central Bank digital Currencies now mistakingly called fed Now a cbdc but it isn't it is the Plumbing system domestically uh and it Certainly allows for a central bank Digital currency to roll on the rails And other things obviously but you know This is why I come back to Christian

Carlo and you guys know there was some Time ago it might have been last summer Or even further back where he was in a Um a webinar and I was able to ask him Are you suggesting that the U.S Government adopt a value protocol and Hold it to a constitutional standard so That way You can guarantee the privacy of your Money just as you have rights and Privacy as a citizen in general And he said yes it's worth considering And that means that that value protocol Could be a third party private sector Entity And that would put the separation Between us and the government and us and You know the fed and I think that is a Great place to start this conversation Now let's move to this gold obviously Looking here egg rag crypto it's been on A tear with all the recent bank runs and I don't know that it's going to stop and Neither does egg rag crypto he says now Gold is headed towards FIB Circle 1.618 Close above it we will never see gold Below two thousand dollars in your Lifetime or my lifetime now that's a Hell of a statement right there The chart is literally screaming for Gold breakout onto the upside however I Will allow myself to give dates for Potential gold breakout uh to all-time High he says May 23 or October and

October 2023 so we will keep an eye on That to see if that pans out again it's Not Financial advice or me him or anyone Else but it is something we need to pay Attention to and it really cites to you Why I'm using Glenn I'm not telling you To not buy physical gold too I'm just Saying I love having gold in glint Account on my MasterCard debit card and Gives me that functionality because it Is physically allocated gold and is not Cash in a bank I love it so make sure You check that out Jeremy Hogan says here uh in response to Bill Morgan shout out to both of these Gentlemen here it was surprising to me Said Bill Morgan that the sec's own Expert conceded that since mid-2018 Onwards that Bitcoin and ethereum price Movement can explain as much as 90 Percent of xrp's price movement and you Could see that in that comment right There and Jeremy Hogan says if the judge In the Ripple case wanted to split the Baby that's a horrific phrase isn't it She could rule that sales of xrp since Mid-2018 were not Securities because Even the SEC concedes that Ripple's Action had almost no effect on xrp's Price since that point in time it goes On to say here what would that possibly Mean Ripple would pay a fine which by my Calculations he says he it could afford

And move forward with its business and Now with xrp being the only crypto with Clarity maybe coinbase will only be Selling Bitcoin in a xrp by next year Now this is a very real possible Scenario that we've talked about quite a Bit on this channel Ripple gets a favorable ruling for xrp The digital asset And I tell you it will be the only Digital asset with legal clarity That is quite a statement And just imagine The use case you already understand About xrp and then the demand for it Quite a remarkable thought From Tony Edwards sharing sir clown Sniper Who shared this and says there's 10 Things with the xrp community needs to Get right and I love this list but I Don't think it's quite right for an Actual fact test We're going to talk about that right now Tony Edwards says I appreciate David Shutting all these things down I Appreciate David's response too but I Would have appreciated a more accurate Adult list here no slight to Sir clown Sniper here The first one says xrp can't be pegged To gold silver or anything else and Obviously before we get started here David Schwartz answers all of these

Things are true Xrp can't be pegged to gold silver or Anything else and uh I think everybody Is really talked about this we've talked About it on the channel I don't see that Myself either I see xrp is a bridge Asset and I think it would really take Away its It's real value to just Peg it to Something like golden why not just Tokenize gold you could do that you Don't need to Peg and back xrp just by Gold I mean xrp is a bridge currency on A decentralized world Ledger uh I would Think multiple assets would be the best Way if you were going to even consider Some kind of pegging of any sort xrp Can't magically just become a stable Coin now this is something I've Discussed on this channel Ad nauseam and It's because the Bank of China it's Because the former bank of England Governor Mark Carney who has been a bank Of England long time partner with ripple And it is because the World Bank have Stated that they see xlm and xrp as in Fact a global stable coin And now David said all these things are True but I think it is true that it Can't magically just become that because Magically is a word that kids use Especially at birthday parties magic Shows right What I'd like to see the full answer on

Is if xrp could become a stable coin Through demand function Through the issuance of xrp and the very Real on-demand liquidity Market that Happens and the buying back that Ripple Does off the secondary Market as well That looks a lot to me like a lender of Last Resort just as the FED does to Maintain the actual price of treasuries In a dollar Number three here stable coins issued on The xrp Ledger are not xrp that's for Sure Number Four The xrp Ledger requires Electricity to operate it says uh number Five xrp can only exist on The xrp Ledger otherwise it's an IOU got it xrp Has nothing to do with ISO 20022 Absolutely we've been over this a bunch Of times that there's no such thing as ISO 20022 tokens ISO 20022 token or Messaging is in fact a standardization Uh messaging language that's been around For more than a decade and in fact it is Used for a much more deeper Rich data Collection in those messages but however It does open the door for digital assets Like cbdc's and xrp xdc xlm and other Assets to be coded and used along with That messaging for Shore so it is a Little tricky how they uh can work Together to move value and messages for Payments but they are not You know it's I wouldn't say nothing to Do with it it can absolutely be used in

Coordination with it that is for sure we Have we have the evidence of that inner Lrp absolutely all the money in the World will not run across the xrp Ledger He says all these things are true I Believe that too and when we say all the Money I think Mr I cool guy here has Nailed it I never thought all the money meant that All the money in the world flows through Xrp I think he's got that right when we Say that but rather that every type of Asset class run through xrp and Including the FX Market too You don't want rip or xrp to literally Have all the dollars running through it Because then they have to play dirty and Become a puppet there is something to be Said about that but it is a Decentralized exchange but I would Rather just say that you know Um think of this for a moment DJ Peter says can you say it a little Louder please I don't think everyone Heard you This was yoshitaku katel some time ago Saying the SBI CEO uh also or you know Investor in Ripple R3 right big believer And advocate of xrp says every Bank in Japan will use Ripple's xrp by 2025. Now just quickly to come back to the List here you know if xrp is as volatile As Bitcoin and banks are using it and Potentially holding it

I don't think A bank's going to want to Hold it if it's you know let's just use An arbitrary number if it's ten dollars Today and then it's eight dollars and 25 Cents tomorrow This where it gets into the conversation Of let's strike out the word magically And let's have David and everyone else Answer the question if we put xrp could Possibly become a stable coin through Demand function Let's see if David would answer that That would be a nice one right And shout out to David for answering it Yeah So let's see this here this is Rosie Rios and we love this right here boy Rosie Rios has been saying something Here She talks here in this Quick Clip about Consumer behavior is hard to change Unless there is a shock to the system Now I look We we've heard about dream scenarios of A Black Swan event from David Schwartz Right we see Bank runs taking place here At home and abroad Fednow will be launching in July Could this become a shock to the system I don't know the answer But take a listen Supply and demand and one of the data Points that we used in this process

Was uh working very closely on consumer Behavior now if you looked at uh if you Heard me speak yesterday you heard me Say that consumer behavior is the Hardest to change Unless there's a shock to the system So what would that shock be would it be The bank runs would it be the Introduction of fed now because of the Bank runs they were going to do it Anyway Doesn't the treasury in the U.S Government realize that this moment is Before them More clearly than any of us possibly Could I mean they are the ones that sat in the Meetings Gary Cohn Talked about I don't think we need to be Talking the way we are in this meeting To the public And then lose faith in the banks it's Over that was an FDIC meeting You know we're speculating here If you're hearing my voice you're a Speculator in these Hills What an interesting time we are in and Scary to boot keep listening I'm going To share some uh findings some recent Findings that I think will help us Really think about what the future of Money looks like and just a little bit Of background so yes that is me up there With uh the chair of the Federal Reserve

At the time Ben Bernanke and my boss Secretary Tim Geithner And this is when we were unveiling the New hundred dollar bill uh in 2013 so if You look at your U.S currency you can Look on the slide that is my name on the Lower left hand side of U.S currency I Am currently on about 1.8 trillion Dollars of U.S currency and circulation Worldwide out of the 2.2 trillion So no one makes more money than I do so That is true how about that and she just Happens to be a ripple advisor too you Know with someone with such an Illustrious career Moving to a company like Ripple Understanding that there's been so many Treasury officials involved with ripple Where do you think this all goes I know I got my I got my Nets in the water on Where I think it goes I'm a big believer That Ripple accomplishes their goal as Ripple and I'm a big believer that the World will wake up and see the true Value of xrp as a bridge asset Especially in a time like we're in right Now where the confidence in Fiat dollars Is really in question along with banks Not Financial advice from me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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