” XRP Time ” , Ripple / SEC Settlement Phase & Coming To Grips

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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and we need to Check it's Friday we need to check in With the official cool guy Of the digital asset investig Gary are you there Gary you're a Political Liability you got that right he's worse Than that we're going to talk about the T-w in the member group today that's Dp.com Check this out from gold Telegraph the Truth is what it is folks hyperinflation Only happens only occurs when the Domestic audience loses faith in their Own domestic currency and if you want an Example that's current you just have to Look at turkey and Argentina they're Going through periods of Hyperinflation and so you look at their Currencies which are collapsing what are They collapsing against gold so if you Look at Turkey for instance gold has Gone up tenfold in the last three years In Turkish leer terms it's gone up Fivefold in Argentine peso terms in the Last three years you just starting to See what's happening in Japan Japan gold Is up 50% in the end terms just this Year and Japan is just starting to Unravel now and I think you that's what Really in my opinion if Japan starts to

Unravel because of their monetary Policies um that's when you're going to Start to see a contagion effect into the Us because they hold so much us Treasures you know the drill miles Franklin's one of my sponsors so is Glenn You can get physical gold with Miles Franklin use code Dai gold info@ miles Franklin.com send them an email or call Them 952 9297 Z6 and uh go to you you know the drill The link to glint in the in the Description now I love this tweet Justtin xrp lawsuit enters settlement Phase that's a thumbnail right there SEC And ripple Labs share ground rules now In this article was Jeremy Hogan's tweet Here where he was he was saying this Right here he says this will be Interesting is nothing less is at stake Than the Sovereign rights of foreign Countries US Supreme Court says that Ripple sales must have been in the United States or at least on a US Exchange how is the sec's expert going To get around that John Deon retweeted Him and said as I said on crypto law Ripple will not come close to paying to 770 million want to know how arrogant And broken the SEC is the SEC seeks Disgorgement related to xrp sales in UK Japan Switzerland not only does the Supreme Court's Morrison decision

Excludes exclude those sales but xrp is Deemed non-security in those and other Jurisdictions the UK's FCA the UK's Version of the SEC deemed xrp an Exchange utility token not a security Token same thing with Japan's FSA xrp is Not a Security and then you know in the last Video I showed you that Fred rasoli was Saying that he said that he thought this Thing was a lot closer to the res to a Resolution than the SEC was letting On what if a settlement just comes out Of nowhere folks Now I believe I've said it a thousand Times I believe that there that our Government is doing a controlled demol Demolition of our economy as controlled As they Can and uh people have called it Different things Jim Rickard called it Ice n that their was their plan um but This this is how I you know they keep Teasing about oh we're GNA cyber attacks I believe they're going to I believe They're Pro someone's probably going to Initiate their own Cyber attack and call Oh no it's a Cyber attack all systems Are down I think that's how this goes Well here's a flash of it in China Market we do have breaking news in the Cyber security World which is why um We're breaking into this interview so Reports say Chinese Bank ICBC has been

Hit by a ransomware attack and the US Treasury Market as a result of that um Has been disrupted this according to the Financial times we're getting at more Right now with Bloomberg's chanal bassic Chanal what do we know uh listen we have The financial times now reporting that ICBC one of China's largest banks here Was hit with a ransomware attack and Remember there a a very significant Intermediary in the treasury Market the Syma has told its members that this has Been part of the reason here uh that the System has kind of clogged up if you Will during that auction that we saw a Little bit before the attack had Prevented ICBC according to the Financial times from settling treasury Trades on behalf of other Market Participants a large executive at a Major Bank also telling the paper that Such a large party on the fixed income Clearing Corp uh creates a major concern Potentially impacting the liquidity of Treasury markets now I don't want say This type of scenario is like a Nightmare here but it is certainly a bad Dream uh these are things that people Are very concerned about when it comes To Big liquid markets particularly such Um a critical one to all credit markets In the world of course Matt okay now um I forgot to show you This I didn't forget I just ran out of

Time yesterday Black Rock filed to Register a new I shares ethereum trust Entity in Delaware now black Black Rock Knows full real well that xrp is the Only digital asset in the united states With legal Clarity so why would they be Doing this why would they be doing Bitcoin ethereum when they know that Those two do not have legal Clarity in The United States but xrp does there's a Reason for everything Folks listen to this guy he's telling The truth the crypto economy adoption From many different angles for many Different Industries um so my name is Pierre Pierre samares I'm a partner at Roland Berer I'm leading our global cryptocon Team and I have the pleasure to be your Host for the next 50 minutes and Introducing this wonderful panel to you But before we do that before we go into The introduction bear with me one minute Because I think the topic needs a bit of Framing because crypto economy on the One side is something very exciting but On the other side is something that's Very much misunderstood most of the time So when we talk about crypto economy we Fundamentally mean the Innovation that's Coming from cryptography and decentral Leer applications and every everything That's built on top from nfts to Smart Contracts and so on and it's impact on

Every value chain in every sector that We can think Of and that goes from the future of Finance classic CI defi digital Asset Management to asset tokenization which Is going to change fundamentally the way We manage fund trade assets that also Previously have been liquid it's about The rise of the metaverse why that Because crypto economy is the heart and Soul of the Metaverse it's about supply chain Efficiency how do we make Supply chains More efficient more counter fight Protection how do we PR prepare Supply Chains for machine to machine Economy it is about web 3 in the data Economy and that would have been a panel On its own um given the size of the of The topic which is about the shift from Our platform based web to our Network-based web and the ability to Dem Monopolize the web infrastructure that We have Today it is about crypto Mining and Staking not only as a profitable Business model but really as a Strategic Investment into a future of an industry Changing protocol and lastly it's about Digital identity because none of the Crypto economy elements would scale if We don't have a self- sovereign digital Identity that would allow everyone That's playing in there to identify at

Least some credentials of the Counterparties having said said that the Title of our panel is a bit provocative In the sense that we ask if you don't Join the crypto economy will you become Irrelevant yes you Will um and then here's one from Christine lagard listen to this this is Riz xrp he keeps on Rolling um should the ECB doing more Directly to support climate Finance okay this is my personal Conviction yes of course which has Nothing to do with the position of the Eurosystem at large and the ECB at large But my personal conviction is that yes Uh to the extent that it serves uh our Monetary policy with the mission to uh Bring inflation back to 2% medium term Yes and the that was Chris been off Wasn't it yes beautifully Chris we'll Have time for four question second do You think there is a prospect for a Reasonable Prospect and a value in Consider in a a digital Euro ah for Households you know for the private Sector yes that is super crisp yes could You elaborate a little bit more about The Conditions um think digital Euro Association think Ripple yes Because when everything goes digital I Mean you are digital not you as a person But the tools you use the instrument

That uh the financial time operates Rates on all of that is digital and let Alone artificial intelligence but Digital is part of our life so you have To ask yourself the question you know Why wouldn't money be digital and Associated with Sovereign uh the sovereignty of a state Or a region which has one single Currency so that currency being also Digitally supported and associated with The sovereignty that comes with a Currency so I think that we we have to Go in that direction and uh if it is User friendly cheaper uh and gives a Guarantee of control over your payment System and your currency why Not it would have benefits for consumers And is that a widely shared view in in The uh EC is it a widely shared view in The the room full of central Bankers in Switzerland where Brad garlinghouse was Sitting sitting at the front of the room And you were in the front row uh Christine lagard with the bis uh Manager EUR system it is it's a view That is widely shared by the governing Council because decision was made in mid October to actually go forward and and Develop the project in in what will be One of these coming days a pilot Operated digital Euro which can then if Proven efficient and user friendly and Privacy protecting will be launched on

On a larger scale and I'd rather have a Digital Euro than be digitalized by Somebody else outside the Euro area I Presume at this stage given what you Said you can't give a timetable for this That's correct it has to be I tell you It has to be right so if it takes Another six months more than what was Anticipated that's okay because it has To be done Right it will come xrp will come folks And what what she said is it'll it it if It takes another 6 months that's fine Well that's the way I've always looked At xrp look if this is what we think it Is I know it's what we think it is but If you really know what you hold and you Comprehend what all this is really about It's not about little this and little That it's not about somebody uh in in Jackle wherever building something on Xrp this is a g make no mistake write This down I will never back away from This because it is the the digital Currencies specifically xrp and some a Handful of others are about the Geopolitical worldwide change this is About everything all the marbles Preventing World War III the replacing Uh the Petro dollar um going into the Next phase of Breton Woods that's what This has always been about that's that's Why that is why my attention has been so Captured by it that's why I feel like

I'm living in a once in one or 200e Opportunity lifetime two or three or Four lifetimes generations of lifetimes This is why I Believe that your grand your your Grandchildren's grandchildren's Grandchildren will be talking about you And me you you got xrp when they were When it first came you got I believe that okay sorry now I also Believe that Brad is still trying To decide if he's going to go forward With xrp Las Vegas 2024 and he did tell Me that I I would be able to provide you A discount to xrp Las Vegas 2024 inside Of my Group if he goes forward with it I will Keep you posted on that now what I do Want to to let you know that we are Going off into the group right now and We are going to be talking about this And I am going to we're going to we're Going to hit you right between the eyes With an Uncomfortable truth that we be we are Have been living through and it has Everything to do with eth gate it has Everything to do with uh the current Administration and it's time to let's Let's just spell it out so I'm about to Spell it out for you and it it has to do With both sides of the aisle not one Okay Houston we have a problem here in The United States of America and now um

I'm going to just do my alra I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family to go into Dai Xrp.com if they would like to finally be Hit between the eyes with the Uncomfortable truth that it's just it's Just the fact Jack you're going to have To understand just where we are in this Country and so here we Go


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