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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got a little shot Of UK the digital pound Foundation Talking with Cindy young you're going to Want to hear what she has to say from Ripple and ISO 20022 Swift talks go live 96 97 already we need to talk about it EU payment regulatory timeline and we Got to talk about Brazil India Ripple we Also got to talk about this R3 today and A new valuation model out for xrp that Has it over three thousand dollars and I Got something for you to see about xrp Being a stable coin somebody wrote that Beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.1 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto we're off by almost two percent Good afternoon everybody 22 500 plus for Bitcoin 1625 and change for ethereum and the Market cap for tether is 68.1 billion Says BDO one of the top five accounting Firms and it's an attestation I don't Know if that counts as a full-fledged Audit ladies and gentlemen we'll see What the Department of Justice and the Treasury think of such a thing 40 cents For xrp right now we're up one percent

In the 24 hour let's get into this you Guys know I love Glenn I was a customer Now they're a sponsor and now I know a Bunch of you are using it too it get a MasterCard debit card spend your gold Like money for the first time ever and I Tell you something this is the mission They've been featured on Bloomberg Forbes Financial Times TechCrunch glint Is rooted in the belief in financial Fairness for all glint was invented to Liberate everyone from our monetary System I tell you right now shout out to Jason Collins and the entire team at Glint that is where they start from Every single day for their mission for Glint and all of us click the link Dubai Mandates licensing for crypto companies As sets out regulatory requirements look This is going to be a theme today ladies And gentlemen you need to see every bit Of it now we know about London launching Their Central Bank test for a stable Coin a stable coin for the pound by the Way and I happened to catch a little Tail end of the talk that happened from The digital pound Foundation policy lead And this was including Ripple MasterCard Barclays and I tell you it was very good But what I have for you is a very short Clip from Cindy young telling all of us What the real blockade is take a listen Uh I think um you know as a panel it was A really good summary of I think all the

Really important pieces that were really Unlucky then I think you know the really Outcome of them it's not it's not one Thing maybe some way more than others uh And again if I were to sort of put away Some different things I think regulation At this point in time is really critical To unlock again if I look at you know Day to day where we see some of the Challenges value proposition resonance Benefits you know is clearly seen but Where we kind of uh get a challenge if There's not clarity regulation and that Doesn't just impact the institution that Is looking to adopt it but how they see Like how are the banks I am working with You know see this space and only with Clear regulation again Banks you know Can continue to come in further and and Look at more and more different use Cases Um thank you sir and there you have it Now obviously I know a lot of people are Like well wait a minute of course we Need regulation well Stay with me don't go nowhere because The reality is is that we must be Getting close to something and on a Global level Here's why I say that let's listen to Swift in ISO 20022 for cbpr let's take a listen to This and what they're saying and then I'm going to give you some more

Information to follow it up because Listen there is a retail side to this Game and then there's a wholesale back End to this game and I have said Multiple times that I believe that it Will be the wholesale backend that Experiences the use of this technology Long before the retail facing side does Because it's much easier and I say Easier very with a grain of salt because Obviously building the market Infrastructure be it wholesale backend Or retail consumer front end is Obviously a Monumental task but it is One that we know Ripple and certainly Swift as well have been working towards For many years now take a listen to this Quick clip 2023 is right around the corner that's The start of the Swift communities Migration to ISO 2022 for March 2023 is Right around the corner that's the start Of the Swift communities migration to ISO 2022 for cross-border payments and Reporting called cbpr Plus Let's have a look at what this means for You and what you need to do and the Support available whether you're Adopting ISO 22 from March 2023 or not It's important to understand the impact That this change has on your business And ensure that you're ready before the Start of the coexistence period which Begins in March 2023 as from this date

Any Swift participant can start sending ISO 202 cbpr Plus messages And there you go and it goes on to Impress upon everybody who uses the System to get switched over now and Let's be clear it is very very explicit The way he says it they are moving March 2023 into a co-existing phase the Question has always been for me and I Know many others is Will ISO 20022 Standardization of Rich data collection And messaging Open up for the allowance of coding new Digital assets like cbdc stable coins And possibly xrp and xlm and assets as Such Bitcoin as well and other assets we Shall see that remains to be told but What I do know is is that we have Information to look at here Here it says it is to look to be clear 96 90 of intermediaries and the other is We have ongoing campaign with key Intermediaries to ensure the necessary Have they have the necessary plans and Readiness to be able to relay Rich ISO Message should messages should they Receive them and actually the vast Majority of them will be ready from day One we are talking about the key Intermediaries because it's very Concentrated Market we believe that 96 To 97 percent of them will be ready to Be able to relay Rich ISO if they Receive it so this is again you know the

Swift gentleman just told us directly That March 2023 is a co-existing phase For at least 24 months is how we have Understood it right so now let's move Into this here's EU payments regulatory Timeline all of this is falling right in Line ECB new real-time gross settlement System rtgs go live March March 2023 ISO 20022 go live you know These things for me reinforce that it's Not just Swift it's also EU payments Regulatory timeline all of these things Are coming together because they are in Fact moving to a coexisting phase what Is coexisting phase mean it means the Traditional payment rails running Alongside the brand new payment rails And Market infrastructure and Standardization like ISO 20022 that's What it means and here we have here the Inclusion of DLT now this is where it Gets very important where we really Start leaning into could we see a deep Relationship not only with ripple in This regard but eventually at some point With xrp Because we know here it says Interoperability between different DLT Platforms can be achieved through smart Contracts and on-chain transfer or Financial data and automated workflows Via application programming interfaces Apis We also know from Ripple's insights in

Overview for a while now that they are The world is converging on a new global Standard it's ISO 20022 the de facto Global data standard for modern payments And in fact Ripple is a part of that Standards body for the first member Focused on to be the first member Focused on distributed Ledger technology And Stellar Foundation has been added to That since then as well this it's Interesting then we go back and let's go Back to the world view here and what Cindy young had said to us it's about Regulation but not just in the United States the UK still needs it too you Know everywhere still needs it right That obviously Singapore and all these People have different countries have Clarity on what xrp is right but the Reality is when it comes to payments and Using it in the financial system we need To see more clarity for regulation Around the globe and remember Ripple had Also told told us that 2023 will be a Year for Global cbdc Pilots That is important to know which means You're going to see interaction between Central banks using cbdc Pilots globally Instead of just inside of their internal Ecosystem so that is very exciting but Here I bring this to your attention from Dr Martin heisboy care the Central Bank Of Brazil plans to launch its cbdc in 2024 following a closed pilot with

Financial institutions the previous year The bank reveals design or the digital Currency will encourage tokenization of Assets and bring efficiency gains as we All know Okay read on very quickly here he says The IMF has given feedback praising the Ease of implementation the tokenization Of deposits is expected to improve Settlement auditing and funding costs For banks hello and then there's this Meanwhile the bank's instant payment System picks is uh forecast to see a Surge in usage with the introduction of The Central Bank digital currency cbdc's In the ability for users to access Cheaper credit then I remind you because They're talking about Brazil here in his Comment the Central Bank of Brazil plans To launch the the cbdc by 2024. remember Ripple partners with Travelex Bank out Of Brazil which got their license Cleared by the Central Bank of Brazil is It a direct connection absolutely not But is certainly something we need to Watch closely to see if that becomes More direct than it already is today now With that being said I wanted to bring This piece of news into action right Right because we're going around the Globe here 5 000 merches fifty thousand Users are now participating in India's Cbdc pilot project Rbi's Deputy Governor has said noting

That the Central Bank intends to proceed With the project slowly but to avoid uh Unwanted fallouts obviously makes sense But I wanted to bring to your attention If you remember Bhutan which has a Relationship with a sen their Central Bank in Ripple it is important to Understand that India remains Influential over bhutan's foreign policy Defense and commerce there is huge Supply trade between India and Bhutan For which we clearly know and understand That Ripple is deeply a part of so the Advancements that are happening in India Also remind me of what Ashish berla said When he was at Ripple net that there was A huge way to get India into the system And work inside of Ripple net and that's Extremely uh bullish and exciting but Then let's not forget about R3 ladies And gentlemen we know that they had a Relationship with ripple and it went Sour we know that there was a settlement With undisclosed amount they had an Option contract which confirms as many Other pieces of evidence have that there Are in fact pre-allocated option Contracts and certainly have been and I Would imagine that there are more for The right entities and partners that can Bring utility and liquidity to the Network However this is a quick demonstration Right here to see just exactly from r3's

Quarter settler that in fact xrp is Built to work in complement to R3 system Now I'm not going to play the whole Video but here it is xrp Network you can See how everything works here right you Get it it's just a thing it shows the Line going back and forth you don't you Get it Stay With Me Then there was this a new flow model Pipeline flow model to evaluate xrp's Valuation Market condition uh and price And essentially shout out to Molly Elmore for having the gentleman on from South Africa who built a new business or A new uh pricing model for xrp and it is Quite compelling and just go watch that Video on Molly's Channel right now when You're done watching this one They break down many different prices That xrp could be at based on different Variables that he plugs into the model What he does here is he comes in and he Plugs total Global assets daily U.S Transaction volume ratio Global asset Traded daily xrp circulating Supply xrp Traded daily Supply or amount ratio xrp Traded daily and then total number of Seconds and then price per xrp comes out To 3541 dollars at that particular Valuation now he goes to a couple Different models and you should check Out Dr Dion Banks who put this together And was on Molly's Channel now with that

Being said Stay With Me Remember what Bob way said all the way Back in 20 whatever it was this might Have been 20 I don't know what what year It was but he said several people left Fancy jobs and joined Ripple because I paraphrase if we capture even a minor Fraction of the international payments Market do you know the value xrp will Need to have to support that Do the math really big trade number 100 Billion xrp equals wow those sort of Conversations always buoyed my spirits And made me smile but really they also Gave me anxiety and made me remember That my job was to make sure that we Don't all blank this up I could see that I could totally see that and you know What I feel much the same way look I'm Not working on anything I'm reporting on Things that I'm invested in right and I Don't know what the outcome will be but What I do know is I have found the People from Ripple to be highly Professional Credible and I believe them and I Believed them to the tune that just like Somebody has a favorite football team I Have picked them to hope that they can Get it across the finish line and bring This in for a landing to really really Seal the deal on what the ultimate use Case is for xrp and let's talk about

What that may look like in fact let me Pull this up It's this right here Thought exercise Ripple equals great Steward of xrp escrow I think that Deserves a green check right there Ripple only sells xrp to odl Participants certainly a check Ripple Buyback xrp off retail exchanges check Could Ripple become a bank could xrp Become a stable coin well let's take a Look at this right let's get let's get a Look at this up close here I put Together a diagram that shows Ripple Takes money that they have and they make Off of selling to odl or leasing to odl Partners market makers and participants That money gets used around the globe For their businesses Ripple then spends some of that money Not all of it but spend some of that Money and goes to the retail exchanges On the secondary market and buys it back And puts it right back into the kitty And redirects it into odl off of the Retail exchanges now I don't know about You but that makes rent Ripple A lender Of Last Resort like a central bank would Be Because they have their own money and They exercise good sound monetary policy As far as I'm concerned Ripple responsible issuance of xrp from Escrow to odl Partners check market

Makers and participants provide use case And utility check which also by the way Because they actually give it to people That use it for a real purpose which Most cryptocurrencies don't have in the World and I don't believe it's a Cryptocurrency anyway I believe it's a Virtual currency in a digital asset but At the end of the day because xrp has Real use case there is no suppression of The market here Because that's what people say I don't Believe that at all I believe Ripple Buys back off the secondary Market to be Able to guarantee a certain price floor And a stabilization mechanism just like The treasury sells bonds and buys them Back just like a company sells their Stocks and buys them back just like Ripple sold its stock and then bought it Back at a 15 billion dollar valuation From tetragon that's what I see Happening and you know what sometimes It's not easy To see that the adult projects in the Room but if I had to say to myself what Do I believe has the potential to be the Next apple Google Amazon all combined in The digital asset space for me on this Day it's Ripple baby and you know what Else it just may end up being a stable Coin but one as the utility grows and The odl grows one that can grow in price With it

Because Ripple can buy back off of the Market as they need to or release less Or release

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