XRP: $3.3 BILLION Move In U.S. Corridor Last Year DESPITE SEC LAWSUIT

Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel and here's a headline from The crypto basic which frankly surprised Me a bit Ripple transacts 3.3 billion Dollars between Mexico and United States With bitso using xrp oh folks I Understand that Ripple's a privately Held company and they don't owe us Anything in terms of information in fact They're they're way more transparent Than they have to be about all sorts of Things including how they're treating Their own xrp and uh and you know Obviously they put it a quarterly xrp Markets report But we still don't necessarily know Everything and you know in terms of the State of on-demand liquidity touching Any Corridor uh any quarter touching the United States rather my understanding Was that it was effectively dead now if I'm missing a key piece of information Because look I don't pretend to know Everything I operate in good faith uh But I don't know everything if any of You out there were aware previously of On-demand liquidity still living to some Extent and I just somehow missed it Which is possible uh please drop a Comment below and if you could provide a Source so that I could see if I just Missed something but I read this head Then I'm just scratching my head like What because I remember Ripple CEO Brad

Garlinghouse at some point quite a while Back I mean it may have been at some Point in the first half of 2021 I can't Remember for sure but I remember him Talking about how on-demand liquidity Was effectively non-existence in the United States after the SEC V Ripple Lawsuit dropped at the end of 2020. uh You talked about how uh not only did They not get any new customers to that Point time whenever this memory of mine Is that I'm recurring recalling here not Only did they not get new customers but They lost some customers in the United States and you didn't specify whether Those were using on demand liquidity or Just Ripple net but uh there's still Some flows going here and I don't know How because almost all of the volume up And to the point where that lawsuit hit Was going through on the United States Side cryptocurrency exchange bit stamp But as you can see on bitstamp's site Here this is their blog uh on on December 25th 2020 Merry Christmas Dammit uh here you go here's their Headline xrp trading and deposits to be Halted for U.S customers they came to That conclusion three days after this is The primary partner for on-demand Liquidity and then on the the Mexico Side it's cryptocurrency exchange bit so So I don't know maybe it is as simple as I just missed a headline and some of you

Out there might be aware of it but uh a Lot of the time stuff will just pop out Because employees will say things and Then I just get their this is not the First time something like that and then There's a scratch man but okay but so it So it does exist But before going further Do you want to be clear that I do not Have a financial background of any kind I'm not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I share Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so let's jump Into this thing Uh the remittances leveraged xrp and Moved funds between the United States And Mexico bitso a Mexican crypto Exchange and one of Ripple's most Prominent on-demand liquidity Partners Recently disclosed in an official Statement That it processed up to 3.3 billion Dollars in remittances between the United States and Mexico in 2022 According to bitso this feat was Achieved in Alliance with ripple the Figure represents three times the volume Processed in 2021 underscoring the Growing rate at which cryptocurrencies Are leveraged for cross-border

Settlements due to their promise that so Noted that they expect this figure to Increase in the coming years now folks It's almost like there's some sort of Utility here utilizing xrp as a bridge Currency an xrp isn't the only one that Is cited in this article it's not the Only a bridge stable coins are being Used as well but look there's always Going to be a place for a Jurisdictionless cryptocurrency to kind Of fill that void where there's no not Only is there no counterparty risk There's no counterparty benefit you know Because a lot of the reasons that people Might not want to hold various you know You know Fiat currencies even is because of Political ramifications this is a Jurisdictionless thing it's just code And it's an asset that's traded globally On on open markets so you don't have to Worry about that and that there's always Going to be a place for an asset like That and xrp is the asset that has been Positioned for this use case and it's Also got something that can't be Programmed into it so it's a yes fine Programmed in blazing fast speed All That Jazz uses almost no energy but it Also has liquidity and that is not Something you can program into any asset Either there's a liquidity or there Isn't and in this case there sure as

Hell is anyway peace continues the Latin American Exchange highlighted that the Remittances were facilitated through its Crypto for business service And were mainly carried out using xrp And stable coins as Bridge assets Notably bitso's crypto for a business Solution is primarily used by remittance And payment companies and so my friends I'll say I have the same belief that I Did in late 2017 when I first jumped Into crypto which is that in a mature Market utility is what's going to matter Most actual usage and in a mature Market That's where the money goes xrp is Increasingly being adopted for this use Case it could not be more obvious Peace continues according to bitso's Statement the Strategic partnership with Ripple played a major role in bolstering This massive growth in remittance volume Ripple's on-demand liquidity expansion Into Latin America in 2019 was marked by A collaboration with bitso as its Primary on-demand liquidity partner in The region three years later the Partnership continues to yield fruitful Results Monica long Ripple's president Called attention to the recent Remittance's feat she highlighted the Massive volume of funds moved between The United States and Mexico and Cross-border services each year According to Long bitso's ability to

Process 3.3 billion dollars of these Funds through crypto underscores the Real world utility of crypto assets so Here's the tweet from Ripple's president Monica long And she wrote the U.S Mexico Corridor Sees tens of billions of dollars in Payments every year remittances treasury You name it and last year bizzo Processed 3.3 billion dollars of that Through crypto with ripple and others This is real world utility all right so I haven't seen a breakdown in terms of Out of that 3.3 billion how much that Came as as a result of xrp being Positioned as a bridge currency versus Uh various stable coins but either way Bitso here obviously recognizing Ripple Is a is a key partner in making this Happen which would make you think that a Notable chunk if not the majority maybe It is the majority would have been done Through xrp Absolutely massive here and so again it Kind of begs the question Where where are the other stories on This topic but I haven't seen anything Freaking us you know And then they wrote here speaking on the Achievement Aaron Sears Ripple's Managing director of the America's Remarked quote our collaboration with Bitso allows us to continue to offer Unprecedented cross-border payments in

Mexico a key region for our clients end Quote And we we I mean look we knew that On-demand liquidity had been growing Tremendously in fact this is also well This is just one example but there are All sorts of headlines like this uh in Just this past summer this is from July 29 2022. From cryptopolitan the headline is Ripple records 9x increase in on-demand Liquidity volume with 408 million Dollars in xrp sold in Q2 so we know That on demand the liquidity on a global Scale has been Increasingly adopted at you know an Ever Faster Pace it's just that my Understanding as far as anything touched The United States is that it was pretty Well non-existent and so If if this is truly on demand liquidity And I don't know what the hell else I Could sure I mean it's they're Partnering with ripple doing this you Tell me what the hell it is then it's Got to be on demand liquidity Who who's on the other side of this what Is the exchange because again here's Bitstamp And you know it's on your screen right Here just December 25th 2020 on Christmas Merry Christmas damn it xrp Trading and deposits to be halted for U.S customers so we know bitso is the

Exchange in Mexico so who who on the United States side is doing this because It was almost all the flows were going Through bitstamp there was apparently Some through bittrex although bittrex by The way in case you hadn't heard uh they Recently announced that they're leaving The United States due to a lack of Regulatory Clarity but again almost all The flows were going through bitstamp Anyway so I don't know I got I got more Questions than answers and so I thought I'd highlight this but again I don't Pretend to do everything so it's one of The nice things is being part of a Really big Community like the xrp Community is we can fill in the gaps of Each other's knowledge so I'm assuming Somebody out there listening might know Some things that I just am unaware to This point if you can let me know I'll Be happy to update in a future video and Certainly give credit because I always View all this stuff as a community Effort and learning together Um but that's what we're seeing right Now now On the topic of this obvious use case Like it couldn't be a more obvious at Least at this point in time Um it's certainly true broadly speaking That crypto speeds up the velocity of Money and it makes things cheaper so Even if you don't need a bridge currency

If you just want to move your xrp to a Friend on the other side of the planet You can just do that and it's almost Completely free and it happens in real Time and there are other cryptos that Are pretty darn quick and much you know Much less costly to move around the Planet compared to Fiat currencies and So it's not uniquely xrp in and of Itself that can move uh you know Dramatically reduce costs but in terms Of it being positioned as a bridge Currency yeah that's pretty pretty Uniquely um xrp in terms of dominance Xrp has that in a use case cornered to This point doesn't mean that's ever Gonna have 100 market share and I don't Think that matters But that's it's one of the things that's Most known for in terms of Real World Adoption utilities so and so forth well Here's a tweet the other day from the Official coinbase account they wrote People in the United States spend over 12 billion dollars a year in fees to Send money abroad yet the process for International transfers is shockingly Slow and expensive crypto transfers are Significantly faster and plus 96 percent Cheaper relieving the burden of Supporting those abroad Now that's cool and it's true but why am I highlighting this well this was Retweeted by Paul grew nothing against

This guy on a personal level at all He is the chief legal officer Uh and coinbase use their top in-house Legal guy he retweeted that and he wrote The Following I get it it can be hard to See crypto in tangible terms so consider This cryptocurrencies can greatly cut The cost of sending money Internationally by about 96.7 percent Versus the current system Sending Bitcoin to another wallet costs An average of one dollar and fifty cents Per transaction and ethereum costs an Average of 75 cents per transaction Folks Face palm audible Psy All That Jazz That sounds outrageously expensive an Xrp transaction is substantially less Than a penny and there he's bragging About Bitcoin costing a buck 50 per Transaction and eth costing 75 cents per Transaction where's he mention where's The mention of xrp oh that's right they Delisted it so he wasn't going to talk About that anyway What in the ever loving hell So Ripple employee Neil hartner saw Paul Gruel's tweet here all up on the Twitters And he tweeted out the following Response yesterday he wrote If you're Going for cheaper and faster why only Mention two of the slowest blockchains For sending payments that's a good

Question and Jeremy Hogan jumped in with An absolutely magical response and Jeremy Hogan wrote to Neil hartner and Said this is so funny I just I love his Humor he says gasoline engines make Getting from A to Z extremely fast a Cargo truck can go from 0 to 60 in 12.5 Seconds in a riding lawnmower has a top Speed of 15 miles per hour Oh you gotta love that you gotta love That yeah when you talk about what Gasoline engines can do and then talk About uh that being that technology Being utilized by a cargo truck and a Lawn mower you know instead of a Lamborghini instead of a Lamborghini That's basically what he did here he's Talking about a cargo truck in Bitcoin And in a lawnmower eth and where's the Lamborghini that'd be xrp Thank God it's just kind of jokable and It's just again nothing against Paul Gruel but uh not on a personal level but Come on man Anybody in the xrp community reading This you know we're all rolling our eyes Oh my God what in the ever-loving Freaking hell dude watching the other Loving help This is why we cannot have nice things So we'll see anyway long story short Though as far as it pertains to On-demand liquidity and actually being Positioned as the bridge currency that's

Not going to stop uh that's just going To continue to increase and in terms of Whatever damage has been done to On-demand liquidity uh and again the Specifics I haven't seen any sort of Notable details ever from Ripple on that And they don't know us any things that's Fine Um and also maybe I missed some stuff But uh Whatever damage was done to unmanned Liquidity it's not permanent and when The suit is over rip will be getting new Customers hand over fist xrp will be in Fact frankly Ripple should be able to Get customers in the United States way More easily because the question of is The thing of security that will have Been settled you would think this would Dramatically result in a dramatic uptick In new customers for ripple in the United States the further adoption of Xrp as a bridge currency so whatever Damage was done it's going to get undone And then it's going to start going in The right direction real quick that Would be my guess So there's opportunity I mean Genie's out of the Bob that's it and It's it's just like either xrp is used In every Corridor the world over as a Bridge currency except for those that Touch the United States or it works in Every quarter

That's pretty much it that's pretty much It except for maybe North Korea but you Know what I'm saying What do you think I'll go ahead and wrap Up here though I'm not a financial Advisor you should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Rights that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Family sedan


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