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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I'm going to share with you a Bit of xrp price history that frankly as Far as I'm concerned hints at Future Face melting sessions because as is the Case historically when xrp goes in terms Of upward price action oh it really goes Yes it does indeed melt Faces and you know look if I'll just say This at the outside of the video if You've ever felt defeated while holding Xrp and and if you if you want to know Honestly you know I'm going to show you And and I'll show you why it doesn't Make sense to feel this way which is Much easier for people to believe and Feel now that xrp price is going Ballistic you know and look it's it's Normal for xrp to move sideways or down A bit for long periods of time then when It finally blows it's an absolute Monster so look obviously you know November has been fantastic for xrp so Far but you know what November has Typically been a bad month for Xrp did you know that's not surprising Though and it's not surprising because Every month every month his historically Bad for xrp Price or at in in a best Case Scenario about 5050 yet today xrp is still number four In market cap it flipped being it's it's Just everything that's happening is

Absolutely incredible I mean look at This headline this is from October 31st From you today xrp may see 77% rise in November according to xrp price history And so now that it's you know in the Neighborhood of a week later we got the Benefit of hindsight we see what's Happened yesterday and today so far with Xrp over 70 cents over 71 cents Um there are many hand lists that think That this is just the beginning so let Me share some stuff with you but but Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind excuse me I'm not Offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so let's take a Gander at the crypto rank website tracks All sorts of stuff xrp price certainly But it's also got some historical data That I'm not sure many in the community Are particularly well versed with which You have on your screen here is data Showing xrp monthly returns by year and So mind you xrp it uh the price began Being tracked in August of 2013 so um my understanding is that's The first month that it was available on Any exchange so that's the furthest we

Can go Back um and so we have for the month Months of January through uh through July dating back to 2013 for the month Of Janu January through July we have 10 Data points to see how xrp has performed For each of those months for all of Those years and then for August September and October we have 11 Years and uh and then for November I Mean you could say 11 years but November's not over so not not a full 11 Um and then there's also December which We haven't gotten to this year so There's only 10 data points for that as Well so what do we actually see here Well this is going to prove the point That I've been making for the longest Damn time and this is why so many people Get washed out of this Market it's Because most of what it is to hold xrp Is to move either sideways or down Dramatically at times even the the times Where you're going up they're few and Far between and so you might be Wondering though well if you're if we're Barely ever moving up then how is it That xrp is even still in the top 10 Well the answer is in a nutshell because When xrp goes it really goes and it Really melts faces and xrp is behaving More or less the the same as it has the Entirety of the time it's existed so When it does ultimately go now that it's

Un Unshackled now that that there's you Know you know legal there's no legal Ambig ambiguity here now that that's the Case xrp can absolutely Run free as the Market heats up so that's it it's that Xrp when it goes it really goes but then It mostly isn't really going mostly it's Sideways and down and it feels sad and Depressing for so many people so if You've ever felt down depressed defeated I get it that's because the Market's Kicking you on the rear side trying to Get you out as if it were a sentient Creature so take a look at this for the Month of January and again we've got 10 Data points here from 2014 through this Year 2023 10 data points and how many And this is just tracking what the Percentage gains and losses were for Each of these uh for the month of January for each of these years and I'm Just describing this in Greater detail For those that may be driving or walking Their dog and not looking at a screen But what you see here is and this is the Point that I want you to walk away with Here is that out of the 10 data points Here for the month of January over a Span of 10 years only four of those Months out four out of 10 months were up Six out of 10 months were negative in Terms of price action six out of 10 and They going to find that uh that's the Norm most of the time if you bet pick a

Month if you if your bet is that xrp Price will be down for that month most Of the time you'll be correct no matter What month it is isn't that fascinating So check this out look at February now We got 10 data points here also how many Times has xrp been up in the month of February over the last 10 years three Times out of 10 the other seven times in The month of February xrp price was Down do you see how the market kicks People's asses because most the time It's telling you it's it's like trying To trick you into getting out that's Basically what it's doing here price go Down price go down price go down you Feel defeated the emotions oh my God and Then you get impatient and maybe other Coins are popping off this is why take a Look at March now March we've got 10 Data points here also how many green Months were there for the last 10 years Four the other six red down look at April 10 year 10 data points here also This one's uh a little bit better you've Got um you could say five strong Technically six which is kind of rare But one of the six it was plus 79% so Okay fair enough um and then there's May Uh for May you've got um let's see one Two three four four positive months the Other six were red that you were you Were down six out of 10 times over the Last

Decade okay so that was that was that Was May now take a look at uh at June uh June there were only three positive Months there three green months even for June so seven out of 10 months in the For the month or seven out of 10 times Over the last decade the month of June Was Down now look at July 10 data points Here also it was up five out of 10 so There it's a little bit better but still It's toss of a coin so you can see up to This point if you pick any random month And you say yeah it's most likely to go Down more like statistically speaking You'd be correct Which is why again when the face melt Rally comes it just comes and either you Have exposure to xrp when that happens Or you don't and then if you want it you Have to fomo in at higher prices which Historically is not really a good idea Maybe you're lucky and you catch the Early part of it and it's not as bad Although you know in terms of the Multiplier effect you're going to get It's going to be greatly diminished but A lot of people are going to be foming Into this stuff towards the peak of the Cycle that just happens and that's not Unique to xrp it just happens um and so You can see why that's why if you've Been here and you've been holding strong

For long like kudos to you for real that Takes some serious emotional and mental Fortitude to do that so seriously I very Genuinely mean that kudos to you I've Been here almost six full years at this Point so I know what you've gone through Okay I've been holding xrp never sold a Singer single xrp in my entire life and I will not until xrp it's a new alltime High and then enters price Discovery Then we can start talking about it and I Probably won't do it until xrap at at Least five bucks maybe I'll take a small Percentage then Um then we have August here now August um we've got 11 data points Because that's the fir August 2013 That's the first month that xrp has was Ever traded so that's the first month Where we have data and here you can see That xrp was up only let's see 1 two Three four out of 11 months four out of 11 that's It the other seven it was down do you See how the market can easily kick Everybody that holds xrp in the room Side look at what it does this is what It Does now you can look at September you Got 11 data points here too and you've Got uh let's see one two 3 four five so Five out of 11 uh green although one of Them is only 0 42% so pretty close to Being you know about Break Even um but

Then you've got that means you've got Six that were negative now you got October 11 data points here also let Let's see 1 two 3 four five yeah five Out of 11 there also were green six out Of 11 Negative it's becoming very clear is it Not I don't know if you guys have ever Looked at this particular chart before I've never broken it down like this in The history of my channel before not Quite like this uh but yeah it's pretty Easy to see why this is all happening Now right now take a look at November Excuse me sorry folks um we got 11 data Points here but one of them November and That hasn't finished so if we just throw That out yeah it's been positive it's Probably going to end green honestly but Throw that out just because it's not Complete say we've got 10 data points Here that are to completion uh we've Only had four out of those 10 that were To the upside four out of 10 the other Six were negative now look at December You got 10 data points here and you only Have three out of 10 uh three out of Those 10 data points were positive so in The month of December for only three of Those years were to the positive the Other seven Negative yet xrp is number four in Market cap how does that happen it's Moving in tandem with the market you can

See that but when it goes it really goes So I'll just say this because xrp Historically it actually does lag even In terms of when it bursts it Historically it's had even longer Periods of time than other coins when it When it finally goes so when it goes We're really going to get it that's what I that's what I personally believe I Believe it's gonna eventually hit a new All-time high maybe we'll get lucky in It sooner than later could be I don't Know it's going to enter price Discovery And it will just melt faces it will be Face melt season it is coming as far as I'm concerned while it's not literally a Certainty it's a virtual certainty That's how I I feel about This it's all coming we going to get Ours so again kudos to you for hanging In there um because this is not an easy Thing to Do I mean I personally don't have Trouble with this but I know for for the Typical person because I'm like a weird Robot human I guess Uh for for people in general this is Very difficult but the data also shows That despite all of this we still go to The upside how cool is That pretty damn awesome so as far as I'm concerned I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or

Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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