SEC / ETH vs. Ripple / XRP : Settlement Post Judgement?

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and check this article out Five thousand dollar gold in the next Bull Run inflation to tear Society apart If fed fails I don't know if the FED is even is even Able to not fail at this point Um I but Um I think Gold's last I checked it was Up does it say here yeah it's like 1897 Right here So so uh It is on the move I think the writing is On the wall That's why I glint one of my sponsors I Have gold in my Glenn account so that I Can spend it with my debit uh MasterCard And I also have physical gold that's What I'm doing in addition to Accumulating crypto uh key crypto in the In the downturn that we are in and I Will continue to do so now I want to Bring something something never Yesterday I covered Um this um nexo rated and I made a Comment about how what kind of a lunatic Would still be Um putting their money on nexo and Somebody somebody emailed me like oh oh Dare you you that was a way out of line For you to say that I've had my stuff

Tied up on there and I can't get it off Well guess what I wasn't aware that um And if I covered something like this a Long time ago I didn't remember it but I Was not aware that anybody had any of Their funds locked up on next so I mean I was we were all aware of what helped Happened with Celsius but I just maybe I Forgot but I didn't know I don't I Didn't remember that that people had uh Some of their crypto tied up and that Wouldn't be that nexo wouldn't release But that's what I was emailed I don't Know if that's even I mean I get emails All the time but anyway I in no way was Saying that anybody was you know You know if you can't help it you can't Help it I mean you've been wronged but It what I was saying was anybody who in Their right mind after everything that's Gone on who was putting money on one of These platforms uh to earn interest yeah That's lunatic level and I stand by that But not somebody who couldn't help it And was trying to get it off and they Weren't letting them that's different Okay Um the crypto Market is what here's What's interesting going on here there's Two things I want to point out to you First of all this market's at 900 Billion Everybody's like oh the sky's falling in Crypto and all well if you were here in

2018 2019 then you were here when this Went down to a hundred billion and it Was a question as to whether this whole Market overall was going to survive that Was scary this not scary not for me I Mean this is opportunity is the way I See it now if you weren't if you didn't Get to go through that if you didn't Have the opportunity to go through that Then yeah I could see how you'd be fear But here be afraid but here is here's What what you really need to get out of This yesterday all a lot of the news That I'm about to show you dropped Yesterday and the market did not tank Which tells me that the market was Already prepared for it which is a good Thing the market had already priced all Of this in is what it looks like to me So here we go Um now before I get going I wanted to Show you David Schwartz is going at these flare People There is no remaining air drop balance Anymore you just get the 15 if if I Promise you two cows I can't give you One cow and tell you to get it pregnant For the remaining balance so he and then This Kiernan Kelly has a problem with The way this air dropped I do two folks I mean I've kept my mouth shut about it For the last few months but you don't Make them you don't say we're going to

Air drop it this way and then change it That's not you know you just don't do That okay and I and I also had a problem With with uh not a problem but I was Stating plainly a few months back how This tax issue was going to work and I Was not wrong and they attacked me Personally I mean they came out of the Woodwork that's one of the problems I Had with the whole flare thing was that It was almost like they had a bunch of People and influencers who were told to Go out and attack people even personally Sometimes just because they were making Valid points or disagreed on some Something I didn't like that either so I Just quit talking about it but these Guys are saying Common Sense things and Here's Bob way doing the same thing I Read this top to bottom seems pretty Clear that if you are XR people the vote Should be no arguing The Proposal is More fair for non-xrp people is clearly Saying if is less and advantageous to Xrp people how is this not obvious uh David Schwartz makes great points as Well and then he goes on Um he said look at this it says since It's easy to change distribution Parameters it's it it seems easy enough To accelerate the promised 85 percent Distribution immediately then get on With it the future of making Flair fair For everyone in fact uh voting down he

Said if the vote succeeds it just shows That there are leaders who make and Change the rules and there are those who Follow the given rules man so these guys Are these guys are bounding them and I Can't say look Like I said I wish Flair all the luck in The world I've bought Flair in these Dips but look if the price went down Like it did over the last two or three Days then why not just drop it all just Drop it all give everybody what they had Coming to them let's be done with it Let's let all the red happen let all the Down in the price let it all happen if It's going to happen And you guys build like you say you want To build and then one sunshiny day So things will turn green But don't put off the pain 2023 predictions from John Deaton the Ripple case does not settle until this Is a new take the Ripple case does not Settle until after we get a decision From Judge Torres In other words settlement after judgment No there you go I like that an exchange Maybe more than one is sued for selling Unregistered Securities investigation Into SBF fraud meetings uncovers bad you Know what Gensler resigns before the end Of the year I think Gensler resigns for A lot of reasons but I think the main One is this right here folks I think

This is a lot worse than we even know Right here folks now here's my Prediction Gary will take a page from The clay J Clayton Playbook he is in the Process of dropping several lawsuits Against crypto the crypto industry to Tied up that's for his incumbent but He's on Wall Street okay he will then Step down if it really is a new day Tom Emmer and Congress won't let him just go Off into the sunset they will hold him Accountable even after he steps down see Traditionally the way all these people Work is oh they just resign and then There's no accountability well that is Not a new day to Tom emmer if you're Listening that's not a new day a new day Is this guy gets exactly what he Deserves he has held up A productive industry in the United States of America and he's done it Intentionally for his Wall Street Buddies and everybody knows it and it is Not a new day if you just let this guy Go off and get off the hook that is not A new day And Tom emmer knows it SEC charges Genesis Gemini and remember the markets Did not go down when all this news came Out folks not significantly SEC charges Genesis Gemini was selling unregistered Securities Eleanor turret breaking Genesis trading Gemini have been charged by the SEC with

Selling unregistered Securities SEC Alleges Gemini and Genesis violated Securities loss through the unregistered Offering of the Gemini earned lending Program the complaint sync seeks Permanent injunctive relief this Gorgement of ill-gotten gains plus Pre-judgment interest in civil penalties My question is why did they just Threaten coinbase but they sue Gemini Why did they do it that way Then there's this Garrett Tom emmer Weighs in he says Gary Gensler is once Again late to the game protecting no one Quite clear that his political Regulation through enforcement strategy Hurts every day Americans Gary Gensler Is announcing his suit against uh Genesis and Gemini Well the irony here which I need to Tweet we need to retweet Gary's tweet Here Um So Gary was Having planning sessions With FTX And then It is discovered To be a fraud And tanks much of the crypto Market Including Gemini Gemini And Genesis

Then Gary sues them What the f Congress Wow I mean this guy has to be held Accountable my 10 year old is more Responsible than that this get think About that for a minute folks Gary's Having planning sessions with the Fraudsters The fraud is uncovered And then these companies take and when They tank Gary then turns around and Sues them Unbelievable as it as if he's doing his Job what in the world the incompetence Is unbelie incompetence or worse is Unfreaking believable and I said hey Tom Emmer you need to be accountable too Enough talk when is that new day coming When hearings this cannot be let go and It can't be the same old dog and pony Show where they have Gary up there and He pleads the fifth and nobody does Anything and he just goes off into the Sunset that can't happen not if we still Have a country Mike Alford dog is preparing criminal Indictments against binance nexo was Rated Gemini Genesis sued by SEC Metropolitan Bank pulled support for this week and people are Celebrating a pump for ants I don't know What he's referring to here Um then there's this this is a Bitcoin

Maxi just a reminder that we should all Be rooting for xrp to win their court Case that's a Bitcoin maxing I said two Years later the Maxis are still are all Starting to realize that John did what John Deaton tried to tell them two years Ago John said they're coming after the Entire industry and these people were Too busy cheering and probably the Gemini uh brothers were also cheering on The lawsuit if I had to bet my money They're all cheering that Ripple's being Sued meanwhile John Deaton tried to warn Them and even said he would represent Ethereum if the same thing happened to Them and they're calling ethereum itself A security but no they all had to try to Cheer on the sidelines now let me finish Up crypto companies are once again Tightening their belts as the bear Market continues or enters the second Year there are companies making Cuts Here's the companies making cuts Interesting I don't see Ripple on that List I don't see Stellar on that list Hmm there's consensus the the people That had all of the regulatory capture On their side that had all the benefits Those are the ones that got greedy go Figure I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please

Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family That this is all so dirty dirty dirty And it's not about crypto it's about the People that have been regulating all This stuff it is dirty as it can be Thanks


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