XRP Creator Highlights “CORRUPTION”

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and I've got quite a lot to Cover in this latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam Corruption scams and secret recordings But I'll be starting with this from the Crypt basic Ripple CTO counters cardano Founder statements regarding eth gate And so you may recall that a little over A year ago uh Charles hoskinson the Founder of cardano uh said that xrp Community members were engaging in a are Creating a grand conspiracy I'll get you The exact word but creating a grand Conspiracy which was a bogus claim and Asserted it just it really spiraled out Of control but um David Schwarz Ripple CTO and co-creator of xrp and The xrp Ledger he's pushing back against this Because now Charles hoskinson is trying To downplay what the S certain SEC Officials did in the past which is Clearly corrupt and U now he sees saying No that's that's not quite what it looks Like it's it's it's not actually Corruption that's not precise and David Schwarz pushed back so I'll share with You what he said um also there are Hackers trying to take advantage of all Of you listening so I've got a a warning That I'll share with you uh and then I'll wrap up the video with this third Story here's the headline from coin Telegraph Caroline Ellison secret Recording offers Trove of explosive

Revelations so well the latest there Regarding the trial with SBF but uh Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast to enjoy as making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun now let Me do just a minimal amount of table Setting here um I made a video a little Over a year ago covering the whole Grand Conspiracy thing and I made a very Detailed uh thread on Twitter which is Now known as x uh just it was on October 11th actually of last year so a year and Two days ago I posted this very long Thread covered it in extreme Detail um because Charles hoskinson made Some claims about the xrp community that Were false and then he even Misrepresented the question that he was Asked which led to the hold debacle and So I just wanted to lay it all out there Because I he I knew he was wrong I knew He was saying things that absolutely Weren't true and and I wanted to set the Record straight and I wanted everything In full context I didn't want to twist His words or anyone else's so I took the Time to transcribe everything that was Relevant in full context and I just

Slapped it out there and it was seen by Like if he if Charles hoskinson didn't See it I don't know how he could have Missed it because it was uh liked and Retweeted so many times the the entirety Of the thread each of these posts I Don't know how he couldn't have seen it I maybe that's possible if he took some Time off but I don't think from from Twitter but I don't think he did because He was responding during this time Period but what happened was Charles Hoskinson was doing an interview on the Thinking crypto YouTube channel and um And and then he was asked a particular Question which resulted in a making this Claim about their xrp community members Talking about a Grand's conspiracy and I'll get to that the specifics of that In a second but we in the community Weren't thrilled because what he was Doing was saying things that just Weren't true and then he put out this 15 Minute long video where he was just Ripping on the xrp community and he he Asserted that he was asked something That he wasn't asked and so In fact here we'll start with this um I And I transcribed this myself by the way Over a year ago in in the 15minute r Rant against the xrp community Charles Said the following the relevant portion Is what's in the red box right here I Was on an interview called thinking

Crypto at my Ranch and casually asked a Question about what I thought about a Belief that the entirety of the Securities and Exchange Commission is Engaged in a financial conspiracy with Joe Luben and the ethereum group to Solely single out and go after Ripple so There you go he's claiming that what he Was asked was uh what he thought about This this uh this idea this belief that The SEC and Joe Luben and ethereum were Out to destroy Ripple he says that's what he was asked Now the problem is that is not even Close to what he was asked not even Close and I highlighted that right here Here's the question from uh from Tony on The thinking crypto YouTube channel this Is what he was actually asked verbatim I Transcribed it you can go verify it on His channel it's all still up and so Here's what Tony from thinking crypto Asked Charles hoskinson let's switch Gears and talk a bit about the crypto Market at large folks wanted me to ask You you know what do you think about What's happening with the SEC and all They're doing with crypto regulations Lot of people not happy with Gary Guinsler the recent Kim Kardashian PR Stunt as well as the SEC Ripple lawsuit And the judges you know takes on what's Been happening there as it relates to Ethereum and the amicus briefs and

Things like that so there you go folks It's on your screen I transcribed it I Read it to you that's what the hel he Was asked that was the setup for the Question to get thoughts from Charles Hoskinson now let me ask you anywhere in This transcription on your screen from What I read at any point is Charles Hoskinson asked about a belief about a a Grand conspiracy a belief that the SEC And Luben and all the guys at eth are Are seeking to destroy Ripple the Company was he asked anything about that Well the answer is obviously no but here Was Charles answer anyway and I'm not Going to read the whole thing the Transcriptions on your screen just I'm Providing full context but here's the First thing that he said in response to That question that setup uh for response This is what he said quote from Charles Hoskinson yeah well there's some people In the xrp community that are trying to Invent this Grand conspiracy that there Was blatant corruption between the Insiders at the SEC and ethereum and Then it goes on and on and on from there So Not only was he not asked about that But what he said was a grand conspiracy The reason people took issue with it is Because it's not a grand conspiracy it's Fact when you talk about the actual Stuff and this is why people took issue With Charles hington it's because it's

Not a grand conspiracy and has nothing To do with them specifically trying to Take down Ripple I don't believe that I Don't know anybody that does believe That and if they do they're in the Minority it's not about specifically Taking down Ripple you can question Question whatever you want to question But to actively believe that without Like that's I don't but it was about Favoritism it's it's about Bill Henman Having Financial motivation and helping Us firm and this and that that's why we Took issue with it so then while we're Just connecting the dots which deserve To be connect having to do with Bill Henman and all the rest and all the Financial Kickbacks he got as a result Of giving an ethereum free a free pass You know 2018 speech as a result of all That that's what that's what we were Talking about that's not a conspiracy Though that's just gross Behavior just Incredible misconduct by an SEC official That's what that is and it looks like Bill Henman broke the law let's be real Like he broke the law in doing what he Did and John deon's broken down why that Is so so then after people came back and Said whoa whoa here's the evidence it's Not as SEC people pretty polite by and Large uh here's the evidence no like Look this it's not it's not a conspiracy Then he switches to pretending that the

Question was different so we put out That 15minute video he goes hey I was Asked about whether the SEC is trying to Take out Ripple with Joe Luben in Ethereum no no no that's not what the Hell you were asked and that's why People had a problem with this but now It's just it seems to be getting even Worse so that's the setup for this leads Us to this article the from the Crypt Basic Ripple CTO counters cardano a Founder statements regarding eth Gate I just just I just I I think Honestly I think that Charles hoskinson He I I think he must know that he's Wrong and he just cuz he's not stupid I Think he's just refusing to admit F Because there are some adults that just It's so painful when they realize They're wrong to admit they're wrong It's so painful that they just won't do It and then it it just it breeds Distrust and deservedly so but some People just think that's better just Okay well these people won't trust me I Guess but you have a certain amount of People who will keep following you Because maybe they're not as informed or Whatever this or That I don't know what the calculus is I Can only speculate on that but it's Weird it's not it's not even it's not Even helpful for him it's Counterproductive when you're wrong in

Life you know what people do you just Please tell me you know this if you are Wrong about something in life if you Admit that you're wrong are people going To like and trust you more or distrust You more more and dislike you more well Obviously because nobody expects that Every's going to be right about Everything all the time it's okay to be Wrong I'm wrong you're wrong Charles Hoskins we're all wrong at times so just Admit it and people as painful as it is To do that because people don't want to Be wrong you'll be liked more and you'll Be trusted more and it's the right thing To Do piece reads as follows Ripple CTO David Schwarz reacts to cardano Founders Remark about henman's email saying it's Corruption When government actors show Favoritism aligned with their personal Interest uh David Schwarz the chief Technology officer at Ripple Labs has Reacted to remarks made by cardano Founder Charles hoskinson regarding the Eth gate Theory as reported earlier Hoskinson claimed that the drafts of William henman's speech do not prove Corruption but favoritism oh there you Go folks it's not corruption it's Favoritism peace continues he made this Known while emphasizing that no evidence Supports claim CL s that ethereum Officials bribed the SEC to go after

Ripple ABS oh my God folks again he Wasn't asked by Tony about whether or Not the SEC was bribed by Joe Luben or Anyone to go after Ripple that is not What he was asked and then he then Talked about a grand conspiracy in which He didn't even state that the grand Conspiracy was had to do with uh Improprieties and Corruption Yes but not what he claims he was asked And that's not a grand conspiracy and I'll tell you what it also isn't sure as Hell isn't favoritism that's for damn Sure what the hell kind of fantasy land Is Charles hoskinson living in Here he just he wants to give cover to The Bad actors who financially harm People that's what this is doing yeah I'm going to call this crap out peace Continues hoskinson's recent comments About the Henman emails stirred Reactions among xrp community members And top Ripple Execs and so that led to this this post From my fellow exert YouTuber jungle Inc And he said Charles hoskinson says eth Gate was simply unequal application Which he doesn't see anything wrong with He believes that none of the Commission's actions uh presupposes Corruption but only Favoritism and here you have David Schwarz uh co-creator of xrp and The xrp Ledger Ripple C responding to Jungle

Lincoln he says I F the following and I Quote I would argue that a government Actor showing favoritism aligned with The personal interest of themselves and Their friends is Corruption Yes so if if you want to say because What he's here's the deal let's break This down what Charles hoskinson is Doing is he's replacing the word Corruption with the softer term Favoritism but I would say this use them In conjunction favoritism which led to Corruption or you could say favoritism And Corruption you can argue either That's fine but the point that is Obviously true is that there is Corruption as evidenced by the facts Which are not conspiracies they're not Just theories out there either by the Facts that that bill Henman did Benefit financially by giving cover to Joe Luben Anath unquestionably and his firm and His Law Firm that is the corruption that's not Just favoritism he want he wants to give A pass to these Pricks over at the SEC Hell no that's Ridiculous and again if you just for Anybody that takes the time to read Every Everything which I have covered Thoroughly on my channel if you just Read the transcriptions and what he said

And and chronologically how did things Unfold it is provable that Charles Hoskinson is wrong it is provable he's Making stuff up it's not my opinion he's Making crap Up GRS my gears GRS my gears up in this From the crypto basic hackers launch Fresh attacks targeting xrp Community With new email Scam cyber criminals have launched fresh Attacks targeting unsuspecting xrp Community members to steal their funds According to an expost shared by crypto Investigator xrp Queen hackers impersonating Ripple Labs Have been sending malicious emails to Xrp community members despite Impersonating Ripple the impostor sent Malicious emails from an address that Has no affiliation with the blockchain Payments company according to the email The Bad actors claim that Ripple has Quote launched a 300 million Ripple net Accelerator program to drive the volume And utility of xrp end quote so folks Don't fall for this stuff look these Scams can start any any number of ways But they they ultimately trying to Either get you to uh you know it could Be a fishing attempt where you end up Handing over your seat Phrase or could be something where They're trying to convince you to send

Xrp and then you get more back which Never makes any logical sense but some People just fall for this stuff so I Just wanted to put a little bit of a Warning out there and they write Recipients of the email were told they Could benefit from the program by Logging into their xrp toolkit account Meanwhile the attackers attached a Button to the email which users can Click to claim xrp the development calls For due diligence uh clicking links Attached to emails By doing so the user might be giving the Attackers full control of their crypto Wallets which could lead to loss of Funds exactly so just be careful don't Fall for this stuff um xrp toolkit Itself is not some sort of scam but Don't click on anything that says it's Going to take you to that from an email That you know especially if it's an Email like this like just don't do That you could really risk losing Everything that you hold there's just Bad people Everywhere here's some more bad people Stuff Caroline Ellison secret record Reporting offers Trove of explosive Revelations the ongoing trial of former FTX CEO Sam bankman freed has uncovered A series of explosive revelations in the Form of testimonies from former key FTX And Alam research Executives the latest

Court proceedings on October 12th saw Former Alam CEO Caroline Ellison testify For the third day following which the Jury was presented with a recording of a Meeting she held with Alam staffers on November 9th 2022 just days before the Collapse of the FTX Empire uh the meeting held in Hong Kong And joined by nearly half of alam's Employees was the key moment Ellison Came clean about the ongoing scenario With the crypto exchange to her Colleagues this admission was Accompanied by explosive Revelations About alam's financial relationship with FTX coin Telegraph has obtained access To the secret recording and we have Cated a list of four striking elements It revealed and by the way I want before I go further on that it's the same topic But I want to move over to what John Deon shared about this which is funny Because it's a transcription that is Absurd it's ridiculous because the the The full recording is out there it's Over 25 minutes long it was shared by The Wolf of all streets on social media Platform X and uh John Deon reposted That on X and wrote I've transcribed it And here's the trans transcription that He shared and this is verbatim it's on Your screen it reads as follows from Caroline Ellison former CEO of Alam Which who you know who worked with SBF

To scam people out of their their their Crypto Holdings and in some cases their Entire net worth so here's what she said Quote Yeah like whatever like you know Yeah totally yeah this sucks Uncomfortable laugh like no pressure to Like stick around you know like yeah oh My God how many how many of the word Like is in there Geez so then John beat in response wrote Clearly these people were children Unfortunately evil Children and so that was that was Caroline Ellison there she basically Telling the staff like yeah you don't Have to keep working here Though it's it's already all in shambles Like the House of Cards is Fallen Right wow that's the opposite of a Professional and and the thing in charge Of billions of dollars billions of Dollars of assets holy freak hell it's Hard to believe this is real life Sometimes so back to the coin Telegraph Piece reads as follows the first and Most crucial Revelation came early in The meeting when Ellison revealed that Alam had borrowed money from FTX for a Year she admitted that Alam had made Several illiquid Investments using the Borrowed funds due to the market Downturn alam's loan positions were Called in creating a shortfall in fx's Balance sheet and here's a quote from

Her most of alam's loans got called in In order to meet those loan recalls we Ended up borrowing a bunch of funds on FDX which led to FDX having a shortfall In user funds and so with the once they Started being like fud about this and Users starting withdrawing funds end Quote Ellison revealed that alam's bad Loans created Market Panic around FTX Causing users to withdraw their funds FTX then paused withdraws to contain the Situation and the exchange Came Crashing Down within days when one of the Employees attending the meeting asked Ellison how FTX intended to pay back its Customers Allison said that the crypto Exchange was planning to raise further Funds to fill the Gap quote basically FTX is trying to raise in order to do This competent users but yeah after the Crash no one wanted to invest I don't Know obviously in retrospect the plan of Waiting around for several months and Like for the market environment to get Better and then raise end quote well Yeah no kidding it was a damn Ponzi Scheme it's the literal definition of Ponzi scheme yeah people didn't want to Buy into that like so even uh binance Jumped in and announced that they were Going to acquire FTX but then after less Than 24 hours of due diligence they Reported that they were no longer Interested in doing so why might that

Have been because obviously well the Monetary Gap was way bigger to fill than What they were led to believe then also They quickly found it was a Ponzi scheme So yeah good luck raising funds on That peace continues during the court Proceedings on Thursday Christian drappi A former software engineer at Alam who Was present during the meeting told the Court that Ellison's response about Paying back customers sounded concerning To him because he wasn't aware of a Scenario where investors have Contributed to making customers whole Due to bad financial decisions of the Company as the secret recording was Played in the court the former Alam Employee also pointed out that Ellison Had giggled during the meeting the Employee suggested this was Ellison's Nervous laughter something she often did When in a tight spot when was asked by a Staffer at the meeting whose idea it was To plug alam's loan losses with FTX Customer money she responded with um Sam I guess that's a quote and then Giggled another staffer inquired about The backdoor access of alam to FTX asked How long Alam had been using FTX Customers funds to bridge holes in its Balance sheet Alison responded quote FTX Basically always allowed Alam to borrow User funds as far far as I know end Quote Yeah evil children indeed I think

That's a rather apt way to put this from Attorney Deon evil Children I know they're adults and so Don't worry they're getting I understand They're adults they're going to be Penalized as adults but it's just They're the complexity of these Individuals is as though they're Children and they're also evil so I get What he's saying Yep there's a lot of bad people out There it's nice to have a channel here On the YouTubes where I can just Cal Them all out and hop in a soap box and my heart out it's absolutely Fantastic thank you very much for Letting me do so I really appreciate all The support thanks for sticking around To the end I'm not a financial advisor You should not buy yourself anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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