Ripple/XRP-126 Central Banks + US Treasury Name Ripple Premium Partner, BoEngland-Systemic Pymt Sys

Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here Bank of England's systemic Payment Systems Yeah and how about this one Ripple sold Premium partner for 126 central banks in The U.S treasury this year we got that So much more something I wrote that Beautiful intro [Music] [Applause] [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in [Applause] Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now 1.33 Trillion dollar market cap for crypto It's up 2.2 percent good afternoon Thirty thousand three hundred plus for Bitcoin 2100 Plus for ethereum tether Market cap is 81.2 billion plus what 52 Cents per xrp it's up two percent on 24 Hour good afternoon ladies and gentlemen League two you can invest in the Greatest brick and mortar companies that Are really building and putting the Technology we're also excited about to Work and we're talking about whether It's digital Assets fintech in general Gaming artificial intelligence you name It logistic Tech it's all right here you Can get the top names top sellers Whether it's linked to or poly sign or

Ripple and how much longer you're going To be able to get that we're waiting for A ruling any day here ladies and Gentlemen chain Alice is when it's Available upholds available I mean my Goodness there's just so many incredible Opportunities click the link of the Sponsor and check them out Well isn't it fancy the U.S treasury Secretary yellin says sanctions May risk Hegemony in the U.S dollar the Weaponization of the dollar and Regulatory apparatus is one of the Biggest mistakes the dollar strong Historical role is dependent on Accessibility and liquidity essentially U.S treasury secretary Janet Yellen is Saying that the sanctions risk the hedge Money of the US dollar isn't it her job To understand that before imposing in Sanctions Isn't it Now U.S treasury Janet Yellen is crying Uncle over their own economic sanctions Towards Russia what an embarrassment This country has become and we've got More evidence evidence of that in just One second here but quickly I want to go Over this The liquidity Hub that was announced at Launched by Ripple had a lot of uh Misunderstanding some fun to go along With it in the U.S there is little Liquidity for xrp we're keen to support

Xrp and liquidity Hub when we can uh Provide a good customer experience that Was from the chief legal officer Ripple Stuart El doradi to clarify that there Was a Twitter space on this subject as Well I want you to hear Bob way discuss This very quickly about it I want to Reinforce one thing for anybody who Thinks that Ripple is only looking out For real For xrp Holders I'm a huge xrp holder and so is Every rippler that I know the old ones The new and all of Ripple's stock is Really uh based on xrp price and really If you're from a ripple perspective the Problem with the SEC lawsuit isn't that Oh it put this huge Cloud over xrp and It's frustrating in the community the Real fundamental problem is it stopped Ripple from being able to IPO any of This stuff and actually take on more More you know funding and actually build The actual business on this which I Really think is more of what the SEC Wanted to do there were like a IPO the Game's over we stop them from here we Frustrate them and now they're just Trying to squeeze rip and saying we Don't want you making any Revenue we Want you selling xrp we want you Capitulating in this lawsuit but don't Think for a second that all the Primaries at Ripple are not hugely

Invested in xrp themselves right down to Everyone that owns Ripple stock Yep we love you Bobby we do love Zimbabwe no doubt about it he lays it Down and look at that I I I've said this You know to plenty of people and I'm Going to say it again you know Ripples building things that work for The world And where applicable you could use the Asset xrp And it's obvious You're not going to build something so It doesn't benefit you the company Obviously interoperability is what's Going to give the best Demand right Where everybody can clearly see oh well I could use xrp if I wanted I could use This I could use that I could use cbdc Stablecoin you name it That's what they understand but a lot of People have jumped a gun on that xrp Make no mistake about it is the greatest Asset that Ripple has on their books That's why I kind of giggle when people Talk about burning the escrow and stuff Like why the hell would they ever do That that's ridiculous right doesn't Make any sense so you know uh again you Know I appreciate Bob way laying that Down here you know Ripple is not trying To do anything to harm the ecosystem Retail institutional or otherwise They're trying to walk cautiously as

They wait for a ruling in this case in The United States so I see it And you know you can't blame them for Walking cautiously because this is the Kind of stuff that's going on even Outside of crypto here this from JW Vera It's a clip from the interview with Elon Musk talking about just how much the Three-letter agencies in government are Inside of your privacy and it is Absolutely terrifying to me to Understand this take a listen you can See what it is and you can see what They've been doing and you can see who's Been working there you you were shocked To find out that various Intel agencies Were affecting its operations and he's Talking about Twitter and just very Quickly here remember while this is Going on mainstream media news painting A narrative that Elon is the one who's About to carry some kind of narrative on Twitter well that narrative that elon's Interested in carrying is freedom of Speech and mainstream media if you can See the bigger picture here is scared to Death that the media is about to be Disrupted to a level that they cannot Control and it frightens the hell out of Them so now they're accusing Elon of Doing what they were doing that comes Directly from a book called rules of Radicals by Saul Alinsky Uh the the degree to which uh various

Government agencies had effectively had Full access to everything that was going On on Twitter uh blew my mind Um I was not aware of that would that Include people's DMs Uh yes Yes because the dams are not encrypted So one of the first you know one of the Things that we're about to release is Ability to encrypt your DM that's pretty Heavy duty though because a lot of Well-known people reporters talking to Their sources government officials the Rich people in the world they're dming Each other And the Assumption obviously it was Incorrect but was that that's private But that was being read by various Governments uh yeah that seems yes Scary uh yes it is so Like I said we're moving to Um have the DMS be optionally encrypted I mean you know there's like a lot of DM Conversations which are you know just Chatting with friends it's not not Important Um that's hopefully coming out later This month uh but no later the next Month uh is the ability to toggle Encryption on or off so if you if you Are in a conversation you think is Sensitive you can just toggle encryption On and then no one on Twitter can see What you're talking about they could put

A gun to my head and I couldn't I Couldn't tell I couldn't If somebody puts a gun in my head and I Can I still not uh see your DMs that Should be that's the acid test yes Um And that's how that's that's how it Should be if you want your if you had Complaints from various governments About doing this I haven't had Direct complaints to me I've had sort of like some indirect Complaints I think people are a little Concerned about we complaining to me Directly in case I tweet about it You know They're like oh uh so they're sort of Trying to be more roundabout than that You know I mean if if I got something That was uh unconstitutional from the US Government I would say my reply would be To send them a copy of the you know First Amendment and just say like what Part of this are we getting wrong You have a lot of government What part of this are we getting wrong Please tell me I mean it's a pretty no I'm just saying but you're kind of Exposed in your other businesses so this Is just in case reviewers aren't Following this This is not you're not just like a Journalist taking a stand on behalf of The First Amendment you're a guy with

Big government contracts giving the Finger to the government do you think Um And I love that because what he's doing Is saying hey I might have these Government contracts but it doesn't give You the right to just treat the Constitution like toilet paper And that's the problem and we have to be Very careful when it comes to money And we see from chairman McHenry here And this is a different clip that I Played from this morning and you need to Hear this he pledges to start Legislating a regulatory framework for Crypto Starting with stable coin legislation Coming up in committee tomorrow This is very important that we get this Right so our digital money albeit a cbdc Or a stable coin isn't treated the way Twitter's been treated the last handful Of years take a listen here You talked about crypto you talked about Worry a worry or anxiety I think that You have that crypto and that industry Is moving overseas How concerned are you Though about Some of the things that are happening Overseas which is to say that one of the Reasons I think that this industry has Not been regulated in the U.S is there's A lot of folks who still don't feel Comfortable that the industry unto

Itself can be quote unquote controlled Or regulated and that that's why it Hasn't happened Well it's still going to happen just Like the internet happens just like free Speech happens people find a way Globally uh to to take their actions What I'm going to provide because The Regulators have failed uh is legislation Out of the house and that legislation Will provide a distinction between what Is a commodity and a security in the Digital realm and digital asset Ecosystem and we'll have a regulated Stable coin at the federal level what I'm trying to get here is participation By The Regulators to actually come to The table and negotiate and they've had A willful act and especially Gary Gensler's had a willful act to just go Out and Send Wells notices rather than actually Provide any Clarity so we can have this Innovation here in the United States and The economic growth that can come as a Result of that Innovation being here in The United States And there you have it look it is so so Key that we get this right you know that We don't allow government to screw this Up and they can do it too and regardless Of his good intentions it isn't him Alone that's going to do it so we got to Make sure we stay on top of this

Meanwhile Bank of England to provide Guidance on tokenized Bank deposits Things are moving quickly right here Bank of England as a reminder is a Ripple customer and then there's this Bank of England has confirmed that the Financial Global Summit in London that The first application for a digital Pound would be wholesale even as the U.S Federal reserve plans to launch its fed Now system in July of this year Understanding that we remember we're Reminded I'm reminded of this see if you Are as well it says UK Financial Stability Deputy Governor John cunliff Confirms that implementation of a new Digital pound for inter-bank transfers Anybody remember the world economic Forum 2017 document that's cited Xrp and a couple others as interbank Transfers wholesale cbdc I tell you you Know things are really taking shape and We also see Bank of Israel have released A document that outlines the conditions That enable support for a decision to Issue a digital shekel as well Now the big news here that I'm talking About and want to get to today before we Wrap is this Ripple becomes a premium partner at London's digital monetary Institute Event but just you wait Oh Annual Global digital monetary Institute

DMI Symposium being held in London Discussed a particular theoretical Aspects of digital currencies such as Cbdc's and the future of financial Markets are you ready for this The event which was attended by 126 central banks the United States Treasury Department and experts from the Digital Finance sector have named Ripple 126 central banks the U.S treasury Department and experts from the digital Finance Finance sector has named Ripple As the sole premium partner for this Year's symposium Ha As one of the keynote speakers Susan Friedman head of policy public policy at Ripple at crypto firm Ripple will be on Hand to promote the company's vision for The larger fintech industry this event Is expected to be important meeting Around cbdc's regulation of money Transfers decentralized applications of Business and other related topics let me Tell you This is all about the SEC is playing Whack-a-mole this is all what the SEC is Suing Ripple we're waiting for a ruling The rest of the world is setting up shop The rest of the world is honoring Ripple As a premium partner amongst 126 central Banks in the U.S treasury Department They get it but Gary Goldman Gensler

Does it Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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