What’s YOUR XRP Price Prediction?

Although this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel what's your xrp price Prediction over the coming years well There's an article here on your screen From a b crypto uh talking about just That among many other things I'm talking About the price prediction of xrp Ranging from 2025 to 2030 and you know One of the things that was most Interesting in terms of the perspectives That we've covered on that topic it came From the expectation from individuals uh Specifically on the NASDAQ website and I Will just say this and look everybody's Gonna have a different opinion but I was Looking at the price that they stated They expect xrp to be in 2030 and Honestly I know that's seven years away But And it's enough it's all relative but to Me it looked pretty damn good to be Honest and if anything it makes me Wonder if perhaps it's being a little Bit conservative now look again I I Don't make price predictions um I I do Want to share some of my thoughts in General because I do think this is a Really fun topic of conversation uh but I don't pretend to know where xrp price Is going to go other than stating that My suspicion is that either xrp goes to Zero or at some unknown point in the Future it's going to hit a new all-time High uh you know an Enterprise Discovery


And I'm I'm obviously betting on the Latter but uh to me it's a pretty binary Approach here I don't think it's just Going to float around in between forever One of those things is going to happen Eventually and I'm here for it But uh before going further I do want to Be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I share right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun and by The way some of these xrp price Predictions are absolutely unbelievable But not in a good way in a way that Makes you want to Lull or Raw full what's it roll on for Laughing at a raffle wow you know you Can try and use your mouth words to make That word uh so some of them are pretty Damn stupid s-t-o-p-i-d stupid but um But I want to share some of this with You and like I said at the outset since I do think it's a fun topic of Conversation if you are the type to make Predictions or even if you don't you're Like me and you don't make predictions If you just want to share suspicions About what you think is most probable I Would be curious to hear about that in The comment section below as well but uh

But check this out The article reads as follows putting an Accurate figure on the future price of Xrp is not an easy job however as long As there are cryptocurrencies There will be crypto pundits offering Their two cents on Market movements And then have this little subheading xrp Price prediction 2025. changely has gathered an average Prediction of 47 cents for xrp by the End of 2022 and so obviously the Beginning part of where they grab this From uh was from a website and that part Of it had already come to pass but then They wrote as for 2025 changely has provided a range Between 1.47 to 1.76 76 cents at Max for xrp Okay So there's a few like I I don't know if I'm feeling too If you tell me if I'm being too bullish Here but to me that seems a little low And it it does depend though there are Some caveats to this what if we see xrp Price blow up massively Um well you can see it massively soon Frankly thanks to the secb Ripple Lawsuit but uh you know say craters back Down after that see it goes way up I Don't know if it would hit a new All-time high or not but maybe it does

But say craters back down it would say It's a you know 50 cents or a buck Whatever after creating back down after Positive news from the secb Ripple case Should that happen Well you know we're going to have Another Bull Run regardless so whether So what's you know the expectation to Keep seeing for most Uh chart analysts is that it's going to Happen uh not just in one calendar year But in 2024 through parts of 2025. So if the bulk of that happens in 2024 Uh what if it does go up to 10 bucks or 12 bucks or 13 bucks which is pretty Much the range that you know the Blockchain backer has been talking about Somewhere around there anyway well if That does happen in 2024 then if you're Talking about a massive decline which You historically see in Bitcoin and eth And xrp and every crypto well then in 2025 if you're talking about a buck 47 To a buck 76 I'd be like well okay maybe That range doesn't sound completely Bonkers although I do still think it Would be more volatile than just that Like that sounds like a really narrow Band after something like that But but I mean if but if that's that's The thing if we don't see the bulk of The Bull Run especially for all coins in 2024 and it's in 2025 that I think that Price expectation that prediction is

Laughable and again I'm not going to Make an actual prediction this is just My suspicion I'm not so bold as to make A prediction uh because basically I'd Just be pulling numbers out my rear side And I just don't want to do that but uh Yeah again if you see a run in 2024 okay Fine you know you can see price Creator 80 90 whatever it ends up being that's Very normal for pretty much every crypto You know even large cap coins very Volatile Um but that's the neat thing though like If that were the reason we get to have All that fun in 2024 plus presumably We're gonna have some fun this year 2023 With a positive conclusion the SEC Ripple case like we've got a lot to look Forward to here peace continues finder's Conclusion from a panel of 36 industry Experts is that xrp should be at 3.61 Cents by 2025. Uh so I'll probably say there again go Back it depends on when the Bull Run is If it's in 2024 and then you have a cratering back Down during 2025 and you're talking About you know a Max price of 3.61 cents Okay well maybe it's not crazy then but If you're talking about you know that's If that's gonna be when the the bulk of The Bull Run happens for all coins I'm Just like I again I don't know I'm just saying

Suspicions and I hope I'm not sounding a Little too bullish or anything I don't think I'm exactly asking for too Much here for it to be you know a bit Above 3.61 cents because frankly keep This in mind too Xrp is the only top 10 crypto that this Past Market cycle did not hit a new All-time high and I think it's pretty Freaking obvious that's because the Price is artificially suppressed because Of the lawsuit the SEC against Ripple Now outside of that xrp would have ran And I don't know how high but the idea Of it having gone two years ago to eight Or ten bucks that doesn't seem wacky to Me You know I don't know what if rantou Will never know because that's a Fictional universe that doesn't exist But it doesn't mean that it can't still Happen in the future Anyway peace continues it should be Noted that not all of those experts Agree on this forecast and this is it's Kind of funny uh some of them believe That the crypto won't even cross the one Dollar threshold by 2025. Keegan Francis the global Cryptocurrency editor for finder does Not agree with the panel of experts he Predicts that xrp will be worth 50 Cents By the end of 2025 and surprisingly a Mere 10 cents in 2030. now folks

Let me let me ask would you guess that The the the the diet of this individual The sustenance the primary sustenance For this particular individual Keegan Hairs would you guess that it is room Temperature cottage cheese because I Have a striking suspicion that this Might be a Bitcoin Max each roller 10 Cents in 2030 What in the uh one of the most one of The one of the cryptos with the most Utility on the entire damn planet and You're telling me that in seven years It's gonna be worth 10 cents look if Things have gone that horribly wrong It's not gonna be worth 10 cents it's Gonna be worth zero but I don't expect That to happen I think it's gonna be Worth way way way more than that now Check this out according to data Published on NASDAQ the average Projection for 2025 Is around 3.66 So a lot of people are expecting that to Be the case and again that's that's data Published by by NASDAQ that's and that Doesn't sound like insanely I would love To see that that would be exciting 3.66 Even if I have to wait till 2025 but You know is it too much to ask for more Is it unreasonable to suspect that we Might see by that point in time by the End of 2025 a way higher price at some Point at least

I'm just saying I to me I I would lean Towards yes I would absolutely lean toward for a ton Of reasons obviously like I decided Multiple times the end of the SEC Ripple Case but even if not that both season Coming soon it's going to be in 2024 2025 unless history doesn't even rhyme With itself anymore which I don't find Probable but it gets more exciting Looking at the numbers for 2030. and so Even if we had to wait this long which I Don't necessarily think we'll have to Even if we had to for so many people This would absolutely mean life-changing Wealth so for me I'm here for it like I Mean my my stance very clear I'm here For however long it takes period I'm Going to be more stubborn than any other Human on the damn Planet I place my bet Either it goes to zero or it hits a new All-time high and interest price Discovery that's it period for me that's It but check this out price xrp price Prediction for 2030. Finders experts at a rather conservative Figure for xrp in 2030. they believe That the crypto could hit 4.98 by 2030. you got a question where Are some of these people coming from These these expectations here that's it That's it it could it would get as high As 4.98 so you're telling me that from The early 2018 high of almost four

Dollars it would take 12 years for it to Have that high of 4.98 Amir roughly I'll Just ballpark at roughly 25 above its Previous all-time high 12 years Who believes this crap I'll tell you What if that happens crypto in general Is having a whole heap of problems that Would be my suspicion peace continues in A statement to finder Matthew Harry the Head of funds at digital X manage Asset Management Revealed that he doesn't see any utility In xrp other than the speculation Element Let me smell some Dumpster fire action going on here with A blend of uh yep that's room Temperature cottage cheese right there Right there up in this Matthew Harry got a Cheesy right here what a Bunch of unsophisticated knuckled Dragging mouth breathing troglodytes With cashew sized brains wearing their Velcro shoes and helmets for safety Getting assistance from others getting Their shirt on in the morning Ah Bless their styles but check this out And again this is this goes back to NASDAQ and I will tell you I don't know That we're actually gonna have to wait This long to see this because I think Crypto the amount of money that's gonna Flow into crypto and how that just

Exponentially increases the price I'd be Surprised if we had to wait this long For this type of price level but I I Don't know it's not a price prediction I Don't know I admit that but uh even if So it's still exciting so check this out According to data published on nasdaq's Website the average projection for 2030 Is around 18.39 So again I just I can't help but feel if You're talking about that type of Timeline and you know you know another Cycle and then another cycle ahead of us And then we'll be easing into yet Another cycle after that you're talking About 18.39 Well time's gonna pass and we're gonna Find out who knows But I just keep thinking with the i i The exponential increase in money Flowing into crypto in general and money Increasingly going to projects where There's actual utility That's right up xrp xrp is built for This and it will be especially very soon The only crypto on the planet with you Know regulatory Clarity which will do Nothing but thrust it further into the Limelight more attention more developers Coming to it I just to me it just I don't know uh maybe I'll listen to This video seven years from now and be Like oh I was way off or yeah I was way

Right I don't know but I'll just tell You right now my suspicion is if you're Talking about that's the highest it'll Ever reach in seven years I'm skeptical that that's all it's gonna Hit I am highly skeptical so look again me I Try to be you know living in the realm Of reality so I I don't think I went too Far out of bounds here and my my Statements uh some of you were probably Thinking yeah you didn't go high enough To which I say fair enough fair enough Maybe I didn't go high enough I don't Know in terms of what I think is Reasonable but I did say like you know Even by 2030 over over 18.39 so this is Where I need you guys to come in and Tell you if you kind of lean towards my Suspicions being more more likely to be Correct or less likely to be correct There's no right or wrong answer Knowable at this point in time so it's It's mostly just for fun here but uh Tell me what you think I really would be Curious to see what others in our Beloved xrp Community are thinking on This topic just for fun I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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