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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel xrp will drastically outperform Bitcoin in this upcoming bull cycle when Bitcoin finally hits a new all-time high Yes of course it does lead the market But xrp is going to drastically Outperform Bitcoin it's not even going To be close in fact I feel bad for the People that are new to crypto that are Being sold this bill of goods from the Bitcoin Maxis out there that everything Is a is an S I almost said everything's An sord coin everything's an sord coin Accept Bitcoin just by Bitcoin you know Join our cult drink the Kool-Aid uh They're screaming all of this nonsense And I mean looking at a Bitcoin it's a It's a perfectly reasonable first that's Where most people start right that's Fine that's fine start researching Crypto but for the people that dive in And they think that yes it is Bitcoin or Even if they believe it maybe they've Been tricked in the short term I mean Just the idea that Bitcoin is going to Make you rich buying in 2023 or 20 24 Especially on Bitcoins around well I Mean at the time I'm recording this Because it's it dipped down a little bit Recently so 43,000 Whatever so that's going to do it I mean What are we looking at for a peak this Cycle what's Bitcoin going to hit 150,000 200,000 I don't know where the

Top's going to be but what's the Multiplier effect from here like a three Four maybe fivefold Increase my God like xrp is going to put That to a shame xrp has been so Artificially suppressed in terms of Price action because of the SEC and Historically we know it just melts faces When it runs it's not even going to be Close and and so I want to run through This article from the Crypt basic Because it shares many ideas that I've Been espousing for a long time and a lot Of it's just just fact but they put Numbers to it and it's just astounding How quickly things can happen I mean it Feels like it's not quick because Sometimes xrps moving sideways for x Amount of time but then when it goes oh It goes so the headline here is xrp Initially lagged in 2017 but eventually Outpaced Bitcoin with 48,8 123% surge but before going further I do want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I'm not Offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun in light of the recent Lackluster performance from xrp Historical data has surfaced confirming

That xrp outperformed Bitcoin in 2017 With a 48,8 23% surge despite initially lagging And folks this is a key point that must Be made historically xrp does lag behind And I've seen it before in real time Because I've been here over six years as The market gets hot and xrp lags people Go into wine mode and then they feel Uncertain of the moves they've made when It comes to investing and as I pointed Out yesterday there are over 20,000 Coins in existence and the fact that the One that you picked xrp if it's not Going and you hear all these other coins Popping off it doesn't mean you picked Something wrong what you should expect Is that almost every single time you're On social media or reading a news Article and you're reading article what Whatever and you see a coins popping off It's it's hitting new alltime highs it's It's it's just blazing you should expect That almost 100% of the time that you See something like that it is something That you do not own because there's over 20,000 coins and how many do you hold Way less than 1% a fraction of a percent That's what you hold so you should Expect that as coins pop off you're not Going to hold them and it makes people Feel impatient here but the lagging like The lagging behind here it's a real Thing and I've seen people get

Absolutely destroyed because they made Important financial decisions based on Emotion rather than than facts logic Data all that stuff with my favorite one Being and I haven't mentioned this in a Long time but there's some new people so Worth repeating here because this is Like my favorite instance of somebody Just wrecking themselves it's it's just In uh in in the middle of 2017 like literally I think it was three Days or so before xrp went on its Biggest face melt run in history where It ran up to almost four bucks over a Span of about two and a half weeks a few Days before it started I watched a YouTuber and and he he said look I've Been holding xrp the opportunity cost It's just been staggering it's been Awful I've been holding this thing for So long and I finally just had to get Rid of it and I wish I'd never bought it Was comments along those lines like I Got rid of it he felt very confident of It the reason he got rid of it though it Wasn't because anything changed Fundamentally or in the charts or Anything of the sort it's because he was Impatient he was impatient and so he Sold it because he was Impatient now is that the way to make an Important Financial decision I would say No my humble opinion which is the right Way to say the word opinion my opinion

Is that it is not the right way to Approach all this and by a matter of Days he missed the beginning of the Biggest face melt in history just saying Don't want to be that guy don't want to Be that Guy peace continues xrp collapsed by 37% Within These five months and again So that's from October 2016 to February 2017 xrp collapsed by 37% Within These Five months starting October 2016 at 0.885 cents so it's under a penny there Folks 0.885 cents and closing February 2017 at 0.557 so about half a penny pretty damn Close to half a penny right there the P That's a big that's a big drop though Percentage wise right now we see since Since there's way more money and xrp Compared compared to back then we see Fluctuations on a daily basis of more Than half a penny but back then that was 30% of the whole damn thing 37% in this Case of the whole damn thing that move But now we see more than that in a day And it's just like okay no big deal it Was up a few you know several cents over The last 24 hours or whatever it was and Then went back down and it it okay is What it is and So eventually the neat Thing is fast forward a decade from now Won't be surprised if it's the case That xrp on a day-to-day basis is

Changing in the realm of at least Dollars at a at in a day I wouldn't be Surprised if that's the case anyway they Continue conversely Bitcoin recorded Massive gains Within These five months Registering four monthly wins out of Five from October 2016 to February 2017 while xrp dropped 37% Bitcoin Skyrocketed by a mass of 87% surging from $571 at the the start of October 2016 to $1,070 by February 2017 interestingly Bitcoin continued to Record gains uh Beyond February 2017 but Xrp picked up and surmounted the Firstborn crypto before too Long in March 2017 Bitcoin dropped 10% however xrp exploded by an Impressive 2 84% rally and so my friends even back Then the same thing I'm telling you at The begin of this video applied back Then it's just it was even more Impressive back then because there was Even less money in xrp back then but xrp Substantially outperformed Bitcoin for The market cycle not even Close and almost no one on the planet Knows what the hell xrp is and most People in crypto not holding xrp but They hold Bitcoin don't They most people hold at least some bit Bitcoin if they're in crypto right and So here massive rally for xrp this is

Where the actual opper like to me this Is where the investment sweet spot is a Coin that is has been around for over a Decade so you know the code works you Know it's not a rug pole it has real World utility so if utility starts to Sufficiently matter in terms of the way The people allocate their funds when Investing I'm covered there like it's The sweet spot but it also doesn't have That much money in it and I say that Relatively speaking I mean I understand It's the one of the most liquid coins in Crypto it's a large cap coin but there's Almost no money in crypto that's the Reason that I'm saying This so 284 rally it says again in March 2017 Bitcoin dropped 10% xrp exploded 284 Per. piece continues xrp went on to Record a 143% rise in April 2017 and a 374 per surge in May 2017 Bitcoin also increased in these Months but but by 26% and 70 70% Respectively so again folks you're Talking about in April xrp Rising they Say 143% for the same time period Bitcoin was up 26% then may xrp up 374 per Bitcoin 70% I'm telling you folks it's not even Going to be close I know Bitcoin goes First and it's easy to feel like you're Missing out especially if you don't have A notable amount of Bitcoin it'll it's

Easy to feel like you're missing out on Something here But I you're not like you're just not I Mean okay fine technically are you are Only in the sense that you're not going To hold most coins you're going to hold Almost z% of coins uh you know so you're Going to technically miss out on all the Other action that happens but you're not Actually missing out on the overall move If you have some coins that aren't Completely stupid you're probably at Some point during the cycle going to get Some days where it's ridiculously Exciting and can be lifechanging you're Still going to get those that's what I Really meant by it so just to be a Little more precise anyway peace Continues though both assets witnessed Price swing price upswings and declines Throughout 2017 but saw a general Uptrend registering higher highs and Higher lows as the months progressed However xrp outpaced Bitcoin during this Period by a massive margin despite Starting the bull run slow and so again Folks it lags behind xrp just lags Behind but when it goes it like I keep Saying it does melt faces and it will Outperform Bitcoin so what I'm sharing With you here this is just historical Data with numbers attached so I've Shared these Concepts before I wanted to Share with you the actual numbers

Because I've never done this before and That they typed this up I like wow they Went to the work and putting this this Is fantastic I want to make sure you Guys hear this stuff because this is the Type of thing that we should expect Going into this bull R if Bitcoin is Indeed going to run to an new alltime High xrp is going to put it to shame in Terms of the multiplier effect that's What's going to happen I couldn't be More conf confident in that now I don't Know for sure if this is the moment Where Bitcoin runs to new alltime High I'm optimistic that's what's most Probable we'll see though I don't know For sure and I and I I will say it is a Requirement that Bitcoin hit an all-time High in order for xrp to hit a new All-time high Bitcoin leads the market It just is the case let's not pretend It's not whe whether whether or not you Like Bitcoin doesn't matter it is the Case peace continues bitcoin's alltime High at the time came up in December 2017 following the Bull Run as the asset Rallied to $1,666 at the end of the year however Xrp's alltime High materialized in January 2018 as it surged to $3.31 at the start of 2018 and I'll just Note here folks as far as what the Alltime high is it depends on what Source you go to you can go to coin

Market cap you can go to live coin watch You can go to various places they're Going to give you different numbers is What it is and then they write Essentially Bitcoin increased from $966 in January 2017 to1 19 $666 in December 2017 and folks listen To this because this is the final Comparison for the year so that's a 1,935 rally during the 2017 Bull Run for Bitcoin 1,935 meanwhile and this is the fun part Xrp surged from 0.678 in January 2017 to $3.31 in January 2018 representing 48,8 123% rally in the 2017 Bull Run and So again the percentages won't be the Same for this run the percentages for Both will be lower by a good bit but the Opportunity for lifechanging wealth not So much there for Bitcoin unless you're Talking about holding for I don't even Know how long it would take decades and Then how much are you actually putting In are you putting in something it's Substantial the day okay but Realistically for the everyday person It's the opportunity is there for xrp But not so much for Bitcoin that that's My my personal opinion on this oh I said That Weird and then as far as the percentages

It depends on they said 48823 per. okay Amazing right but it depends on what You're considering the all-time high to Be because if you consider it to be one Of the higher figures that other sources Site and they pull data differently uh But then it would be closer to about an 880,000 per rally and and it depends Like are you looking at 20 17 but if you Look from the bottom to the top that Would be that would be a different time Period and you'd have a bigger run and That's where you'd get to that 80,000 Which I have seen Before but it's it's just it's just Insane and then they write xrp aim to Repeat this pattern during the 2021 bull Run but the lawsuit from the SEC Dampened its price action let's put it Softly now that the Asset uh has legal Clarity it appears to Be repeating the 2017 Trend as it Records discouraging gain while Bitcoin Witnesses impressive surges and folks It's the same dismay there was dismay Back in 2017 it's not doing anything and Some people just fining it impatient and Selling it and I'm seeing this Materialize from all sorts of people in The xrp community and we're not even That far into the you know the the most Fun part of the bull run yet I mean We've been been in Bull territory for a Year now roughly but we're get we're

We're at the beginning of the most fun Part of that now and we're already Seeing people up it's not even That xrp price is tanking all it takes Is other stuff going up and your coin Xrp and my coin not going up and that's Enough to set people off I'm like you Just got to chill everything's fine and Then they write as observed in um as Observed in 2017 some xrp investors have Already expressed dissatisfaction Leading to sell-offs however an analyst Recently revealed that assets such as Xrp do not Skyrocket in prices until Bitcoin overtakes its previous all-time High absolutely Um currently trading for 62.5 cents xrp Is only up 21% since October however Bitcoin has surged 64% within the same Time frame currently changing hands at $44,988 what you think is most probable In the comment section below I mean I Love hearing other people's perspective It's just it's a fun and interesting Topic of conversation for people like You and me who actually have skin in the Game because for a lot of us if this Goes the way we think and hope it will This will result in life-changing Wealth and I don't see any reason to to Believe that this is that we shouldn't Expect that why why shouldn't we expect That of Bitcoin is going to run like This of course it's going like to me

It's just like an of course duh thing That's that's the the level of Conviction that I have it doesn't mean I Know it I don't know it doesn't mean I Have a 100% conviction I don't but I Have pretty close to it if Bitcoin is Going to hit that yes xrp is going to Run and we've already seen it behaving In the way that we should expect it to Which is to say that it still moves in Correlation with Bitcoin and it pisses People off because it moves sideways too Which it is what it Is I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy yourself anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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