Tucker Putin Interview The Changing World Order…

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The Tucker Carlson interview with Putin And the changing world order and how This is going to transform America for The next hundred years in today's video I'm going to break down the Tucker Carlson interview that is coming very Very soon and how it matches up to Ray Dalia's prediction of the changing world Order my name is coach JB what I work to Do is make very complex macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple so The normal everyday person can Implement Them I have two free resources for you Number one is a free consultation with My license insurance team in all 50 States teaching you how we ensure our Wealth during these volatile times in Tier one Capital index universal life Tax code 7702 in the description of this video You can set up a free consultation or in My social media link click the link you Can also download my absolutely free Book that shares with you exactly on the Back end of every video how my blueprint Is set up so let's Dive Right into this So if you haven't seen or you're living Under a rock the Tucker Carlson Interview is going absolutely viral and Is causing a massive wave and divide in Between the left and right now we're Going to keep revisiting Ray Doo's Changing World Order over and over and Over again okay I repeat the same things

Over and over again with the risk of Being judged or people not following Because what you repeatedly do gets Ingrained in your subconscious mind what Gets ingrained in your subconscious mind Becomes an unconscious activity whoever Controls the money controls the media Controls the information controls the People okay so think about that for just A moment You're sitting there watching a regular Program show programming television Telling you a vision and they're giving You the information that they want you To hear in order to move you a certain Way so when I present this I want you to Take an unbiased lens off and take a Look at this changing World Order and I'm sharing with you guys I broke down This week with Jerome pal saying that he Said Jerome pal said the head of the FED America is on a Unsustainable path now there is actually Not good news of America and what's Going on but the only good news is this Is the wealth is built during these Volatile times if you want to free your Family financially it's the greatest Opportunity in human history I'm not Happy with happs in America it makes me Sick to my stomach but I'm not it's I Can't what am I going to do what I can Do is get my together and provide Resources for my family that's what I

Can do I could go protest all day but it Doesn't change my budet budget it Doesn't change my Financial Freedom it Doesn't change the resources that I can Provide if I can gain the money I can Provide the resources for my family okay But we have to take a look at this Number 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 wealth gaps Massive in America and they're going to Become even greater after this Presidential election when they lower Interest rates 13 large debts America's Buried in debt Jerome pal said we're on An unsustainable path number 14 printing Of money they printed more money than in History since Obama's rescue plan in 2012 specifically 2020 to 2023 internal Conflict this is what we're going to Talk about today with Tucker Carlson Interviewing Putin loss of Reserve Currency bricks right now are working Dramatically to dollarize weak Leadership I'll let you decide if we Have weak leadership or not in America Civil war and revolution that's where This Tucker Carlson interview comes in And it's literally following the pattern That Ray doio talks about to the te so Let's first listen to what Tucker Carlson's intentions are for the first Minute of his video and then I'm going To share with you how the media is going Crazy the left is turning against the Right and the right is turning against

The left left and they're all going to Go at each other so now everybody's Backed in the corner throwing Haymakers And what's going to happen is it's going To cause a Great Divide within America Tucker Carlson's gonna talk to Putin Putin's gonna give us his side of the Story from Tucker Carlson's perspective And then it's going to be this that you This and the media is going to go Absolutely crazy and the left and the Right are going to go at each other and Fight and that's going to cause a Civil War in America and that's when countries Start to lose their power we're in Moscow tonight we're here to interview The President of Russia Vladimir Putin Will be doing that soon there risks to Conducting an interview like this Obviously so we thought about it Carefully over many months here's why We're doing it first because it's our Job we're in journalism our duty is to Inform people two years into a war That's reshaping the entire world most Americans are not informed they have no Real idea what's happening in this Region here in Russia or 600 miles away In Ukraine But they should know they're paying for Much of it in ways they might not fully Yet perceive the war in Ukraine is a Human disaster it's left hundreds of Thousands of people dead an entire

Generation of young ukrainians and it's Depopulated the largest country in Europe but the long-term effects are Even more profound this war has utterly Reshaped the global Military and trade Alliances okay so that's his first Minute of his video his perspective is That he's going in there to give us the Side of Russia okay and then here's the Left side of what they think Is what um not Putin what Tucker Carlson Is doing it is not just Donald Trump who Is parting Putin line Putin's lines do Tucker Carlson who is you know a band Leader if you will for this faction of Republicans who are defeating these Bills it was in Moscow interviewing Vladimir Putin I asked secretary Clinton About that journal istic Endeavor and This is what she had to Say Tucker Carlson is in Moscow right Now interviewing Vladimir Putin right The first American I'll say journalist Uh to interview Putin since the war in Ukraine began what does that tell you About Tucker Carlson and right-wing Media and also Vladimir Putin well it Shows me what I think we've all known He's what's called a useful idiot I mean If you actually read translations of What's being said on Russian media they Make fun of him I mean he's like a puppy Dog you know he somehow has after having Been fired from so many outlets in the

United States he uh I would not be Surprised uh if he emerges with a Contract with a Russian Outlet because He is a useful idiot okay so this is What the public is seeing on the media Right so they're hearing he's a useful Idiot okay that he's probably going to Be working for the Russian outlets and Then this was at the White House when They brought up the Tucker Carlson thing Tucker Carlson is in Moscow and just Confirmed that he's going to be Interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin he argues that Americans have a Right to know all they can about a war They're implicated in uh Carlson Contended in his remember Carlson's view Is hey I'm G to go let the Americans Know what's going on where why your Money's being spent and then the other Side is saying that he's now going to Work for Russia guys this is The Great Divide this is what rayd was talking About preview video that's the Biden Administration ation has opposed and Even attempted to hinder his attempts to Interview Putin uh do you have wait say That say that last part again the Biden Administration has allegedly attempted To prevent him from interviewing Vladimir Putin um do you have a comment On either the interview or that Allegation absolutely Not absolutely not a comment or

Absolutely not that didn't absolutely Not a comment to be more clear period Okay so no comment on that right they're Saying that there're saying that there's Collusion for Administration to stop the Tucker Carlson interview well this was On February 7 2024 European par Parliament proposes to ban Tucker Carlson from EU over Putin interview This this is going to get intense family Okay now this is CNN okay so CNN goes on Their smear campaign as well so now we Have CNN really debunking so now it's Going to be all about debunking Ducker Carlson so they're spending all their Energy and all their focus on debuck Tucker Carlson Tucker Carlson is going Out out there to debunk them do you see Where the Divide is coming in guys The Divide is going to be massive in America We're here to interview the president of Russia Vladimir Putin Tucker Carlson is lying from the Streets of Russia no Less not a single Western journalist has Bothered interview the president of the Other country involved in this conflict Vladimir Putin that's a lie serious news outlets Including CNN have requested Putin to Interview over and over Again most Americans have no idea why Putin invaded Ukraine or what his goals Are now they've never heard his

Voice another lie serious news outlets Including CNN have covered and of course Reported on Putin's words since this War Began including one of his baseless Justifications for the invasion of Ukraine which he initially claimed was To stop the Nazis first because it's our job we're In journalism Tucker Carlson is not a journalist not Even close and his former employer in a Court case actually agreed quote the General tenor of the show should then Inform a viewer that Carlson is not Stating actual facts about the topics he Discusses and is instead engaging in Exaggeration and non-literal commentary Okay so now this is going to start the Back and forth non-stop guys so you see What's happening is the left the right Pointing out who's right who's wrong the Battle back and forth and the Unfortunate thing about you as an American you're caught in the middle of This you're caught in the middle of this As America has buried Us in debt we have No money in the system they don't have Money to pay for the critical Services We have to borrow from other countries Borrow from other countries to pay for Our critical services in America your Taxes are going to pay for the debt and This is what they're focused on this is What they're focused on family the

Normal everyday American can barely pay For gas can barely pay for Groceries so what can you do about this What you can do is really start to build A foundation for your family what you Can do is create a budget and get your together right now what you can do Is take a really really really hard look At your finances and ask yourself can I Really afford what I have can I afford The car that I have and the house that I Have or did I over leverage myself and Follow the American dream the debt trap And it's okay to be honest with yourself And say listen we're going to make some Changes honey well you know husband wife Partner whatever is we're going to make Some changes what we're going do is We're going to buckle down as a family We're going to make sure that we create A budget we're going to create some cash Flow with that cash flow we may invest In a speculative asset called Cryptocurrency and when these interest Rates drop and this thing goes straight Up on the back end of this year we're Going to pull profits and when we pull Profits we're going to be responsible With those profits we're going to put Those profits in maybe some tier one Capital maybe some insurance we're going To put it in maybe invest in some Companies we're going to put in some Precious metal we're going to diversify

And we're going to start to take Sovereignty of our wealth and we're Going to learn what money truly is which Money is just debt that's all it is in America it's just debt okay and if You're on the wrong side of that debt Quadrant you're screwed we have to Understand as Americans every single Time a dominant currency or a dominant Country or when the world China's Struggling financially ever Grande Russia had to to to jack up the Ruby There were there there inflation was out Of control um I think I said that Backwards anyways and then America we're So we're going to war guys War creates What monetary gain we're going to war And so now the issue though that we have To experience in America is now we're Gonna have Civil War in America this is Causing the Great Divide this is Tucker And Putin's interview is causing the Right to go absolutely Bonkers right you Got Hilary Kinton callman an idiot you Got this side so now it's just going to Intensify now from here on out so what I'm doing is I'm locking and loading Getting into my house I'm getting my together I'm creating a budget I'm My fitness is on point my spiritual walk Is on point my finances are on point my Investing's on point and I put my Blinders on I'm proud to be an American I'm proud to be a human I'm loving God

With all my heart loving Humanity as I Love God I'm treating others as I want To be treated pull the log out of my eye Before I pull the straw of my art my Pull the log out of my eye before I pull The straw of your And I'm using these waves of energy to Protect my family and build Financial Freedom and wealth for my family the Positive thing about this the only thing Is that in the most volatile times like This the richest people are Created the richest families are created During these times but you got to do the Opposite of the 99% it's going to get intense family so What I recommend all of you guys do Merlin smartest way to track your crypto I'm the co-founder and Creator 36,000 Lines of code were created to help People exit these markets properly we Have customer service we have FAQs we Teach you how to do it it's absolutely Free go download it it's free for 30 Days after that if you don't want to Continue your relationship with us you Can cancel right there on the app we Have so many people keeping it because It's amazing amazing tool because when This thing goes straight up you got to Have an Exit Plan you have to have an Exit plan so we want to help you with That as well uh there's tons of free Resources down in the bio here and then

Pay attention uh because it's going to Be going public soon we're going to be Making our announcement for our freedom Conference 2024 in April in mes Arizona You get to hang out with me coach JV and The rest of my team coming up very very Soon Warriors get your together Let's Go


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