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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lifp Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I'm going to start Out with one of my favorite handles the Black Swan capitalist listen they had Andy shackman who's from Miles Franklin Who is one of my sponsors as you listen To him remember miles Franklin precious Medals code Dai gold you can email info@ Milesfrom or call 952 9297 006 for the Best pricing that's all in the Description of this video that there Will be a marriage between blockchain Technology and gold and the only thing That I'm not sure of you don't say and I'll I'll give you my take to yours you Said one to one I don't the only way it Goes one to one is if they put gold at a Really high price um 20,000 50,000 would be to use blockchain Technology to show the immutability and The veracity of what is there what each Country P pegged to the system and maybe Say 20% of every new currency unit has Gold backing and have it audited third Party dependently great gold back stable Coin on The xrp Ledger would work check This out Jim Rickards is not buying it And now it's here to stay even though This week he said it was topping out but Basically he's embraced Bitcoin so my Question is in 2024 has Jim Rickards Changed his stance on

Bitcoin the answer is no um why am I not Surprised well look when you say it's Here to stay gambling is here to stay You know they gambled during the French Revolution and they gambled in 19th Century London then you can go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City today so gambling Is here to stay it's a um it's not a Particularly productive activity it Costs people more than they make uh but It's a form of entertainment so I think Of Bitcoin as a form of entertainment uh What well put it this way you go into a C I think a Bitcoin is a casino chip Okay so you go into a casino you put $1,000 down the roulette table coupa Gives you $1,000 worth of chips you Gamble you could make money or lose Money when you're done you pick up your Chips you go to the cashier and you get Dollars and you go outside So in other words in the world of crypto You can buy and sell Bitcoin all day Long and you can calculate dollar Profits but if you want your profits you Have to sell it get your dollars out of That world and go back out on the street But the Bitcoin itself has no value Outside the casino like if I if I walk Out of the casino with the chips in my Pocket and try to buy a cup of coffee With the chips you can't do it I mean Maybe somebody will help you out but but Basically you got to convert back to

Dollars so so Bitcoin are chips in the Casino you can gamble have fun kind of Entertainment make money lose money most People lose money actually some people Have made a lot it's true so what do you Say when people say well you have to Convert gold back to Dollars no you Don't just keep the gold I don't I don't Give her gold to dollars I like the you Have the gold for the day when the Dollar is not worth anything that's why You have the gold and everyone's going To be saying get me some gold so that's Number one number two um tell me the use Case or Bitcoin I mean there is no use Case as a for speculation as a form of Gambling yeah it's the chip in the Casino tell me oh Jim you're Technophobic you don't understand I read I read nakamoto's paper in 2009 when it Came out okay I've been in big I've been In how did he get access he just Happened to be there and knew instantly Right this is a guy that was with the CIA Bas since 2010 L by the way so I get It I get the technology I get the math Uh but I also understand monetary Economics and there is no use case for Bitcoin Except for entertainment for Entertainment it's for entertainment Purposes only see here's what you know While the max kaers of the world are um Out here they think that they're doing

Victory laps um Chad Stein Grabber Called him out correctly and said Black Rock owns you Now the Bitcoin people are doing Victory Laps and I don't think what they I think They don't realize what just happened And what just happened is Wall Street Has just positioned themselves to be Able to control Bitcoin at their will Street did what Wall Street does best it Took a risky asset and made a market it Subsumed Bitcoin into the system before Bitcoin could build its own system and Now it's also reaping the rewards here's Our Kate Rooney the one of the sneaky Kind of under the radar winners and this Whole ETF story Bitcoin ETF story is Actually the Wall Street Bank so they're What are known as the authorized Participants they're sometimes called The aps you've got names like JP Morgan James Street jald on this look JP Morgan Of eth gate Fame and James Street of Sam Bankman freed Fame that's where he Worked before he Started FTX just by Coincidence of the trading desks who are Behind the scenes they're creating and Redeeming shares but as part of that They're basically picking up the Breadcrumbs they're taking a slice of Each transaction if there's a lot of Volume going into these Bitcoin ETFs Which has been the case in the last few

Trading days they're the ones really Winning on the back end and the irony Even some of bitcoin's biggest critics Will end up the biggest winners of the ETFs the banks especially JP Morgan and Their trading desks are going to make Some money on this all right and then we Have this SEC just opens comment period On NASDAQ proposal that would allow Options trading on Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF ramp up the control now look This guy's from the CEO of uh CIO of Bitw he's talking about that Bitcoin ETF Super Bowl ad or the potential of W I Have to ask you know I have to ask you Know there's going to be a marketing Blitz uh from you and the other ETF Issuers are you planning a Super Bowl ad Or anything like that I love that idea I Don't know if we're quite uh the size to Do a Super Bowl ad but we'll we'll see How flows go I I think it's possible You'll see some from the crypto industry There is going to be a an intense Marketing War the reason for that is This is an opportunity measured in the Tens of billions of dollars in my view And so uh when you have that kind of Addressable market for these ETFs you're Going to see people fighting for their Share bitwise hopes to get our share as Well I don't know if that means a Super Bowl ad but you can expect us to be live In the market for sure all right then we

Had Monica long shows up to the party The president of Ripple listen to what She has to say you know there's when When crypto hits crypto cryto summer It's hot and everyone wants to be a part Of this industry and I definitely have Noticed in this latest winter um even The the pitch decks from uh different Developers that we used to see uh you Know maybe back in uh 2022 that were all About web 3 they now flip to AI as as The headline of what they're selling Might coming back now so yeah yeah so so Don't don't be the sheep that uh follows The herd in uh the times of winter you Could you could see that I guess my my Advice is to um to lean into the future Um I know that right now regulatory Climate where's the US going to fall uh You know is the ETF going to get Approved like where does the world stand On crypto blockchain also frankly just In the wake of some of the big headlines Around binance and FTS X there's this Kind of cloud over the industry um but Uh you know with taking on risk comes Great reward and I think that oh yes you Know from a purpose standpoint being a Part of building this future is really Meaningful all right um then we had Somebody caught Brad garlinghouse having A cup of coffee out in the cold and Davos the theme of rebuilding trust is Paramount and I think that applies to

Crypto as well last year's year with a Lot of headwinds some self-inflicted Wounds but I think as we rebuild trust With the ecosystem with the major Players I think uh the future is Extremely bright 2024 is going to be Marked with uh the reversion to kind of Core first principles recognizing that Compliance in crypto and all Financial Services is very important and I think To build that trust and to really scale Into the opportunity that crypto Represents we have to have that Compliance first mentality the primary Thing I'm looking forward to in D is Staying warm uh it's definitely a cold Year more snow than in previous years Wait that's not possible CLA Schwab and His and John KY told us that global Warming is just everything's getting hot That's not possible it's colder Davos Always I think uh stimulates ideas I'm Mostly thinking about the crypto Industry and ripple specifically but Certainly what's going on on a Geopolitical basis and with climate are Front and center here in Davos which is Obviously very important okay um then we Got this Ripple has filed its response Opposing the sec's motion to compel uh I'm not going to get real into this uh I Don't I didn't see anything too exciting From it Um we'll see all right um we're going to

Go into daix RP and what we're going to Do is we're going to talk we're going to Really drill down on the evil that's a Foot but here's the we're going to also Talk talk About the well this right here to me They say World economic Forum Davis Davos 2024 Bombshell we're going to start here We're going to show you Pure Evil and We're then we're going to show you that Because what I've been asking all these Year last five years is where are the Freaking Good Guys well I'm going to Show you what the good guys are up to That there are good guys and that Everybody's not buying into all this BS I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family that I do not buy Into to all this BS and I'm going to Show you you're going to look down the Black hole of Pure Evil then we're going To pull our heads out in and then We're going to show you the good people The good Guys here's Pure Evil


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