Yes, XRP “TOWARDS $18.22 SHORT-MID TERM” Analyst PredictsScreen

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel this is the time that it makes Sense to be very excited as an xrp Holder and let me ask you this just to Start the video when was the last time That xrp was sitting around 67 cents as It is it the moment I'm recording this When was the last time it was sitting Around this price before a crypto bll Run Started the answer is never in fact Think back to last time things were Starting to blast off towards the later Part of 20 20 you may remember from much Of the summer leading into I think it Was October xrp was basically moving Sideways in the 20-some Cent region it Just seemed like it was going to stay There forever if you around at the time You know what I'm talking about but then It was no longer there it just blasted Off which is fantastic to see in short Order it quickly jumped up to over 80 Cents in a matter of I can't remember if It was a week or two I'd have to look at The charts but the point is it was very Quick seemed like it wasn't going to Happen and then it did happen but that Was when xrp was around the 20-some Cent Region It's at a new Plateau it's at 67 cents before the Market starts to get absolutely insane Yes things have been moving in a

Positive direction but this is before The Euphoria and xrp is stable roughly Speaking I mean crypto's volatile but It's roughly stable at 67 cents having Recently broken through a particular Resistance level I'm going to share with You perspective from a few analysts uh Including poster from the blockchain Backer which you're going to love uh Just noting that the last time the Charts look like this xrp ran up I think He said 180% I have another xrp analyst who says That in the short to midterm xrp is Going to be running to over $18 but before going further I do want To be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy is making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun at the Time I'm recording this uh Bitcoin is at $443,000 98 bucks uh you've got the Crypto asset class at $1.64 trillion From the market cap and the crypto fear And greed IND decks at 74 out of 100 we Still have not seen extreme greed in This cycle and I just have a hard time Believing that this thing's going to Create our own down before we hit Extreme greed and by the way when

Extreme greed is hit that doesn't mean That the next day you know we go back Into bare mode you know things can be Sustained in both greed and and extreme Greed for a long period of time just as On the flip side you can have fear and Extreme fear sustained for a long period Of time but it will be an interesting Moment when for the first time in a long Time I highlight that we're in extreme G Extreme greed which as far as I'm Concerned is a virtual inevitability uh It doesn't mean that's the end but in Some ways you can kind of look at it as The beginning of the end even even if it Goes another half a year not that it Would necessarily go that long it'll Probably bounce back and forth between Greed and extreme greed all I'm telling You is that that'll be a particularly Exciting moment but something that Should cause Paul to say okay things are Getting sufficiently heated if this is What the masses are feeling right now That's all that I'm saying uh there was This post from chart analyst credible Crypto just this afternoon he wrote you Got to love the positivity and the Confidence and he has been right in Terms of structurally what's going to Happen he's been calling this for over a Year that uh you know we were in Bull Mode when most people and most analysts Out there were saying No this is be

Territory we're not going to be back Anytime soon but we are we are it's it's Been a year and it's it's been bullish For the past year and whether or not we Hit a new all high for Bitcoin this year Set that aside we we'll see if what he's Expecting comes to pass because he's He's firm on this idea that this is Going to lead to a new all-time high for Bitcoin even if it's not the end of this Year so even if he's wrong on that part Structurally he still is firm and so Here's what he wrote up only mode not Talking about the five minute chart Though this is the most volatile asset In the world you're going to get some Low time frame volatility but anything Sub $440,000 will not be seen again this Cycle in my opinion okay that's a bold Statement and I hope he's right $40,000 Not going to see anything even the upper 30,000 I don't know if that's going to Happen I hope he's right he could be uh There are all sorts of reputable Analysts out there that do think that It's plausible that we're going to see a Flush into the 30s something thousands Some think lower 30,000 some think upper 30, thousands uh we'll see who's right That's why it's fun to track all the Perspectives from various analysts here But you know what's interesting is even The analysts that think that it's Possible we could go into the 30

Something thousand range even they Acknowledge that that would just be Going back to some level that they Perceive as support and then still move To the upside I'm having a hard time Coming across analysts that don't think That this we're in full bll mode now um And there are some that even though They'll say we're in full bull bull mode There all some just the asteris here Some of them do think that we're going To be topping off here um less than 100,000 there are some that think that You know once we hit close to $50,000 Although this is a more of a minority Opinion that that's pretty much it when You get close to $50,000 right around There that's pretty much it maybe else Take off and then it's the end although Even if that happens this could happen For this could take most of next year Like this would be a long process so Even if even if the the people that Sound more beared who are reputable are Correct we're still going to have a Really fun 20124 that's that's my Suspicion here anyway uh here's another Post from uh from credible crypto just This afternoon and he wrote calls for a Major flush all over the timeline Meanwhile Bitcoin open interest Continues to bleed hitting levels not Seen since $37,000 up 20% since then an open

Interest is in the same place good luck Flushing out the non-existent leveraged Positions and so he's noting that since He doesn't see that there's a bunch of Leverage being utilized here what's Going to cause the price to Crate around Down and there's a separate post I Didn't pull up for this video it doesn't Really matter but um the cut of the jib Was since um and some of you actually a Lot of you probably didn't even notice This I mean if you haven't been looking Unless you're like looking at this right After I published this video maybe it Did um you know Bitcoin did go down a Bit from 44200 to 43,800 is and then it's been Moving up a bit since then um he Actually did have a post about that and And the the the primary takeaway as far As I'm concerned from that post is Basically yeah there was a dip there but So not because of any sort of Leverage And it didn't come as a result of Activity um with spot bitcoin price Action so from his perspective this this Is a nothing it's just crypto volatile This is regular volatility for Bitcoin Still going to be moving to the Upside uh here's a post from uh from the Blockchain backer and there's two Different charts uh Bitcoin USD charts But then he's got um xrp here and in Orange that's the total three market cap

Which I believe is the total market cap For the entire asset class minus Bitcoin And minus ethereum so everything except The top two coins that's what the orange Chart is and that's what he's Highlighting in circles and both charts So uh the one on the bottom is from the Range back in here you can see November 2020 so a little over three years ago And then this is up where we are now and So this is this where he's highlighted Here it shows December 5th 2023 and so Not the same month three years later but From a chart perspective in terms of the Chart formation progressing he's noting It's the same thing right that's what He's highlighting here that's the Concept that he's trying to share and so We wrote The Following in 2020 it was Right about where we are right now in This setup where xrp shot up 180% Bitcoin up check altcoin market up Check this is where it happened let's See how this week unfolds from here and So note he's not making a promise that This is what's going to happen but look At the progression because you can see Right here again for those of you Looking at the screen again 3 years ago Orange that's the total market cap minus Bitcoin and ethereum and then up here Wor the red and green candles that's That's the Bitcoin price 3 years ago and Then the green line here that is

Xrp so xrp did ultimately follow in Massive fashion move to the upside here You can see Bitcoin is breaking away you Can see total three which is again Everything except for Bitcoin eath it's Taken off you can see that xrp it's Actually following that same portion of The in terms of the formation it was Moving up just like total 3 was started To come back down a little bit what's Next for xrp and so he's not making a Promise it's not an absolute guarantee But he's saying these things look the Damn same that's obviously the point That he's getting at here so is it going To take off and is everything else going To take off won't be surprised if the Answer is yes this is an exciting that's Why I'm saying it I said it at the Outside of this video this is the time To be excited about xrp and it's Reasonable to be excited right now it's Okay to be because most of what it has Been to hold xrp is a lot of pain and You could say that's broadly true for Crypto like it just scares the hell out Of people and people can't sleep at Night but uh but it's there's we've gone Through a lot of especially as an xrp Community especially with the SEC Nonsense it's okay to be like take it in Enjoy this it's perfectly Reasonable and we'll see what happens There's no guarantee what's going to

Happen but so what things are looking Pretty damn good right now Right then there was also this post from Xrp chart analyst dark Defender and he Wrote the ones who told xrp will not see One dollar until 2025 2025 will go out Of existent soon meanwhile xrp touched 70 cents yesterday and that's a Fantastic point the 24-hour high for xrp 70.1 cents and people are just crying The other day as it was at 71 cents and I'm like quit focusing too much on Short-term price action if you're Looking at it hour after hour after hour You're just going to drive yourself nuts When it goes It goes and we'll enjoy That but we'll be watching it like Hawks Because that fine that's fun but other Than that you're going to drive yourself Insane right and you see other stuff Popping off oh my god did I pick a bad Coin well that's not an indication of Whether or not you picked a bad coin It's just regular volatility but xrp Hits 70 cents and it's come back down a Little bit but the there's a particular Level dark Defender was talking about I Want to highlight this here this is an Xrp USD chart and he's noting that xrp Broke through a particular resistance Level hit 70 cents and went back down And tested that former resistance level As support now so he's saying this is Good effectively but here's what he

Wrote with while sharing this xrp USD Chart hi all xrp is retesting the 66.4 n Cent uh Cent level uh this level is not A joke but if you fully understand it's It it's critical critical Criticality he's trying to say it's Critical that's a critical level you Will be absolutely fascinated by the Upcoming xrp moves right after here this Is the key at the Moment let's check this on the monthly Time frame as you see below we are now Above the critical level on the monthly Chart which will o also open further Their targets close to $1 $1 singular Dollar $1 uh five wve Elliot Elliot wave Structure in the monthly chart is still In play towards $18.22 short to midterm when xrp breaks $188 since a strong level oh God it will Be Kaboom so we'll see what happens there But um you can see dragging this out He's talking about in this upcoming year 2024 which we're almost at $18 Plus Now I don't know if that's going to Happen and it's for me I'll be out of The market by then if not entirely then Almost entirely I mean there is a Poss So I keep saying I'm going to scale out Entirely between five to eight bucks Which is my general plan but if xrp is The last of my Holdings to take off or

Just about and I know that I've made Sufficient money from the rest of the Stuff I might be willing to risk a Little bit more but if it's it's like Say xrp's doing something weird and it Does something that historically we Shouldn't expect which is it pops off Sooner in the market cycle if it does Then um I'm probably going to be just Unloading pretty much all of it but if It's later in the cycle maybe I do hold On to 10% or 20% or who knows maybe it Could even be a little bit more Depending on how much I earn from my Other stuff that's actually possible but Outside of that I want to make sure I Get the live changing wealth I put it in Protection and I go to preservation mode That that's my plan lots of excitement Here we're going to see what happens This is the are you guys enjoying this As much as me because look I've been at This over six years been running this Channel almost five years now and most Of it is not this type of um you know It's not this type of vibe it's not it's Not what we're in because most of what It is to be in crypto it's sideways and Downward price action so I just I'm just Saying I hope that you're you're Enjoying this in the moment because it Doesn't last forever so you know this Year has been a lot better than last Year and 2024 I suspect is going to be

Even better dramatically better than 2023 but it'll be over before you know It the good news is even when that Happens I'll still be hanging out here Making YouTube videos um because it's Just R and repeat I'm going to do this All over again I'll start accumulating Dollar cost averaging in as I think the Markets probably get more or less to the Bottom then just do it all over again I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy yourself anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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