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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and we've got a a crypto Industry Under Siege and there's a real Scenario right now where right at the Time that the entire industry is under Complete Siege xrp gets Clarity Ball by Itself And so that would that scenario would be Very good for ripple and for xrp and so For that reason link to doing a special Today only I think it's until midnight Today what they're doing is forever uh If you invest ten thousand dollars or uh Ten thousand dollars in in Ripple equity On their platform they're going to give You a thousand dollars worth of xrp if You do twenty five thousand dollars Investment in Ripple private Equity They're going to give you twenty five Hundred dollars of xrp if you do fifty Thousand dollars of uh Ripple private Equity they're gonna give you five Thousand dollars of xrp and that is cool The links in the in the top of the Description you can click on it tell Them D.A I sent you now Against the backdrop of all this Government stuff where they're trying to Come after crypto

The markets Don't seem to buy it I mean I think the Markets are making it pretty clear we Xrp itself's up in the last 24 hours 4.65 percent I don't think the mark the markets are Buying that they're going to be able the Government's going to gonna actually do Any kind of look folks if you think About it if they were going to ban it Then just ban it but they're not There's games being played And here's a good little reminder right Here Nothing Stops this train we've been to This dance before folks when they first Dropped the lawsuit on Ripple we fought For over two years by ourselves with no Help from anyone and As Rosie Rios says the train has already Left the station and what we say is Nothing Stops this train all right so I Like that from Cowboy crypto who is the Official Cowboy of the digital asset Investor Channel and not just every Channel has an official Cowboy by the Way Um John Deaton um had had retweeted one Of his older tweets and he says it Certainly wasn't a popular tweet at the Start of the year but I think it's clear That there won't be a settlement between The SEC and ripple until after the judge Rules if ever see I didn't even realize

Until recently that the judge could rule And then you could have a settlement I Didn't even realize it worked that way Because I'm not an attorney but I still Say because I asked the question this Morning When are we getting the ruling on the Hinman documents because until I have Those Hinman documents and emails Unredacted in my hot little hands I Stand by my settlement prediction Because I don't think they can show them And I if I'm proven wrong it won't be The first time Um I'm human but but that doesn't mean I Still don't think it and again I'm not An attorney I'm just saying they fought So hard to not show those things if this Judge forces them to show now I guess There is a scenario where the judge does Not force them to show them until this She does the summary judgment and if That's the case then I then I would say They're going to want to settlement After the Judgment but one way or Another I think I don't think that they Can afford for some of the names in that Stuff for it to be known what they were Up to check this out I think this Sam bankman freed is Intentionally trying to act like he's Got something wrong with him mentally I Think his judges may be telling I mean Judges his attorneys might be telling

Him to do some of this stuff but to to Make it appear that he's not in his Right mind in this case I think the Judge must have told him to not access The internet or something and she found Out that he she or he I don't know if It's a she or he accessed the internet Remotely so listen to Um this right here now yesterday we had The Congressional committee the Congress Is pissed okay listen to what they said Here The American people deserve Mr Scott was One of the heroes of the hearing by the Way The American people deserve to know why No action was taken prior to ftx's Collapse and how millions of dollars of Americans hard-earned money just Vanished into nothing Yep And then there was this the elephant in The room as I want to address the Elephant in the room If chairman ginsler is going to take Action enforcement action and Congress Needs to hear from him very soon the Chairman had lots of time to do the Rounds on the morning talk shows if he Has time for that he should be here Testifying with us this morning and I Hope that we see him here very soon well He might well the other thing he might Be doing

Um I guess it's Congressman Scott he Might be doing one of those video Productions that he does Um those fancy taxpayer paid video Productions where he brags about his Settlements that he's forced companies To do he could be working on those and That's why he can't talk to you guys Then there was this clip right here Proof of reserves and other things that Congress can act on I don't find a lot Of comfort in knowing that Mr Gensler thinks he has full authority To implement a regulatory regimen Because I think he's been going a little Bit too fast and a little bit too Expansive on rulemaking which is why I Hope that Congress will act so that we Get this right so give me some ideas on Singles and doubles yeah so I appreciate The question Senator you know frankly This guy is this guy right here is Anti-crypto and I'll show you why in a Second reserves aren't worth the paper That they're written on and I would just Point to the Okay Every his whole theme was negative I'll Show you some more of him but here's his Resume that he's now like a policy Director at Duke Financial economic Center her name's Lee reiners but look Where he was You know how this works folks they send

These remember what they did with Gary Gensler he's at the he's at the cftc They sent him off to MIT for a few years They go to these they go there that Builds their street cred to be some Professor somewhere they're doing it They did it to Ben Bernanke after he was At the Federal Reserve they send them Off to these these schools and then now They're all sudden their their Intelligence has been enhanced and now They're even more legitimate and then They deliver them back up to either Maybe give testimony in front of Congress or maybe go get get another Government job all right so this is the Guy they call up there so they can make Sure that he puts all the negativity you Think that they can on the record crypto Is not new uh the first Bitcoin Transaction was in 2009. so we have a 14-year track record to look back and Assess this and didn't take the internet 14 years to prove its worth and so when You look at cryptocurrencies I would Just ask what's the fundamental value Why are they worth anything normal Financial assets or someone else's Liability you haven't been able to find Out if they're what they're worth yet Because the the government hasn't Allowed the the true utility to be seen Yet they sued Ripple what would that Utility look like at this point if they

Had not right there's an issuer Otherwise where would the Returns come From there's no reason to think that Cryptocurrency is going to generate Returns indefinitely into the future It's clear that people are just buying It because they think they can sell it To someone else at a higher price in the Future there's no fundamentals now that Doesn't mean necessarily that blockchain Doesn't have value and I think there's a Way to regulate the risk so so like what Jamie Domin said with crypto and to the Consumer protections point that you Raise while still allowing you know Traditional Financial Services to Experiment with blockchain as they are All right so he's full of crap okay Here's another clip there is no evidence Whatsoever to suggest that crypto Promotes Financial inclusion and in fact There's overwhelming evidence suggests The exact opposite is happening most People who've invested in cryptocurrency Have lost money of those people a Plurality are minor most of the money That's been lost has been because of Gary Gensler and his friends going Around suing companies that are do that Are booming and then bringing them down And low income Americans okay so this is An example of predatory inclusion we saw The same thing not to mention FTX folks See we'll get to that in a minute but

Don't think for look they were cozying Up to FTX and it just so happens I Remember bit boy floating out the idea That FTX was behind all of the crashes That happened last year Sub-time loans leading up to the 2008 Financial crisis for low-income minority Communities are being explicitly Targeted with your very very risky past Right there fortunately they have lost In many cases everything Like that you know that's by Design They're trying to make it a political Issue Um and pull heart strings and I for Example this this lady has it right now Let me see who she is Chief regulatory Officer in general counsel and lecture Georgetown law you know she's previously With these government organizations but Listen to what she says I for example Moved back to the U.S from Europe I had To pay four thousand dollars to my European Bank to move my own savings Back to the US and then I also had No profit from the spread the bank made When it converted from Swiss Francs to US Dollars this is the type of Opportunity that blockchain technology Can help with I look forward to that day When I'll be able to transfer money Cross-border to myself and actually also Make part of that profit in the spread There you go I know who can help you now

Eleanor tarrett had made a mistake Yesterday and said that there was a Wells notice that sent from the SEC to Circle which when I saw that I was like What circles back by Goldman Sachs that Doesn't make any sense and then Circle Made her aware that that was a mistake And they did not receive a Wells notice So don't worry Goldman you're okay not That I didn't think you were Then thinking crypto Tony Um had put out a tweet thread here Saying he spoke to a source he's got a Source who cannot be named and they gave Me Um so he's got an inside source here we Love inside sources although we don't Have any They gave me insight into the attack on Crypto aka the operation choke point 2.0 That's what they're calling this I guess Person worked in the government and now Is in the crypto industry the attack was Green lighted from the top it is coming From Biden Administration POTUS this is Why you see no well it's not coming from Him it's coming from whoever runs him This is why you see SEC cftc and other Agencies targeting crypto companies in Parallel this is why Gary Gensler is so Bold and not afraid of consequences the Negative influence on the administration Is coming from the following parties Janet Yellen absolutely does not like

Kryptos Gary Gensler wants more power For the SEC and will give some of it Back when regulations come uh come but Will have a large slice by then fed Stable coins undermine the fed and Banking Industries control money to do Certain things I've personally spoken to This cbdc's are coming the digital Dollar cannot be usurped by stable coins Gary Gensler wants to be the face of This attack because he wants to build The clout and resume he would like to Get the treasury job wouldn't that be Disgusting Can this be stopped yes but Congress has To act will they that's a big question GOP and others something done this year Prepare for more pain the attack has Just started they will continue to apply Pressure of course fraudster SBF gave Them ammo they needed to be this Aggressive Or did the fraudster SBF working with The government who was working with him While the Fraud's going on or was he the Guy that was causing the crashes like Luna and all of those things with Through FTX That's the question folks that's the one Nobody's bringing up My opinion we're uh in a in the then They fight you phase as we've seen Throughout history they can slowly Disrupt Tech but they can't stop it I'm

Bullish long term and so am I I've seen This movie now he mentioned in that Tweet thread that the cftc is also Working with the SEC and the White House On on this Crackdown well Caroline Pham Has put herself out as this pro-crypto Person and so I asked her remember she's The one that keep that showed up at Ripple she's the one that showed up at The bank of England so I said hey Caroline dfam is this true you've been Making rounds like your pro crypto but According to this you're involved in the Crackdown coming straight from the White House and you are coordinating with Gary Gensler so I think that she who wants to Be pretend like she's pro-crypto Deserves Crypt an answer to crypto I agree with Tipsy tiger the sec's Timing for this ramp up in crypto Market Was planned they purposely held back Until the discovery ended in the SEC Versus Ripple to stop unification and Further participation in the case well Industry you better hope Ripple wins and Gary getzler uh his time is short I hope So Then there's this I asked Gary Gensler Remember Al Goran was hatched out of MIT His buddy over there Silvio whatever his Name is and I said hey and then the Other day the the woman whose campaign He ran the finances for She's married to an ex President we

Don't say her name on this channel she's Endorsing Al Goran and working and Working with them through her foundation And as we know Gary has secret meetings With her and George Soros and the Lunatic whack job One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Nancy Pelosi and then he Hides those meetings from his calendar He scrubs them public calendar Um so my question is is Al Legrand a Security not that I want it to be I want Algorithm to fly high with all the rest Of crypto but I don't want Al Goran to Get a free pass like ethereum either I Wanted I want there to be a Level Playing Field so this guy says I got a Big bag this is the United States of America today under Gary Gensler I got a Big bag of algo for this exact reason It's my corruption policy insurance Policy so here in the United States of America in what's supposed to be free Markets you have to have a corruption Hedge now because of people like Gary Gensler What a lovely place to be and Library Nailed it if you have a product You'll do anything to stop the Competition it's talking about the US Dollar then Jake travinsky weighed in And he's talking about basically his Whole if I had to sum up his thread it's Like yeah they're coming for crypto but We can stop it and and uh you need to

Contact Congress and you need to get Active now I want to draw your attention To this part right here because I think This was all by Design to begin some Important scene setting 2022 was the Worst year in crypto history from a Policy perspective by far it may have Been the worst year in DC for any Industry in recent memory the whole year Was one thing crashing after another Which I questioned whether it was caused By FTX whether Sam bankman freed was Crashing these things FTX did massive Damage to crypto's reputation who had an Incentive to create message damage Massive damage to the ft to crypto's Reputation more than the SEC and all These government these government Organizations that were meeting cftc Every single one of the people that Thinking crypto just mentioned in their Tweet every single one of those Organizations was having meetings with FTX while they were going after the Other participants in crypto the White House the cftc Congress and the SEC they Were all meeting with FTX And don't forget because I'm going to Point it out Has anyone really addressed whether FTX Was propped up by the government in Order to use a tool to cause all the Crashes in crypto Mark wetjen he was at The cftc under Gary Gensler and he was

The general counsel for FTX I smell Government rats everywhere where the Crashes orchestrated that's my question Now we've been telling you for over two Years now John Deaton is part of the Solution connect to Congress he's still Got it on his website I've got the link You can go and you can Uh tell your Congressman to get these People to back off connect to Congress Um his he's at crypto Dash law dot u s Okay crypto Dash and you can he's Got a form you can fill out and you can Inform your Congress people that you're Sick of all this now here's one of the Eth um here's one of the ethereum Maxis Who's asking a question okay crypto What's the best way to fight this Rogue SCC so as if nothing's been going on for For two plus years I said the best way Is for Bitcoin and ethereum Maxis like You to put their bias behind them once And for all and get behind John Deaton Who's been done more fighting than Anyone in crypto with none of your help Because you wrongly thought he was only Fighting for xrp for two plus years when He was actually on the front lines of Fighting for all of crypto and you guys Are just now waking up to it and if you Hadn't been so self-centered for the Last two plus years and only thought About yourself and only thought oh well They're not touching ethereum so we've

Got a free pass so good go after xrp if You hadn't taken that stance then you Wouldn't be having to fight it here two Years later maybe we would have been Past all this but wrong oh buddy I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and Tell your friends and family that these Guys ought to be ashamed of themselves Because they're ideologues and we've Been trying our best to get everybody we Could involved but they all ignored John Dean to Jake travinsky's credit Uh it took him a while but he came Around and he was actually I think he on Twitter I've seen him interacting with John Deaton and I think that's a good Thing He's he's a maxi too but I think he came Around a little bit [Music] [Music]


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