The Great Economic Collapse is Here…

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The great economic collapse is here and I truly truly hope from the bottom of my Heart you are preparing your house in Today's video I'm going to break down my Opinion on what's happening with the Economy and where I think this is Transitioning to and how the normally Everyday person can take advantage of The biggest transformation wealth in our Living history my name is coach JB what I work to do is make very complex macro And microeconomic strategies very simple So the normal everyday person can Implement them I've helped over 7,500 People since 2020 with three amazing Resources number one is a free Consultation with my insurance team I've Been using index universal life tax code 77772 ensuring my wealth for over three Years now we got licens this year and Now we have licensed agents in all 50 States helping you have a free Conversation and understand how to Secure your wealth number two is a free 16 page guide on exactly how my Blueprint is set up in my current Paradigm and number three is you can Jump right into to our paid Academy 7 Days for free to try it before you buy It that's all in the description of this Video and in my social media platforms By clicking the link in the bio all Right so let's dive right into it now You guys know that I'm a huge fan of Ray

Doio and let me explain the why so I am A person who studies he history at a Deep deep level because what I realize Is by studying history his story you'll See patterns behaviors that repeat Themselves over and over again and if Humans are always the same and repeating The same pattern and you can predict the Future and that's how I went from Completely broke four years ago to Radically transforming my life to Financial Freedom and about to build Generational wealth for my family Because I was able to see distinct Patterns within human behavior uh the Government structures religion all these Things repeat themselves over and over Again and Ray doio has been doing Something awesome so now Ray doio he has Uh no nothing to gain with this which is Pretty cool if you really understand who Ray doio is he's a billionaire he's a Billionaire he stepped down from the CEO Is Bridgewater I think it's Bridgewater Associates um he's a billion dooll asset Manager right he has plenty of money his Mission is to help people that's it That's it and so he wrote the book The Changing World Order and the big debt Crisis and it's really cool it was about Six months ago he actually compressed This video which I want to show you guys Okay now this is principles of dealing With the changing world order the five

Minute version so he condensed the Longer video into a five-minute version So we're going to watch that and watch Until the end of this video you will not Believe what Jamie Diamond the Jamie Diamond the CEO of JP Morgan said about Cryptocurrency I'm not shocked what that Signaled to me this shit's about to go Parabolic remember when they tell you to Look this way there's always another Narrative going on this way so let's Watch this amazing video get out your Pen and paper guys you need to Understand this information we are about To go through the biggest transformation In our financial system okay we have no Money in the system we're buried in debt High interest rates High inflation and When they lower interest rates next year Hyperinflation is going to kick in the Middle class is going to get wiped out Move down to the Working Poor and those Who invested those who planted the seeds Are going to become wealthy the Wealthiest families in the world pay Attention the 10 most powerful Empires Over the last 500 years and the last Three Reserve currencies it took me Through the rise and decline of the Dutch Empire and the Gilder the British Empire and the pound the r R and early Decline in the United States Empire in The dollar and The Decline and Rise of The Chinese Empire and its currencies as

Well as the rise and decline of the Spanish German French Indian Japanese Russian and ottoman Empires along with Their significant Conflicts as measured in this chart to Understand China's patterns better I Also studied the rise and fall of Chinese dynasties and their monies back To the year 600 because looking at all these Measures at once can be confusing I'll Focus on the four most important ones The Dutch British us and Chinese you'll quickly notice the Pattern now let's simplify the form a Bit as you can see they transpired in Overlapping cycles that lasted about 250 Years years with 10 to 20 year Transition periods between them Typically these transitions have been Periods of great conflict because Leading Powers don't decline without a Fight so how am I measuring an Empire's Power in this study I use so I want you To notice where America and China are Coming together and there's going to be A 10-year run guys we're going to War World War III which is going to Radically transform everything you do Eight met Each country's measure of total power is Derived by averaging them together they Are education inventiveness and Technology development competitiveness

In global markets economic output share Of World Trade military strength the Power of their financial center for Capital markets and the strength of Their currency as a reserve currency Because these powers are measured able We can see how strong each country is Now was in the past and whether they're Rising or Declining by examining the sequences From many countries we can see how a Typical cycle Transpires and because the Wiggles can Be confusing we can simplify it a bit to Focus on the pattern of cause effect Relationships that drive the rise and Decline of a typical Empire as you can See better education typically leads to Increased Innovation and Technology Development and with a lag the Establishment of the currency as a Reserve currency you can also see that These forces then declined in a similar Order reinforcing each other's Decline let's now look at the typical Sequence of events going on inside a Country that produces these Rises and Declines in a sh the big cycle typically Begins after a major conflict often a War establishes the new leading power And the New World Order because no one Wants to challenge this power a period Of peace and prosperity typically Follows as people get used to this peace

And prosperity they increasingly Bet On It continuing they borrow money to do That which eventually leads to a Financial bubble the empire share of Trade grows and when most transactions Are conducted in its currency it becomes A reserved currency so that's where we Stand as America right now as a reserve Currency study the wars and when this Happen which leads to even more B at the Same time this increased Prosperity Distributes wealth unevenly so the Wealth Gap typically grows between the Rich Haves and the poor have not so Since 1971 we detached from the gold Standard p pay attention to how big the Wealth Gap is it's about to get massive That's the Gap in between the wealthy And the Poor eventually the financial bubble Bursts which leads to the printing of Money an increased internal conflict Between the rich and the poor which Leads to some form of Revolution to Redistribute wealth this can happen Peacefully or as a civil war while the Empire struggles with this internal Conflict it's its power diminishes Relative to external rival powers on the Rise when a new Rising power gets strong Enough to compete with the dominant Power that is having domestic breakdowns External conflicts most typically Wars Take place out of these internal and

External Wars come new winners and Losers then the winners get together to Create the New World Order and the s Begins again boom so think about this What have we been learning about bricks Bricks came together in 2009 Brazil Russia India China and South Africa the Bricks are working to dollarize and gain Their superpowers guys Jamie Diamond the Gentleman we're going to listen to at The end of here is investing in China Guys they're investing overseas Ray Doo Is sitting overseas Warren Buffett Decreased his bank stocks went up in Bank of America and went out into Japan Guys they are diversifying outside of This country and this is why I believe Cryptocurrency and now Black Rock Larry Thinkink said the crypto is a flight to Safety the US dollar is no longer touted As one of the greatest currencies ever It's not it's not going to collapse Though guys if it collapse we are Switching to a new monetary system so Wealthy people are storing their money In things that they think can hold value As this transition happens and Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is going to be One of those transitions I'm Diversified Across different platforms but we need To pay attention Okay so now here we are We now live in this bubble that's coming Down which is 13 14 15 16 17 18 we're Going to have Civil War within America

This presidential election is going to Cause a massive uproar right we're going To be we're weak as a country we're Sloppy As Americans we're undisciplined We're sloppy we're stuck in the Coliseum We're more worried about a football team Than taking care of our family the Average American retires with $294,000 that's disgusting that's Disgusting if you're the head of your Household and you're a man and you're You're retiring with 2009 that means you Didn't pay attention to your household That means you didn't put in the work You needed to to educate yourself to get Your family there somebody at some point Has to draw the line in the sand and That is you that's why you're watching This so we're going to start to pay Attention to the narrative and what's Happening in America now I've told you Guys Q3 Q4 2023 was going to start to Shake markets our next guest says that Despite the economic slowdown let's Check in right now on the markets our Next guest says that despite the Economic slowdown the FED has to shift Its focus from tightening to Accommodation let bring in president and Chief investment officer at henyan and Walsh Asset Management Kevin man Uh Kevin why do you think the FED has to Shift to to lower to lower rates Sometime soon Becky the long awaited

Economic slowdown is finally coming to Fruition as the current GDP now estimate From the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Shows GDP grow slowing to 1.2% in the Fourth quarter from a revised total of 5.3% % in the third quarter we also know From the Federal Reserve own projections They're forecasting GDP growth of just One and a half% next year and grow Staying below 2% all the way to 2026 as a result of that the FED is Ultimately going to need to step in Lower interest rates as inflation Continues to moderate once they lower Interest rates well that's going to open Up opportunities in stocks and bonds Over the course of the next two to three Years okay so get ready guys you guys Are planting the seeds your assets are Going to go up you have to have an Exit Plan okay at the back end of every video I break down exactly what I'm doing Repetitively annoyingly because I'm Sharing with you guys from my Paradigm How I transform my family's life okay so This says Bank of Canada keeps rates on Hold giving likely economic slowdown so Canada's in the same position now let's Listen to our friend Jamie Diamond who Gives us the opposite of what to do Let's listen to what he says about Crypto this this lets me know it's Bullish guys recogniz Thank you Mr chairman and and and

Elizabeth Warren this lady man I mean Just she is so against crypto it's Unbelievable they are just just pay Attention so today I'm want to talk About how criminals are using our Financial system to move money to Finance terrorists drug traffickers and You don't think well listen to the way He responds you don't think they got Together before this and talked about This and sanction countries like Russia And Iran and North Korea our Witnesses Are the CEOs of the largest banks in the United States and they deal with this Issue every single day Mr moan you are The CEO of Bank of America so let me ask You if a terrorist group that wanted to Attack the United States tried to move Money through Bank of America accounts Do you have systems in place to identify That activity to report it to law Enforcement and to shut it down uh yes We do Senator okay hey Mr Diamond you Are the CEO of JP Morgan what about you If terrorist group tried to move money Through JP Morgan accounts do you have Systems in place to catch it to report It and to shut it down we have extensive Systems in place but no system is Foolproof okay but you do have systems In place work on this every day and let Me just ask all of you in the interest Of time just raise your hand if you have Those programs in

Place good I see all the hands out look I believe that none of you want your Banks to be used to finance terrorist Attacks but let's be clear none of you Runs these anti-money laundering Programs out of the goodness of your Hearts Back in 1970 Congress passed the Bra Bank secrecy act to make sure that Banks don't run a financial system that Is open to terrorists and drug Traffickers and Rogue Nations but time Passed and the crooks got more Sophisticated so after the 9/11 Terrorist attacks law enforcement Discovered the way terrorists had gotten Around the bank secrecy act and Congress Was then called on to update the laws to Cut off future access and that's what Congress did today's terrorists have a New way to get around the bank seat here We go guys here we go this is what the Public's hearing okay so stand tall do Your thing but remember it's a Speculative asset that's why you have to Have an Exit Plan act CP CTO currency Last year an estimated 20 billion doll In illicit crypto transactions funded Every kind of dangerous criminal North Korea has funded at least half its Missile program including nuclear Weapons using the proceeds of crypto Crime and Israeli officials have Confirmed that Hamas received millions Of dollars through crypto transactions

Including quote large sums from Iran Mr Diamond you've been CEO JP Morgan for Almost two decades can you explain why Crypto is such an attractive Financial Tool for terrorists drug traffickers and Rogue Nations now this is the guy who's Doing tons of business in China and said Only if America tells him to get out of China who is our adversary he will do it I've always been deeply opposed to Crypto Bitcoin Etc you pointed out the Only true use case for it is Criminal Drug traffickers anti-money laundering Tax avoidance and that is a use case Because it is somewhat Anonymous not Fully and because you can move money Instantaneously and because it doesn't Go through as you mentioned all these Systems have built up over many years Know your customer sanctions ofac it's They can get bypass all of that I if I Was the governments I'd close it down so He would close it down but he'll do Business in China right he will have Onyx the blockchain the blockchain Technology they have their own system Their own blockchain technology system They'll tell you that blockchain is good But cryptocurrency is a fraud it's one In the same guys they're trying to fudge You out of this okay so here's exactly What I'm doing um I am dollar cost Averaging every single day actually into Cryptocurrency right now okay so what I

Mean by that small amounts every single Day going into crypto when it dips I buy Larger amounts but cryptocurrency is a Very speculative asset to me I've done Very well with cryptocurrency but this Bull is the Super Bowl okay as the bulll Run comes in I will be exiting the Markets as people are coming in okay Everybody's excited everybody's getting Fed by these influencers and all the News stations telling you it's going to Go to this I'm exiting on the way up I Use what's called Merlin we created it Everything I talk about that I bring to You guys is something I am co-founder or Creator of I'm one of the co-founders of Merlin excuse me I'm backwards here of Merlin in Merlin all of you guys should Get your Merlin set up it's 30 days for Free you can try it before you even buy It guys and you can cancel right there On the app you don't have to jump Through hoops the reason why we're doing This this is the most important app you Will have on your phone you set up an Exit strategy in there so that when You're busy and it starts going Parabolic you can exit the markets on The way up it's a latter strategy we Also have facts uh uh videos to help you Understand what an exit strategy is guys We help so many people just with Spreadsheets from 2020 to 2022 that's Why we eded merland 36,000 Lin of code

Were written for Merlin from the ground Up we are the creators the founders of This we do not hold your keys we do not Hold your combos it's an interface so it Tracks your crypto it's the smartest way To track your crypto in an interface Okay your daily gains and losses and This is the most powerful part that I'm Going to keep talking about is setting Up your exit strategy so if xrp we're Big xrp fans if it goes to its all-time High of $3.7 cents I'll be exiting 10% Of 50% of my portfolio if it goes to5 to $7 I'll be exiting 50 % as I'm exiting People are coming in and when it goes Parabolic and you get fed by your Favorite influencer you're just going to Get stuck at the top the exchanges are Going to shut down you're going to come Sliding down the back end then you're Going to go into depression and anxiety And follow the same cycle and you have To wait for four years okay this is the Super Bowl this is it okay so when I PLL I'm Max funding index Universal Life Policies extremely important it's why I Got licensed that they're set up Correctly for living benefits and the Agent is not maximizing their commission It's not about the death benefit it's About the living benefit the reason why I secure that because it's securing my Wealth I can borrow against it taxfree To buy other assets which I'm

Multiplying my profits then I'm going to Be getting into real estate for Depreciation for the interest write off And also for appreciation and I'm going To be moving into uh more uh deeper into Business and expanding our businesses in Information technology and attention and We're using precious metals so my next Phase and I know people are reaching out To me that I'm a baby in this phase I'm In the process of getting my trust set Up so I don't have any education around That we're licensed insurance agents we Can refer you to the people we're Getting our trust set up with uh but I Don't have the information so I only Speak from the Paradigm that I'm Currently operating in everything is in The description of this video or in my Social media platform Merlin is Something that every single person I can Boldly stand out that should have in Their Arsenal for crypto because you'll Be very happy when you exit when Everybody else is stuck at the top so we Love you guys we appreciate you as we Always say Warriors let's get your Together let's go [Music] N


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