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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here we got Ripple Partner news we're going to talk about U.S Bitcoin energy use ladies and Gentlemen coinbase's friends trading Will tell you on what Finance USD is This a takedown ladies and gentlemen Ripple or I'm sorry Robin Hood gets a Subpoena say what and we got thoughts From Jeremy Hogan on that can Ripple Save crypto in the SEC versus Ripple Case by the way general counsel Stuart Al-arati speaks on Gary Gensler how he Needs to recuse himself from the case Itself somebody wrote that beautiful Intro Foreign Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.12 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto it's off by 1.1 percent good Afternoon everybody Bitcoin now 23 500 Plus ethereum 1641 and change tether Market cap 71.1 billion is what they're saying here Xrp is 37 cents we're off by 4.6 percent On the seven day ladies and gentlemen And we're up by point four percent in The last hour this is what you need to Know ladies and gentlemen xrp Las Vegas 2023 66 days the countdown is on you Want to rub elbows with some of the most

Important people you can get a ticket For Friday and then you can get a ticket For Saturday you can get discounted Rooms if you click this link right here But I'm telling you we're getting ready To add to this speakers list ladies and Gentlemen and it's going to be amazing Shout out to Jeremy Hogan who's going to Have a virtual presence John Deaton and Eleanor Tara to be there with us and so So many the others ladies and gentlemen I'm telling you this is going to be the Xrp Army experience of a lifetime the Inaugural event click this link and look At the proposed agenda it is coming Together so beautifully I am determined Because you have gone through so much in The last four years let alone the last Two plus with this case you deserve an Incredible experience and I won't stop Until I give it to you that much I Guarantee you and guess what every Conference has a cool guy and guess what Xrp Las Vegas just got theirs Mr eyes Coming to Vegas baby what's up fam Greg Hines is hosting the first ever xrp Event in Las Vegas we gotta uphold we Got link two we got Tech Master Flex Quincy speaking we got the digital asset Investor might be going So Mr Oz made his decision Effort we're going to Vegas let's have Some fun let's get the adults in the Room and let's talk about what this

World is really going that's what I'm Talking about shout out to Mr Right a Cool guy I can't wait to meet you my Friend it's going to be amazing now Let's take a look at this because I tell You I have just seen so much of this Stuff here former director of developer Relations at Ripple Matt Hamilton Commented on allegations of making money From xrp speculation and admitting to Running a market maker on The xrp Ledger He hasn't done anything wrong he runs a Market maker for God's sakes you know This is what we deal with on a daily day A daily basis here on the channel other Influencers I know go through this as Well you know Matt hang tough my friend And I know you will because you got Backbone brother and you know the Reality is is he runs a market maker It's not a big deal but you know you get A lot of these trolls out here that just Think whatever you're doing doing as a a Contribution to the space should be for Free I don't know how your family's Supposed to eat or survive you know it's Just not practical but you know Congratulations to Matt I'm glad you're Running a market maker and I hope you're Making tons of money however if you want To keep your eyes peeled for something Keep it peeled for this because I have Had my mind blown about the Phoenix Community Capital and the Phoenix fire

Token Scandal I cannot tell you how many People have come out and said that they Have been burned by this project Now I tell you now this is a completely Different matter and as far as this goes We should start cleaning house as a Community on the people that facilitated This scam on top of this community That's what we need to do and we need to Get to the bottom of it as soon as Possible Ripple partner trianglo announced today That it assigned easy remit one of Australia's fastest growing fintech Companies as a ripple part as a new Partner excuse me easy remit will use Triangular's cross-border payment Solution including xrp based on demand Liquidity payment technology don't Forget Ripple owns 40 percent of Triangle come on in yeah it's a Beautiful thing if you haven't seen a Video from this morning about ACI Ripple Partner that does 14 trillion per day You might want to go watch that first Video from this morning and see what's Coming down the pipe there now here is Another issue and we're going to talk About this as we move through the next Few pieces of information here crypto in General pulling back a little bit crypto And Bitcoin mining operations continue To lock horns with the United States Congress over the energy consumption

This is a problem and we've talked about This Chris Larson has said when he was The CEO of Ripple back in 2014 that They've had Bitcoin on The xrp Ledger Since 2014. In the last year or so Chris Larson has Come out as a chairman and just on his Own not representing ripple at all but Just on his own accord and has said that They need to get Bitcoin off of proof of Work That's what he said and it sounds like To me with the way the world is moving In a geopolitical uh aspect of going Green green agendas Bitcoin's going to need to do something We'll see what happens here however There's more to cover so let's get into This Coinbase the world's second largest Cryptocurrency exchange by trading Volume said Monday is suspending trading Of the binance USD now we covered this And it starts on March 13th so keep your Eyes peeled for that I asked a question When we see these kinds of things and Looking at this here from Leo Schwartz Last week he reported that binance moved 750 million of customer reserves for its Binance Peg usdc token And converted it to binance USD Uh Uh look What my concern is here just and I'm

Look reading tea leaves and just Wondering how this all shakes out Is this a takedown is this about Crippling binance USD which of course is Money at binance's wallet right and They're holding a lot of it obviously It's their token But if you can cut off the different Places that are offering the token It will begin to lose value that's Simple math right it's just simple math And if you can create fear around that Understanding then you have people just A run on the token itself and is this Really what's going on to the Largest crypto platform as a Target we Shall see because it appears here as we Reported yesterday the carpet bombing Continues in the crypto space and it Goes right here to this doorstep and Hang in there because we're going to Hear from Jeremy Hogan who I think puts This right here right on the crosshairs Ladies and gentlemen NASDAQ listed Robin Hood markets which runs the Robin Hood Equity and crypto trading app received An investigative subpoena from the U.S Securities Exchange Commission in December relating to its trading and Handling of cryptocurrencies now I had Much the same question that was asked Here by Jeremy Hogan and shout out to Eleanor tarrett who obviously is going To be at xrp Las Vegas I can't wait to

Talk to all of them He says looks like the SEC is pointing Its next Arrow at Robin Hood What is the sheriff after I don't think Robin Hood even has a staking program Does it Robin Hood has a lot of ethereum though Just saying I just reported yesterday That through a meta-law man and Fredraspoli who is suing the SEC to get A determination that ethereum is not a Security they acknowledged in their Writing to dismiss that case from Frederick Polly's Auto law who we had Here on this show They responded that they had not made a Determination of that which means the Jury is still out I think Jeremy Hogan's on to something Here Michael Branch give him a follow he's an Incredible influencer in this space by Far the best chance for cryptocurrency In the United States is Ripple And you know who says this it's library And I want to give it to you from their Tweet directly I have it here by far the Best chance of cryptocurrency in the United States is rippled they are the Other company or there are other crypto Players in the U.S that could be playing Offense but aren't this means it's Basically all all on xrp to save us all

Shout out to Jeremy Kaufman and Everybody at library I say agreed the SEC versus Ripple case is the most Important case in crypto this means that John Deaton is the most important voice For xrp holders and Retail investors Alike And that is a true story SEC chair Gary Gensler confirms Bitcoin Not security yelling at G20 says no Crypto ban regulatory framework needed For blockchain Innovation to thrive well We go along with that Janet but here's The problem here Stuart El doradi Ripple legal general Counsel picks up on this right here and He says crypto lawyer Public Service Announcement Gary Gensler has again Proclaimed that every cryptocurrency Except Bitcoin is an unregistered Security he now must recuse himself from Voting on any enforcement case that Raises the issue since he has prejudged The outcome and then he cites the case On why he should do that and I think Stewart's got him here and I think it's Dead on the money and guess what so does Bill Morgan shout out to this legal Analyst he says this is actually correct Brilliant point He has prejudged every crypto on the Issue before investigations have been Conducted or even commenced about must Token most tokens

What sort of record what sort of Reckless and legal advice would conclude All cryptos or Securities without Considering the facts of each I tell you this is a very very important Point that's being made here and I tell You something else too why haven't the The SEC or Gary Gensler why are they not Talking about the four satoshi's that Were investigated by the Department of Homeland Security which was originally Broke open and shared by nerd Nation And why haven't we had the public Disclosure of who those people are Or country they're from that to me is an Even more interesting question and why Knowing that the SEC was at that event When that was made public Why is Gary Gensler continuing to carry The narrative that they don't know who Created it there's another great Question if you don't know who created The asset Bitcoin And you want to claim it's decentralized Shouldn't you do diligence wise whether You're a regulatory agency or a Government make sure that it's not some Bad actor like Russia or North Korea or Some other place of the world that's Doing bad things Not a sermon just a thought that's going To do it for me not Financial advice or Me or anyone else it's just my digital Perspectives


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