Ripple/XRP-USDTether & USTreasury Trouble?, Spot BTC ETF=BlackRock/SEC/NASDAQ, $10 To $50 XRP=When?

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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we got uphold in zum wallet we Got USD tether in the US Treasury I told You you're going to want to know it how About that spot Bitcoin ETF Black Rock The SEC and NASDAQ you going to want to Know about that too aren't you yeah and How about stable coins Market structure Bills for crypto and when is the vote Going to be you're going to find out Today and there's an xrp chart where the Stars may just align after after all $10 Xrp to a 50 55 xrp we got that in so much more Somebody roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.49 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by 6% Bitcoin 37,800 plus Ethereum $245 and change tether market Cap is 89.2 billion plus watching it Close we may be at all-time high for Tether but watch out now we got some News today you're going to want to know It 60 cents per xrp off by 1.2 in the 24 Hour and almost as much there in the uh 7day as well let's get started with the Range of price very quickly here it is

59. 5991 on the bottom and 6127 on the Top we're about smack dab in the middle Of that right now we'll watch it close We got a chart for you today you're Absolutely going to love ladies and Gentlemen this is where I tell you about The freedom Zone and the digital Perspectives Mastermind group that's Right the dpmg listen if you're looking For the learning curve that you need Because you can't keep up with Everything the Market's collapsing Around us get the tools you need need Inside the dpmg investor checklist Portfolio creation groups and courses The support of an incredible Mastermind Community I kid you not a private weekly Live stream that is absolutely straight Fire join us and make the investment in Yourself into dpmg and if you want to Support the channel but you don't want To have the time to join the dpmg join The freedom zone for almost nothing to Help support the channel and get zero Google ads on The Daily videos do every Day right to you directly as well as Extra content that we couldn't dare Touch and today we're going to jump into Cbdcs taking on feudalism surom that's What we're talking about yeah we got to Be careful ladies and gentlemen now We're going to restart that conversation We'll catch you back here on the regular News where we start right now xrp users

We have detected says Ledger support an Issue with our backend services for xrp Our team is on it and looking for a fix And it was it but a short time later They came out and said you know what the Issue has been resolved shout out to Ledger for that update and fix now this Here from zum wallet big news topper by Uphold now supports Apple and Google pay Topper onramps offer access to xrp for Zum users in more than 150 countries come on in yeah Uhoh okay now how long have I been Telling you about tether how long grab a Seat yeah I remember one time one my Buddy I love him to death when we were Little kids he got in trouble with his Dad his dad said come on in here and Have a seat and he tried to be a Smartass he said no I think I'll stand His father said plant your ass in the Chair well we still joke about that one That's a good one but nevertheless here We are the rubber is about to meet the Road don't believe it it's still true Another 90 90 million unbacked USD Tether was just printed out of thin air And injected into Kraken exchange how About that one we've seen similar moves With binance bitfinex poex uh poex However you say it poniac I think is how You say it and others in recent weeks Remember folks all of these centralized Scam exchanges which are now being

Investigated by Regulators have over 85% % of their volume and liquidity From tether and tether crypto cartel Were single-handedly officially propping Up the markets what could go wrong look I don't know about the the validity of That message but I have said that would Appear with binance getting hung up it Would appear that it is try that this is The attempt of the US government going Out and cutting the tentacles for Liquidity to tether out from underneath Of it Self bit finex who we know is not a fan Of tether as well tether fraud is going Away says decades old to address the Elicit Finance risk we face in 2023 we Cannot allow dollar back stable coin Providers outside the United States to Have privilege of using our currency Without the responsibility of putting in Place procedures to prevent terrorists From abusing the Platform where you hear that Before Uhhuh now it's this guy saying it who Happens to be the US Treasury secretary Right uhhuh this is Wall-E right here Let's get into It you know I you know we we' we've been Wondering what's going on here and now The writing is on the wall here this is Uh US Treasury Deputy Secret secretary Excuse me treasury Wally ad

Ado and uh we have covered him before But I want to get you right here where We need to be the government is also Apparently looking for power over Tether let me say that one again the Government is also apparently looking For power over tether the issuer of the Biggest stable coin usdt and its ilk Legislation could explicitly authorize Ofac which is the foreign side of OC to exercise extr territorial Jurisdiction over transactions in stable Coins pegged to the US [Music] Dollar as they generally would over US Dollar transactions listen to This the proposal suggested giving a Reach into transactions that the Document notes involve no us touch Points zero us touch Points ad Mo double down on that idea in His Wednesday remarks saying that non us Stable coin issuers shouldn't be able to Use the US dollar without the procedure To prevent terrorists from abusing their Platform well there's the reason why We're coming in the real reason is is Exactly what I've been saying for a Couple years on the Channel how is the US government going To sit back and watch an outside entity Sell and offer the only product that the Private Central Bank the Federal Reserve Has ever had which is

Dollars well they're not going To there's a surprise today they're not Going going to and we don't have the end And the beginning of a crypto spring Until we understand exactly what is Going to happen to USD tether write that Down now I want you to listen to this Because this sounds like denell Dixon And Stellar are preparing for that Crypto spring of coming yeah and she Doesn't happen to mention USD tether in Any of it so on Monday we announced that EU RC is now live on Stellar woohoo come On it's the second most globally traded Currency and we have it on the network Now so it's super awesome and then with That with usdc and URC Stellar will be Able to move more efficiently even Between USD and URC currency so that's Pretty awesome um and then URC currency Enables the real-time payments that's Going to empower Builders to deliver all These amazing product so we really want To see what's going to happen there just So that we can actually uh see more of The activity that we've seen with usdc Coming to different continents and with Different assets and I I hearkened back To a statement that was just made on the Panel before we care about all Currencies we don't just care about two We care about the more than 40 that are Already on the network so we want to see All of them be leveraged as much as we

Can there you have it that's what the New day looks like right yeah then There's this hot news this came in late Yesterday shout out to the modern Investor here the hot news of the last Hour looks like black rock recently met With the SEC discussing getting an ETF Through apparently this time people from NASDAQ were present take a look at it Robert mitnik formerly from Ripple now The head of digital assets at Black Rock The other gentleman or person here uh And then Shannon for Black Rock there's Are many people from Black Black Rock Here and then we see NASDAQ Jonathan Kane right young boy Al uh Ali Doyle so we got NASDAQ Black Rock and The SEC going through the final things That need to be done in order to get This get this Approved and here's a diagram here shout Out to Chad for this and Eric buunis Here you can just see what they've laid Out so you can see the listing exchange Spot crypto exchanges market makers us Registered broker dealer I'm going to Say that one more time us registered Broker Dealer yeah uhuh authorized participant ETF issuer transfer agent right Market Maker offshore entity Prime broker Coinbase is the example Bitcoin Custodian coinbase custody Trust Company This is how you buy it up and get it off

The market take it off the exchanges Create demand Scarcity uhhuh all of This I tell you if you don't see it Coming I don't know what to say Eric Balunis here and I hope I'm saying his Name right forgive me Eric if from not Senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg said Looks like black rock met with the sec's Trading and Market division again Yesterday and gave presented them with a Revised in-kind model design based on Staff's comments at their 1120 meeting Yeah and there's the full documents as We've just gone over we will wait to see What happens but I think representative French hill gives us the best look at Not only the ETFs and a possible launch But also stable coin and Market Structure bills for crypto early 2024 House floor vote take a listen this is Important ladies and gentlemen how do You handicap it by the end of this year Is it and which party would uh would be The cause of it to go down in flames if It Does well I don't anticipate it this Year actually there was an effort made In the Senate to add some banking bill Topics to the National Defense Authorization bill that didn't really go Anywhere that was a potential opening For perhaps the stable coins legislation But we want to go to the floor with both

The stable coin bill and the framework Bill Early in 202 before it'll be both The house ad committee and the house Financial Services committee working on It they'll be bipartisan and I expect us To be successful early in 2024 early in 2024 and then a spot Bitcoin ETF comes Right after That well look the consumers want a uh a Bitcoin ETF and one of the things our Bill does actually is create oversite For the spot market for Bitcoin for the Cftc from a regulatory point of view Which has been one of the impediments to Getting an ETF approved but I think Those applications are near completion At the SEC I think it's something that Will benefit institutional and Individual investors well you know uh if You look at the layout here what we're Looking at now Chad's got it right early 24 could bring the law here now that's a House vote on the floor obviously it Would have to go to the Senate and pass There too anything that passes the floor At the house right but if it does and It's going to go to the Senate you pass It there then we just get it signed on The president's desk and of course that Shouldn't be too hard that guy doesn't Even know where he's at these days but Nevertheless you know what's sad about That really quickly is that you don't Have enough people that love you around

You to see that you're actually Deteriorating whether you like them or Not there's a lot you could go into There we're not going to do it here but We do in the freedom Zone if you want to Join us but I tell you This you don't have anybody around you That's watching you physically mentally Deteriorate somebody that loves you Enough to go you know what we got to get Him out of this got to get him out of This Spotlight it's not good for him Right it's not the way to do it ah it's A side Note Sad now there's other things to go with It too crooked there's all kinds of Words you can put with it but Nevertheless it's sad so early 2024 we Could see the law come through imagine ETFs being approved by early next year And the Bitcoin having is in April uhhuh well this starts to line up To me to look a lot like 2017 and the 2018 bull run which started around April that's right and if we see that Kind of repeat again according to egg Rag crypto xrp's three candle formation $10 or sore to $50 exploring candle Formations offer profound insights into How prices move xrp's Historic oh excuse me forgive me uh Xrp's historical data highlights a Fascinating Trend just twice has there

Been a sequence of three consecutive Monthly green candles get ready within The next 17 hours we're poised to seal Another Trio of consecutive green Candles but wait there's More the historical records offer two Potential scenarios one a five months Consolidation after a a five-month Consolidation phase a staggering 1,500% surge Ensued if history repeats itself brace For a potential surge to $10 from the Current price position for xrp starts of April 24 if you remember if you were in The space or you weren't back in 2017 2018 that was really when xrp moved from 6,000 of a penny up to 20 cents so you See that similar like move move would Take us to around 10 bucks he's saying Here in 24 if it repeats there's no Guarantee the B scenario is is in Another instance a 12-month Consolidation preceded with an Incredible 8,000% Spike should history mirror this Scenario xrp might Skyrocket to $50 from Its current standing starts November 1st 2024 so towards the end of this next Coming year again you know a lot of this Looks very similar to 2017 2018 Bull Run That's what he's taking and looking here And if we see those things repeat this Is what we could see he leaves us with This note stay steady xrp Army the

Average of these two Targets lands at $30 you know that I always whisper to You my secret Target of $27 Hallelujah the anticipation is Palpable how about that yes it is and we We don't know what'll happen and it's Not Financial advice but what all of the Things we're looking at going back to House FL house votes on the floor Legislation possibly getting passed Early next year the Bitcoin having right Spot Bitcoin ETFs and other ETF Approvals coming down the line why Wouldn't you want to take the time to Sign up and Register and invest in the pcks and Shovels that are building this space out All you have to do is click the link the Link to to have access to incredible Companies that are building out this Space legitimately like circle like Ripple like uphold like poly sign I Could go on like link to themselves Click the link for link to underneath Check out my sponsor you will see that It is right for you and there's lots of Opportunities there for everyone not Financial advice or me or anyone else I'll catch all of you On the next One


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