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Welcome back to the show everybody check This headline out in late last night the SEC versus Ripple we have one of our First rulings in on Expert testimony and It looks like a big win for ripple and Xrp holders let's get into it somebody Wrote that beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.07 trillion and it is a flat market Rate at the moment and Bitcoin 22 300 Plus by the way watch the next video you Want to see what the plan is by the SEC To crash crypto to absolutely kill it Well we're going to lay it down for you In the next video ethereum 1567 tether Market cap 71.7 billion dollars right now 37 cents For xrp it's up 3.4 percent and I can Only imagine that's on the news that We've had come in ladies and gentlemen If you have not done it 59 days and Counting down tickets are selling and This event will sell out make sure you Get your ticket This is going to be an opportunity of a Lifetime this is the first ever xrp Vegas conference conference of any kind For xrp community and the ecosystem We're going to celebrate all the

Projects building off The xrp Ledger and All the amazing people that have been in This space for so long and I tell you Nobody's been through more than xrp Holders and you deserve to be celebrated And I promise you this that's exactly What we're going to do on the day make Sure you click the link and check it out For yourself get a ticket for Friday get Another ticket for Saturday conference And you can sit in the room with Jack McDonald Nancy Beaton from uphold and Joe and doso and so so many more John Deaton Eleanor Tara the list goes on get That ticket before there's not one left To get Speaking of Eleanor Terrace she says Rate here breaking the judge grants Ripple's motion to exclude expert number One Patrick Doody from testifying about The perceptions of a reasonable xrp Purchaser The SEC previously hired Patrick duty to Analyze analyze excuse me the Expectations of a token purchaser in its Case against telegram which it won and Now Patrick doody has been struck it's Out of here I like it remember we did find out in The early days of this That Patrick Duty through John Deaton Had found this out that he had never Interviewed one xrp holder for his Expert testimony no wonder the judge has

Taken and removed that that to me or Struck it from the record or being able To be used here is the best point of the Day as we move through this material Keep this in mind from John Deaton here And how grateful are we for John Deaton He is The Voice Of crypto holders and xrp holders He shares here Scott Chamberlain neither Side gets everything it asks for but for Because Neither side had impeccable Arguments For everything it wanted What leaps out is how sharp rigorous and Utterly impartial judge Torres is Now I tell you That's got to make all of us feel pretty Good knowing how long we've been in this Case that there's no part you know Partial uh decisions being made here in Fact we're going to have some thoughts On all of this in just a moment here We're going to hear from Jeremy Hogan as Well in just a moment you're going to Want every single bit of it and Freddie Raspoli here Right now judge Torres refuses sec's Request to revoke John Deaton's amika's Status that's right the SEC tried to do It you remember they tried to do it Earlier Boy they want him out of there don't They He's not going anywhere

He's too valuable with what the Information is and what he brings and he Represents 75 000 plus of us And this originally came from Jim filing Right now here come right here shout out To Jim for all of this and everything That he has done for all of us to stay Informed on this case It says breaking judge Torres issues a Ruling on parties motions to preclude Expert testimony as we said the Patrick Duty testimony but there is more And I want to uh emphasize here uh Sherry here says this was a big one The biggest hit seems to be to the SEC In that none are permitted to speak on The investors intentions however all Have been recognized to be reliable in Their respective Fields each can offer To the court and jury relevant Information I saw that and said jury We're going to trial This is the conclusion here shared by Brian Monarch shout out to him I want to give this to you so you can See all the different things that that Were really ruled on and granted and Denied here and to be perfectly Fair Full disclosure SCC got some things and Ripple got some things right the big Standout is that duty is really taken Away at an equation right so okay so According to the sec's motion to exclude Champaneers uh rebuttal testimony denied

His moot it says here the court shall Not address the sec I'm going to read Through some of this very quickly here For going to reasons to parties motions Are granted in part and denied in part Specifically it says Defend its motion which is Ripple to Preclude expert testimony from Testifying is granted to the first Opinion about the perceptions of Reasonable xrp purchaser and denied as To the remainder of his testimony Defendant's motion to preclude expert Number two from testifying is granted to His fourth opinion and the materially of Ripple's potential disclosures are Denied as to the remainder of his Testimony Defend its motion to preclude expert Number three from testifying is denied Defend its motion to preclude expert Number four from testifying is granted As to his third opinion about the risks To The xrp Ledger that might materialize If Ripple walked away or disappeared and Denied us to the remainder of his Testimony You get to feel through this that the Judge is in fact acting impartially Which is exactly the way we want her to Be right and it goes on and on and on I'm not going to read all of it to you But I want to keep going because there's More to hear and we have some clips from

A Twitter space shout out to Michael Mark on Market yeah Is It Michael Market Shout out to Michael for this one coming Up here in just a second but this is Jeremy Hogan here the SEC has to prove That you had a reasonable expectation of Profits from Ripple's efforts and here We go And the judge just struck the sec's only Expert witness on that subject So now How the heck can the SEC prove Reasonable reliance Who will testify just thinking out loud Then he comes down here and he says Well I hate to answer my own question But apparently the judge thinks that Expert three's opinion as to Ripple's Incentives and actions to influence xrp Price is relevant to the issue of Reasonable expectation of profits but Seems fairly weak sauce to me You know There like I said you you win a few you Lose a few but here's where the overall Take is and listen to this and shout out To Michael for this space he held last Night the uh thinking that that last Prong is where she's going to hang her Hat if she was going to rule if she's Gonna ruin Ripple's favor you could see Where your she's almost setting it up to Say well they don't have any evidence of A reasonable expectation of profits and

The expert that they do have doesn't Really bring a lot to the table and Therefore no reasonable jury could could Find against Ripple since the SEC has The burden of proof and so you can kind Of see the so it could be either way I'm Not saying that it's not going to trial But Uh she could also be setting it up for Us ever judgment ruling and if if that's The case uh you got to be pretty happy If you're Ripple right now absolutely You got to be pretty happy so he said Could be setting it up as if it's going To trial right but then we have another Clip here where Fred rispoli kicks in Let's hear what he has to say it's Jeremy Hogan on the last clip in Jeremy Hogan and fredras Poley talking on this Clip listen to this She does make a few references where you Know hey this is something that really Is going to be hotly contested that I Think would preclude summary judgment But More in line with what Jeremy's saying She did make a lot of also side comments Like I'm really going to be narrowing This down and you don't have a lot as Jeremy said to hang your head on hat on SEC like This is going to be set up where it's Going to be hard for you to win and you Know again that could be not only is

That legally correct but that's also her Telegraph in you know you can still Settle this on some more favorable terms To you uh SEC if you really want but Your time's running out So Jeremy since Fred said the F-word Fred said that but not me Um you know that did cross my mind as Well you know oftentimes judges will Um kind of telegraph how things might go And that's kind of the wink wink let's Nudge to one side or the other to say if You don't want it to go that way maybe It's time to start talking to the other Side But I didn't say it So you know there is a bit of an Understanding from these lawyers that This could be a bit of a signal from the Judge to say you're starting to see Where I'm going here You know I'm reminded when I was a kid Now I have three older siblings right And when there was a problem internally With brothers and sisters in the home uh My father got arrested so it would Operate much in that manner He'd be like you pretty much want to Work this out between you guys because If I got to intervene neither one of you Are going to like the outcome at all and I think that this is sounding like it Could be leaning in that way too and

Maybe that's why we got this ruling First you know James filing shout out to Jim told us that he believes that Everything would be ruled on at once on Or before March 31st 2023 Well what's interesting is is that Having this piece of information may be The judge doing exactly that giving it Out there for the experts and ruling on That to say Hey you know uh take a look At this and if you're not liking the way This is shaping up maybe the two of you Need to sit down and solve this for all Of us and yourselves because if you want Me to do it I can guarantee there's Going to be things about this both of You are not going to like now let's take A look at this how about being at trial Eleanor tarrett picked up on this Lawyers in the filing Torres references At trial twice at least is this any Indication of how she's going to rule on Summary judgment and it could be right I Mean you know you have to wonder Jeremy Even indicated that that may be a path As well especially if they don't settle And work something out here at trial Defendants May question expert number One and this also may be be just a Standard verbiage of of saying look no In the normal proceeding If This Were to Go that far I use at trial in the Sentence right because that would be the Next logical step after this whole

Process goes in order of how it should Go right so it is mentioned there so you Have to wonder if that'll happen you Also have to wonder too understanding The way the judge has ruled on this Expert testimony how excited would Either side really feel about going to Trial Then there's this from John Deaton and This is extremely extremely important Ladies and gentlemen it really is Because I mean I take this for my own Self as well today Because there are many times certainly In the political realm that I feel like There is nothing you can do to change Anything and to be perfectly honest That's exactly what both sides want me To feel every day so I have no effect on Them at all why they do everything We need to keep this in mind you never Stop fighting right ripples motion to Exclude expert number one as We Know From testifying is granted as to his First opinion about the perception of Reasonable xrp purchasers and denied as To the remainder of his testimony He says judge deaths from Judge Torres Now try and tell me that xrp holders Don't make a difference and he's Absolutely right and I am really putting Gas in my tank to keep that fight to Keep that voice to stay focused To remember to keep our eye on the ball

To not get hung up in the skirmishes Between each other But to focus on where we're going Collectively as a whole 75 XR xrp 75 000 Xrp holders and John Deaton make a Difference don't believe it it's still True And I want to wrap with this right here This is big for ripple And according to John Deaton we could See a ruling as soon as all of last Night which didn't fully come in but up To a couple weeks from now he says I Seriously doubt that we see see a Significant Delay from here could be Tonight or in a couple weeks Now you know We have waited so long there's a big Part of me and I'm sure there's a lot of You that don't even want to accept the Idea of entertaining it being done in a Couple weeks only for the fact that if It isn't it'll deflate you I'm prepared for this thing to go as Long as it needs to go whether it's to Trial to appellate court and or the Supreme Court And if it ends today that's great as Long as we get what xrp needs for Clarity and it doesn't harm retail Investors That's going to do it for me not Financial advice it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on

The next one


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