The Biggest Scam In Financial History…

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This is the biggest Financial scam in Our history and it's truly not what you Think it actually makes me sick to my Stomach that the unsuspecting public During the holidays is looking this way And there's a whole another narrative Going on this way my name is coach JV What I work to do is make complex macro And microeconomic strategies very simple So the normal everyday person just like Me and you can Implement these but we Have to pay attention guys the biggest Financial scam and the biggest switch And your monetary system is happening Right under your nose the Trojan Horse Is coming in now we helped over 7,000 People since 2020 7,500 people since 2020 and our goal is to help over a Million in the next 12 months so we have Two absolutely free resources for you in The descriptions video you can set up a Free appointment with my license Insurance team and we teach you how we Secure our principal and our money and We ensure our money during these Volatile times I do not trust this System so so I have my money secured in Tier one Capital which is leverage life Insurance it's in the description down Below you can set up a free consultation Number two is a 16-page guide absolutely Free it's the exact blueprint and as my Blueprint evolves I'll continue to Update the book to show you guys exactly

What I'm doing within my current Paradigm that's in the description of This video or in my social media Platform if you're part of our email uh Ecosystem today is Friday we have a Massive black Friday sing sale going on So if you ever wanted to get in the Academy check your email they'll never Be prices like this ever again we've Never participated in Black Friday Except today through Monday you'll be Shocked on how amazing the deals are so Let's Dive Right into this okay so now The biggest Financial scam in history That's happening right now is not what You think Guys these people that you're Seeing right here right here guys this Oh man it just it frustrates me really Frustrates me Janet yelling's gonna step Up in just a moment and speak but I need You to understand the process of Inversion everything they're saying Invert it backwards guys they're here to Tell you that Binance all these companies right all These companies in the cryptocurrency Space are fraudulent used for nefarious Act guys think about the financial System that these people right here are Running these people are running a Fraudulent system we're buried in debt There's more debt that there is in the System there's no money in the system They have to borrow to pay for critical

Services there is no value to our dollar Other than your belief in it and America Has bullied every other country And destroyed them financially and any Chance they get any chance they get they Try to grab on that's what bullies do That's what narcissists do they try to Grab onto someone's mistake and pound it In his ground but what they're actually Doing though is they're bringing Cryptocurrency under the safety scaring The public making it thinking it's not Safe and bringing it underneath the Traditional Financial system that's all This is guys that is all this is okay we Had Celsius in 2022 collapse we had FTX Right they put it all over the media Everywhere right and there's tons of Scams happening within the normal Financial system every single day look At what our government officials are Doing every single day their scams look How many people were involved in FTX That were government officials that got Pushed under the rug guys have you heard About that no that all got pushed under The rug s bankman tr's taking the fall For all of it I'm say he did something Wrong but what I'm saying is what about All these politicians that receive money From them guys you have to get Non-emotional about this you have to Take a deep breath And do what Jesus was doing he taught us

To invert all of this guys it's all Backwards it's all backwards remember They were telling us eye for eye Jesus Said let him hit you on hit hit you on One cheek hit him on the other let him Hit you on the other he said if a man Asks for your or tries to sue you for Your shirt give them your jacket if a Man or woman says to walk a mile walk Two miles with them Jesus inverted Everything everything is backwards so he Scott got to stop believing the devil Which is a prince of the earth that Jesus said and start understanding that You have sovereignty so I want you to Listen to to this guys and look at Janet Yellen in the back there she's going to Come up in just a moment guys they have No clue what's going on they're just Reading off teleprompters they have zero Clue what is going on so here's what's Going to happen now remember first they Resist it write this down then they sue It then they regulate it then they join It we're now in regulation and joining Phase now this is the phase where hey Public we told you it wasn't safe but We're going to build Safety and Security For you come on in and you're going to See a massive parabolic move as these Institutions come in the wealth Gap is Going to be massive the middle class Which might be you guys wake up is going To get wiped out leverage SCE technology

Down to the Working Poor there's going To be very wealthy and extremely Extremely poor so let's listen to the Department of or attorney general excuse Me uh they're talking Department of Justice I think it was as well yeah Attorney general's treas uh Janet Yol Anyways Department Treasury Department They're going to talk about uh the Forcement actions but listen to what Jan Y says she just all she does is read Read off documents that's all she does This this guy's read not a Teleprompter guys they're they're trying To make you think this is what the Public's watching during Thanksgiving Okay so hold the line have an exit plan As everybody's coming in you should be Exiting and diversifying your money and Securing your Capital the message here should be clear Using new technology to break the law Does not make you a disruptor it makes You a criminal this justice department Has no tolerance for crimes that Threaten our economic instit tions but You have tolerance for a financial System that you buried the Americans in Debt you have tolerance for that you Have tolerance for the fact that you Have to raise a debt selling to pay for Critical services that that's your Tolerance level undermine public trust And the fairness of those institutions

And we will hold accountable the Individuals who commit and profit from Them okay so you're going to hold Accountable the government that's Profiting from like like come on guys Reverse engineer everything they're Saying I'm now pleased to turn the Podium over to secretary Yellen this is this this lady man this Lady good afternoon I'm very glad to Join attorney and you notice too pay Attention guys the programming it says Cryptocurrency right there as they're Talking about this that is predictive Programming so your mom and dad and your Uncle are sitting there watching this Says cryptocurrency and it's all Negative all negative attorney general Garland Deputy attorney general Monaco And cftc chairman Benham on such an Important occasion we're here today to Announce the treasury Department's Historic action the largest enforcement Action in treasury's history against Bance the world's largest virtual Currency exchange for its consistent and Egregious violations of us anti imoney Laundering and sanctions Law protecting the US Financial system And through that the Global Financial System is core to the treasury Department's Mission you're protecting Us okay you're protecting us gotcha guys Okay so you're sending billions to

Ukraine right we're defending Taiwan Against China we're like you don't even Send money to our people in Hawaii like Like come on guys like reverse Everything they say I'm going to keep Saying that until you every time you Hear something that's worldly reverse it And ever since bance launched its Convertible virtual currency platform it Has knowingly evaded the US laws Designed to protect these Systems evaded the US laws designed to Protect these systems so your laws your Regulations the the the structure we Have financially is protecting us then Why is why are Americans struggling Right now why is inflation so high why Why is interest rates out of control why If you lower interest rates we're going To go into hyperinflation who are you Trying to protect who are you trying to Protect for more than three years finsen Ofac and IRS criminal Investigation thoroughly investigated Key aspects of binance's activities our Work revealed that bance claimed to have Exited the US market years ago but Actually did not Retaining us users and other significant Ties with the United States it also had Critical gaps in its anti-money Laundering program and practices from a Lack of risk-based procedures for Various offerings to instructing staff

To withhold information from law Enforcement it deliberately undermined Its own sanctions monitoring controls And it failed to report suspicious Transactions okay I can't even listen to Her anymore I'm sorry I can't but what Basically the biggest Financial scam in History guys they fed you out of crypto I was in the banking system I left the Banking system in 2017 I was with a Large Fortune 500 company I was a PP When I was a VP there cryptocurrency you Were a criminal if you touched Cryptocurrency we were not to talk about Cryptocurrency Jamie Diamond said that If you I wasn't part of his ecosystem I Was part of one of the largest banks in The world as well but basically he said If you trade or sell you are you are Going to be fired and you're a criminal Right at the same time JP Morgan traded A blockchain Larry thinkink head of Black Rock the largest asset manager in The world told you it's use for money Laundry now he says it's a flight to Safety they're all saying this at the Exact same time that the Ripple case is Coming to an end the exact same time is Now the doj and the treasury Department Is saying that you know we got them guys We did it we saved you guys now we're Going to bring you underneath the safety Problem reaction solution now here's That's all the negativity that's all the

Low vibration let me raise my vibration Up through the heart through the head Through the crown and say okay here's The good news you have the greatest Opportunity in human history because This is going to go absolutely Parabolic all these criminals in our Freaking you know our this structure Whatever they're all I guarantee they're All got their they got their teeth in it Somewhere guys they got their teeth in It somewhere Okay the money will always end up in the Same 1% hands so the key to this is the Influence you're listening to the Influencers you're listening to be Careful if their narrative changes as The bare and bull market changes and the Bull market you know they're they're They're all in the bare Market their Narrative change that means they don't Have a true ecosystem they they're Trying to fudge you in and fudge you out Just like the government guys stay focus Build a plan even if it's a shitty plan Stick with it it's better than no plan Cryptocurrency is a very speculative Said next year it's going to go Extremely parabolic but it's also going To come crashing down very quickly Because they're going to pull profits we Are going to pull profits okay that's That's super super important okay that's Super important when we pull profits we

Are securing and Max funding index Universal Life policies we're putting Insurance on our wealth we are going More into gold I have pre precious metal I have silver I'm going more into gold Don't ever store your gold at your home Or anything use storage facilities uh Look at Itm I have dyslexia uh Lynette Zen one Of the greatest I love their gold Services gold and silver um Lynette Zen Itm or IMT itm it's in in Phoenix Arizona they they do United States and Then uh business we talked about Business uh Insurance precious metals We're going into real estate vertical Next year uh and then now I'm going to I'm in the process of setting up a trust In a family office uh which will be the Generational wealth building part so um I I'm not I don't have the greed Gene Guys it's like as the crypto goes up I'm Not if they say Xrp is going to 589 I I have my Exit Plan set at Targets I don't listen to The fud I don't listen to what people Say because what happened when they said Bitcoin is going to 100,000 68,000 boom That thing came collapsing down and a Bunch of you lost money you have to have A game plan guys don't be greedy through This think about this you know you make 10% on your money you you or 10 times Your money that's crazy that's unheard

Of you know how many people retire with A million dollars in their 401K hardly Anybody guys so this is your opportunity This this is your shot this is it but You have to get financial literacy Financial education you have to rewire The foundation so you end up in a Different situation so I love you guys I Appreciate you sorry for the low Frequency on that but I'm just you Sometimes you got to you know even if You're high frequency and studying all This it's like sometimes you can Lower your frequency down to to to feel Those emotions right because I just it Disheartens me that the public is being Absolutely scammed by these People when somebody's pointing the Finger at somebody else and this is also Too in the influencer space too when you See an influencer always pointing out Other people's Problems you know who the problem is Guys These Guys these government Officials are always pointing out other People's problems you know who the Problem is the ones that are always Indicting people and going after people That might be the problem guys because It's called deflection okay secure People don't flect deflect on other People people who are highly secure and Highly confident in what they're doing We don't spend an ounce of our time on

Other people's profiles and pointing out Other people's differences weak people Do weak lowf frequency people do so all The people commenting negative in your Comments um don't worry about them They're low frequency low vibrational People there's not one successful person On Earth that I have met that spends any Time putting lowf frequency stuff in Other people's profiles they're too busy Getting their together they too Busy kicking ass raising their family Doing things that they need to do Looking at themselves in the mirror and Saying are my intentions good I know Mine are but I know these people that Are running this country is not their Intentions are not good guys so there's No invisible enemy to fight you have Free will to choose to decide to take Action but in action is a decision I Love you guys I appreciate you as we Always say Warriors rise get your Together let's Go


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