Ripple/XRP-Prometeum-ETH Is A Security, 9 Wholesale/15 Retail CBDCs,7 Outcomes For Ripple Case

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines promethium listing Ethereum on their platform but is it is Security or not you're going to find out Today Chris Larsson in the news the best Cbdc technology and they're saying it's Not The xrp Ledger who's saying it we're Gonna prove it to you we're going to Show it to you I don't know if they Proved it yet Christian Carlo is going To talk about whale retail cbdcs but When he'll to it tell us Ripple partner News SEC versus is Ripple we got so much For you to see you're going to want Every single bit of it just roll the Beautiful intro here we [Music] [Applause] Go digital perspectives with Brad K come On [Applause] In welcome back to the show everybody You can follow us on Twitter and YouTube For exclusive content right now 1.79 Trillion doll market cap for Cryptocurrency the market is up 3.2% in The last 24 hours 44,700 plus for Bitcoin right now 2,400 Plus for ethereum 96.1 billion plus Market cap for tether number six spot is Xrp right now it's been going back and Forth you remember yesterday it fell to Number seven but we're at 51 cents right Now and we're up 1.1 on the 24hour for

Xrp and up 3.7 on the 7day range of Price very quickly between 05015 on the Bottom 0 5167 on the top we'll look at TA before we get out of here I do want To tell you there are some remarkable Specials and deals going on right now at Miles Franklin for gold and silver any Kind you want they got it but you got to Use two things the email info@ Myfranklin decom and then the most Important part in the subject box to get The best price dig gold di gold that's What you want to put in in there no Question about it ladies and gentlemen You're going to want to do that now Let's get started right here Ashley Prosper shares with us that Steven nof Has made some conversations between Himself and ethereum Joseph Lube in Public crooked Joe talks about expunging Old Communications from slack destroying Evidence before any SEC investigator Starts Uhhuh and this is it right here the Exchange here where they talk about Steven Durant off tells him he was Consulting and advising him at the time This slack one in all likelihood if they Brought charges they would be able to Subpoena these records Joseph Luben Acknowledged yeah and Steven R says so One way of thought Joe and I talked a Little bit but you know uh about like Every 90 days 91st day dropping off of

Slack and I don't know how important That is for the business Joseph Luben Responds we don't know how that's Actually something Taylor can look into Because you have have some contact with Slack developers or just working on Taylor guring responds back just working On Joseph Luben says just working on so Maybe we could talk to them and find out If there's a facility for expunging old Communications so much for being Transparent Joseph Luben right every Time I read this I think back to when There was that conference and I've Highlighted it before where Brad Garlinghouse sitting on stage with Joe Luben and then he says we're private Company too we've been transparent how Come you're not transparent basically I'm paraphrasing but that's essentially What he was doing was calling him out so Look this we we know that this has not Been handled properly right we know this And so does the SEC we'll see what comes of it but take A look at this because promethium the Only us registered crypto platform picks Ether As its first product to list However how is it going to list it Security or not security well Prometheum claims Gary's little coveted Golden Child Aaron Kaplan and Juan Zang Which is tied to the CCP in

China well he has quite the affinity for These China tide projects doesn't He prome calls ether a digital asset Security with the launch of their Custody services and coming down here Promethium wanted a few companies to Have approval from the United States Financial regulator as a special purpose Broker dealer which is the coveted License nobody can get unless you get it From Gary and apparently one of the Qualifications is you got to have ties To the Communist party and China CU they got it they got the License and they got the connction ction So apparently that's how you do it so Promethium suggested that ether would be Treated as a security for custody Services on its platform The Firm Received approval from the US financial Industry regulatory Authority in May of 2023 obviously Gary gendler has had Problems coming out and speaking openly About this he sidestepped questions About whether ether is a security or not In April of 2023 but Aaron Kaplan from prometheum Feels that he's got it best lined up as It's a digital asset Security you know when you look at all The different projects that had been Launched the assembly line the token Factory that was created on top of Ethereum with a fake free

Pass right think of It I'm actually glad that The xrp Ledger Held off on Smart contracts I'm actually Glad that the The xrp Ledger and ripple Have held back on nfts and other Projects like this because it would Clutter the legal ramifications I Believe no one's told me that I just Believe that you know that is the more Cautious route look look how hard this Case has been just with xrp Ledger and Ripple in the state that it's currently In could you imagine how much more Difficult and intertwined and mixed up This would all be if there was as much Jumping off of the network as it is on Ether I want the F we played this Yesterday but you need the first 35 Seconds of this to okay how do we Compete with China how do we keep up and You know till now frankly us Regulators Have actually helped China by officially Giving Clarity to the two protocols Effectively controlled by Chinese miners Bitcoin and ethereum that's it it's 14 Seconds Chris knows the Truth we know the Truth this isn't Maxi Talk this is real talk this is AD doting Time right and anybody doesn't want to Acknowledge those truth doesn't Understand as Chris goes on to say later In this clip we're in a tech Cold War why is the SEC Gary gendler

Specifically said say that bitcoin's not A security we know that it's largely Controlled by Chinese Mining and then When they kick the mining out of China The Chinese miners came to America and Started the same Company and they sell everything they Don't hold any Bitcoin they sell Everything every day every day at the End of the day they sell it no matter What the price is sounds like a moneya Laundering operation to Me then there's this guy David Chom he says I happen to own the best Cbdc technology out there according to The bis he says I happen to own the best Cbdc technology that's out there uh Thank you bank for international Settlement for proving that it can do All the transactions in Switzerland Three times over in real time that was That report was just released last week Right so so if you look at what the Financial syst you know the bank for International settlement and central Banks are doing and many commercial Banks they're they're they're they built This this cbdc technology for wholesale And Retail and so forth that's the Perfect building block for better than Money so they in their own defensive Defense have created the seeds of their Own destruction that's a perfect thing To build it out of and unfor I happen to

Own the best cbdc technology that's out There uh thank you bank for International settlement for proving That it can do all the transactions in Switzerland three times over in real Time that so he's very excited about it And he doesn't mind telling you you know If you don't believe it ask him he'll Tell you kid look I'm sure it's Obviously everything he says it is I Think the delineation we want to hold on To here is what David points out because I don't know much about this guy but Obviously David does he says that here That he says he sees Central Bank Digital currencies primarily as a tool For retail Payments David says I see CB DCS Primarily as a tool for wholesale Settlement I love hearing this Delineation very quickly here and let me Let me uh expound why I love this Because I don't want Central Bank Digital currencies to be retail facing Products period full stop I don't want That we have a two-tier Financial system But let me tell you why I think that Central banks would agree with David Here if you keep the wholesale backend Settlement Market strictly limited to digital Central Bank digital currencies that Only each other's governments and Central banks

Use that's how they're going to stay in Power that's what I believe I think Because we know we have a two- tiered Financial system wholesale backend Retail front end this is how they remain Powerful and relevant and if you keep The cbdcs and wholesale settlement on The back end no matter what you allow The proliferation of private stable Coins and other things under some kind Of credential regulation and Global Cooperation we all know what needs to Happen but if you do that then no matter What issuance of a certain kind of a Stable coin or synthetic cbdc that's Issued it's all going to come home to That backend wholesale settlement which Is back to the digital government Dollars and that keeps them relevant so I that's what I take from David's point There and maybe I'm reading too much Into it but I don't think that I am I Think that's one of the vital things That central banks probably realize at This point and speaking to that and the Ones that have retail facing cbdcs are Just those countries that are like Listen we run and people do what we Tell them to do like China right and That's not favorable at my house so take A listen to here this is The Honorable Chris John Carlo who's going to lay it Down and boy he's going to be on stage At xrp Las Vegas if you haven't got your

Tickets make sure you Do and this is happening all around us Today well over 100 foreign Nations Representing over 95% of global GDP are Exploring various forms of Central Bank Digital currency or Cbdc a bis survey suggests that by 2030 There could be 15 retail cbdcs intended For everyday transaction And nine wholesale cbdcs used for Transactions between financial Institutions at the same time Global Stablecoin usage continues to increase Dramatically stable coins settled over 11 trillion in onchain transactions in 2022 almost surpassing the payment Volume of visa and reaching 14% of the Volume settled by a and 1% settled by Fedwire the supply of stable coins has Grown from Less Than 3 billion 5 years Ago to over over 125 billion today and Of course decentralized digital networks Of value like Bitcoin and ethereum Continue to grow in notional value Computing power and distributed Ownership thus whether or not any one Country deploys Central Bank digital Currencies our fellow men and women will Be dealing with cbdcs stable coins and Crypto in the century to come that Sometimes fashional debate between cbdcs Or stable coins or crypto is a false Choice the future is all of the Above there you have it right there and

I cannot wait for all of us to hear the Conversation that we're going to hear at Xrp Las Vegas and don't forget Chris Will also be at the future of digital Assets benefit Dinner keep an eye out for that you're Going to want to get a ticket to that Before that runs out that is going to be Incredible with a fireside chat and Maybe some other things happening there And plenty other guests there as well Including Brad garlinghouse get your Ticket for that on the xrp Las Vegas Site some real new old partner Ripple News very quickly here with ffan posted A three-year retrospective working with Ripple and you can imagine as they go And look back on the three years there The journey and the common goals the Suggestive Partnerships you find pretty Much much the same kind of conversation Happening around the world in Vietnam Here the same cooperation came down to Regulatory Clarity you guessed it right So what they did was It's Finn fan Solved the problems by partnering with a Company called Triple A as a Gateway Facilitating xrp through the Vietnamese Dollar and this is important information For understanding how what was called On Demand liquidity works with ffan and in Vietnam and it also Bears a resemblance Here to uh SBI remit because the use of AAA seems to have begun September 2023

Hard to find dates this when the Announcement first appeared if so it was Announced a few days after SBI Asia Announced their move into southeast Asia Coincidence we don't know however triaa Is digital uh payments company Headquartered in Singapore founded by Thun founder uh border member uh I think It's Eric Barbie who also expressed Interest in using J JPM court if he Could get a hold of if it was ever Available but the summary here is just Really that ffan proud of their Association with ripple and have Addressed xrp regulatory problems in the Regions they're currently in by Partnering with a new regulatory crypto Gateway known as triaa a few days after SBI remit announced it was also Expanding Services into Vietnam now Those things have not kicked off yet but Nevertheless you're seeing the pathway There set up and cleared a Runway being Cleared for that to take off in fashion So we'll keep an eye on that as well and Keeping an eye on things oh we got to Keep an eye on this case as we know the Federal judges ordered Ripple labs to Produce additional information around Its institutional sales Ripple filed a Motion to oppose this request last month Calling the documents irrelevant however The motion was granted so we will see What comes of it but steuart Alara very

Quickly exposes the contrasting views Between the SEC and the treasury Secretary Janet Yellen who just Testified on cryptocurrency regulation Now we have the SEC which is a market Regulator which sits beneath he doesn't Like hearing it but Gary gendler's SEC Sits beneath the US Treasury because They are Market regulator the treasury Is a credential regulator don't believe That it's still True steuart Adara exposes the fact that Gary gendler says there's no ambiguity There is 100% clarity everyone needs to Come in and register and the credential Regulator that sits above Mr Gendler Janet Yellen pleaded with Congress to pass Clarity and legislation For crypto assets stable coins and the Rest of it because she knows there isn't Any now think of that Contradiction now let's come back to the Ripple versus SEC case because it hasn't Stopped the C from moving forward in Multiple cases whether it's graay scale Coinbase debt box which they just Dropped Right or the Ripple case they have no Problem embarrassing theel it is just Unreal but Ashley Prosper here says I Thought of seven possible Ripple case Could ways the case could end one Ripple SEC reach settlement case ends anytime Two Ripple and the SEC accept remedies

Ruling from judges and no one files an Appeal case Ends by the end of 2024 Ripple Andor the secc appealed to Second circuit after remedy phase second Circuit agrees with judge Torres no one Files an appeal to Supreme Court of the United States case ends 2526 four Ripple Andor the SEC appeal to The second circuit after remedy phace Second circuit agrees with judge Torres Ripple Andor the SEC file appeal to Supreme Court of the United States Case would end 2627 number five Ripple Andor the SEC appeal to the second Circuit after remedy space second Circuit finds fault in ruling and Remands back to judge Torres both sides Accept a new ruling from Judge Torres Case ends between 2526 number six Ripple and the SEC Appeal the second circuit uh after Remedy phase second circuit remands back To judge Torres one or both parties do Not accept the new ruling from Judge Torres and appeals again the second Circ Agrees with judge Torres and no one Appeals to the Supreme Court of the United States case ends 2627 or number seven Ripple Andor the SEC appeal to the second circuit after Remedy's phase second circuit remands Back to judge Torres one or both parties Do not accept the new ruling from Judge Torres and appeals again the second

Circuit agrees with judge Torres one or Both parties appeal to Supreme Court Case ends 2728 now you guys know where I'm at I'd Like to see this thing wrap up any any Time but you know what I've always Believed that this goes to the Supreme Court and it's a way of keeping a legal Dog leash on a new form of money that Just may end up once these automated Market makers are in place and they show That they can draw enough Liquidity to function properly the way They Should and maybe just maybe xrp gets Deemed as a stable coin category because Of the stabilization mechanism of the Amm and liquidity pools I don't know the Answer but I know if it goes that route We'll probably see some form and fashion Of this case remain while it takes off In that light and the reason I would Feel that way is because there'd be a Legal dog leash over top of this in case Something went really wrong as you're Introducing a new money to a world that Desperately needs It Target $1 130 the emergence of green W pattern and xrp is catching attention Presenting both possibly uh possibility And credibility I'm going to work with Some flashcards when I get done today Ladies and gentlemen however the compil Compilation completion again they're

Going to be very good flash cards They're going to work on multiple Syllable words I'm going to be very good By tomorrow the second part of the W Pattern may exhibit characteristics of Either green or blue dotted pattern you Can see that uh we could have a couple Outcomes headed our way if everything Goes the way the technical analysts are Seeing and a dollar to a125 do30 could Be in our near-term future it's not Financial advice from me him or anyone Else it's just our digital perspectives And now we're headed into the freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen and you are Going to want to see what's going on Here as we have a Chinese descendant who Tells us exactly where the West is going And you're not going to like it but you Need to know it I'll catch all of you in the freedom Zone come on In


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