BIG XRP INVESTORS ADDED 1.5 BILLION, Now Account for 26.8% of Total Supply

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel the price of xrp continues to Drop and I continue to not care at all Why well there are a lot of reasons take A look at this headline though from the Crypt basic big investors accumulate 1.5 Billion plus xrp now hold 26.8% of xrp supply and so it's been Fascinating to see that although as Accurately reported within this article You've actually seen a a decrease this Year compared to previous years in terms Of activity on The xrp Ledger um despite That and I'll explain why that's not a Bad thing in and of itself as we get a Little bit further into the video but Despite that how have how have the big You know the big investors behaved you How how does the smart money behave and Not that you and look to be clear I Don't mean that everybody that has money Is just by you know the nature of that Being the case it doesn't mean that They're all intelligent but but broadly Speaking the entities out there and Individuals that have larger sums of Money uh they probably got there for a Reason they're less likely to make Idiotic decisions they're less likely to Behave like the typical you know retail Liming speculators out there that just Follow one another off the cliff to Their own demise as Panic sets it what We're seeing here is an increase in

Holdings from the Individuals uh so I'm going to break This all down for but before we going Any further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy Is making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun now as I record this video Xrp is down to 48 bitcoin's down to $27,400 So why don't I care well as is typically The case uh xrp is down because Bitcoin's down it's just the asset class Doing what it does because crypto's Volatile I'm not going to emotionally Respond I've been in this far too long For these movements to bother me in any Sort of emotional way uh but still um Here's a 7-Day chart for uh for xrp and You can see it's just falling right on Down but then look at the 7-Day chart For Bitcoin look at what it's doing at The end of this chart here it's the same Thing xrp literally just followed Bitcoin so it's not like there's Something fundamentally wrong here and Then you have articles like this one and I don't need to read this I'm just going To make a broader point on this but

Here's a headline from the Crypt Basic Finance expert projects fifth wave can Take xrp down to 35 well look I don't Make price predictions maybe it happens Maybe it doesn't but let me just say This those with Conviction will reap the benefits of xrp When the market Heats back up and we're Seeing a lot of conviction from xrp Wales you even if xrp price goes lower In the short term does that change my Investment thesis does it change your Investment thesis surrounding Xrp if this happens will any xrp Fundamentals have shifted just because Speculators bring the price down well no Of course not I need to see an actual Fundamental shift to be concerned here And if it's just speculators do being Speculators and xrp following what Broader crypto markets are doing it just Doesn't matter here and the smart money Gets this as is typically the case Here so here's the headline from the Crypto basic big investors accumulate 1.5 billion plus xrp now hold 26.8% of xrp Supply now folks xrp is Finite I don't need to tell you guys That and it's deflationary there's only So much xrp out there and the fact that Xrp when it hit its all-time high almost Six years ago the fact that it ran up to Close to four bucks when you're and by The way that run started when there were

Less than 700,000 accounts in existence So way less than 1% of humans had ever Held xrp at that point in time and it Still ran to almost four bucks with Almost no humans participating what do You think happens as more and more People jump into crypto which is what We're seeing now and so I think that This is part of the calculus for a lot Of larger holders out there they just Kind of get it but check this out piece Reads as follows xrp Ledger whale and Shark addresses have accumulated over 1.5 billion xrp since last October Despite the network witnessing a Persistent decline in whale Transactions notably these addresses Holding between 100,000 and 100 million Xrp have augmented their balances over The past year according to a disclosure From Market intelligence resource Sentiment and let me just pause here to Address this because you might be well I Just read it you might be wondering What's up with these you know fewer Whale transactions but but Moon level You're just reporting that they're Holding more well yeah both things are True they're not mutually exclusive here Think of think back to 20122 and 2021 what was happening to Each of those years well in 2021 we had Crypto Euphoria you you know we had the The laser eyes and the diamond hands and

All that crap insane a a number of People and entities participating in the World of crypto so way higher volume Okay but but that's not a surprise when You're doing those your four times yeah But you know what else you can see an Insane amount of volume is during times Of tumult and chaos and what do we see In 2022 how about that whole Tera Luna Situation 3s Capital Voyager block five Remember all this and then and then you Get to the end of the year think it Can't get any worse and then we find out That FTX was an actual Ponzi scheme and Then that collapsed and that's where the Bottom was but so even though the prices Were going the wrong direction we'd Rather them see them go up obviously There was a ton of volume so just to be Clear transactionally there were of Course larger transactions during those Times because you had Euphoria and then You had tremendous fear so more Market Participation whether it's good or bad You having it but then you get a year Like this and yes it's been nice to see Us climbing out of the ditch for for Most of this year think about where we Started price-wise for you know Bitcoin And xrp at the beginning of this year Much better off right now so happy to See that but there are far fewer people Paying attention so the whales that are

Here and the larger holders they have Been taken advantage of the of the Climate it's just that as a result of Fewer people paying attention you're You're not volume wise it's just it's Just different but again I just want to Be clear that's not some sort of Negative this is amazing like these are The people with conviction the people With conviction have been making these Purchases anyway peace continue Santiment confirmed that these key shark And whale addresses on The xrp Ledger Have continued to amass more xrp tokens Despite a considerable drop in whale Transactions on the network compared to The levels witnessed in 2021 and 2022 a data suggests that these wallets Held a cumulative balance of$ 7.16 Billion worth of xrp as of October 9th 2022 this balance translated to 13.843 n billion worth of xrp this Balance amount amounted to 15.37 billion xrp against the price of Roughly 51 cents at the time of Santiment disclosure and so folks I What's interesting to me and I think More telling here forget what the prices Uh the current price it's volatile it's Going to move a little bit what about The total Holdings from 13.843 7 billion anyway piece continues The disclosure confirms that these Addresses have procured

1.53 billion Xrp since last October due to this Persistent accumulation Trend they now Hold a whopping 26.8% of xrp Supply as Opposed to the 24.1% rate recorded a Year ago and so what was actually Happening people there are all sorts of People who have been Panic selling but Then you got to ask because there's Always a buyer on the other end you know If there's a seller there's a buyer um Vice versa so if somebody if somebody is Purchasing your xrp who's doing that and Why if you were the people that was Afraid and panic selling and this Doesn't mean telling you to buy or not Buy I don't care what you what any Individual auth there does cuz I don't Know what's in your best interest I I'm Just not Financial advice but I'm just Noting haven't you been kind of curious If you are one of the people that's Panic selling why does somebody want That from you cuz you're in fear that It's going to go lower and lower and Lower what's the what's on the other Side of that Transaction what are these People thinking well they're obviously Thinking that ultimately it's going to Go up they're betting against you and so Yes there were smaller accounts and a Lot of them panicked selling and this Drove the the price of xrp and Everything else Under the Sun down down

Down but again there people on the other Side of the transaction what are they Doing and so that's why I'm never I Personally will never behave like the Typical liming retail Speculator out There that just makes important Financial decisions based on their Fiel Fields I'm just never going to do that Ain't no damn chance of going to do this Pee continues the sentiment chart Further sheds light on the accumulation Behavior of these wallets notably they Began amassing xrp aggressively in November 2022 amid the FTX implosion Folks how about that and they write this Period saw the most significant spike in Their Holdings within this cycle Wouldn't you know it a capitulation of An FTX crashing um now I wasn't buying Xrp because it's Still by far my largest individual Crypto holding and so I but I talked About what I was doing at the time I I Was also going on a buying spree I spent A good chunk of change uh purchasing all Sorts of other coins and I again I Talked about that all at the time so People were fearful and panic selling I Bought stuff on the cheap and I'm glad That I did and so but anyway the point Is it's not unique to xrp or any Individual crypto that's just the Sentiment but it was happening with xrp Of course it

Was and people were still betting I Think even before the legal Clarity back Then that xrp would ultimately have Legal Clarity which we have Now and piece continues interestingly Their balance bumped from 24.2% of xrp Supply on November 6 202 22 to 25.96 on December 29th this Spike Suggests that the address has Accumulated over 960 million xrp in less Than two months their balance remains Steady until another Spike was seen in Mid July when xrp secured legal Victory Now sanitt revealed that this Accumulation Trend prevailed despite a Drop in whale transactions above $100,000 for context in 2021 the daily Whale Transactions average average 9,000 this network W the network Witnessed noticeable spikes in these Transactions between April and May peing At 28,000 on April 21st 2021 so folks What was I saying a little bit earlier In the video because April is when we Saw xrp get up to right at $2 that's Where that was a tie for the the last Market cycle 28,000 transactions of that size on April 21st but that's cuz there is Euphoria in the market so like we're Good at half times like that again and Then that's why for me it's important For me personally that I just sit here

And do precisely nothing because I can't Control uh when markets when we're in Various portions of Market Cycles I I Have no control over that and so I just Don't care it doesn't emotionally hit me But I will have fun and I will be Excited when we get to the more euphoric Times that's the most fun part of being In crypto it's just that that's not what It is to be involved in crypto for most Of the time anyway but yeah I mean it's Ultimately coming here so I just wanted To point this out as some people are Undoubtedly going to to be feeling down And xrp's prices going down and how Could this be legal Clarity for xrp and It still goes down well it's not because Of xrp there's nothing functionally Different or bad about xrp now I mean We're in a better position with it Having legal Clarity right now and I Think that without that legal Clarity Xrp would be worth way less today than It actually is today I wouldn't be Surprised if it were closer to 30 cents Right now who knows maybe in the 20s Something Cent region if not for this Because xrp is still a hair above where It was before it had legal Clarity and bitcoin's worse off so that Should tell you something you know Definitely there are more people in xrp But you just can't fix the two and a Half plus years of damage that was done

By the SEC in the snap of a Finger but I think that if we just let Time pass it'll all just get sorted out That's that's a strong part of my Expectation here we'll see what happens Here but I think it's pretty cool to see All of this even in the face of xrp Going down along with the broader crypto Market Look at how the investors with the most Money are behaving specifically as it Pertains to xrp they've been buying and They're just they're just sitting your Hold don't mind seeing that one little Tiny baby boo I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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