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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines what's Gemini Exchange up to with xrp you're going to Get into it Elizabeth Warren spreading Fud again backdoor ban everybody pay Attention Raul Pal's in the news Japan And xrp what about US Banks adoption for Xrp what about Australian digital Dollar On The xrp Ledger oh yeah we got that What about xrp Prime for a volcanic Eruption and what about Putin declaring That Alaska the US state belongs to Russia uhoh somebody roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad Kinds come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it is 1. .69 Trillion doll market cap for Cryptocurrency the market is off by 2 Point 2.1% 41,000 slightly over for Bitcoin right now 2,300 Plus for Ethereum tether market cap is 94.9 Billion plus xrp is 53 cents at the Number six spot off by three and a half On the 24hour off by 7.8 on the 7 day Let's get into the range of price very Quickly here 0. 5256 on the bottom and 05550 on the top we're sitting at 53 Cents slightly over that so that's where We are right now we're ranging quite a Bit here between 52 and 55 cents we'll Keep an eye on it but I do want to Remind everybody right here

Opportunities for all that is the key Here all you have to do is sign up and Register and get started this is Remarkable look uh incredible Opportunities for affordable minimums of The best private equity in the world 650,000 plus registered users all you Got to do is go sign up get started uh Circle Ripple uphold link to and by the Way remember Circle says they they filed Their paperwork they're going public Sometime this year link to has Intentions of going public this year I Mean who's next who's next I love it Click the link to the sponsor underneath The video right here we see today Gemini Sent out three consecutive tweets about XR RP don't forget about xrp excited About xrp Xing shortly it said so what Could this be could this signal a Potential xrp ETF coming soon why do you Believe Gemini is tweeting about xrp That is the question some are rumoring That an xrp ETF over in the European Market before here in the states either Way head on a swivel when it comes to Gemini we'll see how this un folds Ashley Prosper says Gemini's recent Posting about xrp is similar to when it Posted about xrp on August 8 2023 two days later if you remember they Relisted xrp on their exchange so I Suggest their recent tweeting is about An xrp listing coming soon and since

They just got approval for their Exchange in France it makes sense that That's what the buzz is about I could be Wrong but it makes sense let's see what Happens happens I think that is as good Of guess as any shout out to Ashley Pro Prosper for that and then this here from The US government accountability office The US GAO performed a Zero zero analysis for crypto report on Evading Sanctions but you're going to love it Because Elizabeth Warren doesn't let That stop her she says new US GAO report Confirms that Rogue Nations are using Crypto to dodge sanctions and undermine Our national security it's time for Crypto to follow the same anti-money Laundering rules as everyone else I've Got a bill to make it happen however be Careful that was Elizabeth Warren Talking and perryan boring wants to do What she can to let you Know not so fast Elizabeth not so fast No your bill is a backdoor ban be honest And call it what it is pushing Technology overseas so our adversaries Can dominate it undermines National Security boom yes and to add to this the US Treasury departments this is from the Readers poll right the readers uh Context here right Twitter adds Underneath of Elizabeth Warren's tweet The US Department's own February 22

National money laundering risk Assessment report states that Fiat is Preferred currency for financial crimes Oh Elizabeth oh Elizabeth Cody Highlights the same thing here for Community notes making sure that the Community notes are correct Elizabeth Warren is absolutely spreading fud here So shout out to everyone there Cody Perryan and everybody at the digital Chamber or chamber of digital Commerce So let's take a look at this R pal says Uh I might be one of these conspiracy Theorist says Mr in shout out to Mr I But listen to this about what he thinks About where Bitcoin came from tell me More I said and I think the US Government and the UK government Invented it oh which is the NSA and the Gchq in the UK who the two World centers Of cryptography because even how the White paper's written You Yes I always have and I asked the Department of Defense they said yeah We've considered that too well the Department of Homeland Security Considered it and they went and Interviewed the four people that are Satoshi that's what special agent ra Saad said and yet they're offering This everywhere financial advisors are About to start offering this to all Their clients so they can get exposure

To it Right pretty damn interesting isn't it Oh we're not done with you yet This is a Reminder that the world is a very big Place sometimes it could seem very small But this is a reminder of just how big The world is while the United States is Struggling to get the clarity to open up To the financial systems for the benefit Of Technologies of digital Assets Japan's not confused the Central Bank of Japan on a global scale Initiates the use of xrp for its International payment solution now we All Know this is Yoshi taka CAU and SBI Right the plan has been in place for Many many many Years Right but things haven't jumped off the Way we want to see them jump off yet and That leaves a lot of people Fearful and upset right and they hate it That we talk about the ultimate holy gra Use of xrp in The Ledger when things are Under a dollar and all of that stuff and They don't want you to be able to talk About those things they think it's Outlandish Well we had an old saying in my Neighborhood for people like that screw Them this is what I'm here

For this is what I'm here for and it'll Come and and you'll know when it comes Because since the Inception of xrp the Digital asset we have yet to see price Driver come from use Case Utility so everything up until now is Before the actual race Begins Right they haven't even shot the gun for Everybody to take off and start running Yet I mean truthfully this everything's In motion but you get it Then when we look to what's going on Here in the United States then there's This Ben Armstrong shares insights on The US bank's potential adoption in Ripple's xrp but the problem here is is We know that Ripple is already partnered Between 4 and 600 maybe more Partners in The financial system Banks Included we know that they're already Building Central Bank digital currencies On The Ledger So Brad garlinghouse has told us Directly that it's not just the SEC that Is holding this up it's also the OCC That's right the office of com Controller of Currency now that's why I think stable Coin legislation is so so very important But we'll get more into that in the next Video meanwhile take a look at this Tidbit the Australian digital dollar the AUD has been launched on The xrp Ledger

By Nadi group enabling fast and lowcost Transactions on the energy- efficient Network now look at this it also Supports xlm stellar blockchain and Ethereum if you come down here you can See it AUD is an Australian digital Dollar designed to meet the speed Efficiency transparency and demands as The growing shift into the digital world Available on multiple blockchains Including the ethereum blockchain as an Erc20 token natively on stellar and xrp Ledger and due on salana in the coming Months there you have it right you can See more references of the different Blockchains that it's available on this Is where we're going Right and when I think about Davos this Picture really kind of sends it home Here I touched on this over the weekend But I'm Gonna Make The Point again today Because I think it's really valid Jamie Diamond and this young man here This young man in Brad Garling house This young man and Christine lard this Young man and the president of Ripple Monica Long now look at that now I don't see Anybody there from Bitcoin I don't see anybody there from Dogecoin I don't see anybody there from Sheu right I don't see anybody there From Litecoin and I don't see anybody There from ethereum now what do you make

It at while we're sitting here with all This lack of Clarity still Scared it's okay if you are I'm Not that's why I think xrp is prime for A volcanic eruption and it isn't just Because we're in this crypto winter and We look to be coming out the other side Of it it's because ultimately I see the Use case that xrp can provide to a world That already exist exist for payments And settlement and the movement of Value so at the end of the day here we Could still see that dip to the 39 Cent Range a great pullback or Spike Downward but what I'm really seeing here From most people is that if we get above This $2 range here you see this yellow Line looks to be at about the $2 mark if We get above that area there maybe it's A little above two bucks but we get Above that area it looks like we can Start having that $27 Conversation so maybe it's 250 or three Bucks I don't Know but here's the isn't this F I mean I know a lot of people are like look I Want to retire I want to do all these I Get it you don't think I I want to do These things too Right but I also am not going to get Outside of why I'm here or where we Actually are I'm a wh that things are 53 Cents right now right I'm also aware

That it only takes one piece of Legislation or the finishing of a court Case for everything to look completely Different in an instant and that's why I'm here now we're getting ready to go Into the freedom Zone ladies and Gentlemen you can join us too if you go To dig perspectives. comom and click on The freedom Zone and come on in cuz Today is a very serious piece of Information where President Putin of Russia is now declaring that the US State Alaska was an illegal sale of Russian land we got that and so much More we'll see you in the freedom Zone Not Financial advice from me or anyone Else I'll catch all of you on the next One


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