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Welcome back to the show everybody check These headlines out here uh Wall Street Just bought crypto and crypto as you Know it is over somebody roll that Beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.46 Trillion market cap for crypto to Market Is off by 1% we see Bitcoin at 37,1 100 Plus right now ethereum just over 2,000 Bucks tether market cap 87.9 billion Plus and number five spot is 61 cent xrp Off by 1.8 in the 24 hour and off by 6.8 In the 7 day we have some pretty Critical ta you're going to want to see At the end of this we'll get to it let's Look at the range of price ranging Between 60 6066 on the bottom and 6238 On the top we're sitting right there in The middle at 6107 it's a very crucial Mark we will get into it ladies and Gentlemen I've been telling you about This because it is a limited time Special and you're going to want to act On this if you haven't done it look as The crypto Market explodes and grows and You are about to see evidence about how Crypto as you know it is over and it's

Not a bad thing it's a good thing Because if you're hearing my voice then You know that this Market is about to go Bananas in the best way possible but That means the height the threat of Attacks being able to protect yourself With a secure password manager full Featured highspeed vpns and end to end File encryption these are all things You're going to want to need and want to Have in your Arsenal and you know what There's 83% off two-year plan for $344 a month you can't afford to not do It it click the link for Pure VPN Underneath the video now one Ripple exec Says xrp and xlm set to become the Pepsi And cocacola of Central Bank utility now They don't say in the article who that Ripple executive is but I tell you I do Agree with this I do agree that xlm and Xrp absolutely will be clear standouts Inside the financial system no question About it now let's get to this right Here speaking of which Uh this from rraa conman here Ripple Partner Al Ansari will launch a Subsidiary wallet next year Al anari Digital pay focusing on inclusion which Will also include remittance which could Use ripplet even on demand liquidity in Channels using the trang glow connection We love seeing that shout out to Wrath Of common for that information and then Here this is from the managing director

Of the international monetary fund Christ and Georg Eva are going to give You two reasons what the advantages of Central Bank digital currencies are and The first one is is that we can get rid Of paper cash because it's going to be Obsolete Uhhuh what is the advantage of CBDs tell Them Chris two one cut costs by making It so that the um use of money printed Uh becomes obsolete uh becomes obsolete Gone forever more not coming back a't This what we've said isn't it about the Central banks and the the big Financial Players of the world especially the Central banks and governments staying Relevant powerful and in control and all The conversation in the early days from Different Central Bank no no no no you Can keep your paper cash we're not after The paper cach doesn't sound like that From crystalina George even now does it For an economy like the Bahamas the First country to introduce cbdcs where You need to carry cash at high expense To different parts in different Islands This is a big advantage and second Accelerate Financial Inclusion by making it so that there is A push for digitalization and then Digitalization steps into the world of Money yeah there you have it but then we See this the use case of a stable coin You know digital

Money take a listen interesting no Absolutely there is another life uh use Case of a Forex market so Forex Market Is one of the shadiest and Non-transparent markets it it runs on Request for quote standard what it means Is you call up your bank bank has to be Open that particular moment and you ask For a quote to convert say 1 million EUR Into $1 million into whatever dollars Right and they provide you a quote but The bad news is they they may not honor It if you say yes I confirm your Resulting trade may result in a worse uh Quote so that market can already be Disrupted now because in defi there There are usdc say Euros Market which You can see exact liquidity exact Market Depth and you can trade 24/7 regardless If your Bank is open or not you can Convert digital Euro to digital uh Dollar in its best form uh and you you Know predefined trade which is available Right now so say if something happens Bad in America tomorrow uh during market Closed hours you can buy or sell your Dollars in a digital form in Defi and That's a use case that's available right Now I agree with this potential that Every every single uh lock every single Operation will be connected to Internet And that can be unlocked through a smart Contract and paid with a stable coin and That's why we need companies like bch to

Execute on that um but we also need a Safe infrastructure to operate and that Well and that safe infrastructure is the Real question to me you know uh look at The end of the day the FX Market is a Shady Market it is hundreds hundreds of Trillions of dollars deep right and you Know he's giving you use case right here Why you can make a market 365247 this is the same argument really Christalina georgeva is giving you too Along with a more macro idea and Understanding about saving the money and Time and energy and shipping dollars From Island to Island and you get the Rest of it but how are they going to Control all of this how are they going To get a handle on being able to control This digital market right well I'll tell You how they have the SEC continue to do What they've been doing through Regulation by enforcement by going after Crypto and scaring everyone away from This space except the powers to be and The know and the elite that want to Control this space space the SEC has now Filed a lawsuit against Kraken exchange For illegally operating an online crypto Trading platform without registering With the agency now what's interesting About this is that they've already sued Kraken once before as Jeremy Hogan says Here apparently the $30 million the SEC Got from Kraken back in February wasn't

Enough it had to sue them again for more Everyone feel protected again Oh what a great comment that Is then Fred rollei calls out Kraken Kraken released a comment which is only Fair that we share here today the SEC Filed a complaint alleging that Kraken Operates as an unregistered National Security exchange broker and clearing House we disagree with their claims and Plan to vigorously defend our position Fred RIS poy says is this the defense Going to be more or less vigorous than The last time the SC sued you remember Where you said the same thing but folded Faster than a GOP Congressional subena Threat Fred got some pissing vinegar in Him we like Fred we like Fred a lot Where's that subpoena at GOP right we're Going to subpoena the and they do Nothing right nothing yeah I told you Both sides they're like gangs they're Like cartels right Ain't nobody your friend the SEC going After Kraken again says Ashley Prosper Labeling 11 tokens as Securities that Have been listed in other lawsuits Against coinbase and binance they are Ada algo adom file Flo ICP Mana madic Near OMG and Salana this is once again led by the Most incompetent lawyer in the SEC Jorge Tenero boy I tell you these people I Told you they don't embarrass very

Easily now let's take a look at this Right here Jeremy Hogan comes back again Says gu wh guess which crypto is not Included on the list of alleged Securities uhuh yeah and that's where I Came in here and said you know what this Is not a dig and it is not a dig but Notice xrp is not on the list xrp in and Of it of itself is not a security the Only way to get that outcome for all Crypto is to stand up to the bully the SEC don't give up fight because the Reality is I started out this show today Saying Wall Street just bought crypto And crypto as you know it is over and it Is and I'm about to prove it to you Bullish a cryptocurrency exchange headed By former New York stock exchange President Tom Farley has acquired Coindesk a prominent Media company in The crypto sector better said the most Prominent Media Company the biggest Prominent Media company in the crypto Sector has been bought by the former President of the NC yeah tell me crypto isn't going away Without saying crypto isn't going Away that's how and what's important to Remember about this that there's there's A little platform out here known as Backed and back is a Corporation that is owned by the parent Company of the New York Stock Exchange The internal Intercontinental Exchange

Known as ice owns the New York Stock Exchange exchange and also owns Back the digital asset Platform now the former president of the New York Stock Exchange has now just Purchased the largest most prominent Company Media company that covers Crypto so he just became the Storyteller For crypto did he Not yes he did Oh this is evidence that we are front Running Wall Street this is evidence That we are here before the institutions Are this is evidence and proof that you Will have a story for your grandchildren That will blow their minds because not Many people are hearing my voice not Many people are going to understand Exactly the position that we are all in And what could that lead to well let's Take a look at this here looking for xrp Specifically technical analyst dark Defender here says we are set targets For a dollar five and A188 according to the Elliot wave now With the cup and handle pattern is also Blinking xrp to reach the targets However can the handle be extended Towards 52 uh cents level which is all The way down here where that's about 10 Cents away or so from where we are at The current moment however we still need To close under primary support of 60 Cents for two days in a row so the

Answer at the moment is no so in other Words if we stay above this critical Price point here 61 cents and don't dip Down below 60 cents for a two-day period Which we did touch in the Range if we go down below 60 cents for Two days consistently the TA is telling Dark Defender we could revisit 52 cents And if we do just my digital Perspectives not Financial advice I'll Be backing up the truck because I know What to do as a disciplined investor at My house and again not Financial advice Everybody's got their own story to tell And their own life to lead and speaking Of which we're about to head into the Freedom Zone and get down to the real Conversation and by the way if you're Looking for a discount for xrpl LV Las Vegas 24 you're going to want to join The freedom Zone where you can get Yourself a discount on the tickets when They come out it is not available at the Moment but I can tell you it will be in The near term that we will be launching That so join this conversation today Because this is a place where you can Come on in and speak your mind free Speech and you know what I'm sharing a Lot more of my life inside of here as Well not only my personal viewpoints on Things that are not related to crypto And deeper related to crypto but also Just as far as like what I'm doing in my

Life and things that are happening and I Love being able to share it with you and I know it's getting a great reaction Inside of here as well so we hope to see You in there too this is a way for us to Stay connected ladies and gentlemen in The freedom Zone have the real Conversations that we just cannot afford To take a chance to have out here Freedom of speech is something that we Have to Covenant and that's exactly what We do in the freedom zone I'll catch you All on the inside on the next One


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