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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I want to remind everybody My sponsor link to has decreased for the Weekend Um their minimum investment to five Thousand normally it's ten thousand Dollars per investment and they've got Some Ripple up there and some poly sign And some link to and some other things So you might want to uh check that out The link will be in the top of the Description check this out amb crypto Did a ripple price prediction I think They meant xrp xrp price prediction for 20 25 2023 I'm gonna take you down to The to the bottom here And here's what these Geniuses are Saying Um apparently they used a company called Finder and there's they're saying Conservatively for xrp by 2030 they Believe it could hit 4.98 by 2030. I believe it could do that In the blink of an eye once people not Necessarily and and by the way I don't Necessarily think that xrp is going to Skyrocket the second the nessies that This SEC lawsuit is over I think that There could be a period of time where People digest what it really means and

Where the market has a delayed reaction I think that that could very well happen There could even be a negative reaction And then everybody realizes that there's So many nuances to the decision or the Settlement that um that at first it goes Down and then it goes up or vice versa I Mean it could happen but anyway I think This number personally I believe that Number is a joke Um Look it says according to data published On nasdaq's website the average Projection for 2030 is around 18.39 And then we have which I also think that Should be ridiculous if that no the 2025 Changly who is that's run that was Created can't remember his name but he's A total Bitcoin Maxi why would they even Use that for an xrp price prediction It's provided a range of between a Dollar 47 and 1.76 Max for xrp by 2025. That's a joke too in my opinion but I Mean when you're when your sources are Bitcoin Maxis what do you really expect Now the official cool guy it looks like He was up I think uh bit boy is doing Like a book tour he came out with a book And the official cool guy the digital Asset investor Channel apparently Dropped by his book signing and and uh Got a photo with him so that's pretty Cool now listen to this I'm going to hit The uh refresh button and then we'll

Listen to this bad boy there's a Biden Wrote an executive order that says Anyone with more than a hundred thousand Dollars in the bank Or In any deposit box any amount and you Need to pause a box if the bank should Get into trouble that they can take that Money Well in September when things started to Go badly for the banking World they Lowered that to fifty thousand So if you got more than fifty thousand In any one account in any Bank They can take it Now folks I've taught I've covered bail ends I've Shown you that they will do bail-ins in The United States and I've shown you the FDIC clip where Gary Cohen says we don't Need to let the public know about that Even though we here in this room don't Necessarily have a lot of faith in the Banking system that doesn't mean we want To let them know it But what I didn't know this is so he's Talking about bail-ins here what I Didn't know because I assumed the FDIC Insurance would kick in and I think it's 250 000 per account but what this guy's Saying is they've lowered it to 50. That's the case and you got more than Fifty thousand dollars in any one Account you might want to do something

About it because these people are awful Okay here's an interesting video watch This right right yeah that and that Makes sense that makes a lot of a lot of Sense Um I'm conscious I'm looking at the the Stream here and there are loads of Questions coming in so I'm going to ask You one last one from me Ricardo and Then we're going to go to the streams Quick questions Um so quick fire one Um over the next few years what do you Think like the top three sort of Transformational use cases for Blockchain will be oh okay well it'll Have to be in capital markets payments And identity so you know let me just Give you a quick view of what that means So in capital markets you know the Continued digitization of all assets and Asset classes I think is really exciting So you know the digitization of property And cars and what have you and then the Ability to trade those things in primary Secondary and even tertiary marketplaces I think that's going to be cool Um you know money so the movement of Money moving from lumpy to liquid so you Know today money is very lumpy right you Get AIDS every month or every couple of Weeks why don't you get every second you Know and we move money across border but We don't send emails cross-border of

Course governance and legislation is Different on money versus data but still I think that that certainly will see a Shift of money being more fluid and then On identity if we consider what's Happening with web 3 the promise of Bring your identity to the internet and The identity is yours Sovereign identity Is something that I think the story just Been talking about it for a very long Time but hopefully now is the time to Get it right All right interesting stuff now this I'm Just going to play the first part this Is um Fed chair Jerome Powell Um and he's on with these bis people Sources of risk So with this question and where of Course this provides keep in mind this Guy wants cbdc's for to be able to Monitor you and control you and it's Refreshing because I think the gist of What the Fed chair says here is that We've got to have it where it's not like That in the U.S Elaborate let me start the with you Jay The floor is yours Thank you Augustine thanks for bringing Us together and uh hello to my Colleagues it's nice to see everyone So as you as you pointed out there is no Question that we are in a time of Rapid Technological change in the financial Sector

Especially in payments and as is often The case at times like this there's a Mixture of innovations that will have Lasting and perhaps salutatory effects And those that will turn out to be Mostly hype and it's never possible in Real time to be sure which is which More fundamentally Innovation is the key To the direct to driving productivity in The economy and the FED has long Supported responsible Innovation novel Technologies like distributed Ledger and Decentralized finance have the potential To increase the efficiency of the Payment system and encourage a more Competitive Financial landscape So the direction of travel is Encouraging and the future we can now Imagine is one featuring you all right That's all a bunch of bull this is the Gist of what matters a dollar cbdc would Need to ensure users privacy That is is totally different from what That Augustine Carstens from the bis one He wants it as a surveillance Surveillance tool like China but Tom Ember recently was pushing Um to make sure that we don't go the bis Route in terms of the surveillance Nature of cvdc and I think that's Important now I've shown you a lot of Times this video and I've talked about It where we know that Homeland Security Knows who the four satoshi's are but I

Wanted to remind people because you may Not remember this video at the same Conference where the homeland security Lady gets on stage and says that they do Know I wanted to make sure you Understood that we also know that the SEC had people at that conference too so They were in the audience that which Means that the SEC also knows who the Four satoshi's are uh but in all Seriousness I think this was the best Demonstration that I could come up with How cryptocurrency works this is not Going to be a technical explanation Maybe the guy from SEC Martin right no You don't want to do a technical Explanation of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency Or the blockchain I do want to say that Both of these folks are government Employees SEC and Homeland Security so Anything that I say certainly does not Reflect upon them or their agency Because I want them to keep their jobs And you know have wonderful careers Okay so and and Wheezy apparently found Out who the two SEC people were uh Not Only was Martin zerwitz but there was Jane Norberg from the office of Whistleblower at the SEC she left in April 2021 four months after the lawsuit Versus Ripple was filed so think about What you have here folks you got an SEC That knows who who the force satoshi's Are and they're walking around and

Pretending like Bitcoin has no common Enterprise because we don't know who it Is it's a huge this this Scandal Heath Gates a huge Scandal the Bitcoin Scandals even bigger than that Because they know and we have the proof It's right there on video So what that means is the entire policy Around Bitcoin is one huge lie I mean It's unbelievable it's unbelievable that Tom emmer and some of these congressmen Who are supposedly on our side aren't Bringing this up it's right there in Your face Now um this this is from Wrath of Kahneman a while back in July 2022 Yields liquidity pools liquidity tokens The XLS 30d discussion for xrpl Automated Market maker has enormous Potential for the network this is an Attempt to understand what ripples David Schwartz called The Secret Sauce of an Xrpl amm all right and I happen to run Across this is this was on um uh what's The guy's name Um actually somebody quoted it his name This is who put this video out it's Zen At Zen Warrior I met this guy when I was In Vegas one time Um he's got Zen Lounge I think is his Website he's a solo genic guy Um but anyway so so but this in this Clip from his channel they're talking About it's a solo genetic guy named

Fabio and he's talking about their Conversations with ripple So what's what's what's the vibe on XLS 30 because that's going to do like so Much for the decks Um Can you give us like a Broad map of how soon you think XLS 30 Will follow after audio Launchpad yeah And what is that really important if You're able to launch deck one thing to Launch your own telecon xrpl but there's No liquidity it's very tough right so Like yeah once you have the audio Launch Pad Plus and even safely there's some Issues right yeah with the spreads on Stably right now so I mean Stanley there Were some issues uh in general with the With the market because I think there Was a legal issue on the Ripple side to Provide the the market making or I Cannot elaborate more but um so when are We able to do like the automatic Automatically let me finish this space On a positive note talking a little bit About the amm we've had a call with the Product team Ripple and they expressed Their their Their confidence in this amendment Because you know what happened with the Last time and they pushed Texas 20. we Integrated it Four months before it actually went live And we don't want that to happen again

Because it takes a lot of resources from Our side and then we had to kind of like Rearrange a lot of stuff once the Amendment was modified right so this Time we are working with more Synergy and just more proximity to the Ripple team the product team and we're Hoping to push the amm as soon as it Goes live so for that sense we just Literally a week ago we pushed it down Uh as a priority on the pipeline so it Will be rolled out before the ideal Launch pad so then when the idea all Comes live like you you said people can Leverage The the automatic micro maker For their own new tokens for sure okay So that is um and that was from about Three or four weeks ago now does anybody Remember this when James Flynn tweeted This out Lewis Cohen has filed a motion To appear pro hack Vice on behalf of Paradigm operations LLP that was in the Um in the uh Ripple SEC versus Ripple Case all right well I happened to uh Bump into a this clip from Lewis where Lewis Cohen is speaking I want to show You that but first I wanted to show you This because I found one of his tweets a While back too Look at this the evidence provides Strong Corroboration of the defendant's Defenses in the case and undermines the Sec's claim specifically the now

Acknowledged fact that the SEC itself Did not restrict its employees from Selling or buying xrp notwithstanding Its long-standing regulation and its Employees engaging in Securities Transactions without pre-clearance Indicates that the SEC had not in Concluded prior to at least January 2018 That sales and offers of of xrp were Securities transactions so they were Letting their people buy and sell xrp Folks then they have the gall to bring This lawsuit now here's Louis Cohen Right here talking about his Intervention there in the lawsuit Discussing about him in theory so um the Embodiment Theory stems directly from uh Statements made by the SEC both in the Director of the division of Corporation Defense built Inman speech uh with Howie Met Gary plastic in 2019 that's given People a lot of ashita and then more Relevantly and more directly and Approach finding the bscc made in their Case against Ripple lives and that word Finally Um uh a group of xrp holders endeavored To intervene in the case as the pendants You guys of course are litigators I have The biggest idea that that was a thing That you could intervene as an offended Sort of like like putting your own Kidney like sticker on your back Um so I didn't really know that was the

Thing but apparently it is a thing and Because it was a thing obviously was Obliged to respond to that motion to Intervene when the SEC responded to that Motion intervene they provide many good Arguments as to why that was not such a Good idea to allow any random uh person To make themselves independent but they Explain over the course of about 23 Pages why the court should not allowed For reasons that are not essentially Clear to me on page 24 though they they Said sort of and one more thing and they Said you attempted interviewers you seem To misunderstand you seem to think that We the SSC thing that xrp tokens are Securities we do not think that they're Right instead and they quote uh judgment Style in telegram instead we think that The token embodies the scheme pursuant To which it is so is it the embodied so In our uh our paper we you know I think Fairly characterize that as the modern Theory and and really know that that is A novel Theory right that is not Something there is no footnote at the End of that statement in there we Normally you would expect if you make a Statement like that you cycle C e x y z there is no case we are Certainly unaware of a case that would Endorse the idea That some asset that is reasonably Self-evidently not a security given of

Itself Can somehow temporarily presumably Embody a school and so we argue that it Is a theoretical approach it's the SEC That's kind of making up new ideas not Us that is completely within their Boundaries but we argue for policy Reasons why it's not good All right so and then um there was this Today James Flynn the California Plaintiffs have filed a brief opposition To John Deaton's motion to file an Amicus brief and zakinoff versus Ripple This is one of the lawsuits where Somebody had sued Ripple for losing like A hundred dollars or something like that Um John Deaton has officially officially Taken up residents in the California Attorney's heads And then Cowboy crypta says the Plaintiff Bradley sostek is ex McKenzie And currently works at Citadel Who was formerly of consensus is also ex McKenzie as well as Michael Hirsch who Is now executive director at Simpson Thatcher Which is Jake Clayton's firm Now one of the things that has bothered Me folks is The Christian Carlo thing Chris Giancarlo when we found out that he was The guy that made the introduction of Sam bankman freed to Gary Gensler while Gary Gensler sues Ripple I don't like

The feel of that it makes me feel creepy Okay he's Giancarlo is also working on The digital dollar project and he was Ex-cftc and remember I think Mark Watson Worked underneath Christian Carlo Um or maybe him and Gary Gensler or both I can't remember but uh worked Underneath Him Mark wedgen was the General counsel at FTX so I'm getting Some real bad vibes off Giancarlo crypto Dads these days and then I saw this this Is the head this is the chief risk Officer at consensus which is Joseph Lubin's outfit and I said hey Christian Carly do you think it's important to Find out who the ethereum disguised Wales from the Ico or before getting in Business with Lubin because consensus is His firm I believe that we we already Have the raw materials for that Regulation right now you've got the the Gbbc's global standards mapping Initiative Um there's a I'm part of Christian Carlos digital dollar project we've got A paper coming out about the private Sector risks for a cbdc I've I'm a digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that I don't Like the look of this Thank you


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