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All right welcome back to the show Everybody now we're talking we're Talking with Molly Elmore right here and You know what the last time I had Molly Elmore on this show well I got my ass Tore up be perfectly honest Molly you And I were having a private conference And uh you inspired me with something You said it put me on a monologue I Shared it we were out of town when I Shared it and I shared that and Everybody thought well this is a Horrible interview you talked over Molly The whole time it wasn't even intended To be an interview and I appreciated you Letting me share that material so it is Only fitting we get you here today to Hear you do all the talking all good I Just wish I hadn't been slouched over my Chair in that video because I didn't Realize it was going on YouTube I'm good you never know when inspiration Strikes that is true and we have some Amazing conversations too privately that Probably more people would be interested In hearing yeah I think that's Absolutely true and and you're right About that and it would be nice at some Point to be able to share a few of those Conversations with her but I think they Would really enjoy that but today we're Going to do that but what are we talking About today Molly First thing I would love to dig into you

With you is this idea of division and Tribalism within crypto as a whole and Even within the xrp community I think This has been on my mind recently Because I've been sharing some of the Model results for the buyback committee Which is simply looking to establish the Fair market value of xrp and we have This very clear division where one group Is super excited that we are looking to Assess the value potentially use it in a Situation of like a class action lawsuit Against the SEC and just even have Greater clarity as to what is this asset That we hold and how do you actually Determine its value then we have another Group who seems to be more focused on The tech side who's vehemently opposed To even having this conversation I've Been accused of bizarre things I've Never been accused of in my life being a Grifter and a con artist of sorts I'm Like we're building like a math model That's not usually very grifter-like and No one's getting paid to do any of this But I think their concern is more that It's a distraction however the Frustrating part for me that's actually Kind of upsetting is we all want the Same thing We're fighting Because I think there's a lot of Frustration and pent up You know desire to have this these

Problems be solved and we feel a little Bit powerless to solve them specifically The the situation with ripple and the SEC like none of us can really do Anything about that and that has caused A tremendous amount of harm it's caused Harm to investors who wanted to see Their portfolios grow I mean you have a Lot of people who don't have an abundant Amount of money they chose to invest in An asset hoping that over the couple of Years it would go up in value and it's Kind of been stuck then you have this Developer Community who believes in the Technology The xrp Ledger they know that It's a top performer if not the top Performer projects and use cases should Be built on there but we have not seen The adoption of The xrp Ledger as a Blockchain relative to other ones so That's frustrating so you see these two Sides kind of both mad at the same time But instead of focusing our energy to Really who is responsible I see a lot of Infighting with each other and this I See play out a lot on Twitter it's very Easy to be a keyboard Warrior and kind Of throw around slurs and names and Judgments but I my dream is that we come Together as a group and say you know What the development on The Ledger and The value of the asset are both been Harmed by the unlawful actions of the SEC they are corrupt they are colluding

With the banking cartel they're playing Out their own little Turf War and a lot Of people and projects are collateral Damage from that action I think it's well said I certainly am Inclined to agree with you I do believe That there is regulatory capture of the SEC at the very least and we may be able To have a conversation deeper than that Based on where all the money went with SBF in the Congress right so there's a Whole other conversation there but Understanding the division that's going On in the space right now and it's Really kind of developers versus retail Or some retail not all retail right Because not all retail you know is Supportive of the confidential Committee In full disclosure right and but I do Want to say you know for one I'm never Going to name call for what I'm never Going to throw slurs around or try to Cancel Somebody by putting a label Around their neck like a boat anchor I Think that's unprofessional and I think It speaks to a lack of Integrity on any Side of the fence that that takes place Because it it eliminates the possibility To have a civil discussion where we can Get the best out of one another the Other thing I wanted to say too point You were making is this is that you know To the developers I am not a developer I Couldn't be more grateful for people who

Have a developer mind and the Inclination to pursue it because if the Xrp Ledger was up to me it'd be strings In a tomato can and side Chains would be More strings and more tomato cans so we You know we all have attributes and Specialties and whether we're Understanding something or whether we're Missing something you know I still Believe that we all have the possibility Of learning something and matter of fact I think Matt Hamilton even who you've Had in-depth conversations with has a Really great quote about that on his uh Twitter page and his profile I believe It's a real I can't quote it right now But it's something to that effect which I like a lot but let's So let's talk about that division where Do you want to start there about that so The thing that surprises me is that I've Worked with Developers for decades my Career in Internet research was we I Worked at software companies essentially That had measurement products and my job Was to help our developer team build Things that our clients wanted I know How developers think I'm married to a Software developer I like they're my People like I get them and this idea That now I'm sort of on the other side Of the fence from the software developer Group I don't like that I'm not happy With that and I'm actively looking to

Repair that I'm actually very fortunate That on Monday Matt is actually going to Meet with me for my YouTube show we're Going to talk about some concepts Related tokenization and some of the Ways these assets could be valued in the Utility aspect and my real desire out of That conversation is for us to find our Common ground and see that we really do Want the same thing I am not looking to like give hopium or False expectations around the value of Xrp with via these models one thing that People I think misinterpret if it's okay If I explain this is that The models are not predictions or Forecasts they are scenarios about what Could have happened if there had been no SCC lawsuit and here's the sad part of The story is that it happened you can't Unscramble an egg like that damage was Done so even if we build a model that Says this asset could have been worth 100K like It's not going to happen in the timeline That it could have because of the damage That was caused so if anything we're Kind of being a little bit of a downer Like a t saying this is what it could Have been sorry but it's not going to be Because we saw all of this damage caused By our corrupt government now do I think That once this is resolved and The xrp Ledger is allowed to evolve and grow as

It was naturally intended to do yeah and I think you know humans are amazing and Resilient and we will catch up and we Will make up for that lost time but I Think one key thing that is really Important for me to people to understand Is like my motivations with this whole Valuation project is to help uncover Totally unacceptable behavior on the Part of the US government and by talking About what the value could have been Kind of put some numbers to that damage So that if somebody hopefully is held Accountable one day There are now some concrete data and you Know when you put models into the public Realm it kind of functions a little bit Like an affidavit and then if no one Challenges them at a certain point they Kind of become A basis for comparison even sort of fact Per se that you could use in a trial if That were necessary so why we're Building multiple models so there will Be multiple evaluation systems and then If there were a court case you now have Some tools in the tool bit belt to Quantify the harm that was caused by the SEC Very well said and you know Um I hope through the the sit down with Matt Hamilton because he's such a Brilliant mind guy I mean there's no Question you could see that if you just

Follow him or Bob way obviously as well Who was a part of the conversation a few Weeks ago uh as well Um but they have so much to contribute It would be nice to see some kind of Um Collaboration Of you know you know from the the you Know the developer side and the let's Just call it retail side right the Retail investor side to be so but but Collaboration doesn't mean I'm just Going to clay pigeon that everything Comes out of the gate I mean Contributions of think of this this way I hope that's what comes out of your sit Down with him is that Matt will be able To contribute from the developer Technical side and be like you know like You said it's about tokenization right So hopefully he'll be able to shed some Clarity to where you and the Confidential committee and people doing Value uh estimations or formulas or that Kind of thing you're working on those Things we'll be able to eliminate some Things and say okay let we don't need to Think of it this way let's think of it This way to get more of a realization of Adoption and what would maybe be a prize Or could have been correct and you know This whole valuation project is based on Blockchain technology and the more Technically apt people who are smart at

This stuff and have experienced Specifically with xrp Ledger the better There is a separate technology Subcommittee within the greater buyback Project I'm not on that but they meet to Discuss some of the technical aspects of You know if we did have some kind of a Deal negotiated how would that play out From a tech perspective but I think to Have Matt even chime in on if it were up To him to forecast what would the value Be if certain conditions were met I Would love for him to kind of walk me Through how he would build that I don't Think that's something tech people Generally worry about or care about Because it's sort of a hypothetical Scenario where developers tend to like a Problem that they are tasked with Solving developers have constraints and Rules basically programming language you Can't just do things that the Programming language won't allow and Their job is generally to execute the Solution to a problem within parameters And hypotheticals I think sometimes are Like why are you wasting your time with A hypothetical give me an actual problem That I can write code to solve so I Think that's part of the disconnect here Is they're like you're doing something That's not going to accomplish a Specific result and programmers live in I mean I'm making some generalizations

Here but many developers live in this World where they're given a task problem To solve and they write code to solve it I think the disconnect here with this Hypothetical exercise is that we are Looking to create a Cutting Edge Methodology for valuing an asset that is Unlike any other and that methodology Does not exist and the way you created Is you've got to do a lot of trial and Error you got to build a bunch of models That maybe aren't right and don't work But if you don't start like Um you know they didn't build the who Was it about the light bulb he didn't do It in one try like I think there was why My blanking ten thousand tries yes I Mean he like did over and over and then Finally at the end it arrived at that Thing so if you're an inventor you don't Just like wake up one day and invent a Thing you have to create many many Iterations and versions of it Well you know I hope through all of this You know he's able to bring some Elements that can be incorporated into The decision-making process or the Thought exercise that takes place with Inside the valuation committee or Confidential committee there Um To be an ally and on my side and our Side collectively so we can move forward To solve the problems that we want to

Solve I completely feel that way too I Mean you know his contribution is so Huge to The xrp Ledger and and I have Nothing but oodles and oodles mucho Respect for you know what anybody can do Especially somebody that has traits and Skill sets that I I don't you know like I said there's there's if you want an Xrp Ledger and you can leave it up to me It's shoestring and a tomato can it is Not good Molly it is not good what's Going to happen so uh very grateful for His insight and input and I'd love to Hear what's going to come out of that so Let's change gears a little bit if we Could right so let's Um let's talk about The idea and understanding of how one Could uh begin to uh either make xrp a Stable coin or Collateralize it launch a stable coin Off of xrp with collateral on xrp let's Talk about just some of these things Loosely macro view to just try to Understand them do you want to just grab Something and yeah so one thing I think Is difficult to Sort of embrace initially is that the Whole idea of money is based on human Agreements like you and I decide that We're going to you know adopt this System where this dollar bill has a Certain amount of buying power and Humans have made an agreement that gold

Is valuable like why not you know courts That's out in the yard and like we have Just decided collectively as uh Humanity That certain things have value that Value is absolutely subjective sometimes It is determined by a buyer seller Market mechanism but more often than not It's decided by governments and central Banks who just simply say hey the price Of a dollar is worth X Point whatever Gold and like the plaza Accord we're now Going to have fixed exchange rates Between certain countries to sort of Reset things so the idea that the Technology and the market always decide The value of something is very Short-sighted because we've repeatedly Seen that human agreements at the Government level come in and do that and That is one of the hypotheses that we Are exploring with buyback project is Like all right What happens if the government comes Along and sets this price and this price Is very high because they have some kind Of plan or agenda for the new monetary System and they've made this agreement That the value can be XYZ That is totally possible They've done that kind of thing in the Past and has really nothing to do with Technology it's agreements between People I come back to what you just shared

There and if I wanted to incorporate Like the you know the what I believe to Be and I'm by no means a lawyer or Representing the developer Community but Because they're they're very very Grounded right in how they look and Analyze material most of them right and The ones that have been vocal you know I'm reminded of what Miguel Villas said Former head of xrp global markets Okay liquidity plus utility over value Over time equals value Totally agree yeah totally agree right And what's interesting about that is is That you can create a lot of scenarios Just with that general formula right you Know so like I mean if we understand That The xrp Ledger is I believe the World Exchange which is yet to be Completely plugged into right And you have over 60 major stock Exchanges you have over a hundred Commodity exchanges around the world Major exchanges and then you have seven And a half trillion FX Market per day And slowly over time some of those 60 Major stock markets plug into the decks Some of the Commodities are plugging Into the decks right it's not all of Them at once right it's it's three here It's four there two did it and one to Right they're all plugging into the Decks what this is ultimately doing when I understand the vision of The Ledger as

A World Exchange to centralize exchange Is this begins to bring and connect the Liquidity of the world in the FX Market The seven and a half trillion per day You're really starting to connect and They've already started from the lower Exotic currency corridors which makes it Easier to cover that spread through Seniorage right where they can say hey Use the xrp instead of the traditional Path you used to use and then slowly you Build it up and that liquidity begets More liquidity begats more utility and So on and so on is how I naturally see It and again as the World Exchange is a Backbone and all the exchanges from Everything of value plugging in Especially as they all become tokenized All the Commodities right all the Derivatives all of these things you Really are plugging into the decks and Creating this flow of liquidity now Think about the automated market makers That David Schwartz was so excited about With all of this stuff in there markets Being made from this to that and that to This Instantly and the automated market Makers make sure that Arbitrage is Squashed out of the system right so you Have the most exact price feed then Bring in the patent designs from Bob way Which allow you to Source across Multiple networks to settle one single

Transaction for the first time in History that's what those patent designs Do which create a protection to make Sure that there's never a dry pocket of Liquidity somewhere because you kept Sourcing the transaction from here here Here and now it's gone right but if You're sourcing this balanced over Multiple Network providers let's say in Ripple net and on-demand liquidity Participants then you're never going to Hit a dry pocket because they always Take it balanced and whatever's being Traded has got an automated Market maker Making sure that there's no real Arbitrage that's available and if it is It's eliminated instantly Then we start to see I believe what the Ultimate end goal is and my goodness What does the price of xrp look like Then and then I start thinking well it Comes back to how we over you opened up This conversation why are we so tribal When the ultimate goal whether you Believe it the way I just laid down or The confidential Committee just doing a Mass kind of putting it all together the End goal is the same thing it's really About whether we get there quickly or we Get there over time is really only Difference I see and bringing back to Your point again the Real Enemy the real Adversity here is the United States Government holding us down and there's a

Very real SEC versus Ripple case that Could quite possibly come out that harms Retail investors xrp holders and how we Get it going forward which is why we got A guy Field General John Deaton on the Scene representing 76 000 xrp holders What say you Molly I think it's such a sad story that we Live in this country with Incredible Innovators we have a history of being Inventors and Builders and designers of Truly world-class products including Technology And our biggest problem is our own Government stifling that Innovation That's sad and Ugly and gross I was uh on a had a Meeting today with Jay from spend the Bits who has this incredible software Program application being built on The Xrp Ledger tons of interests globally For this service to help move value Between people and businesses And he is not participating in the United States like the biggest Market in The world and he's like I'm not I can't Do it there's just too much regulatory Uncertainty which is tragic and sad like That's not so that's not how it's Supposed to be and what frustrates me is Like I don't know what to do about it Because we have this corruption I can Post lots of things on Twitter we can Make videos about it but at the end of

The day we need a government that Actually Has our best interests at heart I'm at This point now where I'm like let's just Get rid of Congress because I think they Provide zero value and if we just Started over we've created a brand new System we probably would be much better Off than trying to even repair the very Broken and damaged one we have right now Uh I I couldn't agree more you know uh There will always I think it was Thomas Jefferson said there will be always Though a few that hold you know Government and contempt I am one of Those I stand in neither aisle you know What I mean and it's like I'm the Curmudgeon when it comes to government That you're just never going to make Happy because they don't trust any of Them it doesn't matter who's in there it Always seems like there's a jockey for Power and then once they get it they Just power broker for their own Lobbyists and then they come up with Some talking point for their party and Their party base to satisfy the need of What is going on and it's just it it's Very disheartening very disheartening I Come from a very I have a very Entrepreneurial Spirit I've come from Online technology startups and if you Don't do what you need to do like you're Out like the system just chews you up

And spits you out and the idea that the Government has had years to create Regulation and they have this excuse Like oh we just we haven't done it if That were a business like they wouldn't Exist so there's a double standard I do Not like double standards at all and They are held to a standard of Incompetence that the rest of us would Absolutely not be allowed to to embody And that I find that a big problem yeah I I agree so now let's share with the Audience here that you work very closely With me and Mrs backup and members Inside the digital perspective Mastermind group talk about that a Little bit if you would I do so I am Also a big fan of online learning while We also have we have corruption in the Government I also think that there are Some serious inefficiencies in the Education system and the technology Education programs like if you were to Go to school to learn how to be you know A blockchain developer or I've listened Recently learned you know a lot of Online software to teach education Programs It would be outdated so quickly that Like the school system can't really Accommodate it so programs like yours Ours help people learn from people who Are not more knowledgeable than they are In a system that allows us to update the

Content regularly like we can turn Around videos so quickly that the class Can be current where in the traditional Sort of University system no no Professor is recording videos like the Day before like you're using textbooks That have been printed years ago and so We're able as a online education Community able to keep people more Current with technology skills that are Changing and evolving in a very rapid Pace so I'm super excited and bullish About the online learning space I think Kids also can have the opportunity to Learn things that are more Cutting Edge That just the school system I'm not Trying to dis the school system you know That sounds like I am but they're just Not evolving as quickly as our current World needs them to I agree and I must Say that the you know the collective of The digital perspective Mastermind group Is super super brilliant and there is Not just safety in numbers there is Empowerment in numbers right because There's access to real people who'll be Like hey I've done that before I might Try it this way if I were you or this is What I found for myself when I did Abc123 there is so much in there that Can save people so much time whether It's a simple question about Flair or Whether it's something that you're Trying to adjust about your own mindset

For wealth creation because we have that Inside the course too so it is a Pleasure to have you as an instructor Inside of this course and then with this Group of people because it is my next Challenge I've been very clear to people About that that you know people are like Well what's your next goal what's your Next challenge this group is my next Goal and next challenge and speaking of That we are going to be having the first Ever xrp Army Meetup conference actually Of a lifetime I'm excited Molly I am Super excited it's gonna be fantastic I I know who a lot of the secret guests Are and when people find out they are Going to be giddy with excitement they Really are I'm getting right now and I Want to say stuff and I can't say stuff I mean it's gee whiz I'm so excited but Uh I tell people you know click the link Underneath the video put your name on That email list you will get an email But it will be a capped event there will Be a limited number of seats it's just The way it is Vegas is Vegas it's a busy Weekend we've been talking to a lot of Places out there and we're about to lock It down and blow this thing up to the Moon so I am couldn't be more excited Where things are going I couldn't be More excited that you're going to sit Down with Matt Hamilton and that you are Working with us in the group what's your

Final thought before we grow out of here Today I think one of the things that I love Too about Um the digital perspectives Mastermind Is that sometimes learning new things Like blockchain technology and investing And digital assets can be kind of a Lonely and intimidating Road and when You when people get frustrated with Something because maybe it's hard or Confusing they tend to just quit where When you join a program and you make an Investment in yourself and in your your Education and you're now part of Something that is bigger than just you It can really help you pull you along During those days when you maybe don't Feel like it or you're like this is just Not worth the time and that's why I Really love group programs like like the Digital perspectives Mastermind because You're not doing it alone like we're in It together and not only are there Instructors who teach you but your peers Are going to teach you as well one of The best ways to learn is by asking Questions and when you are in an Environment where you feel like it's Okay to do that and you're not going to Get judged or attacked which quite Honestly on Twitter is very likely so to Be in a more of a private environment I Think gives people the space to to learn

At a much more rapid Pace than they Would on their own absolutely well said Molly thank you this is one of many I Assure you and I cannot wait to see your Video with Matt Hamilton shout out to Him shout out to Bob way and everybody Else out there who has the ability to Contribute to this conversation and I Can't wait to hear their insights and Perspectives we'll catch you on the next One Molly all right thanks Brad you got It

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