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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines 110 million xrp FTX And SPF in the news we got USD tether Watch out everybody flare networks and David Schwartz and Bob way chime in You're going to want it we got former Ripple executive tells us xrp can't be Confiscated we're going to give you both Sides of the coin ladies and gentlemen Larry Fink from blackrock's going to Give it to us on crypto and you're going To want every single bit of it and one Ta technical analyst tells us xrp facing An erupted move somebody wrote that Beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.01 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto at the time of making this video We're off by point six percent Bitcoin 20 700 plus ethereum 1500 plus we see Tether market cap at 66.3 billion xrp is At 38 cents right now we're up 12.7 Percent on the seven day just to go over It very quickly ethereum up 20.6 on the Seven day and 22.2 percent on the seven Day for Bitcoin if you have not checked This out they're running an incredible Incredible five thousand dollar minimum For accredited investors on link two for

Private equity and looky here ripples Back on the board baby but you know it's Not for long because it was just sold Out poly size on the board but how long Are you going to have opportunity to get That or uphold or every one of these Things or link to itself oh my goodness Unstoppable domains is on there I'm Telling you these are really really Incredible opportunities and just a note For people they don't make the rules About accredited investors and in fact Link2 is working very hard on being able To be to take down the wall and to Democratize finance for all of everybody In the space so always be on the lookout For that they're just merely following The accreditation rules from the finra And SEC guidelines to just understand That click that link and check it out See if it's right for yourself 110 Million xrp Soars as price soars has moved around And I tell you something it wasn't me Right I think we all knew it wasn't me But there it is that is a lot of xrp Running around right there again you Know I don't know what's causing the Market to tick up at this point but I Tell you uh I'm so cynical and this is Not Financial advice but I happen to Feel like you know this is just one of Those moments where the Market's Fluctuating fluxing a little bit but

Until we actually get some clarity Certainly a ruling in the case for xrp And certainly uh stablecoin legislation For this crypto space at a minimum I Don't think we're really seeing the Market open up the way I'm looking for It too at least Media power group files requests to Reveal Sam bankman Freed's secret bail Signatories and you know what they Should be revealed who in the world is Doing all of this and why are they Putting up so much money at risk for This guy who according to John Ray the New CEO of FTX is explaining to all of Us what they did was absolutely Criminal d-list to USD tether for Canadian users ladies and gentlemen I Tell you again to go along with Gary Ganzar Sue and Gemini right we know that That's happened we've been waiting for The U.S exchange to get sued you watch Out for tether I happen to have a Feeling there's going to be some kind of Day of wrecking in there too so we'll See Flair finally dropped to xrp Holders Ripple CTO Joe Katz appears displeased About it he claims the current holding Rules for Flair tokens lack incentive as A result David Schwartz enjoyed the Airdrop receivers to sell Uh enjoying the airdrop receivers to Sell their flare tokens quickly and then David clears this up he says I bought

More Flair and never advised anyone to Sell Flair I do agree that the new rules Lack incentive to hold but the old rules Lacked them too he says so and it goes On and on but what I do want to share With you quickly here because you're Going to believe this stuff we hear Larry Fink talk I'm gonna tell you you Don't want every bit of this right so Basically I just want to cover it for This here um basically uh starts with Chris Thompson here Flair used xrp Army To Fast Track exchanges not just because Xrp was listed everywhere uh the Community had a loud and Powerful voice To demand support and distribution the Promise of an exclusive pie but they got What they want now they want others to Take some of your pie too he says and Then it comes down here this one says Real bad look get Flair for free Demanding more now I got free Flare from Holding xrp delegated to end the story If you want more buy more I don't get This whole debacle seems to be a bunch Of entitled man babies he says and then He says uh then Joel uh David Schwartz Jobs in and says but that's good for Everyone if if it's uh it's good for Them because they get the token they Prefer it's good for the flare project Because they sell the selling pressure Is over quicker and the token moves into The hands of people who really believe

In Fair Flair who does it harm I mean I I I totally agree with that you know From the very beginning I've always said Drop it all Drop it all And then it's over with and it seems to Be the the point that I'm getting from What David Schwartz is saying not to put Anything in his mouth but it says here Then it says it's hard not to view the Fund from xrp people just wanting to Make a quick Buck like that like the Right has been taken away from them from A free ad so Flair made changes in what They thought would benefit their Ecosystem long term while still not Taking away from the snapshot he says Except it does take away from the Snapshot with the proposal someone gets Exactly the same benefit snapshotters Just got uh yeah get just by buying as Much Flair as the snap uh holder has and It says here without it uh they would uh Have to buy more Flair than that he says If you got 10 Flare from the same same Snapshot excuse me and this proposal Passes someone can spend 4.50 to get the Same benefit as you And he says if the proposal fails They'll have to spend more than that it Does take away from the snapshot and is Less than what people were led to expect Which is true he said it's hard not to View the fud from xrp people as just

Wanting to make a quick Buck he says I Could just as well say it's hard not to View the proposal as Flair leadership Deciding they promised xrp holders too Much and decided they'd rather give them Less than that if they can and that That you know there there are some Creeps there you know and it doesn't Mean that I don't believe in the project Either And they're sum it all up here you know Bob way says it nicely and this he says By reading the uh f-i-p which is the Flair proposal right it says is Completely clear that every flare Distribution parameter Um can be easily modified in the future The only question being debated is Whether the future comes without Distributing 85 percent of the Previously promised Flair as promised is Then he says here since it is easy to Change distribution parameters it seems Easy enough to accelerate the promised 85 percent distribution immediately then Get on with the future of making Flair Fair for everyone Again you know kind of come to this Place where it's like you know just drop It all right he says in fact voting down The fipo one proposal is the only way to Prove or disprove that Flair is really a Community managed project well I Certainly agree with that if the vote

Succeeds it just shows that there are Leaders who make and change the rules And they are those who follow the given Rules and I like that then Christopher Cassidy comes in here Hall of Famer says Side note Bob I've been meaning to ask You what do you know about Jeff Brown His development of GTE and he says Nothing but I've been looking in his GTE Thing and I tell you I find it quite Interesting if anybody else knows Anything about it please contact me Through DM I'd like to learn more about What that is because what I saw looked Quite promising but nevertheless send me Some information if you have it former Ripple executive says here this is about Whether our xrp can be confiscated or Not and I'm going to show you both sides Of the coin and you can make your own Mine up because you don't have to be on Either side of the fence right you know You can just look at this for what it is And say if it comes within these are the Things we need to be aware of right so This is this right here and this is Actually taken from Matt Hamilton who's Been dispelling rumors and shooting down People about a government buyback of xrp Last week former Ripple director uh Developer relations has taken to Twitter To refute any other speculation Circulating within the community this Time it concerns a possible confiscation

Of xrp token by the government in recent Twitter thread Hamilton names three Reasons why such scenarios is impossible First xrp is decentralized and cannot be Seized without forcing key holders Second if the government needs a token For its own use it would be easier to Create its own crypto cbdc third if the Government wants to prevent others from Using xrp it would kill the token's Value and utility and xrp would be Replaced by a fork so that's in is two Cents on the matter there right then There's this I want to bring back here And this is from a few years one or two Years ago maybe a year ago but I think It's actually older than that but Nevertheless This is me sitting down with attorney CEO up here and then Jeremy Hogan who You guys all know and we were Speculating about this a year or two ago And the idea of what could happen and Take a listen to this exchange here Because nobody's saying that it will Happen but we're just saying Entertaining the speculative Conspiratorial idea or notion of Something like this taking place listen To how the legal analysts say that road Could be hoed check it out absolutely Well you know uh what seal just said is You know I'm not wondering on a good Speculation parade so I'm gonna go with

You guys here so Here's here's my take on it so if the US Government wants the escrow xrp it will Have it there's no doubt about it There's no doubt in my mind and I think Most U.S citizens that aren't involved In law in any great detail don't realize How exposed we are to our government There's only two things that separates That xrp if the government wants it from Ripple and the government one there's Your vote because if people think that You're going to uh you're gonna they're Gonna lose their vote and get kicked out Of office if they do something they Won't do it and two there's the US Constitution and the U.S Constitution Provides some protections for something Like this and that's what seal is Referring to um I think on Twitter he Was talking about eminent domain which Uh is is I think that's the Eighth Amendment under the Fifth Amendment if The takings Clause under the fifth yeah It's under the fifth that they uh yeah The fifth it's the takings Clause I Think okay I'm getting kind of old so Memory's going but we all are So that's part of the Constitution but Uh really the the protection in the Constitution would be uh the 14th which Is is kind of is equal protection so you Know you're taking ripples xrp but You're not taking other people's

Cryptocurrencies and so that would be Your argument but all the government has To do in that situation and if you go Seal remember law school we got the Rational basis test and we have strict Scrutiny uh as soon as I passed the bar I tried to forget it but it's just stuck In my head so this would be probably a Rational basis test so all the Government would have to do is come up With a rational basis why The xrp was necessary required for some Nice government function and it's gone Um that's what they did with the uh what Do they call them the I think I wrote Down here was it s-i-f-m-u what's that Stand for Brad uh the Sith mu the Systemically the important Financial Market utility or Market infrastructure Yeah yeah I mean it's it's easy enough For them to say well this is a matter of Of important government financial policy And therefore we're going to be taking Uh your xrp from The Ledger and I know It's I also know it's on the escrow and It's Time released and that's fine Because the government can come in like The doctor when the baby's born Grab it so Um see you again next month right you Know yeah and next month and next month And next month now going off going out Of sight of the government now the SEC Cannot so look at this so the SEC only

Has regulation over sales so when that s When that rip when that Ripple when that Xrp is released from escrow Um if if Ripple doesn't sell it the Sec's it's outside of the sec's Jurisdiction so I don't know what else They would do with it but they're only Regulating the cell so keep that in mind So I don't know if there's some kind of It's a technical issue or technological Issue whether that has to be sold I Think it might have to be sold really to To fund Ripple's business but if that's Not the case I don't think in this Lawsuit that the SEC is going to be able To get in there and take the S the Escrow xrp Now and there you have it right there And that is really powerful to just see Both sides of the coin here right one From a developer side and that angle and Then one from a legal analyst side just Speculating a doomsday scenario and you Know it's really not quite doomsday when You think about the systemically Important designations right because There are entities as we've covered Multiple times on this show uh about Systemically important Financial market Utility or systemically important Financial Market infrastructure and what Is the layer one decentralized exchange Protocol The xrp Ledger infrastructure Right

So that's why I keep bringing that back In I think it's a good idea to see both Sides of that coin and shout out to Jimmy Valley for getting this Conversation out on the table and making It something we can absolutely talk About and I don't think the Conversation's over by a long shot Ripple partner bny Mellon seeks digital Assets as a long-term play they they go As far as saying anybody who doesn't Believe in what's coming with digital Assets technology Is like the person who was trying to say They wanted to stay with paper when the Adoption of computers was happening wow That is pretty impressive stuff and so Is this you're about to hear from Larry Fink from BlackRock and I want to remind You before you hear from them 10 Trillion dollars in assets under Management and boy is he bullish on what Crypto can do take a listen to this clip Chairman and CEO Larry finko joins me Along with Charlie gasparino Larry we Want to get your thoughts on crypto BlackRock does have some exposure filing Show your funds hold just under Something like 40 million in secured Convertible notes of course scientific That one filed for bankruptcy Blackrock's also got a spot Bitcoin Private trust how's that doing what's The interest uh you know on the side of

Investors since the arrest of FTX CEO Sam bankman freed on fraud charges Great question Liz uh so I I think on Your show months ago I said most Companies are not going to survive Um I I think there is just way too much Enthusiasm towards crypto but that being Said the technology Um the opportunities in the digitization Of currency unstable coin Um is real we are Focusing on the opportunities that we Have related to uh related to crypto Um I do believe we have to work very Carefully in in building out the system For crypto Beyond just the the the the Blockchain and I'm talking about better Connectivity uh uh more regulated more AML and so I'm very I'm I I believe the Purpose of crypto is going to play a big Role I think if you think about the cost it Takes to do transactions today uh in This modern world they're very expensive In fact the cost of transactions in the United States sometimes are higher than They are in the emerging world to to Move money from point A to point B uh And so crypto can play a role uh that Being said uh uh we're gonna have to Making sure that we're it's properly Regulated you know one of the One second You know one of the

The whole foundations of crypto was you Know that it was going to be a Distributed I wanted to underline the Word a distributed Ledger that we're Going to have checks and balances that Everybody's able to connect The FTX platform and many other other Platforms they were called closed Platform right they were not what what What crypto is about and if you think About the what Bitcoin is Bitcoin was Created with the idea that we're going To have this True checks and balances through a Distributed Ledger and we could verify And validate who is the owner who's a Seller and it creates a real system yeah So that is the technology that's going To be very very important right route we Know the technology could be important And it's still kind of in its Nation Stages uh yeah it's often divorced from The from the digital coins as you know Which is a speculative playoff and I'm Just wondering this do you see the SEC Washington treasury whoever coming in And imposing so much regulation on Crypto that it basically weeds out Everything but a few core coins and some Of the blockchain I mean is there a Possibility that this thing gets Squished down from the 800 billion to a Trillion it is now to like you know a 200 200 million of 200 billion and it's

A lot smaller Charlie I think um there's no question Uh there has to be proper checks and Balances related to knowing the client So the AML uh and and so I think so that That's going to be very very important I Don't whether that's the SEC or some Regulator we need to make a make sure we Ensure there's a knowledge base of who Is buying who's selling and it's and It's proper but beyond that you know I I The answer is I hope not I believe this Is real I I believe there's real Opportunity for this Um I believe more and more of the large Financial services companies are going To are going to be part of this in Playing a role so Um this is as you said it's nascent this Reminds me of the music streaming Business years ago and Napster created The streaming it was put under but today It's common that we extreme our music How many how many Digital coins you think will will exist In in a year from now well that's where I don't think we need that many we need We you know you you know we need a Digital a digitized dollar let's start There or as some form of stable coin and Then we need Um some form of a crypto asset whether It's a Bitcoin or a new Bitcoin that Where we where uh where if people want

To invest in things that are Uncorrelated to uh to any one currency Uncorrelated to One Market uh and that's What gold used to be and can we create This uncorrelated asset class that that Can play that role beyond that in most Cases what digitization uh of crypto is It's just digitizing a dollar having the Ability to transact business on the Internet and so to me there's a lot more Hype than what the what what it really Basically is we're doing a great deal of Studying on it we invested in one Company that's doing very very well in In the in the uh Ablecoin Arena and so we're doing a Great deal of studying I'm meeting many People uh can you say which one can you Say which one Well yeah public we invested in circle And uh circle is one of the invested in Circle you know believes that the Financial services companies are really Going to drive this adoption right Crypto will play a big role he says The digital dollar they're back in Circle look I I tell you all of this is Telling me very very bullish things for This space now again I agree you know The and I look I've given the example For years on this channel about the Music industry and about how it was Decentralized and it turned the music Industry Giants on their heads

And that the central banks and the Financial institutions are absolutely Watching from that exercise that Happened to them and that industry that Has never been the same Napster came out And showed us what you could do with Downloading and all of this Sharing file sharing and the rest of it Now we're streaming music every day the Industry of music has never been the Same since And that disruption is about to take Place in the financial banking realm as Well and that's Larry Fink 10 trillion Assets under management at BlackRock now Let's take a look at this really quickly Here from egg rat crypto he says his xrp Decision time breaking this multi-month Descending trend line will open the road To an erupt move Andy says I hope dcg Saga will not kill the xrp pump and I Hope it doesn't either but this is what We want to watch and this is what he's Showing us here to pay attention to Ladies and gentlemen it's right here if I can get it to open up for us in three Two boom There it is he calls it the floor of Iron We get above that it looks like we got Some room to run if we don't we could See us return back to that 2028 set Level I know a lot of you don't want to see

That but I tell you I've gotten so Cynical in my age and time in this Crypto space you know I had somebody Inside of the uh digital prospective Mastermind group say it I think it was Tyler shout out to him one of the Greatest lessons I've learned Is patience And that's where we are on this day Enjoy your Sunday with family and Friends that's going to do it for me not Financial advice for me or anyone else I'll catch all of you on the next one


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