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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel one of the cryptocurrencies that I hold has gone absolutely ballistic Over the last few months and Specifically today been going on a Little bit of a rampage and it's all Added up to tremendous gains to the Point where this particular coin uh is My number three in holding now and it Was nowhere near that months ago but it Is now and the reason I'm even going to Talk about this is just to make a broad Point there are a lot of people that had A have a lot of opinion about xrp and Seeing a lot of really stupid stuff and I think they're going to shut the hell Up as soon as xrp starts going because Inevitably the rising tide lifts all Boats just about anyway unless there are You know scams rugs all sorts of stuff Like that there are Bad actors in the Space but if you're talking about Cryptocurrencies that are actually Useful yes the direction is up obviously We have over a decade of History telling Us that is the case and so it's it's so F fascinating because the coin that I'm Talking about by the way it happens to Be flare I'm not trying to tease that Flare like the sentiment months ago was Absolutely in the gutter endless ripping On this particular coin and Now where are the people that were Hating on it it's just it's it's so

Funny that the determination for so many People with Simple Minds as far as Whether or not a coin or a project is Good is based on what the prices in the Moment how stupid is that that is so Shortsighted is xrp useful or not the Answer is yes of course it's useful and So yes Flair's going crazy right now and I'm sure it'll pull back to whatever Degree because nothing goes up in a Straight line forever and that's fine But uh xrp's Next I mean it doesn't mean there won't Be a coin in between that goes but what I'm saying is like xrp is going to go Right if my investment thesis is correct That utility matters and will win the Day and as long as and I admit this as Long as the entire asset class is going To move to the upside if bitcoin's going To hit a new alltime high I I'd be Shocked if if xrp doesn't so I want to Share with you for fun because I want to Talk about this a little bit further I Want to show you some of the reactions I Got sharing this message because there Are still some people that don't get how Percentages work and some people still Just want to be a little bit negative But in terms of uh the negative comments Specifically about the long-term Viability of flare and the usefulness of Flare those comments are gone I haven't Found

One today now it's just other people Sour grapes for other reasons but this Is the same thing that's happening with Xrp and it's going to flip overnight When xrp starts running it's just almost All of the hate and the sadness and Despair and angst it's going to Dissipate like snap of a finger just About that Quick um before showing you the Specifics I do to be clear I do not have A financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making you you videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun now at the time I'm Recording this xrp is just over 51 C Bitcoin is 42844 bucks and Flare uh here you go it's currently 3.2 that puts it at number 59 in Market G now I remember just a few months ago It was over 100 it it's so again it's Placed at number 59 out of over 20,000 Coins in existence a few months ago it Was over 100 I can't remember exactly the highest I Saw but it might have been like 102 103 I can't remember exactly um and it's It's just so fast and so for those of You looking at the screen this is just a

12mon chart on lifecoin Watch and uh you Can see just in roughly the middle of October that's where the bottom was I Think the technical bottom was October 18th I want to say but here uh livecoin Watch is picking up October 19th close Enough on that date uh the low was 8.4 Cents when it closed anyway um I bought It right around um I said 8 that's not What I meant uh 8/10 of a penny so 0.84 Cent so roughly 8/10 of a of a penny and I did buy flare um like right then in Fact and I've shared this post before But I bought it on October 19th I I wrote here uh because the flare Community account was noting that uh you Know well they wrote I'll just read it To you when the amount of people that Believe a price of an asset is going Lower reaches a maximum it usually Starts going higher when the amount of People that believe a price of an asset Is going higher reaches a maximum it Usually starts going lower and that's True so I responded to that on October 19th last year and said yep and I'm Thinking about buying more flare today Sentiment is dismal and then flare Community responded to me and said for Sure but that's a good thing for those Who understand Market psychology right It's funny the people screaming how Amazing flare is when it's going up are The same people urging people to sell at

The lows it's a Telltale sign of an Emotional investor that believes the Development utility of a network are Directly correlated to the price of the Native asset price High good project Price low bad project yep and that's the Caveman think that's exactly what Happens here and I know that and I Recognize it and that's why I'm saying Like again sentiment has already shifted For flare dramatically what I'm telling You is and I've seen this before Sentiment is going to shift for for xrp Sentiment for xrp is in the gutter it's The worst I've seen in years that Typically marks bottoms More or less so I think you know I mean Unless again unless we're not going to See a rampage in crypto broadly speaking I think we're about there that would be My for fund guess I'm not making a price Prediction I don't ever do that but that Would be my for fund guess that we Roughly at the bottom and So I responded To Flair community and wrote if anything The utility and future prospects for Flare have never been better though the Price has never been lower and but folks I will sayate that was the literal Bottom for flare whether it was the 18th Of October or the 19th you can go check It like that's that was the bottom this Is the closest closest I've ever bought A bottom for anything I think and that

Was just dumb luck I admit that it's not Like I had some skill I just was like Wow sentiments in the gutter this is Probably going to go lower and then I Bought it and it didn't go lower but That's super Rare um I mean maybe it did like for a Moment in the day but the point is from That day onward like it it was up um Super rare I I think that's the only Time that's ever happened to me and I've Been in this over six years so that's Dumb luck and then I wrote I bought more Flare this morning in increase my total Holdings by about 45% and wrapped it Immediately so there you go I I Increased my Holdings by 45% it was Still a small one of my not one of my Biggest so maybe I shouldn't say one of My smallest uh but now it's my third Largest and if it keeps running before Other coins go it could become my Largest holding I don't choose when Stuff pops off now um it's still nowhere Near my largest holding which is xrp Currently but I mean if this thing runs First or H bar runs first whatever I Mean it could Be it could overtake my my ex P Holdings And that's fine I still think xrp is Going to run after that so then I'll Sell and then xrp will be my number one Holding again that would be my guess Anyway but yes I bought at the bottom

Because people were screaming and oh my God the hate flares crap it's never Going to do anything hahhaa lots of Clown faces and laies laffy Emojis all That crap from a bunch of emotional Investors that don't know what the hell They're doing it's the same people Screaming like little babies kicking and Screaming about the price of xrp because They want their ners now that's what They sound like to me and so here I Posted this this morning 8:12 a.m. Central Time flare is going ballistic I've noticed all it took for people on Social media to quit bitching about it Was number go up I'll not forget the Negative sentiment towards it in October Though same will be true for xrp all the Emotional fools will be silent when its Xrp xrp's turn to go and folks I do Firmly believe that and so here you can See the 24-hour high for f 3.4 C and Again it's currently a little over 3.2 good times it's a good day now of Course some people just don't get it and They still want to be negative here's Somebody uh on social media platform Actually responding to that post I just Shared with you wrote to me and said Going ballistic question mark two cents In three months no and it's just one of Those things where I read something like That it's Like autai you know face pal one of

Those things ey roll all that crap and So I wrote to him cuz like when people Write this stuff to me I I am wondering If they're trolling me I genuinely am But I wrote to him and I said are you Joking flare is up 300% since mid October you are joking right and folks That's true a 300% increase is a 4X 8/10 Of a penny to 3.4 C that's over a Four-fold increase 300% and so then he responded to me and Wrote okay sorry make it 3.5 cents with A laughy Emoji what in the ever loving Hell is this he's got to be trolling me Right because it's hard to believe Somebody could be so stupid as to think That makes sense so I'm assuming he's Trolling me right I I mean I'm not 100% Sure so I wrote back to him and said Those 300% flare gains would be Equivalent to bitcoin going from the Current price to about $170,000 do you genuinely not understand Percentage gains or are you trolling and Folks that's true with Bitcoin being Around 43,000 a four-fold increase puts You more or less at 170,000 that would Be a four-fold increase that's what we Just saw from Flare from the bottom in October the percentage is what matters Not the dollar figure 3.5 cents but my God the percent it's hundreds of percent Increases does this simpleton not get That I I had so many people respond to

Me with that same comment and I'm not Going to show you all of them but here's Here's another one somebody named Bilbo Wrote to me um trying to make fun of me I guess WR 1 to two cent move is Bulltick with the little sideways laughy Emoji like it's so funny that he Couldn't use the regular laughy Emoji Where the where the face is horizontal You had to get it slightly laughy like It's just it's just off axis because Like it can't control just can't even Contain the amount of laughter at how Ridiculous it is that I'd be thrilled That it flares up one to two pennies Even though it's 300% off the Bottom what so this is what we have to Look forward to with xrp by the way There are still going to be so people Will stop bitching about xrp not running They'll stop bitching about it the Utility all those BS arguments it's not Going anywhere well those will go away But then people will be still until it Hits a new alltime high bitching about Uh about the degree to itch it is up Even though even if it's clearly right Like St runs up to a buck 50 two bucks Almost everyone's going to be happy but You're still going to find some trolls That'll be yeah well let's talk when It's all time hot and So I responded to Bilbo and I wrote It's up 300% the price Doesn't matter do you not understand the

Concept of percentage gains that would Be the same gain as if Bitcoin went from The current price of about $43,000 to Around $170,000 do you genuinely not understand Or are you trolling because laughing About a move of a penny or two makes no Sense and makes you look ridiculous and Again so there's two examples of that But there there were there were many More um and then there was this somebody Named Crypt Bob wrote to me and he's got The little sideways laughy Emoji too There's people having a good time here So and so again like I believe xrp is Going to be next it's it's up Substantially it'll be up substantially Flare is up substantially from the Bottom and we're going to have to deal With some of these People and so Crypt Bob responded Negative 21% in a year is ballistic Sideways laughy Emoji so I wrote Bitcoin Went ballistic from a bottom of roughly $115,000 to currently $43,000 but it's Still down from its all-time high of Nearly $770,000 then I threw in to be Sarcastic a little sideways laughy face Of my own cuz that would be I mean think About that that's that's a three-fold Increase roughly you know that's that's Where bitcoin's sitting off the bottom That's about a three-fold increase and You're talking about Flair doing you

Know a four-fold increase which per Performed even better but uh Flair's Below its all-time high bitcoin's below Its alltime high can we just not Appreciate it until does it have to hit A new alltime high for us to appreciate The 300% gains what about those of us That bought at the bottom and like we've Realized these these 300% gains not that We've sold them but we we got to enjoy Them Just pretending that's not a thing we're Going to laugh because uh the all-time High is what it is this is why dollar Cost averaging it matters this is why Recognizing psychology of markets and Buying when people are sick to their Stomachs to do so that's when it makes Sense anyway Crypt Bob wrote to me and Said you you posted the chart slick I Was just pointing it out so he's calling Me Slick well I'm not going to call him Slick I'll tell you that because he is Not your point is irrelevant to the Massive 300% gains I'm enjoying that's What I said I wrote you made a troll Comment which doesn't contribute Anything meaningful to the conversation And that's all it is then you have big b Wrote to me and said 300% flare is only Up 72% on the monthly chart and still Down on the yearly am I missing Something yes oh God yes he he's missing

Something I wrote yes you're missing the Point percentage G percentage gains Matter not price and currently flare is Up 300% from the bottom if you're Complaining that flare hasn't hit a new All-time high then you're making a Nonsensical point that would be like me Bitching up a storm that Bitcoin is About up about 3x from its roughly $155,000 bottom just because it's still Way below its all-time high we do not Need new all-time highs to celebrate Massive percentage gains especially for People like me I increased my flare Holdings right at the bottom in the Middle of October so I don't give a s Word if flare is well below its all-time High I'm up substantially as are many Many people and folks there are a lot of People celebrating today as we should be Celebrating today it's right to enjoy The the moments like this and then you Have somebody named Ron responded to me And wrote let's get one year in the Green first a lot of people are still on The red so there you go if somebody's Down I can't celebrate I can't enjoy my 300% up because Rooney says we need to Have a year in the green first well Thank you roony I responded no way I'm Celebrating right Now my gosh where are these perspectives Coming this is completely unreasonable Stuff right I'm assuming that almost all

Of you listening will agree that these Perspectives that I'm highlighting here Are completely reasonable and IR Irrational and some of these people like You got to question are they trolling or Are they stupid it's got to be one or The other right somebody named bite me Responded to me and wrote problem is xrp Hasn't done nearly as well as other Cryptos compared to when we got in match 2017 unless it absolutely rips xrp was a Massive opportunity cost and so look I Won't even disagree with that there's an Opportunity cost to pretty much anything In life including making Investments but Here was my response to that and I'm Still mad I didn't pick last week's Winning lottery numbers now that I know What the winning numbers were because Folks with the benefit of hindsight you Can fine oh man I I should have done the Other but in the moment you don't know We didn't know the SEC was going to Attack which is what the problem was in 2021 that's why xrp didn't hit a new Alltime ey I personally believe I I feel Very strongly about That so what we're going to cry about Xrp because we didn't know the SEC was Going to attack us live life and this is Why like I just have broad exposure to The crypto assets class cuz that's what I think makes sense but I'm not going to Cry about it I picked xrp and I got a

Okay Whatever whatever I don't get to control That I'm not going to cry about not Picking last week's winning lottery Numbers because I didn't know them I Also don't play the lottery because I Mean let's be real it's the idiot tax But you know is what it Is um then somebody wrote when I sold Flare it was 54 cents folks that's Literally not true uh when flare Launched um and I know that's live coin Watch it's showing the IOU that's what He's talking talking about when flare Launched it was like 4 4.3 cents it may Have technically been like six or seven Cents it's just I'd have to pull up coin Market cap because they properly show it All this price action you're seen before Uh livecoin watch is doing a disservice They're showing that the all-time high Was $245 that's not true the blockchain Was not live this was an IOU which Wasn't even on a blockchain it was on an Exchange and so people were changing Something that they were calling flare But was not flare because flare didn't Exist and then they lump that crap in With completely different token ICS and Dynamics no utility they lumped that in With the actual performance of flare Which is substantially lower and so yes Flare went down compared to when it Launched a little over a year ago

Because it was in price Discovery and by The way price Discovery can be to the Negative when a coin launches yes people Were trying to figure out what it's Worth and it went down and down and down And down and then it bottomed in October And people it like you know things Happen there's such a thing as supply And demand and it's it's been going up Since then it's it just is what it is The fact that it had to go through that Rough moment because it's brand new and People are figuring out what it should Actually be worth in the market which is What every coin goes through the fact That happened doesn't mean there's Something wrong with Flare it doesn't Mean it's a crap coin it means that Speculators be speculating that's what They Do so yes I firmly believe we're going To wake up one day xrp is going to be Blazing to the upside and then Everybody's going to be shutting the Hell up all the people that were Bitching up a storm and our xrp is going To be worth substantially more and at Some unknown point in the future past That I still firmly believe xrp will hit A new all time high in Enterprise Discovery to the upside but I don't Control when that happens and I don't Know for sure if it's going to happen I Could be wrong and it goes to zero I

Just don't think that's most probable Because xrp is functionally useful it's Had it has ST power it's been around Over a decade people use it for stuff It's great for payments it has high Liquidity relatively speaking in the World of crypto anyway sixth largest Coin by market cap you know I'm feeling Good about this yes xrp is going to go Ballistic why the hell wouldn't it we Just don't choose what coins pop off When it's not like something happen Happened today that caused not that I'm Aware of anyway it's not like something Happened today there some sort of news Event that caused flare to go it it just Goes It goes when it goes same for xrp We don't choose that but it's going to Be a great day when it happens there'll Be some people still sour bitching about Oh man yeah well it's up but then I Could have had other coins if so and so And if I had magical powers to know it Was going to happen in the future I Would have just bought something shut up Like can we just have fun can we enjoy The good days like today this is a good Day my God an extrap holding support Right now just celebrate that take the Small victories all right it's okay to Enjoy the small victories that's all I'm Saying man so this is good and to all The people that said flare was just Going to keep going down and go to zero

You were wrong it's up I don't see this Going to zero I really don't and if I'm Wrong I'm wrong but it sure as hell Isn't right now anyway it's going Up so we'll see what happens but this is This is why I wanted to highlight it's The same thing I'm telling you folks xrp Is going through this but it's it's just For now just like flare was getting Shredded by all the people with lots of Fancy opinions on the internet same Thing's happening with xrp but they're Going to shut the hell up that's what's Going to Happen I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy your sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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