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Welcome back to the show everybody check This one out we're going to talk with Molly Elmore about the Petro dollar out In The xrp Ledger in cataclysmic event And defy you know it somebody wrote a Beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody if You haven't done it check out my sponsor I trust Capital the only thing better to Get in crypto is getting tax-free crypto Which you can do with I trust capital And crypto IRAs roll over your 401k tsp 403b 457 and so much more and check out The staking which is now live yeah 9.5 Click the link underneath the video now Let's get started with this video shout Out to Molly Elmore for a great Conversation here we go the funny part About all this is when I talk about four Or five digit xrp well I got that from Arthur Britto the co-creator of The xrp Ledger designed xrp to ten thousand Dollars those are his words not mine Right so you know David Schwartz's dream Scenario is a catalyst like what we're Watching unfold right now I just made That I happen to firmly believe that we're Watching the systematic disassembling of The Petro dollar with bricks in Saudi Arabia and all these things and it's a

Hundred percent coordinated with the us Because they all know that there's a Problem with the money and the Overprinting and the petrol recycling Issue of the Petro dollars right into Bonds and all of that so I believe all Of this is systemic and and if he I even Went all the way back and highlighted 2020 when oil went negative for the First time in its history and I pointed Out that I believe that that was the Administration Trump at the time showing The OPEC and the world leaders in the Oil world then see that that that that That right there is is my example to you That I don't need your oil and I don't Need to petrol dollar we're going to go Ahead and do what we're going to do and It was really showing the cabal and the Cartels of the world that have power in Those areas of resources that that is Not going serve going forward I just Proved it to you right so I think the New commodity is xrp I think the new Commodity is The decentralized Ledger Itself and the utility that comes from It and I think what we're watching is The systematic disassembling of the Petro dollar and moving to these new Market infrastructures of payment rails And as the old adage says he who Controls the gold makes the rules well He who controls the payment rails runs The world

Right so yeah great point so really That's what I see taking place and this Honestly is a 10 to 30 year shift Because that's how long it really Started with the with the pound and Taking the pound out and bringing the Dollar in it really if you go back and Dig and I know you do your research You'll see if you don't already know Because you but it started back in 1914 You know when the U.S really started to Go in and go after the pound and get the US dollar roll in and then it was this The World War II we had more gold than Everybody right and then we could Rebuild and then you know obviously the Bretton Woods you know how it unfolds From there but that was really a 25 30 Year transition that took place you know Um and the last four were what most People focus on right was you know Before Bretton Woods and in World War II Is really like where they focus on but There was really a great you know Become that to even be in a position to Challenge it by the time World War II Had happened right so uh in the Aftermath thereof so I think we're watching that happen again Right now we're at about 70 slightly Over years you know as the global Reserve status 100 or 104 years is it 94 Or 104 is the average when you go back And look at the other five countries

Portugal Spain France and Netherlands And you look at those countries that Actually enjoyed the global Reserve Status at one point with their dollar The average lifespan was 94 years so This is the time that that transition Would begin to take place because we're Talking about technology and it being a Very controlled decision I believe that you know it could happen In half the time so maybe 15 right so But I also believe in order for that to Happen and I just literally just made This video Um it has to be a payment currency first Before it could be the bridge currency To the world right it has to be it has To prove itself at a lower level and Jim Ricker's talked about this I just Literally played the clip in my video Where he was like payment currencies Will be used before the global Reserve Currency is ever challenged and that's How you get to a level where you can Rise up and prove out develop the Deep Liquidity to get to the level to Challenge the U.S dollar to alleviate The spillover shocks and the stress of Being able to sit beside something like That and at that point I believe you What you're seeing You see leveling right because you're Going to see this if they have it their Way it's a slow gradual relief so

There's not this just dramatic that's What it is tomorrow morning you know I Don't think I don't think we see that Unless there's something absolutely Cataclysmic that takes place and forces The issue you know but it's just me no You brought so many great points that You don't just wake up And one day there's a new Global Reserve Currency that no one's heard of it has To get test drove and be a payment Currency Have to have trust in it like the whole Idea of Reserve currency is that it you Trust that it's a good place to store Value like if I park my money here Bad things won't happen that it's gonna Be stable maybe at best it like goes up A little bit And you wouldn't just do that out of And that's why I think Bitcoin is a Tough thing is like people aren't really Using Bitcoin for payments I mean drug dealers do like Survival So the slow and it's expensive I mean Imagine if you had a company of a Hundred people Every time I do payroll I have to pay Like a thousand dollars in fees like That dog don't hunt you know I mean you Know that dog don't hunt as they say up Here my neck of the woods right so it's Like yeah and and you know to that to

That point too it's like When I think about Where you know where xrp is going what It's designed for what it's doing what I Think about is like Why would they use it anyway right Because here's here's the other thing And I I mean to the point that I just I Would make people sick of it when I was First starting my channel There's always been this rub throughout The history of xrp and my relationship With it and and certainly now because of The case I have made and I don't know if You're aware of this countless videos About the idea that xrp is a security And that it is a bond Because what the global Reserve currency Provides isn't cash for people it's Bonds right And the truth is is that a bond can Continue to grow in rate and size as People continue to adopt and use it Right right and the The other part of it is it makes it Jurisdictionless right just like bonds Are being used for U.S treasuries and All these things that are being used Today But the problem is is that xrp does move In value Right right why the hell would I use it That why don't I just use all the other Things that fluctuate every day now a

Bomb though is alone right so I'm Loaning the government money they're Going to pay me back with interest how Does xrp how can it be alone Because you have taken a position in the Asset for agreed return and that's where We come up with gas pools you you your Bond goes in a pool and then the Governments and the banks of the world Get to use it out of that pool and then Pay you a percentage for taking a Position in it So I'm like renting them my money and They're going to use it okay So I guess I'm loaning them so I'm the One doing the loan oh it is okay you see What I mean but now here's but here's The thing as that proves out and gathers Enough liquidity Then you have somebody come in like the Treasury and fsoc which I talk about all The time right right which does not need The Congressional approval to come in And deem something systemically Important here's another little fun fact Who is the architect of fsoc Michael S Barr the former Ripple advisor Of fsoc which has the ability to deem Entities systemically important and now The VP Federal Reserve border Governor Right So do you think the xrp Ledger would be Systemically important or Ripple I think The xrp Ledger would be a public good

Because it's open to everybody right Okay Ripple net would become Systemically important because it's a New version of Swift I think poly sign Is the depository trust Clearing Corporation in the new version that can Settle more than 1.6 quadrillion dollars A year If you look at what they've been doing They have been in the back end they talk About it create Market infrastructure Market infrastructure the plumbing the Pipes the you know what they've been Doing and I just put in this video They've been connecting the repositories Of the world So whether it's the dtcc whether it's Swift whether it's the central banking System whether it's just small medium Enterprises that do Global business Whatever it is they built the plumbing To it right and I think they did it to The G7 and the G20 the largest economies Of the world in their central banks and Governments right so essentially what You're looking at is is someone who Understood to build within the system Because a revolution comes from within Not from without right so now you have It all built within and you've built You've rebuilt the better version of Swift because Swift is being obfuscated Because that's what bricks is right then You have poli-sign which is really to

Settle all the derivatives more cleanly And efficiently in t0 time than the dtcc Can with the project ion and everything Else that they've got right I think all Of that ties right into poly sign we Don't know it yet the apologize far more Than just custody it's actually 100 Because Jack McDonald himself said we Help we are helping to tokenize the Capital markets well what does the DTC Settle the entire Capital market system Right so I see all this major Infrastructure that has been built to Wholesale handled the back end because They're not consumer facing Ripple or Xrp really is the way it's been told to Us right so interestingly enough when I Think about all of this what I see is That they have rebuilt the back end of The system to handle the large movement Of value and money within the financial System The whole you know uh Coca-Cola's got a Token and this one's got a token for Sears or JCPenney or that you know That's all consumer face and horseshit That's low hanging fruit right that Stuff that it it's meaningless to me Right because it doesn't matter right You know to me it's that back end Infrastructure it must be in place Before they can actually have real Consumer adoption Because if you don't have it in the back

End you can't organize the liquidity to Be able to do anything on the front end Right you know it's like I can't have You all hipped up with a fancy user face App and then you're using this fancy Token but then I got to go to 1973 Technology when you get two layers below It on the app and I'm right where I was Before so this to me And listen and if I'm wrong I spoke to The home and they're going to take me Back you know Right because because If If I'm wrong I'm going to lose my mind And stare out a window with a shaky hand For the rest of my life it's like it's Not it's not going to be good for me Um but I believe that this is somewhat close to Accurate you know in some way or another Because you can't do anything consumer On the front facing side until the Wholesale end has been fully put in Place and connected And the reality is is that payments and Settlement it's a bank thing like you And I don't Settle our bills like I pay my bills Through a bank I pay my employees or I Get paid by a company Through the banking system like Well but People don't use PayPal for everything

Right like I'm not paying my and even PayPal still uses Banks like I'm not using my PayPal credits to pay For stuff I'm generally getting it into My so I agree with you that it this has To be done at the bank level Because that's how payments as long as We have Banks and we are putting our Money in our bank we're getting paid In Fiat by employee employers or Whatever you still have to operate Within that system so I completely agree With you and you know and I do believe With that being said you know defy I Believe will be the next iteration of Banking and finance I absolutely believe That right and absolutely you're going To see Bank of America white label Things someday possibly like a flare Networks or some other D5 platform that Rises you know to to the to the level of Usage whatever that may be I certainly Believe you're going to see those things Because they can make so much money on a Decentralized platform where they're Just charging for the transaction in and Out they don't even have a person there That's gonna do it for me make sure you Leave a comment underneath not Financial Advice from me or Molly or anyone else And shout out to Molly Elmore for an Incredible conversation once again I'll Catch all of you on the next one


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