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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel if you're an xrp holder I have a Feeling that you're rather going to Enjoy this latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam Because it's all about the SEC being in Hot water there is like this is Self-inflicted as is frequently the case But those ass hat prick attorneys over At the SEC uh they made a boo boo they Straight up lied to the judge causing What the judge said was irreparable harm To a company and they now risks some Serious ramifications apparently uh Including potentially being sanctioned Here and this is just another defeat uh Of the SEC under the rule of Kim Jong Guinsler and as disgusting as it is that The SEC continues to do what it does I Take great delight and pleasure in Reporting to you that it's not going so Hot for them so I'm going to share with You the latest of what's going on here Because it's just more proof like we're Right when look when the SEC sued Ripple It was very obvious right out the gate That the lawsuit was not being conducted In good faith the the SEC didn't believe The crap that they were they were Spouting and in terms of egregiousness This is right up there if not worse Because I mean it's just like even the Judge straight up called them out here Although we did see that in the secb Ripple case right you know especially

With the you know the labels of Hypocrisy and you know lack of faithful Allegiance to the law on the SEC V Ripple case oh yeah so this is this is Not going to surprise you but you're Going to enjoy it because the SEC is is Is giving up a case that they filed in An attempt to get out of being in Additional trouble but I'm not so sure That's going to work out for them but uh Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a Hobby and just for fun now I Do have stuff from multiple attorneys to Share with you in this video but first Let me do a minimal amount of table Setting here to make sure everybody's Caught up the speed or else the rest of The video would make sufficient sense Here's a headline from coindesk us judge Warns SEC over false and misleading Request in crypto case this is from December 1st I'm going to run through This real quick then we'll get right Into the latest stuff from today a Federal judge on Thursday warned Securities and Exchange Commission Attorneys that he may sanction them for

Allegedly convincing a court to freeze a Crypto firm's assets under false and Misleading pretenses a court filing Shows according to an order issued by US District Judge Robert Shelby of the US District Court in Utah the sec's Attorneys could be sanctioned for making Misleading arguments about crypto Project debt Box's alleged efforts to Transfer its assets and investors funds Overseas leading a court to freeze the Project's bank accounts the sec's quote Misrepresentations undermined the Integrity of the cases proceedings end Quote in addition to causing debt box Quote irrep irreparable harm end quote Judge Shelby said in an order so folks Literally what happened here is the SEC Fabricated stuff presented it to the Judge the judge reacted harming the Company Irreparably and then the SEC got found Out how do they think they're going to Get away with this stuff like my it's Just the audacity of these Pricks that See that's the thing like they actually Think they're going to get away with This because they you know up until the Secb Ripple case they they did have Something of a winning streak didn't They but then they got out over their Skis and they're already terrible Monsters they're not human they're like Terrible monsters and so they just

Believe this is what we want so we're Just going to do whatever we have to do To make it happen including lying to Judges it's disgusting Peace continues sanctions are penalties And a court imposes on individuals who Sign statements they know to be false or Otherwise violate court procedures According to Legal diction uh Legal dictionary in civil law sanctions Are usually imposed in the form of Monetary fines according to a Federal judge first SLA debt box with a Temporary restraining order restricting Its access to its assets in August However he later dissolved the order After Deb boox Dem demonstrated it had Neither moved funds outside the US nor Closed its bank accounts 2 days before a Hearing over the sec's request to freeze Its funds debt boxes lawyer set in a Filing folks this is completely Outrageous accounts Frozen oh my God Based on pure Lies how could the SEC possibly think They get away with this but they must Have which brings us to the news today Because it's not going so well for them I'm happy to report here's the latest Headline from blockworks SEC moves to Drop debt box case for now after Sanctions Threats after the threat of Court Sanctions the Securities and Exchange

Commission has decided to drop charges At least for now against digital Licensing ink which operates under the Name debt box in November federal judge Robert Shelby ordered SEC attorneys to Explain why they shouldn't be sanctioned By the court after presenting what he Regarded as false and misleading Evidence in their attempt to bring a Temporary restraining order against Debox and other defendants the SEC was Granted a temporary restraining order in August 2023 following the evidence Presentation now here's the most Important part in a brief file Tuesday The SEC said that it made a mistake and Will work to ensure these errors do not Happen again you know what just popped In my head do you guys remember that South Park episode from back in the day It was like EP it was Exon mob where There's that um uh the the oil spill you Know what I'm talking about we're sorry We're sorry you guys know what I'm Talking about right if you're not a fan Of South Park you'll have no idea but It's hilarious and so that just popped Him head well we're we're sorry we're Sorry Judge they did it on Purpose they knew what they were doing Oh my God anyway peace continues the Securities regulator asked the judge to Accept a motion to dismiss the action

Without prejudice which will be Forthcoming as the only penalty against The SEC quote while the commission so mind You this from the SEC while the Commission recognizes that its attorney Should have been more forthcoming with The court sanctions are not appropriate Or necessary to address those issues if The court were to determine that some Sanction is warranted it should decline To impose a penalty Beyond dismissal Without prejudice end quote so the SEC Is basically saying well we straight up Li you but you shouldn't make us be in Trouble for it uh you know the maybe you Just you just dismissed the case which Is what the SEC is trying to do on their Own anyway what how was this real how is This real life don't make no damn sense Up in this so Fox Business journalist elanar Terret reported this she shared this Screen grab including this is the part That she wanted to highlight in these Little red brackets here which reads as Follows this is again this is what the SEC submitted to the court today given This ongoing review the commission has Determined that the best way to proceed Is to dismiss this action without Prejudice thus the commission has Authorized the filing of a motion to Dismiss this action without prejudice

Which will be forthcoming and so honor Turret wrote the SEC has just filed a Brief in the debt box case saying that It intends to dismiss the lawsuit Against the company the SEC is choosing Dismissal rather than face possible Sanctions from the judge for misleading The court in order to secure a Restraining order and asset freeze Against death box yeah so here's the Thing uh and I think I have in one of These tabs one of the attorneys said say Uh that's strategically not necessarily Going to save you in fact if anything it Could make it more likely that there's Sanctions um there's also this post from Elan tur she wrote uh adding to this Note that the SEC has dismissed the case Without prejudice which theoretically Leaves the door open for the agency to Come back and file a new suit against Debt box in the future expect a comment From the judge on that second if a Dismissal is accepted by the judge it Doesn't necessarily mean the agency Escapes got free the judge could choose To impose monetary sanctions on the Agency for misleading the Court um and so obviously it's very Weasly they're like yeah well we Straight up lied to you but we would Like to not be un trouble for it and Also we want to have the option to uh Just start this case back up at an

Unknown point in time in the future That's basically what they're doing These people are monsters spawns of Satan so far as I'm Concerned Attorney John Deon reposted what turret Shared and here's what attorney Deon had To say and he tagged Gary giner here and Said Gary guinsler this disgrace falls Under your leadership or the lack Thereof first your lawyers were Described by a federal judge as Hypocrites lacking faithful allegiance To the law in the Ripple case later an Appellate court ruled your denial of a Spot Bitcoin ETF was arbitrary and Capricious in the grace scale case Despite those incredible findings Findings that would make any lawyer or Leader cringe from embarrassment and Humiliation your agency's lawyers Continued to act with a complete Disregard for the truth and for justice Now you run away attempting to Shield Your unethical lawyers from facing the Very law they swore to uphold spot on Attorney Deon anybody that's unbiased just from The outside looking in can see that the SEC is just a disaster of an agency it's Just it it needs to be either just Completely gotten rid of or you just you Got to you have to have entire new Leadership from the ground up that's the

Only way that this could possibly be Redeemed I just I don't see you it's Infected you know it's it's I don't know What it's infected with it smells Infected definitely smells infected uh I I don't know what you're going to do It's like pussing and oozing with Infection uh get rid of the people that Are there that are in Power then there's this from Attorney James Murphy who goes by meta law man on Social media platform X he reposted what I just shared with you from attorney Deon and wrote The Following astounding I've never seen anything quite like this In more than 30 years of representing Clients adverse to the SEC I actually Think this voluntary dismissal could Make it more likely that the SEC lawyers Involved in the misrepresentations to The court will be sanctioned because Folks if you think about it the SEC so They're saying don't sanction us though We don't want them be in trouble uh They're admitting that they made a boo Boo so it seems that's the reason Attorney Murphy is saying well if Anything looks like it's more likely They're going to be sanctioned act Actually and then Attorney Fred rispy Responded uh to that and said agree you Have to hope debt box gets aggressive And oppos oses the motion to dismiss and Instead seeks dismissal with prejudice

And continues to pound the table for Sanctions now that would be fascina like Whoa whoa whoa whoa no no no no no no we Ain't throwing this out no no no No no not unless you it's dismissed with Prejudice which means that you can't Come back at us later I hope they get Aggressive and do that it'll be Interesting to see if they do and then Metal law man responded debt box has Excellent lawyers this will get Interesting oh yes it will so at a Minimum uh we here in the xrp community We're probably pretty thrilled to see This it's disgusting obviously to see Yet another organization get shafted by The secc in a disgusting filthy manner There is no excuse in no way can this be Justified but it is satisfying seeing The judge come out and say no you Wrong that that part is satisfying my God these people are just disgusting Monsters winged spawns of Satan I tell You but it's as it's it's good to see That they there's there's on this string Of Losses and uh the next one coming let's Hope would be the coinbase case getting Thrown out I don't know if it's going to Happen but that would be fantastic Absolutely fantastic of course we were Run the rout side of hist we were right About this agency being disastrous in The beginning it's just that part is

Good so soak that in at least I'm not a Financial advisor you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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