My Crypto Game Plan! “This Made me Rich”

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This actually made me Rich this is my Crypto game plan and is probably not What you think my name is coach JB what I work to do is to make the complex Macro and microeconomic strategies very Very simple so the normal everyday Person can understand them at a very Very deep level so what I want to share With you today is my crypto game plan And what I would do if I was currently Getting into crypto right now in 2023 as I said my videos are going to be a Little bit different throughout this Week I'm actually traveling in deep Spiritual journey in Peru as you're Watching this video if you do like this Type of content where I'm just speaking To the screen I'll be adding these in Around more education my content is Usually in the game what's happening With the macro microeconomic on a daily Basis news but if this information Reaches you well please let me know I Want to share with you my goal is to Help as many of you as possible Experience the Financial Freedom Spiritual Freedom mental Freedom that We're experiencing here at the warrior Academy so I have two free resources for You number one is my 16-page guide to The Warriors Path to wealth that's in The description of this video and number Two is separate from that it is a free Consultation you owe us nothing it's

Absolutely free a one-on-one with my License insurance team to talk about tax Code 7702 how we ensure compound and Grow our wealth in these very volatile Economic Times Banks Bank own life Insurance they insure their wealth they Have billions and billions of dollars Insurance well we do the same thing as The banks we Ure compound and grow our Wealth not only the volatile economic Time times but it's about tax-free Retirement and having living benefits Okay the 401K in my opinion is one of The worst Investments so if you click The description you could set up a one1 With my index universal life team it's My basically my wealth Protection Team We focus on index universal life Annuities and we can also do term as Well but iul is one of our Specialties So that's just in the description okay So today I'm going to talk about my Crypto game plan and what made me Rich Now it's not what you think it's not Chasing pump and dumps or meme coins or Or trying to get in and get out of all These you know uh things that happened From 2021 excuse me 2020 to 2020 21 Excuse me so what I'm going to break Down for you guys is yeah in my crypto Portfolio I have tons of cryptos I Probably would never even purchase Because when I first got into crypto I Was indoctrinated at a very very deep

Level to get rich quick right I was Indoctrinated to go to school get a job Get a 401k very vertical okay so when I Got into cryptocurrency I had become an Entrepreneur I was still in the same Model I had not rewired the foundation And I was still in an indoctrination System so I had I was working in the Business and I had a crypto portfolio Right same I was trading time for money And I had one investment and so I Thought crypto was going to be my Retirement when xrp and when this goes To this I was that guy preaching that Well I saw wise counsel and one of the Most powerful things that was said to me One time was never mix your Investments With your retirement I was like what Does that mean cryptocurrency they said To me is a very spective asset where we Can gain a large amount of money if you Have the proper plan things like Insurance precious Metals uh real estate those are things That are retirement right that are going To give you guaranteed income at the end Of your life you have to secure your Retirement okay so then I started to Think broader and then I started Diversify so number one is I and which I'm going to talk about my business plan Throughout this week as well is I mve From working in my business to scaling My business now I run my companies so I

No longer trade time for money I have Other people helping me run the Companies so that allowed me to multiply My income which I'll talk about in the Business portion but I also got much Smarter with my crypto portfolio so what I number one did is what all of you need To do and we have the resource for you Down below in the description of this Video which is Merlin we created it with Our own hands I'm the co-founder 36,000 Lines of code to help you number one Track your crypto properly in one Interface we don't hold your hold your Crypto it's just the interface number Two is to build a strict exit plan so I Do the opposite of the 99 % let me Explain that you hear me say that all The time so as everybody's coming into Cryptocurrency my brain is opposite my Brain is everybody's flooding in and Excited about crypto and it's going up I'm exiting on the way up pulling Profits because if you've been in crypto During a bull run or you've seen what's Happened or your portfolio dropped 85% From 2021 to 2022 you know that when it Goes parabolic that the exchange is shut Down number one number two everybody Thinks they're going to catch a top and Almost 90% of people get wrecked so we Did the opposite of everybody else we Had spreadsheets exit plans we on the Way up so it's a latter exit strategy so

I'll be holding 50% of my portfolio Longterm into perpetuity for the rest of My life right 50% of all my cryptos I'll Be exiting on the way up let me give you An example so xrp is one of my favorite Cryptocurrency so xrp if it goes to All-time high about $3.7 that'll be my first Target right Say I exit 5% I'm just giving you raw Numbers I exit 5% of the 50% say it goes To $5 I'd exit 15% of the 50% you see What I'm saying so I'm pulling profits As it's going up and so when everybody's Stuck at the top when all the exchanges Are getting liquidated and they happen To shut down I've already pulled maybe 35 40% of my profits and I put it on the Sidelines and what I do is which I'm Going to share with you guys throughout The week is I use things like Insurance To multiply my money so I I make my Money work in multiple ways okay so Let's stay focused on crypto so number One I do the opposite of the 9 9% so as You watch this video I don't know what Date it is I'm traveling in Peru as you Walk to watch this video I think it's on A Monday I don't know what date it is But anyways as you watch this video um In 2023 so right now I accumulate every Single Friday at dollar cost average Okay then I have a money on the sideline So if we see a big Market pullback Because of the high interest rate

Environment sucking in the bond market Sucking liquidity out of the capital Markets I'll buy more if it dips down Okay if those if it doesn't dip down Down and it continues to stay the way it Is I'll just accumulate every single Friday and I'll take that cash and I'll Put it into Insurance okay so I want to Share with you what I believe this is Just my belief not Financial advice if I Was to start over today what I believe The top cryptos for the future are and I'll explain why and then an example of An allocation okay so this video is Going to go a little bit longer so the Top cryptos I believe for the future are And it's not in order of importance it's Just the way I put it so is ethereum Harar xrp xlm algarin Bitcoin vchain q&t Ada and I love C that's her Native token okay I think it is it still Called cro Kronos okay so I'm going to Break this down a little bit further so This is not Financial advice now I'm Going to do it based on an understanding This is how I allocate my portfolio I do An intelligent investing so why did I Pick those cryptos and I'll explain why Okay now I have much more in my Portfolio but if I was starting for Example my daughter's invest in the Capital Market is exactly how our Portfolio is set up it's what I share With my family members if they come to

Me okay so the number one thing is I Look at infrastructure I'm all about Diversification so the infrastructure Cryptos would be ethereum harar q&t and Ada ethereum creates Financial products On a blockchain harar builds Decentralized applications q&t securely Interacts with other blockchain networks Bringing things together and Ada helps Developers build decentralized Applications so I have i' have some skin In the game around infrastructure right Diversification then you have what's Called payment rails you have xrp which Is fast lowc cost International payments And Commercial you have xlm which is low Cost crossb payments consumer then you Have alaran which is AI machine learning For trading systems we know everything's Going to be tokenized and secure Reliable platform to trade digital Assets so we have the infrastructure we Have the payment rails so if you look at It maybe it's the railroad and then the Train running across railroads then Supply Chain management vchain enables Businesses to build secure reliable Solution asset management and smart Contracts and data storage as we see and We know that our economic our economy is Transforming Dramatically supply chain is going to be Huge so when money moves at the speed of Light and infrastructure moves at the

Speed of light supply chain needs to Move at the speed of light okay then we Have exchange token which is cro I'm Just a big fan of and I share My personal story around that when Crypto when crypto was booming my mom Got into crypto with me who still writes Checks and if it's all about use ease Ease of use is that the right Word yeah ease ease of use so my mom was Able to buy crypto sell crypto do all That stuff so I I bought into cro Because number one they bought the name they're genius number two It's really easy to use so I have that Exchange token which is cro and then Bitcoin we know is deemed a store value It's a commodity like gold and it is not Going anywhere so so do you see how I Break it down I'm not just fumbling into Cryptocurrencies and hope as a strategy They're all spective assets but I'm very Strategic on what I'm in okay so how Would I allocate this is not Financial Advice just this is how I would allocate If I was starting over okay so I would Allocate 40% of a certain amount into Ethereum I'd do 10% into harar 10% into Xrp 10% into algorand okay I would do Bitcoin 10% vchain 5% q&t 5% adaa 5% and C C 5% as you can see ethereum is a little Bit more expensive obviously it's the Foundation so it's the foundation um I

Don't think I stated that correctly it's The foundation so i' be going 40% of That and then harar xlm xrp they're much Cheaper you can buy much more for a Smaller amount uh Bitcoin is just that's My own opinion I'm allocating slowly and Methodically into Bitcoin vchain is very Inexpensive so 5 cents Q t uh 5% Ada 5% And cro 5% sorry I said vchain 5% so Here's what it would look like for $110,000 if I get the math Correctly E I have dyslexia ethereum so It's not Financial advice ethereum if at 110,000 be 40,000 into ethereum 10,000 Into harar 10,000 xrp 10,000 into H uh Xlm 10,000 into alaran 10,000 into Bitcoin 5,000 into vchain 5,000 q&t 5,000 Ada and 5,000 CR o here's a Breakdown example for 12,000 different Types of portfolios 4,000 into ethereum 1,000 to harar 1,000 into xrp 1,000 into Xlm 1,000 into algorand 1,000 into Bitcoin 500 vchain 500 q&t 500 cro and Then 500 into uh Ada okay and then you Have your 5,000 breakdown which would be Uh 2,000 um into ethereum 500 harar 500 Xrp 500 xlm 500 alaran 500 Bitcoin 500 Vchain 250 q&t 250 Ada and 250 cro so I Just wanted to bring that to your Attention that's an example of Allocation an example of a portfolio Okay so these are things that we want to Think about crypto is extremely Extremely spective it should not be your

Retirement it is the ability for you to Make a good amount of wealth and a short Amount of time it does not get rich Quick the reason why people are going to Get wrecked is because they think that When they become a mill millionaire that Everything's going to change nothing is Going to change for you if you have bad Spending habits now you're going to have Horrible spending habits with a million Dollars so the key to all of this is to Transform and work harder on yourself Than you do anything else okay so I use Crypto as a very speculative asset I'm Very excited about what I've accumulated Over the past uh four years um and I'll Be exiting 50% of that and I'll be Securing in things that I'm going to Break down this week so I'm just going To grab my list here so so you're Watching this on Monday tomorrow I'm Going to talk about my business game Plan on Wednesday I'm going to talk About um my insurance game plan on Thursday I'm going to talk about the Secrets of the wealthy which is pre-ipo Which we're in Ripple pre-ipo and Friday I'm going to talk about Americans or F You need to rewire the foundation and Monday I'm going to talk about Legacy Building with your kids and so now I'm Just going to start sharing with you Guys deeper on exactly what I do so I Hope this uh video reaches you well of

Course the format's going to be a little Bit different I'm traveling out in Peru In the Deep spiritual journey so again This is what helped me become wealthy uh In the craziest Economic Times in the World and I'll continue to use these Boom and bus Cycles to secure compound And grow my wealth outside of the Spective assets so I hope this Information reaches you well this is not Financial advice it's just an example of The breakdown of what I would do if I Was getting into crypto currently right Now Warriors let's get your together Let's go all the resources you need Description of this video set up a free Consultation with my insurance team uh The 16-page free guide for you and then Merlin the smartest way to track your Crypto we've created all kinds of Resources to solve problems to help you Have a great future love you guys take [Music] Care


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