Ripple/XRP-Binance Isn`t The Only One In Trouble,SEC vs Ripple Closed Door Meeting-Settlement?

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Welcome back to the show closed door Meeting SEC versus Ripple this month Could it mean settlement we got that and So much more somebody rolled that Beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad K's Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it's $ 1.45 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by 7% in the last 2 24 Hours good afternoon good morning good Evening wherever you are 36,500 for Bitcoin right now just over 2,000 for Ethereum 88.3 billion plus for uh tether Market cap uh number five spot is xrp at 59 Cent 59 cents off by 1.7 uh on the 24hour off by 6.3 on the 7 Day the range of price rate now dipping All the way down to 57 cents overnight Here peaked at 60 cents almost 61 cents But we're watching it close but let me Tell you the market has a lot of news That uh coming in the last 24 hours we Know that CZ has uh resigned and stepped Down as the CEO founder of binance we Know that binance is going to be fed $4.3 Billion and we know that there was Illicit activity that went on there for Transactions and not compl Ling with Anti-money laundering laws to the tune Of over a 100,000 transactions so it

Wasn't like twice right it's a big deal Uh there's other stuff we have to talk About too but the space is getting Healthy that's what I see happening here And there's another angle to this that I Want to uh talk about today but before We do link to ladies and gentlemen the Best private equity in the world you can Get some too just go sign up and Register and start today it's that Simple just click the link underneath The video to get started Started BBVA this was news that we Talked about just a day or two ago we Know BBVA has been uh connected with Ripple for quite some time but Switzerland strengths the uh strengthens The digital Asset Services with ripple And Medico partnership and we we rep uh Reported that but I wanted to just give Everybody a size of it right so BBVA is Spain's second largest banking group Shout out to Chad Stein Graber for this Follow him uh with a large International Presence through independently funded Subsidiaries total assets 713 billion Plus as of 22 uh and total Equity is 50.6 billion plus these are Euros I Believe here so now a digital asset Enabled Bank second largest in Spain how About that one yes so just wanted to add Those facts in for everybody and we saw This jump off here with open AI rehiring Sam opman as CEO uh this morning in fact

And over the last few days he was ousted By the board we don't know the exact Reasons why or at least I haven't been Able to find them and then there was a Huge Mutiny threat of mutiny inside the Company that if you don't bring him back They're all going to basically leave and Go over to Microsoft where he was Quickly welcomed over there and since That has happened essentially the uh the Voices have been heard inside of open Ai And Sam Alman is poised to make a Comeback as the CEO he will be bringing Some new people with him I think AI is Going to be absolutely uh a massive Impact on the world as far as a new Technology and it will probably be felt Very quickly in five years time where Normally it would take 10 years for Other Tech and this is going to be Something to watch closely now Sam Alman Was welcomed to go back as the CEO at Open AI but Microsoft made it clear that They will be working with Sam Alman and Open AI in a collaborative effort Together on the in the future for Microsoft as well so stay tuned for that Meanwhile back to The xrp Ledger has Seen a uptick in the number of Decentralized Finance applications Joining the growing list of apps is Credify finance and EU based dii Application that connects crypto lenders To companies in the region will'll keep

You tuned to more information Senator um Excuse me uh sec's Hester Pur not Senator but sec's Hester Pur who has Obviously been very vocal about speaking Out against Gary gendler's Regulatory approach which is uh uh Enforcement uh regulation by enforcement And here she basically says the same Thing and reinforces that there's got to Be another way to handle this and be More effective here let's listen to this Quick Clip here mentioned that uh Congress doing something would be quite Helpful here of course we have seen some Moves in that regard the financial Services Committee in the house did pass Some Market structure uh legislation This Summer that has yet to proceed Forward I wonder what your thought is on That kind of legislation the delineation It makes between the authorities of of Your agency the C SEC and the cftc or Whether there should be changes to That look I think Congress is is the Right body to be making these kinds of Decisions it's ultimately they who are Directly accountable to the American People and so they're the right ones to Decide I think that there are ways that We could work together with the cftc we Do it all the time in other areas and I Think we can do it in this area as well But ultimately it's it's up to Congress To decide which pieces need to go where

And doing that is not is not easy Because crypto is is not just Financial It it it could have a lot of imp Applications for different areas of Our Lives as well and so they're undertaking A big job in trying to draft this Legislation well look this is really Where it comes to right Congress needs To step in and get the legislation done That's where we're at here and look I Want to point I said there was more to The story when it comes to binance and I'm going to share it now uh us Lawmakers red flag tethers parent firm For business with Federal officials and This is citing uh business ionex right Business uh it says here Wednesday November 8th just a couple weeks ago us Legislators presented a bill that Prohibits federal government officials From engaging in business with IEX the Parent company of USD tether stablecoin Issuer and it says here um the Development comes as the US government Announc is a Crackdown against Chinese Block firm uh blockchain firm so you Know the larger part of what's going on Here to me is not just about binance Right we even saw bit track Uh unwinding their business because it Was easier to unwind the business than To fall into compliance essentially is What it looks like to me now what I'm Suggesting here is is what we're really

Seeing here is binance the largest Exchange for crypto in the world right Now being rained in right and now know This tether has a 83 85 billion plus Market Cap this looks a lot like to me and I've Been showing you the video of Senator Lumus saying we've got to stop that Tether and that binance and I've been Saying for a couple years that tether is In Question and this looks like to me is a Way to go at suffocating the liquidity That tether currently has they're Starting to cut the legs out from Underneath of tether this is what it Looks like to me now some people believe That tether has been under a capture by The Department of Justice for quite some Time maybe it has I don't know the Answer but what it does look like to me Is that if we're going to have crypto Winner end and a spring start we're Going to have to deal with the fact that Tether has constantly sat outside of the Regulation and the accountability Requirements that most traditional Markets use just a fact why would you Continually do that so at the end of the Day here what I'm seeing is a larger Plan that really is dealing with binance And the things that went on inside of That company but also dealing with where The largest areas of liquidity come from

To support USD tether when you swing for The king you better not miss tether is The Largest stable coin out Here tether reality uh tether ordered to Turn over hundreds of Millions millions Of dollars laundered through tether and Criminal activities supported by tether Tether spin tether partners with US Government to return funds as if they Had a effing choice right fun fact Tether knew about the pig butchering Operation as it was exposed months if Not years ago and tether did absolutely Nothing about it Proactively this is speaking to the idea Of what has going on with binance I Believe so now with that being said just Son gets hacked quick emergency tether Tron bailout institutionalized investors Allegedly sending another billion Dollars criminal terrorist money Launderers a day after immune from Prosecution bance CEO pleads guilty to Laundering billions of dollars again This all looks like a larger narrative At play to suffocate tether and to cut The legs out from underneath of it to Really get it under control maybe they Kill it all all together maybe they Finally bring it underneath the Regulatory scope and credential Regulation that it should be under to Begin with I don't know but what I do

Know is is that this is Brian uh Kelly Here right here and Brian Kelly is back On the desk and he's bullish on bitcoin Which he has been but if you remember Brian Kelly is also the guy who was Right here in this video by the way Brian Kelly is looking very healthy These days look like me he's lost quite A bit of weight getting healthy but Shout out to xrp bags for this quick Clip where Brian Kelly was showing Ripple and xrp years ago back in 2018 And he talked about how the bigger the Base for an Asset the higher in space it could go Take a Listen the biger the base the higher in Space we love it shout out to xrp bags For that one as a reminder and you know What that was 2018 now think about the Bigger in base the Bas is now that we're Here in 2023 getting ready to head into 2024 okay now this is very exciting when I think about that it's not Financial Advice but something to really take and Consider but let's listen to a piece of This right here and our next guest says We are just in the early Innings of a New crypto bull market let's welcome a Very Special friend Brian Kelly yes it's Great to be here to be back what's new B I mean what's

Audience but you've been you've been Operating your Bitcoin fund still yeah Correct yep yep still um still involved In Bitcoin every day 24 hours a day Seven days a week never stops um but It's been um it's been an interesting Year you know I mean in the last year We've had gone from everything from FTX To now all of a sudden Argentina Potentially you know they've elected a Pro Bitcoin president so the momentum And sentiment has changed dramatically In that bar and then not to mention all The the potential Bitcoin ETF filings That are still in the wings here so Where do you see you know you don't have A price Target necessarily on bitcoin But what are you thinking in terms of Where you are now so there's a couple Things we know in the past that Bitcoin Has had these twoyear cycles that are Generally centered around the happening And so we have another havening coming Up in April and I'm not one of those People that thinks the havening is the Actual Catalyst but it's one of those Sentiment things that all of a sudden Now you have a reduction in Supply Couple that with the fact that we have The Federal Reserve that is likely done For some time being of of raising rates If not we don't think they're going to Go to 10% maybe they go to 5 and a half Right and then the second part of that

Is we now have these ETF filings so for The first time ever just like the gold ETF you're going to have retail Investors not that they couldn't buy it Before but now registered investment Advisors your Morgan Stanley wealth Manager can allocate to this and so That's what's got the market excited About this new ETF and it really is when You're talking about financial analysts Or financial advisors being able to Offer exposure to this Market through ETFs look there will be hundreds of Billions if not trillions of dollars Over the next few years should these ETFs for spot Bitcoin and E and ethereum And other products I believe xrp as well Could happen as well and multiple other Cryptos and we see ETS for those as well You know the the big thing here for me Is is that you know if we see the Approval of these things the exposure to Those assets to the retail investor that Doesn't want to be us doesn't want to be The retail Speculator doesn't want to You know open up a cryptocurrency Exchange right especially with all the News that's going on now but having that Money come in forces in a spot ETF Situation the the actual custodian you Know or the company that's offering that Has to use a custodian and buy what they Are offering so if it's a hundred Million fund or a hundred billion doll

Fund it has to have that much backing it In the actual asset and that's going to Create scarcity and demand and then Think about coupling that understanding With the assets that have use Case Utility oh yeah we like it then there's This amid the ongoing legal battle Between Ripple and the SEC the US regulator has recently Announced an upcoming closed door Meeting with the crypto firm which is Expected to take place at the end of This month uhhuh but what could come of It this is according to bitcoinist SEC Closed door meeting here with ripple the United States Securities Exchange Commission announced to start it off With the time and date of the upcoming Closed door meeting which is expected to Take place on Thursday November 30th so We're just a few days away here at Approximately 2:15 p.m. according to the Notice the meeting will be held via Remote means or at commission's Headquarters in Washington DC so keep People look out in case Brad ends up in Washington DC around that time the Meeting will be H held via remote means Andor at the commission headquarters and It says here the upcoming meeting with Ripple will see several subject matters Being discussed and handled these Include institution and settlement of Injunctive actions institution and

Settlement of administrative proceedings Resolution of litigation claims matters Related to litigation and other matters Related to examinations and enforcement Proceedings now let's get to this part Where John Deon actually says no we Should probably just stick to the dates And the schedule that's been issued for Now right so look we can't rule out that Something could take place and there Could be a settlement right is it likely That has not been the action of the SEC That it is likely however you do have to Wonder with the $4.3 billion judgment That just happened with the doj If the sec's feeling good and maybe Takes a pivot because they were not on Stage with the Department of Justice for That decision it was the US Treasury and The Cftc now John Deon went on to say dates Of the final case revealed and he said Here with us the next important dates on The final case between Ripple and the SEC uh here he says are they they Include February 12th 2024 in which both Parties are expected to conclude all Remedies related to Discovery so if no Settlement or something comes out of That November 30th meeting and then from There you would move forward with uh um The SEC comp uh it says uh compliant With authorized sub submitted brief Concerning remedies by March 13 2024

Meanwhile Ripple and the defendant uh Would have until April 12th 2024 to Submit its opposition to the sec's brief Lastly the pl of submit uh must submit Its response to to defend its opposition By April 29th 2024 so that is where we Are if there's no settlement after November 30th so all of these dates are Important to watch and pay attention to So it was great that we get an update on That and before we go let's get an Update on what's going on with price Currently falling like a manhole cover From the sky and you know what technical Analyst eggr crypto says here this is Not unlike what we were looking for on The chart and basically upcoming the Weekly close will tell us if we have hit Bottom or we still might dip to around 52 cents 66 cents isn't as sturdy as People thought xrp in is in Middle Ground so it's a good time for dollar Cost average the yellow zone signals a Bit of a bearish phase and securing 50 Cents as a support is crucial expecting Xrp to Wick to the yellow xrp dropping Multiple closes below 50 cents as you Can see so here we are with these we're Watching this closely see what happens If we get that support it will be very Good for us and the charts I believe but That's not Financial advice for me or Anyone else now what I hope is is that You will come join us in the freedom

Zone which by the way xrp Las Vegas is Coming up ladies and gentlemen and if You want to get a discount to your Ticket for xrp Las Vegas you can do that Inside the freedom Zone and today we are Taking on Plenty of ideas which uh by The way it's a much bigger narrative Than just binance inside the freedom Zone and we're also going to look at the World around us that you cannot see but We're going to show it to you inside of Here not Financial advice or me or Anyone else I'll catch all of you on the Next One


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