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Welcome back to the show check out this Headline here Ripple executive steps Down and another one steps in we got That and so much more somebody roll that Beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad K's Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on YouTube and Twitter for Exclusive content uh right now the Cryptocurrency market cap is $1.11 Trillion the market is off by 1.9% today In the last 24 Bitcoin now 27,500 plus 1,500 plus for ethereum Right now and we see tether market cap 83.5 billion plus holy moly that's a lot Of money xrp 49 cents at the moment We're off by 4% in the last 24 hours and Slightly more more than that on the 7 Day if that gives you a Picture looks like a manhole cover Falling from the sky for crypto today Right but you know what I know what that Tells me maybe I should be filling my Bags a little bit not Financial advice Right here is linked to private Investments the best private equity on The planet over $282 million invested on the platform Over 325,000 registered users you can be One too all you have to do is go Register and sign up to get started do Not wait click the link to my sponsor Below and go find out what's available

It is amazing what an opportunity right Here hey Elon why does X not have a Warning system uh you know this is the Problem here Dai has been wrongfully Suspended on his Twitter profile and This is really speaking to free speech Ladies and gentlemen I tell you and I'm Going to have to be making some serious Uh decisions here and questions for Myself in our Channel because I just Feel like it's so obvious if this can Happen to this guy who is the goat in The xrp influencer space it can happen To any of us you know what I don't take You for granted and I don't take for Granted that I am allowed into your life Each day and you know what I want to Make sure that I stay there and I want To make sure that we have access to one Another I will be doing something to Allow us to have that connection Together so we're never separated by Some social media platform like this Because this is truly despicable that This could happen to somebody that has This done this much good for a community He needs to be reinstated immediately Elon and I know that you follow this Space right here Ripple on Monday Transferred 60 million xrp worth 30 Million to an unknown wallet and I'm Going to clear the air right now it's Not my Wallet also want to clear the air that

There's not much more information to Glean from this transaction that took Place which is why it always fascinates Me so much and then there's this we know That the xrp Ledger automated Market Maker feature it's been about a month Since I last discussed some of the Probable reasons behind this let's take Another look at what happened in the Meantime and how far we come this was Crippin writer here and shout out to Rther Comm for sharing it and this is Basically showing that the automated Market maker and there's no votes Happening here at this point however There is one that has taken place and as Of October 7th Ripple has voted and they Voted a yes right right here so we will Keep you up to date on that I happen to Think that not only are automated market Makers a great opportunity for all of us To not have to potentially sell our Assets but be able to uh allocate those Assets or delegate them as a uh uh Liquidity provider and use automated Market makers but we shall see how this Develops I also believe there's a much Larger uh question here that needs to be Answered will the automated Market maker Feature help to Redefine redefine the characteristics of Xrp as a stabilization mechanism token Right this is a great question I believe And we need to see what happens after it

Is voted and passed and moved into Action we will see what's going on there Meanwhile look at this Canadian Securities authorities CSA has indicated Its inclination towards endorsing the Trade of specific stable coins that are Pegged to a single traditional currency Provided they adhere to a set guidelines Now you guys know and I think most of You know when I see this stuff I think It's worth reporting on first of all It's digital pound Foundation which we Know Ripple is a part of and when you See this kind of motion to accept stable Coins in this way I think it is massive Because I have said before it is the Tokenization of all the traditional Markets that is the bigger play here and We can't do that without one having Custody as the Foundation and then having the on and Off ramps be regulated with either cbdcs Or stable coins this is where it will All begin and that I believe those two Key components right there will help to Unlock the massive money that has been Sitting on the sidelines waiting to take Advantage of this new technology really Exciting I know it looks like small to People but take a listen to this I think This is a wonderful clip a collage clip Here from Riz and listen to this this Breakdown right here absolutely love This or another bank token what they

Want is cross Bank crossb liquidity so It's key that now that we have Infrastructure of the platform built Internally we work with like regulated Liability Network and other cars Business about how do we solve these Difficult issues as an industry and There's still a lot of questions out There but this FMI that rln aspires to Be is extremely positive because it but Our clients don't want a city token or Another bank token what they want is Cross Bank crossb liquidity is 10 years Out on the financial crisis we still Don't have the infrastructure perhaps to Prevent the next one and I think this is Where digital assets can really help Because an efficient digital asset uh Can really solve um some of the key Problems in global liquidity you know The world's got trillions and trillions Of dollars tied up in liquidity just to Get around how clunky the movement of Value is around the world if with a Really efficient digital asset something Like X xrp again that's what we believe Will be the the most efficient um you Can now reduce trillions and trillions Of capital from being tied up so you can Make those transfers instantly as a bank Or as a payment provider as an Enterprise without having to have money Pre-positioned all over the world so First you get the banks connected they

Do what they're doing today better then They go I want to do this in 100 Countries but I can't hold currencies in 100 countries well guess what you got Xrp so that's that's the the Holy Grail That's the ultimate end goal that we're Aiming for wow wow wow wow wow you Better believe it's wow wow wow wow Shout out to Riz for that clip what a Great clip there the Holy Grail right And this right here this is breaking Right here from Elanor terret Ripple's Chief Financial Officer Christina Campbell has left her position at the Company to become the CFO of Maven Clinic shout out to her wishing her all The best Campbell served as CFO for 2 Years and 7 months but we also know that We recently got the replacement which Which is Ripple welcoming Amazon CFO Warren Jensen to its board of directors That you know when I see moves like this This looks like a transition team move Where you integrate things you integrate People and maybe it's not that at all Maybe it's just the fact that the Deep Level of this guy's experience and what He's done and it goes well beyond Amazon is just so deep and so rich in His knowledge and experience that it is Necessary to have him at Ripple because Of what is about to take place with Ripple and what they're doing inside of The financial system this I really

Believe is a massive move and it really Kind of signals to me not Financial Advice to anybody else or just sharing My digital perspectives this kind of Move and bringing someone of this Caliber into their fold is telling me Exactly where Ripple knows they're going And I'm going with them r here this is a Landmark case when it comes to Ripple in The SEC and I want you to hear the Professor of accounting at the University of Marland Stacy Ferris say As much right here excellent Stacy where Do where do we go from Here uh from here we are going to work On tokenomics we're also uh polishing up And building out a little more detail on The legal pieces of uh the course we're Selecting cases that we want to do case Studies particular Not really case studies but uh important Cases that we can pull legal uh themes Out of you know uh in terms of how Things are shaping up things that we Perhaps cases that we believe will be Landmark cases down the road great Example Ripple versus SEC and everything That's come out of the Ripple case that Looks like it's going to be a landmark Case on how to define and determine what Is a security in the space so that's an Important case to be aware of of to Understand and so we want to have that In in the material um and then she goes

On to talk about preparing that material For her class and her students that's How landmarked this case is that it is Going to be discussed and taught to Students in universities all across the World that's how incredible this case is Look I I don't know maybe it's not hitting You the way it's hitting me today but I Can tell you when I heard her say that Is a reminder just as much as John Deon And his participation in the case has Changed the way people will fight crypto Cases forever more through amikas Bri Briefs right so the you know there are Really some incredible things that have Happened in the last couple years here While we've all been under duress of the SEC right Jeremy Hogan asserts here Shout out to you my friend that that the Sec's position is precarious after the Court's rejection of its interlocutory Appeal the lawyer predicts that the best Possible option for regulator is to Settle litigation against Ripple well This is really a great threat and I Touched on pieces of it but I've had a Lot of people contact me about what Could happen well it's either John Deon Or Jeremy Hogan you're going to want to Really hear from I can you know what do I know right so let's hear it right here Let's go through this very quickly Settlement is a good option for the SEC

It gets to publish another win and Collect a big check from the bad guys as They say uh the judge cleared the path For them by clarifying that her ruling Only applies to facts specified to xrp Said this chance of this happening the Date of this December 21 2023 18.9% right so then uh in fact there is More to this thread here if you go Through and it's a great thread but I Think the reason I wanted to show this Is really just to let you know that all Of that really aligns what he just said There with what we have heard John Deon Say so many times and look just like Legal analysts technical analysts There's other ways that this could go They could drop the case on Brad and Chris and they could do a general appeal But the argument there is is what in the World would they appeal because judge Torres made it so bulletproof it's going To be very difficult for them to to Appeal so that is where that puts them In in a in a real Corner they paint Their into a corner the other part that This comes back to what John Deon and Jeremy Hogan saying right here is a Chance for the SEC to get that payto Playay edge right to collect a check for The bully in the schoolyard to get your Lunch money right and still claim a win To the rest of the world even though all Of us that follow this space understand

The SEC is facing a massive loss all Right well with that we got to remember This and what we need to remember is is That the judge did set apart a time here Prior to final pre-trial conference Council for both parties along with the Parties themselves shall meet in person For at least one hour to discuss Settlement of this matter and that I Believe happens April 16th so that Doesn't mean that they're not talking Now that just means they are going to Talk at least once if they're not Already talking right now that's where We are today not Financial advice for me Or anyone else it's just my digital Perspectives I will catch all of you on The next One


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