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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I was just Trying to have a conversation with my 7 17-year-old and it is like talking to a Brick wall these kids do not want to Talk to parents they're not Interested even when you're talking to Them to and the conversation is about Well I guess most conversations are About somehow helping them they are Still not interested but I don't get too Offended by it because I know that They're going through a they're going Through a strange time in their life Okay so here we go um Linda P Jones was On with Ray fnes at linked to Interesting conversation yeah well Ripple of course you would want to look At who is going to be a market leader in The future anytime I look at investing In stocks I want to know who's going to Have the number one or number two Company in the space so when the Technology for xrp was created according To David Schwarz they looked around and They said this is phenomenal technology What is the biggest thing the biggest Use case the biggest utility that this Technology could possibly have out of Everything and they said crossborder Payments and that's what they went after They also as you know are helping

Governments form Central Bank digital Currencies when you're investing at Money at the government level it doesn't Get any bigger than that it's trillions And trillions and trillions of dollars And that is the most exciting investment Opportunity and largest investment Opport opportunity that you can usually Think of too is at the government level Matthew lamell says we are moving from Having digitized Communications back in the 90s to Digitizing Commerce and currency and That's exactly what we're doing we're Digitizing Commerce and currency right Now and that is a bigger Opportunity that is a bigger opportunity Than the internet was and that's what People don't really realize is that the Amount of wealth that this is going to Create is going to blow people's minds Now and that is a bigger Opportunity that is a bigger opportunity Than the internet was and that's what People don't really realize is that the Amount of wealth that this is going to Create is going to blow people's minds And according to Matthew when you look At the scurve for Innovation we are Right at the portion of the S curve Where we're about to go Vertical and so um 2024 is going to be a Very important year for blockchain and For cryptocurrencies and for

Fintech as well as Ai and some other Technologies but these are the things That we want to look at when we consider Investing and and all of those things Ripple has and does very well what what I've been doing for myself is laying the Foundation while we've been in this Pullback I've been accumulating some of These key blockchain um private equities On link to's platform I own uphold I own Ripple I own link to Polyon what else itus capital I don't Have any Circle yet but there's I got Glint there's there's all kinds of of um Different things on this list some of Them are AI all of them are in there are Even um there's a commercial zip Line's A commercial um drone company there's All kinds of different things and I Believe we're heading into this major Wave of innovation check this out xrp The storm is Brewing sound that sounds ominous maybe Is is that a good storm embrace the Oncoming shift stay steady stay Confident in what you hold Hoodle the storm brewing he looks like It could be a storm that leads you to $6 20 or $26.7 I like the sound of that I think He's been using the number $27 recently Here's uh JP Morgan's blockchain imagine That these guys are just moving along While Gary Gensler holds everybody else

Back uh that blowing up have you done we Know that JP Morgan um JPM coin uh has Seen transactions in AES of a bil why JPM coin not a security why are they not Being sued for 3 years going up sounds More destructive than it actually is Frankly uh our core remate is to Redesign the infrastructure on how to Move money how to move assets Etc and We've made we believe more progress than Anyone else in the world in rolling out Enterprise blockchain Solutions Everything from JPM coin to onx digital Assets collateralized actually you Haven't well if you have it's with the Help of your friend Gary Gensler at the SEC Etc so in our mind we've made a huge Bunch of progress and I think you can See some of our peers see if I had if I Had an X account if I if my account had Not been uh suspended without giving me Any reason whatsoever I would retweet This and say and make a smart comment About you've only been able to progress While Ripple's been in a lawsuit Otherwise you would have had your butt Handed to you um then there's this clip I don't remember ever seeing this clip Of David Schwarz so I'll play it like People are still not using Cryptocurrencies for payments like let's Be honest like that's where the product Market fit is really good and they're Not there's a lot of volatility which I

Think is and I think we do think that Like that's going to start to go away Like the logic of Economics says it has To like you can't really have a highly Volatile asset just because there Volatility is a profit opportunity and So somebody should be turning that Volatility into Revenue we have massive Pools of liquidity now like you know the Trade volumes are enormous so I think I Think we are set up for the next couple Years I think one one sign is like Giants like Bank of America you know JP Morgan are starting to you have to be Careful with them because they want to Seem like they're on the Forefront of Technology but also they're very Successful companies so like if they Could push stop on technology they would You know like if you you know if you Have one of the top five banks in the World you don't want anything to change You want the world to stay exactly the Way it is and most of your hyping of Technology is going to be defensive but If you look like their their CL their Customers are really recognizing the Potential of these Technologies and They're realizing that they are going to Have to adopt them if they want to Remain relevant you know there there's The story of you know Apple eating the Music industry Sony could have made the IPod but Apple did and I think nobody

Wants to be in the position that you Know to have the technology industry eat Finance um you know none of the Established companies want that to be Happening and I think Ripple Through The Xrp Ledger is right at the Nexus of that Convergence of these defi Technologies With institutional adoption and focusing On you know the specific problem that Are necessary like like I said like Sanction screening and other other Things that institutions are going to They're going to have to have they're Going to have to have if they're going To be part of this ecosystem yeah okay So then we have this one this is Sam Lyman who put this out he's a Forbes Contributor and one of the good guys Listen to this there's also a very real Chance that overreaction especially Overreaction in regulation will simply Serve to drive crypto underground Offshore and beneath the radar Regulation can work and it should but Overreaction with regulation can Undermine exactly what we're trying to Do it can make compliance impossible it Can divert resources away from actual Risk it can make unregulated Environments and jurisdictions the only Places where companies succeed and Survive as a result an overreaction can Jeopardize National Security it can make Our problems far worse seeding ground to

China Russia or other jurisdictions may Be far worse the US is the center of the International Financial system for good Reason it's known for its strength and For stability its resilience and its Safety it's home to much Innovation and Many of the world's Entrepreneurs it's hardly perfect but The US also leads in anti-money Laundering oversight other countries and Economies look to us for responsible Bold and thoughtful leadership there's No guarantee that that will always be The case if we fail in US leadership Either by under reacting or by Overreacting we run the risk that we Relinquish our role and other nations Look elsewhere including to other Jurisdictions that might not have our Same National interest s and maybe even Hostile to us the National Security Implications of that would be Far-reaching and potentially all right So then we had this this was an exchange With Warren Davidson about how cash is More for money laundering and and drug Dealing than anything my statement but Is it objectively true Mr Levan uh thank you for the question uh Congressman so when it comes to the Iranian economy the Iranian economy does Not run on the blockchain and so so that Is not the Iranian criminals or any Other criminals the US dollar is the

Reserve currency for a reason uh cash is Kinging when it comes to elicit Finance Not cryptocurrency is is that Beyond Dispute I think think chane alysis put Out a report that said it was like 0.12% Of all the crypto transactions were uh Elicit uh and and all crypto Transactions combined are a tiny Fraction of US dollar transactions so Could it possibly be objectively true That the preferred currency for illicit Activity is crypto yeah no so I think uh Thank you for the question Congressman When it comes to the set of transactions We said it was 0.24% of the transactions In cryptocurrency can be linked Specifically to elicit activity and yes That's a very very small subset of the Overall transaction volume in the Traditional Financial system yeah okay Now I th this Gary Gensler is really a Mystery to me this guy is such an I'm Not I was going to play the clip I I Can't play it he he is such an arrogant There's no other word for it prick he's An he's he is such an arrogant prick Only an arrogant prick would say what He's what knowing what we all know he he Literally gives a speech we are not Prosecutors of honest businesses nor Defenders of crooked Crookedness we are partners of H honest Businesses and prosecutor prosecutors of Dishonesty we shall not prejudge but we

Shall investigate he's literally quoting Joseph Kennedy who was a bootlegger by The way and became SEC chairman go Figure steuart ala says fact Checker Gensler's recent comments Ripple was Sued but never CH charged with Dishonesty the failed case against it Was prejudged beginning with eth Ethically compromised Bill H Gimler has prejudged crypto and has Filed suit against others without Investigation um and then uh Ripple X Had put this out introducing wave six Aies for xrpl Grants program I wanted to Point out one of them to you one of the Winners and that is chat xrp chat xrp is An application that provides a Userfriendly interface for interacting With The xrp Ledger using natural Language Be interesting to see what they end up Doing now um this is Robert Kennedy like I was telling you yesterday the Bitcoin Maxis they try their best to co-opt any Incoming politician any of the new Politicians that are trying to win the Presidency they immediately pounce on Them and act like you have to be for This Freedom Movement and never tell him Or any of these new candidates that oh By the way Homeland Security met with The for Satoshi Um they know exactly who it is they Don't ever go over that with

Them you know I'll do whatever I need to Do to maintain custody to maintain that People's wallets remain in there you Know that just like your keys to your Car like your personal wallet you ought To be able to uh uh you ought to be able To hold on to that and uh and to do as Much as I can to make sure that people Control their own nodes and that there Is freedom you know there's total as Much Freedom as makes sense all right And then Caitlyn long had put out this Tweet which I find very interesting Especially for the private group today I Was backstage when Robert Kennedy's Motorcade arrived at the Texas Blockchain whatever venue and witnessed His extensive personal security given He's polling at greater than 15% Threshold and has documented security Breaches why is he still being denied Secret Service protection well in my uh Private group go to I'm going to show you why he's Being denied that Protection think about it this guy's Family he's got two family members who Are Assassinated two he's running for office And they don't give him Secret Service Protection I'm going to show you exactly Why I'm also going to go we're going to Go into the Steven nof the ethereum tape Scandal as it's known and I'm going to

Show I'm going to let you hear a couple More clips from that this stuff man let Me tell you what so um it's going to be Here we're going to off into it I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family if you want to Hear more about the ethereum tape Scandal and some other things that we Can't talk talk about out here go to that's where we'll be here we Go


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