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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel here's a headline from the Crypt Basic experts raise concerns as Ripple President provides vague response about Xrp adoption post lawsuit now there's Been and I'm glad we're having this Discussion broad discussion within the Xrp community about what's going on with Xrp what's going on with the xrp Ledger are there problems that perhaps We should address is developer activity Sufficient we absolutely should have These discussions But you know this this headline here is Coming as we were already having these Discussions in recent days and people Are now concerned that even Ripple is Not particularly thrilled uh with xrp And and and isn't so bold as to just State uh yes xrp adoption is increasing And they're they're covering perspective From Ripple's president Monica long and I will say at the outset of the video And we'll get more into this but uh it Is the case that Ripple has been Expanding their business let's say to Other non odl non xrp non-p payments Related things in fact if you're paying Attention you may have seen seen Brad Garlinghouse uh speaking on on Television various television channels And when he was speaking just recently Like at Davos and so forth and when he Was explaining what Ripple does he he

Explains that they're a blockchain Company first that offers uh you know Enterprise solutions to to various firms It was something along those lines it's Not oh we're a fintech company or oh We're a payments company and then so We'll say we're offering blockchain Solutions on an Enterprise level first And then he'll mention something about Payments that's what he's doing so There's a shift away is is that some Sort of indication that they're kind of Leaving xrp well uh I'm not so convinced Of that I think they're just expanding Up but we'll we'll get back to that um Before going further though I do want to Be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial ADV device and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun now I Will note that yesterday I published This video titled we need to be honest With ourselves about Xrp and it was basically covering a Topic that was really started I would Say by my fellow xrp YouTuber the Blockchain backer noting that developer Activity for The xrp Ledger and xrp uh Not nearly as high as other chains yet Xrp is still in the top 10 coins by

Market cap and we have a really big Community so is this a concern because He did find correlation this is real Data he's he's proven it on his channel He found real correlation indicating That the coins that were most likely to Pop off last Market cycle had more Developer activity so it's a legitimate Thing to talk about and look I I want to Be clear here I I do still believe that The the xrp ecosystem is healthy overall And that it will reach a new all-time High uh this upcoming Market cycle as Long as Bitcoin does I think that that's A prerequisite I'd be very surprised if Xrb hits a new all-time high without Bitcoin doing it first because the asset Class moves in tandem it just does still And you can have bigger moves for coins That people are more confident in but There is that Correlation and so um you know when I I Put on this video I was I was just Following up on the warning that the Blockchain backer issued because I think He was making a lot of sense And as investors as holders we need to Stay informed of what's happening within This quickly evolving cryptocurrency Asset class you don't want to stick your Head in the sand if there's something Wrong with xrp if somebody's pointing That out don't be like ah you're just a Fudster I mean unless they legitimately

Are if it's a person that's bringing up A genuine critique like if they're right Don't you want to know that if you have Serious money in it if if you need to Run for the hill say it were that bad Wouldn't you want to know and and that's Not where we are I don't think anyway I I don't think we're anywhere near that But I wanted to expand upon some of These thoughts further and then get into Stuff having to do with what the Ripple President had to say because look like Unquestionably the blockchain backer is Correct it's just factual data developer Activity matters and part of I don't Want to rehash my whole video that I Published yesterday but part of the Overarching point is that you know that I made anyway is that although developer Activity matters it's not the only thing That matters and you know with xrp not Having uh smart contract functionality On layer one uh might that be the case That that might that be the the primary Reason and I think it may be that The Xrp Ledger has way fewer developers than Say ethereum for example or other smart Contracts platforms because you can do More stuff if you have that Functionality and so that's probably it Does that mean that xrp is doomed Because it doesn't have that well no Because there are also things that you Can do with The xrp Ledger that smart

Contract platforms some of them just Would be terrible at like can you Imagine plugging eth itself into on Demand liquidity for example do you want To add more friction to payments so That's just one obvious example because We all know how odl works because we're In the xrp community but but it's a The Xrp Ledger is better than other smart Than smart contract platforms for many Things it's it's just so if there's if It's the case that you you're just not Going to be able to do to do as much Because it doesn't have that okay but There's still clearly a place for uh a Cryptocurrency that's just broadly for For payments in general I do still Believe that and so and then there's Also something to be said for staying Power that's something I mentioned in my Video yesterday Bitcoin was first if it Were if there were a copycat Bitcoin Launched today it would fail um because It's the least technologically advanced Crypto on the planet you can't do that Whole that that much with it but people Are still build uh building on it They're trying anyway it's just not a Great starting point the reason they're Doing it is because it's the most Well-known so they're trying to make the Best of what they have that's that's Pretty much it but xrp also has stain Power and it's been around around for

Over a decade so is it actually going to Go away and so the big question I asked Yesterday I'm just trying to summarize This moving forward in case you guys Didn't catch the video uh the big Question here is in my mind is to you Know aside from how can we get more Developer activity that's a whole Separate thing that I'm not talking About that as much in this particular Video but how do you weight the Importance of various things to what Degree is the fact that something's been Around for a long time really good uh is To what degree does it matter that it's Become a standard for various use cases Because XP unquestionably is a standard For various use cases and there's no Indication that's going to change don't People value that isn't isn't that a Real thing are there other reasons that Coins are are ranked highly in terms of Market cap even if there's lower Developer activity and the I think the Answer very clearly is yes even though I Absolutely agree with the points that The blockchain backer brought up I'm Just stating that there are other Metrics we need to consider so consider This uh you guys familiar with r Paul R Paul is very Pro xrp when xrp was around A buck U he was saying that he still Thinks that xrp has a real good chance Of going to $10 he owns xrp he's Pro xrp

Former Goldman Sachs executive and he Recently had an interview with Anthony Pompano who I'm sure many of you Familiar with very famous Bitcoin Maximalist so Ral Paul in an interview With Anthony Pompano he said that Tron Cryptocurrency Tron has the largest Stable coin Ecosystem in I didn't know that and I'll Just take him at his word I didn't go Double check that but it's Ral Paul so I'm just going to assume that you know He's a reputable Source I'm just going To assume that's the case you know that Paints a like a clear picture that Developer activity is not necessarily The metric most heavily considered by Investors when it comes to investing in A Cryptocurrency not it's not always that The the check this out like the Developer developer for Tron is quite Frankly Abysmal the blockchain backer even Highlighted Tron specifically on his Channel I remember seeing it it's just Like I don't remember the exact number You can go look it up at the developer Report but the developer activity for Tron is abysmal it is terrible Practically non Non-existent yet it's number 13 in Market cap today take a look at this Those you care to look at your screen

There's Tron 13 in market cap 13 in market cap How is that possible what's going on Here right that's a little weird isn't It it's just some strange outlier and The market doesn't know what it's doing Well so the question is so is is Developer activity the most important Thing for xrp well I can't say for Certain that it is I'm not convinced it Is even though I admit it could be you Look it it actually might not be but Even if it's not the most important Metric as a community we should focus on It the blockchain backer is nailing Hitting the nail in the head with that He's absolutely correct because if we Assume it's not that important for xrp And we're wrong we could be looking at Xrp slipping out of the top 10 coins in Market cap at some point in the future Do you want to risk that do you want to Stick your head in the sand because I Don't you know I don't care like look I I don't want that to happen because I Care about this community and because I Have a large percentage of my net worth In xrp just as many of you many many of You do as Well so the the question for me is what Metrics need to be considered how should They be weighted in such a consideration Perhaps the market is accurately pricing Where xrp is and maybe we are overw

Worrying but I don't know that for sure Which is why we need to have this talk And it's always better to have more Development activity anyway and more Adoption and getting the word out There but even but it could be I admit It could be the case that xrp is Appropriately you know placed in terms Of market cap because of the actual Adoption uh Because actually you know I'm going to Circle back because there's another Point that was made by a couple xrp Community members that really Paints the Picture that frankly the development Activity for a lot of these coins might Be complete crap and and so that's the Reason that you know if you look at Actual adoption in terms of what xrp is Used for maybe people are just factoring That in more as opposed to a bunch of Unknown projects out Here um and so there was a post by Attorney Bill Morgan who was linking to My video the other day where I was Discussing this topic so I want to say Thank you to attorney Bill Morgan for Linking to that on social media platform X and then I responded to that and I Wrote uh to him and I said and I take The blockchain back here I wrote I'm Glad the blockchain backer got the Conversation going I'm just trying to Help carry it on because he's definitely

On the right track thanks for sharing my Video Bill and then uh the blockchain Backer responded with the hard emoji and Then wrote The Following I know that not everyone is a fan of Charles hoskinson however here's an Example of a conversation taking place Where he too is focusing on development For cardano also focusing on developer Report he's opening the dialect for Ideas okay so I love to hear that now um That was just this morning I have not Had a chance to watch this 35 minute Video that the blockchain backer shared Highlight from Charles hoskinson I'm Going to I probably won't have time to Do it until tomorrow frankly because After this I've got to head to my Nephew's first birthday party and then It's date night with my girlfriend so I'm going to be busy pretty booked up For the rest of the day but um that Sounds interesting and I want to hear Hear the perspective so I I plan to Check that out tomorrow and I'm glad That he shared That um now take a look at this and um And this is fascinating this is Something that I didn't bring up in my Video yesterday but check this out Somebody responded to attorney Bill Morgan where he shared my link to my Video named Helicon Darkstar wrote The Following no one is building anything on

Any chain that's worth squat until There's a major player that wants to use Something to solve a problem that Doesn't exist it's all Dead on Arrival In my opinion just a Speculator wet Dream get more trade fi on B on board to Manipulate prices for Traders use case And then xrp Community member pompus Maxi responded to that and he wrote Perfect example of quality versus Quantity I hear all this talk about the thousands Of developers on eth and salana but what Is the appeal of a bunch of pipe dreams And scams that create the toxic Environment that Reg call the wild west And so these are really great points and I wish I had mentioned this in my video Yesterday in hindsight but consider that Eth which has I think somewhere in the Neighborhood of like 2400 developers and Maybe it was polka dot and polygon that I have to go back and look it doesn't Matter you can just fact check it Yourselves but it we have like close to 800 developers full-time and then then You got xrp Ledger with 45 which is a Number that's disputed by the way from a Ripple employee that I I spoke with I Mentioned that yesterday so uh it could Be higher than that to whatever degree But even if it's just 45 um again my my suspicion is that Might have to do with the fact that

There's smart not smart contract Functionality so but then people look at Those numbers like but does xrp then Deserve to be in the top 10 Well I don't know for sure I think the Answer might be the the answer might be Yes because xrp is functionally used for Stuff it's understood xrp is tested for Over a decade tried and true people know It works it's great for payments it's Understood it's it's fantastic for Various these cases having to do with Payments and and not just that I Understand of course you do other stuff You know first world's first ever Decentralized exchange built into it Most developers don't even know that um So does other stuff as well of Course but consider that you know if You're looking at most businesses like If if a business that is started today 90% of the them fail by year 10 90% of New businesses fail by year 10 now now Now consider what you're talking about Here is development in the world of Cryptocurrency I'd still argue it's Pretty much a nent asset class even After 15 years uh nowhere near Sufficient adoption I would say most of The world not even aware of it or Touching it um and so I would assume That most of these projects are going Through uh lots of exploration trying All sorts of crazy ideas almost all of

It will fail I think that well over 9 % Of the um the things that are being Developed are going to not work out a Lot of stuff is being tried and it Should be with this new technology let It happen let the market do its thing And then certain things are going to Work and it's going to transform the World that that's what that's what we're Talking that's what we should expect but Almost all of it all these developers Are are most of the developers that are Building what they're building today Going to be here in 5 years or 10 years Probably not but but still I Understand those chains are attracting Developers for reason that's a net Positive but is that more important than The fact that xrp does other stuff Having to do with payments and other Things today right now and we'll see if This lasts and I'm not certain it will Last but it could I'm I'm admitting I Don't know I'm just I'm just trying to Encourage discuss on this right now the Market says Xrp is more valuable even with smart Contract Functionality than other major chains That have more developer acity and That's why they their price lower that's What the market says today now that can Change and since I don't know if it's Going to change that's why I say do you

Want to risk that I don't we should Encourage more developer activity of Course we should I'm just saying I don't Know to what degree it's it's important I think that there is something to be Said for stain power I do think that's Recognized in the market it's tried and True xrp is legal Clarity there's no Shortage of other things so I I do think The xrp ecosystem overall is healthy but These are the types of things that are That I'm thinking through I don't have All the answers I'm not pretending to But I think these are some of the things That we should consider and then on top Of that we should push for more Awareness of what The xrp Ledger can do To attract more developers that's all That I'm Saying um and then there's this from the Crypto basic experts rais concerns as Ripple president provides vague response About xrp adoption post Lawsuit prominent figures in the xrp Community have raised concerns amid Ripples president's unclear response to An inquiry about xrp adoption following The xrp lawsuit victory in a recent Interview with the Chain Reaction pod Ripple president Monica long faced a Critical question regarding the Implications of the US Court ruling that Classified xrp as not a security for Retail investors however her response to

The inquiry has left numerous xrp Community members more perplexed than Enlightened specifically in response to Whether the Court ruling had spurred Increased adoption of xrp Long's answer Lacked a definitive endorsement of a Positive impact she noted a more Consistent trend line in the market Attributing it to speculation over the Past few months hence in her view the Crypto Market has exhibited a more Unified movement than one specific to Xrp and here's her quote I've observed a More consistent trend line of the market Moving together over the past several Months based on speculation and Excitement of ETF so the market has been Moving more together versus a segmented Fashion end Quote the remark from Ripple's president Sparked significant reactions from the Xrp community well-known figure xrp Figure Wrath of Conan pointed out that While the question pertained to adoption The response focused more on price Deviating from what would typically be Associated with adoption as a result he Asserted that her response conveyed a Polite no as it lacked any indication of A affirmation or agreement similarly Yasin Novar founder of derer capital Expressed his concerns about Long's Response he stressed that the lack of a Definitive answer is a fundamental issue

Moobar remarked quote this is a Fundamental question and the fact that Monica long could not give a clear yes Answer is Concerning and so that that that was his Quote Um I I got to be honest with you here And this is just one man's opinion take For its worth I am not the least bit Concerned by her response I genuinely am Not um you know if you're talking about Actual adoption of xrp it would have Been better to say that but her brain Could have just thought oh price Movement um frankly I just I my guess is That's probably what happened because Even if you're talking about xrp Adoption her answer working at Ripple is An easy yes did you guys see the recent Figures on Odl about half of of trans Ripple Transactions now use x is a bridge Currency via odl that's the re that's The most recent number I Saw so um that's a substantial increase Cuz I remember a couple years or so ago It was what like 25% so even for them The answer is Yes And there's all sorts of stuff being It's still being built on the on the xrp Ledger like let let's be let's be clear Here we don't need to be all doomy and Gloomy like I still think the future is

Bright for xrp and The xrp Ledger there Are real people building real things you Know that unquestionably that's the case On The xrp Ledger um so yes it's true Like I said at the outside of the video That Ripple does have a a more broad Push they're trying to submit themselves As more as a a blockchain provider and Which is why they've gotten into you Know obviously custody and other stuff So that's not surprising that's just That's fine they're just trying to Secure their future here it it doesn't Mean that they don't care about xrp xrp There's still the largest holders of xrp Yes they Have the most to lose if it doesn't work Out and on top of that even recently I Don't know if they ever ended up hiring Somebody but I know even just a month Ago they were seeking uh to to hire Basically like a community Ambassador Type of role uh to to interface because They they do want XR and specifically For xrp just to be clear this Ripple's Trying to so Ripple does care I'm Telling you for sure they do care Tremendously about xrp they're seeking To hire somebody to uh fulfill that role Just kind of you know facilitate Conversation um between Ripple and then Broadly the xrp community which is a Perfectly reasonable thing to do they Should interface with the community uh

Have somebody that is communicating a Message in line with what makes sense For ripple and the community where There's overlap that's perfectly Reasonable thing to do but that's just One more thing recently that shows They're not abandoning xrp wouldn't even Make sense for that to happen and so to I think to to read that far into this Question I think I think it's just a bit Too much personal that's just my Personal opinion I know other people Feel differently and I could be wrong But I doubt it I really doubt that I'm Wrong on that Ripple's not abandoning Xrp they're just doing other stuff and They're growing xrp adoption for their Use case they're one developer building On top of the xrp Ledger in a really big Way so it's cool and so look things are Submitted as long as this is the case I Just don't see how xrp is going to be Discarded as XR as long as xrp is Functionally used for stuff and today it Is but if it's the case that people are Going to increasingly focus on uh other Types of adoption that I've not okay Fine maybe I'm wrong it falls out of the Top 10 but that's why I'm saying we Should progress that conversation and we Should um encourage awareness in terms Of what the The xrp Ledger can do Because developers broadly don't know I I do I think that's true that's why I'm

Talking about this so everybody can be Aware of it and just I'm just trying to Push the conversation along that's why I Appreciate so so much that the Blockchain backer brought it up because I wouldn't have necessarily even thought To to talk about it in this way if not For him look my thesis has always been That utility matters and will win the Day I understand that that part of my my My perspective has not changed at all Xrp is useful today so even if there's Way fewer developers as long as it's Useful does it matter I mean clearly for Bitcoin it doesn't matter that it can't Do much of anything it's just the Standard for what it's store V okay well That's the case today anyway that's what The market says whether we think it Makes sense or not doesn't matter the Market says it makes sense similarly the Market says it makes sense for xrp to be Number six in market cap today so we'll See what happens here but those are just Some of my general thoughts I'll leave It here you guys let me know what you Think I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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