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[Music] Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and boy I have Been sitting in this chair Putting things together looking at Things looking at the news and different Stuff for Probably two or three hours right I mean I've been sitting here for that long There's so much stuff out here and the Whole Elizabeth Warren thing has wound Me up because to watch her and Jamie Diamond team up knowing the collusion Between her and Gary gor and all this Just pisses me off she's such a Disingenuous person seems like everybody That we've had to expose on this channel Are just so comfortable lying to people Publicly and pretending that they's Something that they're not and just Creating lie fake narratives in order to Sell whatever it is they want to sell at The time and and it just makes me sick Makes me sick for this country it makes Me sick for my children's future just Makes me want to vomit and she is one of Those people folks wow so I'm going to Show you um this is this is Andel now I Totally agree with this I always felt I I've Always compared

Ripple to like what's been going on you Know as everybody saying wind Moon wind Moon and all that stuff I've always Thought about it as like well if this is What we if this is what we think it Is of course it would take a long time Of course that's why I mean I've been Here I I I see people complain that I've Only been here for a couple years years I've been here since 2013 and I've been locked on to this Thing and I've been locked on because it To me it has always looked like Something that only happens every 100 or 200 years and I still believe that and So I think Anders El's directly over the Target he says Ripple might become the Rockefeller of the digital asset Industry by deploying a vertical Vertical integration strategy Ripple net The network xrpl primary digital asset Met Medico custody trango Etc Money Transfer Company percentage ownership bit stamp Exchange percentage Ownership St ver vertical integration Standard began to expand its control Over the oil industry by expanding Beyond its traditional refining business Into all stages of oil and gas Production acquired pipelines railroad Tank cars terminal facilities and Barrel Uh manufacturing factories and so as I Recall Rockefeller was the one that laid

The oil pipeline across the country and Vanderbilt laid the railroad tracks and I've always thought of what Ripple was Doing is laying those railroad tracks or That oil Pipeline and xrp is the oil That would be flowing through it or the Goods that would be in the train cars I Don't think it's a coincidence that Chris Larson has always Compared what's going on here to the um The container the shipping containers That's been a comparison over and over And over all right now this is a this is One of those tweets where I can't even My thumbnail I'm not even going to be Able to say that the road to 20K I'm Going to put the road to I can't say What the road is to on my thumbnail Today because when you do a tweet like This you you could activate I mean the Crypto police could come out of Retirement over a tweet like this Because CH Chad Stein Grabber has put The his own Theory out there the road to 20K xrp a thread from the future I'm Going to tell you a story and I'll spin It I'm going to let you I'm not even Going to go through it it's too scary It's too Dangerous but I wanted to show you that It was There a dangerous Theory maybe that's my Thumbnail and then we keep the rest of The thumbnail blank because we can't say

Anymore we don't want to get in trouble Maybe some Sirens need to be on there Because I believe this might activate The crypto police very dangerous Chad But I like your Guts egag crypto is going to bring us Down to earth a bit here mark my words When xrp finally achieves a monthly Candle close of a full body above $11.20 Brace yourselves for a significant surge To $2 at $2 I'm confident and convinced That this will trigger a massive fomo Fear missing out out in the market Stay Ready I've got my site set on $27 that could get you in a little Trouble too little too optimistic there Egg Krypto they uh you could get a slap on The wrist for that one now for the first Time to my knowledge ever Jay Clayton I Found a video this weekend where Jay Clayton himself weighs in on the Ripple Victory but he he calls it he he acts Like it's a a partial loss with an Appeal the arrogance on this guy after Every after all that he is responsible For putting many of us through you Through the thousands he knows it's Thousands after all of that this guy has The arrogance to not he he's doesn't Have an ounce of Humility and this guy if if there's Anybody if man if I hope he doesn't Believe in karma cuz if there's anybody

That deserves some Karma it's this guy And uh he's saying the SEC has lost some Cases like the Ripple case and the his Question is if the SEC loses more of These lawsuits like coinbase and binance Cases is that going to set the SEC back Quite a bit uh and uh What will what Will be the implications of that okay so The SEC has won every Capital raising Case including the Ripple Case the the the judge I believe found That the Issuance um in the initial issuance was In fact a Securities transaction during The capital Raising the question in the Ripple case That I believe the SEC did not win was On the secondary trading was that a Securities transaction or not there are Other cases with similar facts where the SEC has won that we will see how that Plays out but that goes to my point About secondary Trading and Tim's point About secondary trading and the need to Establish rules of the road whether it's A security or a commodity but that People are trading with the expectation Of a financial return and to go back to Dave's question you know I I think the Sec's Record on on cases Decided is what 95 and you know one and One's up on Appeal and say that's pretty good well

What he's C what he's counting is the SEC basically holding a gun to people's Head that who can't afford with an Unlimited budg budget of people who Can't afford to fight it and he's Counting settlements he's basically Calling settlements wins when they're Really not wins it's just a government Holding a gun to someone's head who Can't fight back because they don't have The the resources to do it the first one That's been able to Ripple that actually Went through it all the way one and he Knows It now this is something that that I Thought was very important to repost and That is remember when Gary Gensler was Coming up to Congress and Elizabeth Warren did this she look she she's the One that said she she's going to create An anti- crypto Army and and we know That she's joined forces with Gary Gentler and we know that instead of uh And and that she's also joined forces With Jamie Diamond who we jimie Diamond Was involved in ethereum before ethereum Even launched we know that we've got the Video and so for her to help him tow This line now that they've gotten Ethereum a free Pass Can't Let It Go folks here's what She did when Gary Gensler was going to Testify all right bombshell report Tonight about how Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren and her office Coordinated testimony with the Security And Exchange Commission ahead of a Senate hearing the Heritage Foundation Oversight project of which I'm Associated through a foer request Obtained emails from Warren's office to The office of chairman Gary guinsler two Days before his Senate testimony back in September of 2021 the email from Warren's Economic Policy adviser Includes a list of questions get this a List of questions that Senator Warren Plan to ask along with suggested answers For the chairman of the SEC the adviser Also wrote quote let me know if you're Okay with the questions as currently Written two days later she s a follow-up Quote let me know if it's looking like The chair has any issue with the framing Of the questions definitely don't want To put him in a tough spot end quote and It appears the chairman didn't have have Any issue with these questions because Senator Warren asked almost verbatim From the email check this out chair Canselor Advocates say crypto markets Are all about financial inclusion but The people who are most economically Vulnerable are the ones who are most Likely to have to withdraw their money The fastest when the market drops does This sound like the path to financial Inclusion to you so that's what kind of

A a corrupt piece of you know what she Is now it's not just that not remember Gary Gensler was meeting with Sam Bankman freed before the collapse of of FTX well that the the uh Sam bankman Freed's mother and parents were involved In in the funding of her party and this Here here's the right here it says Here's the reference to the bill on her Website the legislation has been Endorsed by dozens of law professors and Economists including Joe bankman of Stanford University um he helped draft ta he Helped her draft tax legislation in 2016 same guy that probably created the Organizational chart for FTX that's why You don't ever hear her say anything bad About Sam bankman freed but this is an Entire thread on this and how Sam Bankman freed folks there was money Being funneled into the into her party And probably her campaign too if I had To bet there's a reason that they don't Want to talk about This now I also put this video together But I'm not going to I'm not going to Play it until we get into the group and I'm not going to play it because it Talks about a certain Island guy that I Only talk about a lot inside of my Member group we're also in the member Group gon to gon to the the breaking News is that the most dangerous man in

And most censored man in media has just Been put back on the Xplatform this is like huge I'm going to Show you the video that got that Supposedly this is the video that when They decided to turn him off years ago I Think it was in 2018 I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that there's Just something not right in this country And in this world right now and you all Feel it in your gut you just saw it but I'm going to play it with the music here In a Second all right here we [Music] [Music] Go [Music]


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