Ripple / XRP Suit Ends. What’s Next? Switches To Flip?

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and we'll start it all Off to let you know the Ledger Stacks Apparently they are out of what they can Supply and so the you can't get those Anymore but they do have the Ledger Nano X and The Ledger Nano S Plus uh so these Guys are one of my sponsors links in the Top of the description I use several of These things Also Um they've got the bill photo this is How I how I have um I got one of those About a week ago to store my Password so if you have one of these you Can put all these uh you can literally Spell out your your 24 words in there And it's a way to have your uh 24 uh Phrase word phrases in something that's Metal instead of on a piece of paper so I got that link to both of those in the Top of the description now this is Harvey Pitt who used to be the uh SEC Chairman just so you can hear what it Would sound like if you had someone that Was using reasonable common sense and Was Pro United States in there which we Don't have now any type of new Innovation that comes within the space I think what's required is a Comprehensive set of rules of the road

Um it's no use in telling people you Have to follow the law if they don't Know what the law is most people will Try and follow the law but they need to Know what it is and so doing this on a Piecemeal basis Case by case with Enforcement actions doesn't really get Us to where we need to be which is a Comprehensive regulatory scheme Harvey what would be some of the aspects To that comprehensive plan Well first I think you have to designate Someone to be in charge of today's Hearings uh some folks are suggesting The SEC do the job and uh that may make Great sense but whoever does it has to Sit down and come up with rules of the Road that explain everything from how You offer interests in these Marketplaces how you protect investors How you verify assets and make sure that People are not being scammed when they Are scammed obviously you have to throw The book at them but you need a book First and that's what's missing right Now okay and so do you believe exactly That's what that my friends is what you Call Common Sense good faith there is no Good faith or common sense coming from What we're dealing with with the SEC Never has been Um it's been all Slim Shady is what it's Been and you know how you know that Remember that woman that Gary Gensler

Whose campaign Gary gunzler ran the Finances for she she's married to a Um a prior U.S president remember that Woman it's the same woman who had Meetings with George Soros lunatic whack Job Nancy Pelosi and Gary Gensler and Gary Gensler scrubbed the meeting from His cat his public calendar same woman She was we we covered the other day that She was doing something with the Algorand foundation well why isn't Gary Gensler going after algorand well guess Who created it his buddy from MIT Created it so you don't you don't have This is purely for the purpose of Picking winners and losers that's why Gary's doing it this way that's why Jay Clayton did it this way So so there is no good faith what that Guy was Harvey Pitt was describing is What it would look like if you had good Faith Regulators that don't have Other and other agendas where other Where companies and and Wall Street People weren't propping them up SEC versus Ripple lawsuit will come to An end anytime now xrp will be regulated All exchanges will re-list xrp Banks and Big corporations will start using xrp Ripple will go public and trade at the Stock exchange Um this guy says will be nice Um all right anyway and then he Greg Crypta says hate Ripple and xrp after

The SEC attack on staking and stable Coins everyone hating or bashing on Rippler xrp better prey Ripple wins the Case if you understand this tweet then You understand if you don't uh then you Don't understand the concept but yeah I Agree that in in theory if Ripple wins The case it's good for crypto the Problem is that without Congress doing Anything Passing any legislation Gary the what The law says and the precedent's not Relevant to Gary so Gary's not going to Stop suing all these people so let's say Tomorrow they declare xrp not a security Going forward and xrp itself yeah all Those other digital assets they can they Can say yeah see look they said it in The Ripple case well they also said in The Howie case that there has to be Profit or an expectation of profit Stable coins don't have an expectation Of profit and Gary's going after them Anyway So it's not it doesn't matter to Gary What the law is in other words every Single crypto out there that does not That has not been through an SEC lawsuit Has a potential Target on their back and That's the fact Jack until Congress does Something or they get rid of Gary Gensler Um two years ago coinbase Kraken and Others uh could have gotten behind

Ripple and xrp Community but instead They were cowards I agree with that now The SEC is coming for them Um Eleanor tarrett at today's 10 a.m Senate banking here we'll hear from Duke Law this guy his name's Lee reiners who Among other things will offer his Thoughts on how stable coins should be Regulated reiners will recommend to Congress they Grant the SEC power to Regulate stable coins like money market Funds instead of allowing issuers to Regulate it be regulated as Banks and Bank subsidiaries which the president's Working group recommended in November 2021 if if stable coin issuers are Forced forced to become Banks it will Give stable coins instant credibility Propel the growth of D5 a new form of Shadow banking deep in connections Between highly regulated banking system And unregulated crypto economy thereby Increasing the chances that problem in That a problem in one will spill into Another Shadow banking now this guy right here Lee reiners here's what's interesting He's up there advising Congress he was With the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Go figure All right Um now check this out this is a very Good point folks Stefan Huber fun fact

It was not Gary genslin his commissioner Commissioners who filed a lawsuit Against Library he was not even in Office yet it was Hester Pierce a lad Royceman Allison Herron Lee Caroline Crenshaw Now look at this folks my understanding That here's when the case was assigned March 29 2021. Um if you look here current the current Commissioner Commissioners were those Four Gary Gensler didn't start until April 14th Okay so Look the point here is we already knew That Caroline Crenshaw and Allison hair And Lee were anti-crypto but we we have Been given the the the impression that Elad royceman and Hester Pierce were Pro-crypto lad royceman I think resigned But I think there has to be a majority vote Which would mean that one or both of These two had to vote for the library Case which means that one of them or Both of them are wolves and sheep's Clothing and that's the fact Jack now I Want to make a point here to finish this Video out okay I've told you before on this channel This article right here when it was Written back way back when I was like Wow this guy this Chris Larson guy Founder of Ripple he's a he's one of the Top whatever four billionaires top 10 uh

On the Forbes Then we had the the next two years and The fud and the lawsuits and all the Stuff and then we also found out that Laura Shin hated everything that Ripple And xrp were and she worked on her Channel to cast negativity over Ripple And xrp on many occasions okay we know That about her But what we didn't know at the time of This writing was that she was a shill For the other people the Bitcoins in the Ethereum But now we know that she wrote this Article intentionally and I I Specifically remember David Schwartz Bringing up this article and saying I Remember when I saw that article I knew That we had we were at our all-time high That it would Crash from there something To that effect I remember him saying it Well My point here and what everything I'm About to say is that I believe that a a High price is something that rippled I think they if they didn't already know They they learned from this you don't Want the spotlight on that okay and I'm Not saying that Ripple has anything to Do with with the price I'm just saying They don't want attention where Attention doesn't need to be okay So you got this remember when um Robert Jackson this is from real xrp boy Robert

Jackson who was one of the SEC Commissioners during the Clayton days Okay he says this is going nowhere in Congress okay this is Brad Garlington I'm not going to play this one because It's got some music over it but I I went And found it listened to what he says Their framework for crypto but has an Active Innovation sandbox overseen by Their National regulator the FCA and Regularly interacts with industry for Future regulation that conversation is Helping the UK be a leader in the market We started building Ripple net with the Thesis that crypto liquidity would Eventually be able to support robust Global Payments large payments Ripple net was designed so that Customers seen the benefits of our Fiat Based Network could flip the switch to Odl once the market was mature enough And this is exactly what's happening In fact three out of five of our highest Transaction cut transacting customers in 2020 have now upgraded to odl to Leverage the benefits of xrp powered Payment clear all right so my point in In saying that is What are the things During this SEC lawsuit that what are The things that Ripple Is holding back until this lawsuit's Over for good or for bad what in other Words

Is there a switch to flip But what things that even if the lawsuit Doesn't go exactly how they want it to What things will they not have to worry About after that going forward that they Could then let the market know about That's what I'm thinking now Um right here this is a quote from Brad Garlinghouse back in 2018-19 somewhere In there we are going to drive a massive Amount of demand for xrp because we are Solving a multi-trillion dollar problem Okay now we know that Ripple during the Lawsuit has not stopped using xrp abroad So what that means is if they lose the Lawsuit they've lost 25 percent of the Market share they could have gone after But it also means that they can unleash The dragon everywhere else and continue To But otherwise they wouldn't be doing it This is why I'm here right here I'm Going to show it to you And I remember when I interviewed Greg Kidd he said xrp will replace No strovostro accounts around the world So I asked chat GPT what would that xrp Price look like it says it is impossible To accurately predict the price of xrp If it were to replace all nostro Vostro Money in the world as this would depend On a wide range of factors and Assumptions many of which are uncertain No strong Vostro accounts are used by

Um Nostra and Vostro accounts are used By Banks to hold funds in foreign Currencies to facilitate cross-border Transactions the amount of money held in Nostro and Vostro accounts is difficult To estimate but it is likely to be in The trillions of dollars if xrp were to Replace all of this money it would Represent a massive increase in demand For the cryptocurrency And that just like a massive amount of Demand for xrp right I'm going to finish With this laugh Xrp the standard Productions which is Parity breaking news that's no moon Despite critics sec's new crypto Enforcement star nears completion that Thing looks familiar doesn't it I'm a Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family That I'm here for massive a massive Amount of demand for x Thank you Foreign


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